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Writing on Guile optimization: what are anon #x... functions?

From: Artyom Bologov
Subject: Writing on Guile optimization: what are anon #x... functions?
Date: Sat, 06 Apr 2024 00:17:20 +0400
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Hi y'all,

I'm making a blog post on Guile optimization gotchas I learned. But I
find that one piece of the picture is missing there: anon functions in
the profiler output. Like "anon #x117f408"

One of these functions eats up a lot of performance in my code. So I
can't say I'm an expert on optimization until I understand what it
is. Anyone can hint me at where these functions might come from? Are
they foreign? Are they Guile-internal? Are they not functions at all?

Here's a link to the post draft, where you can find more context (and
maybe correct me if there's something off/missing in the text):

anon #x117f408 truly is a mystery that haunts me at night...
Artyom Bologov

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