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Re: G-Golf - handling of unresloved symbols in gobject-inspection

From: David Pirotte
Subject: Re: G-Golf - handling of unresloved symbols in gobject-inspection
Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2022 17:07:58 -0300

Hello Andy,

> G-Golf seems to assume the GObject Inspection (GI) present is the
> latest (0.72) and will fail to load if the GI version is older.

I understand what made you write this, as you found a bug that I will
fix and let you know, thanks, but actually the minimal GObject
Introspection version is 1.48.0 (you probably meant to write 1.72.0
here above, and probably also meant to  write GObject Introspection,
because there is a GObject Inspector, which you can activate to inspect
your app, but this is a totally different 'beast').

> For example, on GNU Guix, the GI version is for now at 0.64.  So
> G-Golf, when invoked from a guile program using it,  would fail with

> ;;; In procedure dlsym: Error resolving
> "g_callable_info_create_closure":
> "/gnu/store/g6gxhcy7lcmnx14jrinmh6vhanx8rh79-profile/lib/
> undefined symbol: g_callable_info_create_closure"

You probably meant 1.64.0 but I get the message of course, thanks. You
you are right wrt to g_callable_info_create_closure, introduced in GI
1.71.0, earlier version should use g_callable_info_prepare_closure, and
actually, G-Golf checks for the GI version in use and dispatch its
call accordingly, but so far at runtime 'only': I just added the 'low
level' binding, which also need a check of course, will fix this,

I will let you know,
Thanks for the report,

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