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Re: fun with wayland

From: 宋文武
Subject: Re: fun with wayland
Date: Mon, 06 Feb 2023 10:59:17 +0800
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Matt Wette <> writes:

> I finally got my Wayland demo in guile working.  I thought I'd share
> some bits.
> (I started with creating FFI to libwayland, but with all the callbacks
> it was
> not worth it.)
> Wayland is a display server for Linux (and others?), meant to replace X11.
> It uses UNIX socket I/O between the "compositor" (i.e., server) and clients.
> I have written  a client app without using libwayland: I've coded down
> to the
> socket protocol in Guile Scheme.
> Summary:
> 1) I created sendmsg/recvmsg! wrappers for Guile, in C.  This allows me
>    to send file descriptors as shared buffer references to the server.
> 2) I am using my proposed mmap wrapper for Guile, in C, to create a file-
>    mapped shared drawing.
> 3) I created a "scanner" program in Guile that converts protocol specs
>    (e.g., wayland.xml) to scheme.
> 4) I created "sender", "receiver" and "monitor" tasks within Fibers to
>    run the client app
> 5) I used my ffi-helper generated code to use cairo for drawing.
> prototype code is located at

Cool, I will definitely play/learn with it, thank you for sharing!

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