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Re: February hybrid Guix London meetup

From: Arun Isaac
Subject: Re: February hybrid Guix London meetup
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2024 01:36:27 +0000

Hi all,

Just a quick reminder for the February hybrid Guix London meetup later

See you soon!

> Hi all,
> The next Guix London meetup is scheduled for Monday 19th February, 6 pm
> London time (i.e. UTC) onward. Join us in person or online. Address and
> link are below.
> - In person, from 6:00 pm: 20 Farringdon Street, EC4A 4AB
> - Online, from 6:10 pm:
> If you attend in person, please make sure you RSVP and share your full
> name (or a nickname) so that we can register you at the building's
> reception.
> The main part of the meetup will be a talk on how to create custom Guix
> packages or package variants, by Steve George a.k.a. Futurile. If you
> have any Guix or Guile related question or topic, there should be the
> time to talk about that too. All welcome! Talk abstract follows.
> --8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
> Guix Packaging: creating local package variants simply!
> Just like Gentoo or Arch Linux, every package in Guix is
> source-available, and can be built by the user. In this entry level talk
> we'll look at how to customise Guix packages. Guix radically simplifies
> the steps to building our own packages through its declarative and
> functional approach. This makes building our own package variants very
> accessible—opening up the possibilities for a user to:
> - Keep applications up to the latest versions
> - Try out upstream development versions
> - Patch applications to add features
> - Tune applications to their hardware
> In this talk, Steve will share examples and introduce how to use Guix's
> programming interface for package building. We'll also contextualise
> where these capabilities sit in the journey of learning to package and
> contribute packages to Guix.
> --8<---------------cut here---------------end--------------->8---
> # About
> For any question, please get in touch via any of the following channels:
> - Arun:
> - Fabio: and
> - Guix Devel mailing list:
> Guix London has no official ties with the Guix project. We commit to
> promote the project and to always operate with the best intentions; any
> mistake that we might make is due to us, Guix London, not the Guix
> project.
> # Code of conduct
> We, Guix London's organisers, intend to create an open, friendly, and
> safe environment where people from the most diverse backgrounds can get
> together, learn about, teach, and discuss Guix and related topics in a
> welcoming and constructive way.
> To this end, Guix London adheres to the Guix project's official Code of
> Conduct. Please make sure you familiarise with the document and that you
> share its principles before attending our events.
> Should you at any time before, during, or after one of our events want
> to raise an issue or discuss any CoC-related topic, please do not
> hesitate to reach out to the organisers at the contacts below.
> - Arun Isaac,
> - Fabio Natali,
> # Get involved
> Should you be interested in becoming a Guix London organiser, please let
> us know. It'd be great to have you onboard. No previous Guix knowledge
> is required. If you're interested (or simply want to know more), do not
> hesitate to reach out to us!
> Similarly, if you want to present on any Guix-related topic at one of
> our events, that's also great. We'd love to hear from you.
> Regards,
> Arun

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