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Re: Writing on Guile optimization: what are anon #x... functions?

From: Skyler Ferris
Subject: Re: Writing on Guile optimization: what are anon #x... functions?
Date: Sun, 07 Apr 2024 20:59:57 +0000

I haven't run into this before in myself, but this line from the NEWS 
file in guile repository seems like a good lead:

"Previously statprof would show strings like "anon #x1234" for primitives
written in C."

It's in the section for changes new to 3.0.3 so if you're on 3.0.2 or 
below then upgrading might help you get more useful analysis. If you're 
already on/past 3.0.3 then I'm confused.

On 4/5/24 13:17, Artyom Bologov wrote:
> Hi y'all,
> I'm making a blog post on Guile optimization gotchas I learned. But I
> find that one piece of the picture is missing there: anon functions in
> the profiler output. Like "anon #x117f408"
> One of these functions eats up a lot of performance in my code. So I
> can't say I'm an expert on optimization until I understand what it
> is. Anyone can hint me at where these functions might come from? Are
> they foreign? Are they Guile-internal? Are they not functions at all?
> Here's a link to the post draft, where you can find more context (and
> maybe correct me if there's something off/missing in the text):
> anon #x117f408 truly is a mystery that haunts me at night...
> --
> Artyom Bologov

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