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Re: Guile outside of Emacs + Geiser

From: Maxime Devos
Subject: Re: Guile outside of Emacs + Geiser
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2023 14:23:57 +0200
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Op 27-09-2023 om 21:07 schreef Christine Lemmer-Webber:
There's a long thread on guix-devel which is related and touches on many
things, but I thought I'd narrow in on this one thing.

Has anyone had a "good" experience programming with Guile without using
Emacs?  If so, what was your development experience like?

I would say no. In fact, neither has it been a "good" experience with using Emacs.

I have used nano in the past. Nano provides some syntax colouring and grepping but that's it. Development experience:

  * edit files with nano
  * run tests with "make check"
  * in case of tricky failures, try stuff out in the Guile REPL

Furthermore, what's the right direction to making non-Emacs users have
as nice of an experience as Emacs users do? [...]

As an Emacs user, I would say that my development experience inside Emacs is mostly the same as the development experience in nano, except for Emacs providing automatic indentation and being able to have multiple files open at once, with easy copying between them.

But that difference has almost nothing to do with Guile, it's just nano being minimalistic.

Racket, for instance, has
lovely support in vscode with "Magic Racket".  What's the right path to
recommend for the present, and what's the best path to improve the
future?  LSP?  There are a few incomplete implementations I think but I
haven't tried them.
(Let's leave aside whether or not everyone should be using Emacs, or
other approaches to make Emacs easier for newcomers.  This thread is
specifically about making Guile useful to people who already have a tool
they like and present experiences.)

I don't have such a tool -- neither Emacs nor nano is a good tool for me (no Emacs+Geiser isn't it, but the why appears to be off-topic for this thread).

Best regards,
Maxime Devos

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