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Re: GNU G-Golf 0.8.0-rc-3 available for testing

From: David Pirotte
Subject: Re: GNU G-Golf 0.8.0-rc-3 available for testing
Date: Thu, 18 Apr 2024 19:21:32 -0300

Hi Florian,

> Thank you for the work, David.  I have a question; how do you debug
> when Guile crashes to terminal printing “Segmentation fault”`?

Thanks. You shouldn't have to do this 'on your own', if you submit a
reproducible minimal example that i can use, i'll track and fix
the bug ... If it is a distro problem, which is the situation you are
facing, you should talk to the distro (involved pkgs maintainers)
(additional tips below ...)

But i am curious, does make check pass in Guix?

> I want to develop a GTK app with G-Golf.

I highly recommend you use Adwaita (and Gtk-4 when that applies), not
'just' Gtk-4.

> to run it with GNU Guix [1] (not Debian like you do, as far as I 
> remember), because now the Guix’ hard-working gnome team have added
> the needed version of gobject-introspection to Guix.

Great - Proper GLib/GObject/GObject-Introspection libs is a
pre-requisite ofc, but Guix is known to wrongly set-up things: I think
Ricardo Wurmus <> knows what to do, he did succeed,
once, to run the hello-world example in guix a few years ago, but i
didn't take note of what he did and can't find neither an email, nor in
the logs, how/what needs to be done - I think it has something to do
with grafts, iirc ... I hope he will shim-in to let you know ...

> $ cd ~/src
> $ git clone ''

I am curious, can't you just run the make danse in guix? 

        ./configure [--prefix=...] --with-guile-site
        # before to run make, you need to uninstall 
        # g-golf (if it is installed ...)

Because i'd be interested to know the output of running make check,
in Guix that is ...

        # it needs Gtk-3.0
        make check

> To create the app’s basic structure, I run Guile Hall [2]:
> ...
> Now I run:
> $ guix shell
> $ ~/src/g-golf/examples/gtk-4/hello-world.scm

> It tells me dbus-launch must be running, so I add a d-bus service to
> my Guix Home configuration.

Never seen such a warning, I guess all other distro run the service by
default  - i'll ask uptream, but maybe worth adding the service as a
g-golf 'start-up' requirement in Guix ...

> $ guix shell
> $ ~/src/g-golf/examples/gtk-4/hello-world.scm

> successfully; a window is shown, though not responsive, with plenty
> of errors.

in Guix that is ... no other distro reports nor even a single
warning/error ...

> (hello-world.scm:12627): Gtk-WARNING **: 23:59:50.617: Unable to
> acquire the address of the accessibility bus:
> GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name
> org.a11y.Bus was not provided by any .service files. If you are
> attempting to run GTK without a11y support, GTK_A11Y should be set to
> 'none'.

You should be able to solve this easily, or apply the suggested GTK_A11Y
env setting ...

> (hello-world.scm:12627): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: 23:59:51.067:
> cannot register existing type 'GdkPixbuf'  

From here, nothing will ever work - You and Guix guru, need to find out
why .. -the symptom is that in Guix, for some reason, you are trying to
import the Gtk(Gsk/Gdk) lib more then once, in the same memory session,
which won't work, as GObject is a dynamic typing system, all those
types are being defined at runtime, and none can be defined more then
once ...

> However, when I now run:

> $ ~/src/g-golf/examples/gtk-4/drawing-widget.scm
> it crashes, displaying only “Segmentation fault”.  Same with
> $ ~/src/g-golf/examples/gtk-4/peg-solitaire.scm

... right, as i said, nothing will work - these segfaults because
guile/g-golf doesn't stop to (try to) run the app/example because of an
upstream lib (Critical)warning ... but in this situation, it is just
impossible to run any low level upstream lib function, such as creating
a drawing surface ...

when Guix can run make check, and the hello-world example, you 'll
likely be able to run any other example, if not, we'll dig on
appropriate time ...


ps:     are you in #guix, #guile, if yes, what's your nick - ping me
there so we can chat - hopefully after Ricardo giives his advice to run
g-golf in guix ...

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