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[SCM] UNNAMED PROJECT annotated tag, v0.1, created. v0.1

From: Ludovic Courts
Subject: [SCM] UNNAMED PROJECT annotated tag, v0.1, created. v0.1
Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2013 00:46:29 +0000

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "UNNAMED PROJECT".

The annotated tag, v0.1 has been created
        at  fc8e28c76cf7d9910ac83a0d174e500a4c41fdf7 (tag)
   tagging  a1ba8475a610fd491be4e512e599515f36d8b109 (commit)
  replaces  v0.0
 tagged by  Ludovic Courtès
        on  Fri Jan 18 01:31:04 2013 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
GNU Guix 0.1.
Version: GnuPG v2.0.19 (GNU/Linux)


Andreas Enge (24):
      distro: mpc: Update to 1.0.1.
      build: Avoid brace expansion in `nix/sync-with-upstream'.
      distro: Add mpfrcx and fplll.
      distro: Add rsync.
      distro: Update libtasn1 and gnutls.
      distro: Add GNU Libidn.
      distro: automake: Update to 1.12.6.
      distro: Add Libntlm, GNU GSS and GNU SASL.
      build-system/gnu: enable test-target during the check phase
      distro: Add MIT Kerberos 5.
      distro: Add OpenSSL.
      distro: Add Berkeley DB.
      distro: Add PARI/GP
      licenses: Add 'openldap2.8'.
      Test commit.
      distro: Add Cyrus SASL.
      distro: Add icu4c (International Components for Unicode).
      distro: gnutls: Update to 3.1.6.
      distro: Add Indent.
      distro: flex: Add dependency on Indent.
      distro: Add Libjpeg.
      distro: Add file.
      distro: Add Libjpeg 8.
      distro: Add libtiff.

Cyprien Nicolas (fulax) (1): Make 'guild' configure check fatal, otherwise one gets 
'compile: command not found' during make

Ludovic Courtès (510):
      distro: Add GNU M4.
      distro: Add GMP.
      distro: Add GNU Libtool.
      distro: Add GNU libunistring.
      Add `nixpkgs-derivation*'; use it in the distro.
      guix-build: Default the number of build cores to 
      distro: Add GNU Readline.
      distro: Add GNU Ncurses.
      distro: Add libffi.
      distro: Add GNU recutils.
      distro: Add GNU MPFR.
      distro: Add GNU MPC.
      build: Add release.nix.
      build: Add SRFI-64 to the distribution.
      build: Pass $(NIX_INSTANTIATE) to the build and test environments.
      build: Add `test.drv' to the distribution.
      build: Pass the right flags for "make distcheck".
      release.nix: Build out of chroot.
      packages: Allow store paths as inputs.
      packages: Add all non-derivation paths to the store.
      build: Add `--with-libgcrypt-prefix'; capture the path to libgcrypt.
      release.nix: Add dependency on GNU libgcrypt.
      utils: Add `patch-shebang'.
      build-system/gnu: Add a `patch-shebangs' phase.
      distro: gmp: Fix typo in URL.
      utils: Add a `path' argument to `patch-shebang'.
      build-system/gnu: Augment $PATH with $out for `patch-shebangs'.
      distro: Add GNU Make.
      distro: Add GNU Bash.
      distro: Add GNU sed.
      distro: Add GNU tar.
      distro: Add GNU grep.
      distro: Add GNU Findutils.
      distro: Move patches to their own directory.
      Add `close-connection'.
      build: Bump version number.
      distro: Add GNU Diffutils.
      distro: Add GNU Patch.
      distro: Add GNU gzip.
      distro: Add XZ.
      distro: Add GNU Coreutils.
      distro: coreutils: Remove erroneous hack.
      packages: Raise an error condition upon invalid input.
      build-system/gnu: Add `out-of-source?' keyword parameter.
      utils: Change `substitute*' to accept a list of files to patch.
      distro: Add GCC.
      distro: Add GNU Binutils.
      distro: Add Linux headers.
      distro: Add the GNU C Library.
      distro: Add missing Binutils patch.
      define-record-type*: Add the `inherit' syntactic constructor keyword.
      distro: gcc: Do not store configure flags in the resulting binaries.
      build-system/gnu: Always invoke `configure' with a relative path.
      build-system/gnu: Add a `strip' phase.
      guix-build: Fix the "unrecognized option" error message.
      build-system/gnu: Honor the `patch-shebangs?' and `strip-binaries?' 
      distro: gcc: Pass #:strip-binaries?.
      distro: gcc: Allow `libstdc++' to be found.
      build-system/gnu: Add `path-exclusions' parameter.
      Add an `env-vars' keyword parameter to `build-expression->derivation'.
      Add a `guile-for-build' parameter to `build-expression->derivation'.
      distro: m4: Add patch to allow builds with glibc 2.16+.
      utils: Change `substitute*' to allow iteration over several matches.
      build-system/gnu: Really apply patches.
      Optimize `store-path?'.
      Optimize `write-derivation' and `derivation-path->output-path'.
      packages: Add a printer for <package>.
      distro: tar: Allow builds with glibc 2.16+.
      distro: diffutils: Allow builds with glibc 2.16+.
      distro: glibc: Propagate Linux headers.
      distro: recutils: Allow builds with glibc 2.16+.
      packages: Cache the result of `package-derivation'.
      packages: Add `package-transitive-propagated-inputs'.
      distro: Bootstrap standard inputs from Nixpkgs.
      distro: Add bzip2.
      distro: bash, readline: Correctly set RUNPATH to the dependencies.
      Move <location> to (guix utils).
      guix-build: Add `--source'.
      guix-build: Add `--derivations'.
      packages: Add `package-full-name'.
      distro: mpc: Upgrade to 1.0.
      build-system/gnu: Relax location handling in 
      packages: Accept <origin> as package inputs.
      distro: glibc: Assume a recent Linux kernel.
      distro: gcc: Avoid retention of reference to `sed'.
      distro: Bootstrap with a joint GCC/Binutils/GMP/MPFR/MPC build.
      utils: Make `set-path-environment-variable' verbose.
      build-system/gnu: Fix `#:path-exclusions' handling.
      distro: Reduce the bootstrap set.
      Add (guix build-system trivial).
      distro: Bootstrap via a cross-toolchain.
      distro: Add Perl.
      distro: gcc: Add a RUNPATH on libc.
      distro: Use our own Perl during bootstrap.
      Add (guix ftp) and companion modules.
      distro: gcc: Patch `lib' spec to add `-rpath' for each `-L'.
      distro: Add an `ld' wrapper, to pass missing `-rpath' flags.
      distro: GCC: Upgrade to 4.7.2.
      distro: Rename (distro ...) to (distro packages ...).
      distro: Add the `guile', `typesetting', and `databases' package modules.
      distro: Add pkg-config.
      distro: Add libgc.
      Fix and update `'.
      Add `pre-inst-env' script.
      distro: Fix typo in warning message.
      Augment `README'.
      Support build-cores = 0; change `guix-build' to default to 0.
      build-system/{gnu,trivial}: Add a `#:guile' keyword parameter.
      distro: Specify use of the bootstrap Guile for the initial derivations.
      build-system/{gnu,trivial-build}: Fix handling of #:guile argument.
      tests: Use bootstrap and Nixpkgs inputs to be less costly.
      Update the (guix) module.
      derivations: Set input port to UTF-8 in `read-derivation'.
      packages: Micro-optimize `package-derivation'.
      packages: Fix and optimize memoization of `package-derivation'.
      Remove non-existent module from (guix).
      distro: First stab at building statically-linked bootstrap binaries.
      distro: Add missing bits from previous commit.
      doc: Add the stub of a manual.
      ftp-client: Try all the addresses returned by `getaddrinfo'.
      distro: Add a statically-linked, relocatable Guile 2.0 package.
      utils: Add `with-atomic-file-replacement'.
      utils: Add `fold-port-matches' and `remove-store-references'.
      release.nix: Add dependency on GNU Texinfo.
      build: Use `pre-inst-env' to run tests.
      distro: Change relocatable-Guile patch to work around broken argv[0].
      distro: Add patch to allow the bootstrap Guile to work without iconv.
      distro: Add package that builds a tarball of the bootstrap Guile.
      distro: Use our own pre-built Guile to bootstrap.
      distro: Switch to Linux-Libre.
      build-system/gnu: Pass the system type to the builder.
      utils: Add `mkdir-p'; use it.
      utils: Add `copy-recursively'; use it.
      utils: Add `find-files'.
      distro: Clear references to the store in static binaries.
      distro: Fix bootstrapping regression recently introduced.
      distro: %static-binaries: Use (guix build utils).
      distro: bzip2: Simplify installation phase with `find-files'.
      guix-build: Add `--local-build'.
      http/ftp: Tweak to avoid depending on libc's NSS.
      distro: Use the bootstrap Guile for the derivation of sources.
      distro: Provide a more descriptive report when a bootstrap binary is 
      guix-build: Add `--system'.
      distro: Add a package to build a tarball of the bootstrap binaries.
      distro: Add tools to build a tarball of statically-linked Binutils 
      distro: Add a bootstrap glibc tarball.
      distro: Add a bootstrap GCC tarball.
      packages: Add support for system-dependent inputs.
      distro: Add packages that get Coreutils, Binutils & co. from tarballs.
      distro: Add a package that gets the bootstrap glibc from a tarball.
      distro: Add a statically-linked GCC for bootstrapping.
      distro: Fix glibc tarball to include *.so.*.
      distro: Fix GCC tarball to include the `libexec' directory.
      distro: gcc: No longer store the absolute path of crt files.
      distro: Add required Linux-Libre headers to the glibc tarball.
      distro: Update bootstrap glibc package.
      derivations: Compile the #:modules passed to 
      distro: Update file name of initial Binutils tarball.
      guix-build: Change `--local-build' to `--no-substitutes'.
      distro: Add missing commands in the bootstrap binaries.
      store: Add `query-path-hash'.
      Add `guix-download'.
      distro: Add a bootstrap GCC that uses binaries from the tarball.
      distro: Add missing Linux-Libre headers to the bootstrap glibc.
      distro: Build glibc with `--enable-obsolete-rpc'.
      distro: Bootstrap using our own binaries instead of those from Nixpkgs.
      distro: ncurses: Don't patch shebangs.
      distro: Build the final inputs against the final Bash, not the bootstrap 
      derivations: Pass the derivation of guile-for-build to `imported-files' & 
      derivations: Make sure `build-expression->derivation' & co. pass `system'.
      packages: Pass `system' around.
      Add a `system' parameter to `nixpkgs-derivation'.
      doc: Add `HACKING'.
      utils: Remove special `substitute*' syntax for lists of files.
      distro: gcc: Adjust to support non-x86_64 architectures.
      distro: Add i686-linux port.
      location: Start column numbers at 1.
      guix-build: Gracefully handle `&package-input-error' conditions.
      build: Use `pre-inst-env' to compile the source.
      build: Move `distro/patches' to `distro/packages/patches'.
      release.nix: Set succeed-on-failure and build-out-source-tree.
      distro: Change $DISTRO_{PATCH,BOOTSTRAP}_DIRECTORY to search paths.
      build: Fix out-of-source-tree builds.
      release.nix: Pre-download the Guile bootstrap tarball.
      build: Make sure scripts know where to find their modules.
      build: Preserve the executable bit of bootstrap binaries.
      release.nix: Add a `distro.hello' job.
      tests: Use our own bootstrap tools.
      distro: Build Bash sequentially.
      release.nix: Change `distro.hello' to produce something.
      Add (guix build union).
      guix-build: Add `--root'.
      release.nix: Use `--no-substitutes' in `distro.hello'.
      build-system/gnu: Distinguish between imported modules and used modules.
      Add (guix ui).
      build: Add unit test for the `guix-build' command.
      utils: Remove stuff committed by error.
      store: Add `store-path-package-name'.
      Add a preliminary `guix-package' command-line tool.
      tests: Run without substitutes.
      build: Clearly mark Nixpkgs as optional.
      build: Produce (guix config) instead of using compile-time tricks.
      ui: Factorize `--version'.
      guix-package: Use more (guix ui) features.
      build: Require GNU libgcrypt.
      utils: Add `package-name->name+version'.
      release.nix: Pass `--with-libgcrypt-prefix' in the `tarball' job.
      packages: `description' → `synopsis', `long-description' → 
      guix-package: Remove extraneous procedures.
      Add (guix snix) and the `guix-import' command.
      doc: Add "Adding new packages" in `HACKING'.
      distro: Go for one module per package.
      distro: Move bootstrap packages to (distro packages bootstrap).
      distro: Split (distro packages base) into several files.
      distro: Add GNU gperf.
      distro: Add GNU Pth.
      distro: Add (distro packages compression).
      distro: Add zlib.
      distro: Add GnuPG and companion libraries.
      distro: recutils: Comment out optional dependencies.
      distro: Add missing `package-with-bootstrap-guile'.
      utils: Add `default-keyword-arguments' and `substitute-keyword-arguments'.
      distro: readline: Allow stripping of the libraires.
      distro: gcc: Don't add a RUNPATH to GCC when using `-static-libgcc'.
      build-system/gnu: Add `static-libgcc-package' & supporting procedure.
      distro: bash-final: Link with `-static-libgcc'.
      distro: Move bootstrap tarball packages to (distro packages 
      doc: Remove unnecessary @ifinfo.
      doc: Document `guix-build'.
      build: Remove now unnecessary dependency of downloads on guix/utils.go.
      guix-package: Fix invalid module use.
      guix-package: Fix handling of the PACKAGE:OUTPUT syntax.
      doc: Document the features and `guix-package'.
      guix-build: Error out when `-S' used for source-less package.
      guix-download: Error out when the HTTP response code is not 200.
      guix-download: Print the hash of the file's contents, no that of the path.
      store: Document `add-to-store' hack for `fixed?'.
      derivations: Add tests relative to fixed-output derivations.
      derivations: build-expression->derivation: Builder only refers to sources.
      http: Check the HTTP response code, and bail if not 200.
      http: Add informative output.
      tests: Choose a less expensive test for packages.
      Move base32 code to (guix base32).
      Add (guix download) and (guix build download).
      Remove (guix http) and (guix ftp).
      download: Follow HTTP redirections.
      download: Add support for mirror:// URLs.
      distro: Use `mirror://' URLs.
      distro: Patch libc to avoid accessing /etc/ and friends.
      build: Add $(top_builddir) to the load path.
      tests: Remove extraneous test.
      tests: Make sure to use the bootstrap Guile.
      distro: Add LZO.
      distro: Add GNU Nettle.
      distro: Add GNU Libtasn1 and GnuTLS.
      distro: Add GNU Texinfo.
      guix-download: Gracefully handle invalid URIs.
      guix-download: Add support for file:// URIs.
      guix-download: Use code from (guix build download).
      distro: Configure ld and GCC to not look under /usr & co.
      distro: Rebuild bootstrap Binutils and GCC.
      Turn Guix into "GNU Guix".
      doc: Add a "Related software" section to `README'.
      doc: Add `TODO'.
      doc: Add `ROADMAP'.
      build: Add `hydra.scm'.
      distro: Add GNU Pies and GNU Inetutils.
      distro: Add GNU help2man.
      distro: Add GNU Zile.
      guix-package: Fix typo.
      guix-package: Add `--list-installed'.
      distro: Add `fold-packages'.
      guix-package: Add `--list-available'.
      guix-package: Record the correct version string in manifests.
      guix-build: Use `location->string'.
      guix-package: Extract version strings when installing a direct store path.
      build: Fix `hydra.scm' recipe.
      doc: Document basic package definitions.
      distro: Add GDBM.
      distro: Add GNU Bison.
      distro: Add Flex.
      build: Change bug-report address; add URL.
      doc: Update `README'.
      doc: Mention the pronunciation of "Guix".
      distro: Search bootstrap binaries and patches in %LOAD-PATH.
      packages: Add missing export.
      build: Have `hydra.scm' return one job per package.
      distro: flex: Fix module name.
      download: Keep only one slash when concatenating URIs.
      download: Add mirrors.
      distro: Add Linux-PAM.
      distro: linux-libre-headers: Move to (distro packages linux).
      distro: Add `guile-2.0/fixed', which should rarely change.
      distro: guile-2.0: Update to 2.0.7.
      distro: gnutls: Build sequentially.
      distro: make-bootstrap: Use `linux' module.
      build: Include a copy of Nix's libstore and daemon; build it.
      build: Add Nix as a sub-module.
      build: Add `bootstrap' and `sync-with-upstream' scripts.
      distro: Add psmisc.
      distro: Add GNU lsh.
      Augment `TODO'.
      derivations: Fix erroneous call to `add-to-store' for local files as 
      store: Honor $NIX_STORE_DIR and $NIX_STATE_DIR.
      guix-build: Don't connect to the daemon when run with `--version' or 
      Merge branch 'master' into nix-integration
      daemon: Fix typo in libgcrypt bindings.
      build: daemon: Remove extraneous quotes in CPP macro `SYSTEM'.
      build: daemon: Add missing feature tests.
      daemon: Add test.
      daemon: Disable use of chroots when support is lacking.
      daemon: Add `list-runtime-roots' script.
      tests: Remove hard-coded /nix/store.
      build: Run all the tests against the just-built daemon.
      build: Capture configure-time settings in (guix config).
      build: Add missing daemon header to the distribution.
      build: Run `distcheck' with `--enable-daemon'.
      build: Update skip count in `tests/derivations.scm'.
      daemon: Add more options.
      doc: Add new dependencies in `README'.
      download: Fix the primary Savannah URL.
      Update `AUTHORS'.
      Change email address in `AUTHORS'.
      Update `TODO'.
      daemon: Update to Nix 1.2-1-ge087bfe.
      doc: Correct short name of `--install' option of `guix-package'.
      Update `THANKS'.
      store: Add `add-temp-root'.
      store: Add GC-related operations.
      Merge branch 'master' into nix-integration
      derivations: Distinguish direct store paths from files within a store 
      distro: lout: Delay use of of `nixpkgs-derivation'.
      Have `%nixpkgs-directory' default to #f when $NIXPKGS is the empty string.
      guix-package: Gracefully handle multiple installs of the same path.
      tests: Remove `t-profile' files on exit.
      doc: Fix typos.
      guix-package: Add `--verbose'; silence the environment's build by default.
      daemon: Use `openssl' from $PATH.
      tests: base32: Work around `system*' bug.
      tests: Arrange to have the socket file name fit in `sun_path'.
      build: When `--enable-daemon', don't error out when Nix programs are 
      build: Make `--enable-daemon' the default.
      release.nix: Build the daemon.
      tests: Skip network-dependent tests when the network is unreachable.
      release.nix: build: Allow builds within a chroot.
      release.nix: Add `build_disable_daemon'.
      Merge branch 'nix-integration'
      distro: lout: Comment out dependency on Ghostscript.
      guix-package: Use directory names from (guix config).
      release.nix: tarball: Fix typo.
      guix-package: Use directory names from (guix config).
      release.nix: tarball: Fix typo.
      guix-package: Avoid use of the `guix' sub-directory for profiles.
      build-system/gnu: Avoid using /bin/sh.
      build: Have `bootstrap' run all the necessary steps.
      build: Fix default value of `%state-directory'.
      release.nix: Remove trailing "/nix" from localstatedir.
      distro: Fix incorrect "bash" input for gcc-boot0-wrapped.
      download: Work around (web client) bug <>.
      daemon: Build `nix-setuid-helper'.
      daemon: Disable use of substitutes for now.
      daemon: Add `--debug' option.
      guix-build: Add `--verbosity'.
      Merge branch 'master' into core-updates
      utils: Make the buffer size of `dump-port' a parameter.
      build-system/gnu: Make the error port line-buffered.
      build-system/gnu: Patch shebangs in executable source files.
      daemon: Add `--chroot-directory'.
      daemon: Warn against running as root without `--build-users-group'.
      daemon: Gracefully handle Nix errors.
      download: Correctly detect "No route to host" conditions.
      download: Remove unreachable SourceForge mirror.
      distro: guile: Switch to 2.0.7.
      distro: Linux-Libre: Set $ARCH based on the actual system type.
      build-system/gnu: Change the order of `patch-source-shebangs' and `patch'.
      distro: make: Change default shell from /bin/sh to the actual shell.
      distro: ld-wrapper: Use the current Bash instead of /bin/sh.
      distro: gcc: Patch to allow builds without /bin/sh.
      distro: glibc: Add a statically-linked Bash to $out/bin.
      distro: make-bootstrap: Have libc's functions search for `sh' in $PATH.
      distro: Update bootstrap binaries.
      utils: Add a `progress' parameter to `dump-port'.
      distro: ncurses: Patch references to /bin/sh.
      distro: Update `guile-final' to not fail during `patch-source-shebangs' 
      distro: gawk: Use the right shell instead of /bin/sh.
      distro: bash, readline: Patch so that `make' uses the right shell.
      distro: libtool: Run test suite in parallel; patch references to /bin/sh.
      distro: m4: Patch references to /bin/sh.
      build-system/gnu: Report the execution time of each phase.
      build-system/gnu: Patch shebangs after `configure'.
      distro: guile: Patch (ice-9 popen) to use the right shell.
      distro: coreutils: Update to 8.20.
      build-system/gnu: Patch shebangs in all the source; patch SHELL in 
      distro: Add GNU idutils.
      distro: attr: Fix references to /bin/sh.
      distro: libc: Update to 2.17.
      distro: bzip2: Patch `SHELL' in `Makefile-libbz2_so'.
      utils: Restore the mtime/atime of patched files.
      build: Avoid error message during `make clean' when `test-tmp' doesn't 
      build-system/gnu: Add support for the "bin" output.
      distro: Move lightweight Bash to (distro packages bash).
      build-system/gnu: Add `static-package'.
      utils: Use binary I/O primitives for `remove-store-references'.
      distro: glibc: Fix contradicting settings of `BASH_SHELL'.
      distro: glibc: Build the statically-linked Bash embedded in glibc.
      distro: sed: Patch references to /bin/sh in the test suite.
      tests: Adjust to not rely on /bin/sh.
      daemon: Properly initialize libgcrypt.
      release.nix: Update to new bootstrap Guile tarball.
      distro: openssl: Build shared libraries.
      daemon: Show the chroot contents upon `--debug'.
      distro: gettext: Fix references to /bin/sh.
      distro: acl: Patch references to /bin/sh.
      distro: coreutils: Enable tests; add dependency on ACL and GMP.
      distro: ncurses: Don't retain a reference to the bootstrap Bash.
      distro: libtool: Add a "bin" output.
      distro: make-bootstrap: Fix arguments to gawk.
      distro: make-bootstrap: Make the Coreutils smaller.
      distro: make-bootstrap: Build glibc without nscd, and with static NSS 
      distro: make-bootstrap: Add `%bootstrap-tarballs' package.
      ui: Factorize bug-report information in `--help'.
      utils: Add `which'.
      Update license headers of builder-side code.
      derivations: Add `derivation-path->output-paths'.
      guix-build: Make `--root' effective for .drv files too.
      Add `guix-gc'.
      Update license headers.
      distro: Update bootstrap binaries to an nscd-less libc.
      Merge branch 'master' into core-updates
      distro: time: Adjust `configure' phase to old `configure' script.
      ftp-client: Add `ftp-size'.
      download: Report the progress of FTP downloads.
      download: Report the progress of HTTP downloads.
      Update a few more license headers.
      distro: bdb: Adjust to lack of /bin/sh.
      distro: Add Tcl, Expect, and DejaGNU.
      distro: Add GNU GLOBAL.
      distro: Add GSL.
      distro: Add GNU Aspell.
      snix: Gracefully handle `null' in Nix build inputs.
      snix: Use (guix licenses) variables.
      snix: Update `license' check in unit test.
      guix-package: Remove `-b' shorthand for `--bootstrap'.
      guix-package: Be verbose when Guile itself needs to be built.
      guix-package: Use `guile-final', not `guile-2.0' to build the environment.
      gnu-maintenance: Add `latest-release' and related tools.
      doc: Update porting instructions in `HACKING'.
      derivations: Fix `derivation-prerequisites-to-build' when outputs are 
      guix-daemon: Rename `--build-cores' for consistency with `guix-build'.
      daemon: Fix warning message when running as root without a build user 
      doc: Documentation installation and the daemon.
      doc: Update copyright years; add visible copyright statement.
      guix-package: Show package outputs in `--list-available'.
      guix-package: Create ~/.guix-profile when it doesn't exist.
      union: Detect collisions, and delete duplicate leaves.
      Augment `TODO'.
      doc: Clarify package version specification example.
      build-system/gnu: Improve support for "lib" outputs; support "doc" 
      distro: binutils: Add a "lib" output.
      distro: gmp: Update to 5.0.1.
      build: Print the Guix system type.
      distro: libsigsegv: Use a single output.
      distro: gawk: Adjust to the libsigsegv output change.
      download: Abbreviate URLs when displaying the progress report.
      Merge branch 'core-updates'
      doc: Mention store sharing with Nix; update `package' example.
      distro: tcl, expect: Enable tests.
      distro: Add procps.
      distro: util-linux: Fix `license' field.
      distro: Add MySQL.
      distro: dejagnu: Add `expect' in the search path of `runtest'.
      distro: Add GDB.
      distro: gnutls: Add dependency on Which.
      distro: expect: Provide the right path to `stty'.
      distro: Add GNU Mailutils.
      doc: Fix typos.
      distro: Add GNU Emacs.
      distro: openssl: Fix the `license' field.
      store: In `open-connection', process all the server's stderr.
      Update to Nix 1.3.
      guix-package: Fix check for ~/.guix-profile existence.
      tests: Use "binutils:lib" as the `guix-package' example.
      guix-package: Create or diagnose missing profile directory.
      snix: When unable to determine the version number, leave the URI 
      daemon: Remove reference to immutable.{cc,hh}, which no longer exist.
      build-system/gnu: Allow the `source' argument to be #f.
      distro: Add MIT/GNU Scheme and Bigloo.
      distro: Fetch bootstrap binaries from
      Augment `TODO'.
      guix-package: Connect to the daemon only after arguments have been 
      distro: Add GNU bc.
      distro: Add patches forgotten in previous commits.
      distro: check: Fix source URL.
      distro: recutils: Add 3 optional dependencies.
      doc: Start documenting (guix store).
      doc: Remove @documentlanguage.
      doc: Fix typos, and improve daemon documentation.
      doc: Start documenting derivations.
      distro: Add Expat.
      distro: gdb: Add dependency on Expat and Python.
      distro: nettle: Update to 2.6.
      packages: Change `base32' to allow non-literal strings.
      guix-package: Add `--roll-back'.
      guix-package: Allow `--roll-back' to skip missing generations.
      doc: Mark binary deployment as not implemented yet.
      Move Andreas to `AUTHORS'.
      Update `HACKING'.
      distro: Change the module name space to (gnu ...).
      distro: Rename (distro) to (gnu packages).
      doc: Add a "GNU Distribution" node.

Nikita Karetnikov (26):
      distro: Add i686 support.
      distro: Add GNU Ed.
      distro: Add GNU Autoconf and GNU Automake.
      distro: Move (distro packages libtool) to (distro packages autotools).
      distro: Add GNU Shishi.
      distro: Add GNU Gettext.
      distro: Add GNU Ddrescue.
      distro: Add GNU Wget.
      distro: Add GNU Nano.
      distro: Add GNU Less.
      distro: Add GNU Which.
      distro: Add GNU Time.
      distro: Add GNU Cpio.
      distro: Import 'gettext' under a different name.
      distro: Add util-linux.
      Add (guix gnu-maintenance).
      distro: Add Attr.
      distro: Add ACL.
      Add (guix licenses).
      licenses: Add 'bsd-style', 'expat', 'gpl1', 'gpl1+', 'lgpl2.0', and 
      distro: Use (guix licenses) instead of strings.
      distro: Add Check.
      distro: Add Libusb.
      distro: Add Usbutils.
      licenses: Add 'psfl'.
      distro: Add Python 2.7.3.



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