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Re: Advice on ST-Object data-structure setup

From: ken . dickey
Subject: Re: Advice on ST-Object data-structure setup
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2024 07:28:57 -0700
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Thank you much for the thoughtful reply.

On 4/16/24 23:14, wrote:
I am looking at porting a toy Smalltalk-in-Scheme implementation to Guile.

On 2024-04-17 00:10, Basile Starynkevitch wrote:
I think it depends upon your goals; I assume your x86-64 computer is running some Linux OS. :

Not x86. Aarch64 & RISCV64. I think of x86 as "rust belt". But, yes, Linux.

Do you want to code in Smalltalk as quickly as possible? Then install GNU smalltalk. (it is free software, a bit old, but you can study the source code).

Thanks. I have been mainly using Cuis Smalltalk for a couple of decades now, and am quite happy with it.

[Noter ]

Do you care about efficiency? Then you want to generate code.

I guess I need to explain a bit. The OpenSmalltalk runtime (transpiled to C from Smalltalk) is quite nice and very portable. I did the initial port of the stack-interpreter VM to Aarch64 and riscv64. I have been looking lately at the Bee Smalltalk VM which runs directly on x86 without a VM.

  [ ]

My concern is that the OpenSmalltalk VM is quite complex and understood by very few people. I would like a backup "taproot" for Cuis and Squeak Smalltalks.

I have also a long term interest in bootstrapping. microkernels, and multicore SOCs.

So my exploration here is really an interest in a complete bootstrap via mes Scheme, which is closely related in spirit to Guile.

 [ ]

To back up further, I am an old hacker guy playing around and exploring. I have Scheme runtimes in my list of sins and Guile looks interesting enough to play with.


Thanks once more for the helpful suggestions,

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