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Re: Guile outside of Emacs + Geiser

From: defn(life())
Subject: Re: Guile outside of Emacs + Geiser
Date: Sat, 30 Sep 2023 17:24:08 +0000

Olical/conjure is a plugin for vim/nvim that helps work with repls for 
different lisps. I haven’t been able to really dive into it but it has 
tutorials. Maybe more tutorials would be awesome.


On Sat, Sep 30, 2023 at 08:42, Christine Lemmer-Webber 
<[](mailto:On Sat, Sep 30, 2023 at 08:42, Christine 
Lemmer-Webber <<a href=)> wrote:

> That's interesting. Thank you for both the work and the observations
> Ricardo!
> It's interesting to hear, but maybe not surprising, that LSP seems to be
> more oriented around a static programming mindset than a lispy
> REPL-oriented development environment.
> I guess it will be, as you say, more dedicated work to get proper Guile
> support into these editors aside from "just using LSP", but that wasn't
> obvious to me until I heard of your experiences!
> - Christine
> "Ricardo G. Herdt" <> writes:
>> Hi Christine,
>> I started writing a Guile LSP server a while ago
>> ( Like you said it is
>> incomplete, but I got following features so far:
>> - show signature
>> - show documentation
>> - autocompletion
>> - jump to definition
>> - show diagnostics
>> There is an open issue to integrate it into Guix:
>> I also wrote a simple client for VS Code:
>> This extension is focused on LSP support though, sort of a proof of
>> concept. Syntax highlighting, REPL support etc could be integrated
>> with other extensions. Or someone could implement a more involved
>> extension to integrate these features, like what Magic Racket seems to
>> do.
>> Honestly I have mixed feelings towards LSP. It's kind of a different
>> mindset compared to traditional lisp editors: you get a language
>> server that typically analyses the project statically, providing
>> information regardless of the user's interaction with the REPL. My
>> implementation relies, at least for Guile, on Geiser, so it works by
>> interaction with a running Guile instance in the background. It might
>> be enough for users coming from other editors, but I still prefer the
>> way Slime/Swank works, where the REPL is the same image that provides
>> information to the editor.
>> Regards,
>> Ricardo
>> Am 27.09.2023 21:07 schrieb Christine Lemmer-Webber:
>>> There's a long thread on guix-devel which is related and touches on
>>> many
>>> things, but I thought I'd narrow in on this one thing.
>>> Has anyone had a "good" experience programming with Guile without
>>> using
>>> Emacs? If so, what was your development experience like?
>>> Furthermore, what's the right direction to making non-Emacs users
>>> have
>>> as nice of an experience as Emacs users do? Racket, for instance, has
>>> lovely support in vscode with "Magic Racket". What's the right path to
>>> recommend for the present, and what's the best path to improve the
>>> future? LSP? There are a few incomplete implementations I think but I
>>> haven't tried them.
>>> (Let's leave aside whether or not everyone should be using Emacs, or
>>> other approaches to make Emacs easier for newcomers. This thread is
>>> specifically about making Guile useful to people who already have a
>>> tool
>>> they like and present experiences.)
>>> - Christine

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