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Guile-Git 0.6.0 released; looking for maintainers!

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: Guile-Git 0.6.0 released; looking for maintainers!
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2024 10:47:34 +0100
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I’m glad to announce that Guile-Git 0.6.0 has been released, fixing
longstanding issues and adding support for newer libgit2 versions!

See ‘NEWS’ file excerpt below.

Incidentally, Guile-Git needs your help!  The initial driving force
behind the project is no longer around to help (and I’d like to thank in
particular Erik Edrosa for all their work shepherding the project).  We
need new volunteers to help, and new maintainers.  If you rely on the
project and/or would like to help, let’s get in touch!

One of the things to look into going further is ABI compatibility.
We’re playing whack-a-mole with ABI/API changes introduced as new
libgit2 versions come out; the ‘check-abi’ target contributed by Sören
Tempel helps in finding glaring ABI mismatches with structs, but it’s
not completely bulletproof either (due to SysV alignment rules, missing
fields etc. are not always uncovered, especially on 64-bit platforms).
An idea might be to look into using nyacc’s ffi-helper to generate
struct definitions.

Happy version control!


* Changes in 0.6.0 (since 0.5.2)

** Updated requirements

Guile-Git now requires libgit2 >= 1.3.0.

** New functionality

*** Support libgit2 up to 1.7.x

*** Support for checkout options

Checkout options can be created with ~make-checkout-options~ and passed
to ~checkout-head~, ~checkout-index~, etc.

*** New ~remote-connect/detached~ procedure

Lets you connect to a detached remote.

*** New ~(git ignore)~ module and ~ignored-file?~  procedure

The ~ignored-file?~ returns true when a file is ignored according to the
ignore rules.

*** New ~owner-validation?~ and ~set-owner-validation!~ procedures

These procedures let you query and set repository directory ownership
validation, which raises an error when attempting to access a repository
not owned by the current user.

*** New ~describe-checkout~ procedure

The procedure returns a pretty description of a checkout, similar to
the ~git describe~ command.

** Bug fixes

*** Always use native endianness when interpreting ~size_t~ pointers

*** Add missing argument to C call made by ~repository-index~

*** Clone-over-SSH tests now ignores =~/.ssh/known_hosts= validation

*** Fix various binary interface incompatibility issues

Running ~make check-abi~ now flags application binary interface (ABI)

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