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[ANN] Guile-DSV 0.5.2 released

From: Artyom V. Poptsov
Subject: [ANN] Guile-DSV 0.5.2 released
Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2023 22:44:11 +0300
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Hello Guilers,

I'm pleased to announce Guile-DSV 0.5.2:

This release includes a bugfix in RFC 4180 parser and adds some features
for fancy semi-graphic table formatting.

See the full list of user-visible changes below.

* What is Guile-DSV?

Guile-DSV is a library that allows to parse Delimiter-Separated Values
format (DSV).  It supports two flavors of DSV: Unix-style[1] and RFC4180[2].

Also Guile-DSV is shipped with a program named "dsv" that allows to read
and process DSV format (including delimiter change and conversion from
one standard to another.)  See README file for usage examples.

* List of user visible changes

Here's an excerpt from the NEWS file:

--8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
* Changes in version 0.5.2 (2023-04-18)
** Bugfixes
*** RFC 4180 now handles empty trailing fields correctly
The library would skip a trailing empty field in a row thus a row shorter than
the rest of the table rows would be made.  For example, the following data:


Would result in:
'(("a" "b")

Now this behavior should be fixed so the result for the same data will look as
'(("a" "b")
  ("c" ""))
** =dsv= now accepts =--table-presets-path= option
The option allows to set the path to a directory that contains table presets.
** =dsv= now reads =GUILE_DSV_TABLE_PRESETS_PATH= environment variable
This environment variable allows to specify the directory that contains table
presets, akin to =--table-presets-path= option.
** Table presets now allow to specify styles
The styles are in the format of GNU/Linux terminal colors, e.g. "107;100".
See the manual page for "dsv" or =dsv --help= for details.
** Now table preset parameters can be overridden
For example:
#+begin_example shell
$ dsv -b "graphic-with-shadow,bs=107;100,ts=107;100"
** Table presets now allow to specify a table shadow symbol and offsets
For example, a simple table with a semi-graphic shadow "░" with an offset
"2;1" can be created using the "graphic" preset with overrides:
#+begin_example shell
$ echo -e "a1,b1,c1\na2,b2,c2\n" | dsv -b 
** Update the help output of =dsv= and its man page
--8<---------------cut here---------------end--------------->8---

Thanks and happy hacking!

- Artyom


Artyom "avp" Poptsov <>
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