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Re: G-Golf - handling of unresloved symbols in gobject-inspection

From: Andy Tai
Subject: Re: G-Golf - handling of unresloved symbols in gobject-inspection
Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2022 13:55:18 -0700

Sorry for all the GNOME name mixup.   Thanks for looking into the
problem regardless of my incorrect terms!

On Fri, Jul 22, 2022 at 1:08 PM David Pirotte <> wrote:
> Hello Andy,
> > G-Golf seems to assume the GObject Inspection (GI) present is the
> > latest (0.72) and will fail to load if the GI version is older.
> I understand what made you write this, as you found a bug that I will
> fix and let you know, thanks, but actually the minimal GObject
> Introspection version is 1.48.0 (you probably meant to write 1.72.0
> here above, and probably also meant to  write GObject Introspection,
> because there is a GObject Inspector, which you can activate to inspect
> your app, but this is a totally different 'beast').
> > For example, on GNU Guix, the GI version is for now at 0.64.  So
> > G-Golf, when invoked from a guile program using it,  would fail with
> > ;;; In procedure dlsym: Error resolving
> > "g_callable_info_create_closure":
> > "/gnu/store/g6gxhcy7lcmnx14jrinmh6vhanx8rh79-profile/lib/
> > undefined symbol: g_callable_info_create_closure"
> You probably meant 1.64.0 but I get the message of course, thanks. You
> you are right wrt to g_callable_info_create_closure, introduced in GI
> 1.71.0, earlier version should use g_callable_info_prepare_closure, and
> actually, G-Golf checks for the GI version in use and dispatch its
> call accordingly, but so far at runtime 'only': I just added the 'low
> level' binding, which also need a check of course, will fix this,
> thanks.
> I will let you know,
> Thanks for the report,
> David

Andy Tai,, Skype: licheng.tai, Line: andy_tai, WeChat: andytai1010
Year 2021 民國110年

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