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[SCM] guix source archive annotated tag, v0.3, created. v0.3

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: [SCM] guix source archive annotated tag, v0.3, created. v0.3
Date: Wed, 17 Jul 2013 14:27:08 +0000

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "guix source archive".

The annotated tag, v0.3 has been created
        at  547cf60c461c97331ac4747bf1b0d275c44f2c64 (tag)
   tagging  3253830d46cc55dd6b946468edd6a6f72944ef48 (commit)
  replaces  v0.2
 tagged by  Ludovic Courtès
        on  Wed Jul 17 15:44:30 2013 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
GNU Guix 0.3.
Version: GnuPG v2.0.20 (GNU/Linux)


Andreas Enge (8):
      gnu: Add libspectre.
      gnu: Add cairo.
      gnu: Add harfbuzz.
      gnu: Add pango.
      gnu: Add gdk-pixbuf.
      Add gtk+.
      gnu: pango, gtk+: Propagate inputs.
      gnu: libapr, libaprutil: Upgrade.

Cyril Roelandt (7):
      zlib: Add a sourceforge mirror.
      python-build-system: add a check phase.
      gnu: Add pytz.
      gnu: Add Babel.
      Fix Guile version checking in the "web" code.
      gnu: Move subversion with the other version control systems.
      gnutls: fix the test-suite for 32 bits systems.

Konrad Hinsen (2):
      Ignore /po/Makevars.template
      doc: Describe the build procedure in more detail.

Ludovic Courtès (231):
      Fix "guix --help" on Guile 2.0.5.
      Sort commands alphabetically in "guix --help".
      ftp-client: Let callers handle `ftp-open' exceptions.
      package: Always clear the SIGINT handler.
      substitute-binary: Work around thread-unsafe `regexp-exec'.
      gnu: texinfo: Don't propagate Perl.
      substitute-binary: Pass `filtered-port' an unbuffered port.
      package: Make sure the profile directory is owned by the user.
      gnu: automake: Update to 1.13.2.
      Update `TODO'.
      build: Switch to 0.3.
      gnu: Improve synopses for Linux-related packages.
      gnu: Add strace.
      Add `--max-silent-time' to `guix build' and `guix package'.
      gnu: Add CVS.
      Update `NEWS'.
      gnu: Add GNU Plotutils.
      gnu: libgc: Add 7.2d.
      gnu: Add UnRTF.
      nls: Add Esperanto translation.
      packages: Factorize things common to `package-{,cross-}derivation'.
      gnu: cross-gcc: Change patch so that `CROSS_LIBRARY_PATH' is honored.
      gnu: cross-gcc: Set the right search paths.
      packages: Implement `package-cross-derivation'.
      build-system/gnu: Implement cross build.
      build: Add `--target' option.
      build: `hydra.scm' adds cross-build jobs.
      package: Fix default profile ownership check when it's just been created.
      build-system/trivial: Implement the cross-build protocol.
      build: `hydra.scm' cross-builds simpler packages.
      build-system/gnu: Make sure build input variables contain pairs.
      packages: Re-export `%current-target-system'.
      packages: Make `native-inputs' thunked.
      gnu: gettext, attr, acl: Disable `check' phase twiddling when cross 
      gnu: coreutils: Allow cross-compilation.
      gnu: sed: Allow cross-compilation.
      gnu: findutils: Fix cross-compilation.
      gnu: libsigsegv: Fix mips64el-linux-gnu (cross-)builds.
      gnu: gawk: Allow cross-compilation.
      gnu: libtool: Allow cross-compilation.
      gnu: libffi: Allow cross-compilation.
      gnu: ncurses, readline: Allow cross-compilation.
      build: `hydra.scm' cross-builds a few more packages.
      build: Add missing import in `hydra.scm'.
      build: `hydra.scm' really cross-builds Gettext.
      gnu: bash: Fix cross-compilation.
      gnu: guile: Add Bash as an input, to permit cross-compilation.
      gnu: cross-binutils: Build with `--with-sysroot'.
      gnu: pkg-config: Provide a cross-build-friendly wrapper.
      gnu: guile: More cross-compilation tweaks.
      build-system/gnu: Fix typo in `gnu-cross-build'.
      packages: Raise an error condition a cross builder is needed but 
      gnu: Add torsocks.
      store: Test the `fallback?' store option.
      build, package: Add `--fallback' option.
      substitute-binary: Gracefully exit upon networking errors.
      build-system/python: Avoid circular dependency.
      ui: define-diagnostic: Don't mark `_' and `N_' as literals.
      Thanks, Cojocaru.
      gnu: Add Rubber.
      Fix name of Alexandru.
      gnu: gawk: Refer to the target Bash in io.c.
      gnu: Add XLockMore.
      Update `NEWS'.
      substitute-binary: Don't cache .narinfo lookups when lacking networking.
      doc: Write about patch submission and packaging guidelines.
      gnu: Add Tk.
      gnu: Add WordNet.
      gnu: automake: Update to 1.13.3.
      gnu: nettle: Update to 2.7.1.
      gnu: gnutls: Update to 3.2.1.
      gnu: Fix `static-package' arguments overriding.
      gnu: bash-light: Allow cross-compilation.
      packages: Make the `propagated-inputs' field thunked.
      gnu: Add Privoxy.
      gnu: plotutils: Add X client libraries as inputs.
      gnu: glib: Update to 2.37.1.
      doc: Update bootstrap-related info in `HACKING'.
      gnu: glib: Fix URL.
      gnu: Add ALSA-lib; use it.
      gnu: Add mpg321.
      doc: Mention copyright/license auditing in `HACKING'.
      gnu: Add GNU gcal.
      ld-wrapper: Unless in a build env., allow files that symlink to the store.
      store: Add `requisites'.
      guix gc: Add `--requisites'.
      gnu: make-bootstrap: Keep Perl as an input only when needed.
      gnu: make-bootstrap: Abstract things with 
      derivations: Micro-optimize `derivation-hash'.
      Update upstream Nix sub-module.
      Update `TODO'.
      gnu: pkg-config: Export package definition.
      gnu: linux-libre-headers: Allow cross-compilation.
      build-system/trivial: Fix introduction of `%target' when cross-building.
      gnu: Add Racket.
      gnu: Add GD.
      gnu: libpng: Propagate zlib.
      gnu: Add Graphviz.
      build: Remove non-existent git.scm from
      gnu: graphviz: Fix typo.
      gnu: Add iptables.
      gnu: Add Linux iproute2.
      build: Fix `sync-with-upstream'.
      substitute-binary: Provide feedback when the server is unresponsive.
      gnu: Add ImageMagick.
      Add `substitute-binary.scm' to
      package: Display the number of installed packages upon completion.
      build: Split into two parts.
      Update eo.po.
      substitute-binary: Report progress while downloading.
      package: Fix i18n of the number of packages message.
      build: Move Hydra recipe to build-aux/hydra.
      gnu: libgc: Switch to 7.2d.
      gnu: libgc: Always build with -DUSE_LIBC_PRIVATES.
      Merge branch 'master' into core-updates
      build-system/gnu: Unify with (guix build-system gnu-cross-build).
      build-system/gnu: Save `environment-variables' after each phase.
      download: Don't fail when abbreviating `file://' URIs.
      build-system/gnu: Set #:tests? to #f when cross-compiling.
      gnu: gzip: Upgrade to 1.6.
      gnu: gawk: Upgrade to 4.1.0.
      gnu: gmp: Upgrade to 5.1.2.
      gnu: acl, attr: Make `gettext' a native input.
      utils: `set-path-environment-variable' calls `unsetenv' for empty values.
      gnu: libffi: Upgrade to 3.0.13.
      gnu: gcc-4.8: Upgrade to 4.8.1.
      gnu: ed: Upgrade to 1.9.
      build-system/gnu: Disable test suite when cross building.
      gnu: gawk: Allow cross-compilation.
      build-system/trivial: Don't bind `%target' in the builder.
      gnu: bigloo: Explicitly link libbigloopthread against libgc.
      build-system/gnu: Augment `package-with-explicit-inputs' for cross builds.
      gnu: cross-base: Make the cross tools native inputs.
      build-system/gnu: `package-with-explicit-inputs' skips non-GBS packages.
      gnu: make-bootstrap: Allow cross-compilation of the bootstrap tarballs.
      build: Build the bootstrap tarballs on Hydra.
      gnu: cross-base: Build Binutils with `--with-sysroot=/'.
      gnu: cross-base: Make `glibc-dynamic-linker' do the right thing.
      gnu: gcc: Allow cross-compilation of GCC itself.
      gnu: make-bootstrap: Have %gcc-static actually static when cross building.
      gnu: make-bootstrap: Fix cross compilation of binutils-static.
      gnu: cross-base: Add support for `mips64el-linux-gnu-gnuabi64' (N64 ABI).
      build: Add "mips64el-linux-gnuabi64" as a cross build target.
      gnu: gcc: Use `gcc-configure-flags-for-triplet' when cross-compiling GCC.
      gnu: lsh: Upgrade to 2.1.
      download: Add Savannah's master site.
      gnu: lout: Upgrade to 3.40.
      substitute-binary: Avoid dangling connections to the server.
      gnu: Add GNU Rush.
      gnu: Add GNU vc-dwim.
      ui: Don't make substituter-related RPCs at all when substitutes are 
      gnu: liboop: Fix & improve meta-data.
      Move `sha256' to (guix hash).
      hash: Add `open-sha256-port'.
      Use `port-sha256' and `open-sha256-port'.
      Update `NEWS' and `TODO'.
      gnu: qemu: Upgrade to 1.5.1.
      gnu: Add noweb.
      utils: Re-export `alist-cons' and `alist-delete'.
      build-system/gnu: Write debug files to the "debug" sub-derivation, if any.
      gnu: Add a "debug" output for some packages.
      gnu: cross-libc: Remove the "debug" output.
      build-system/gnu: Remove the "debug" output when `strip-binaries?' is #f.
      Import (guix hash) in build-aux/download.scm.
      daemon: Make argp usage compatible with libc on GNU/Hurd.
      store: Deal with unsupported `setsockopt' operation on GNU/Hurd.
      build: Correctly determine the system type for non-Linux systems.
      gnu: make-bootstrap: guile-static-stripped has no "debug" output.
      build: Bail out on unsupported platforms; add `--with-courage'.
      gnu: gcc: Add Texinfo to the native inputs.
      doc: Add a "Boostrapping" section.
      doc: Add a "Porting" section.
      doc: Move the packaging guidelines to the manual.
      gnu: tzdata: Upgrade to 2013d.
      gnu: gettext: Upgrade to 0.18.3.
      build: Set the umask to 0022 before running the daemon for tests.
      build: Set the umask to 0022 before running the daemon for tests.
      tests: Adjust `package-field-location' test for Guile <= 2.0.6.
      doc: Add "Packages with Multiple Outputs" section.
      doc: Add "Installing Debugging Files".
      Merge branch 'core-updates'
      Add `build-aux/list-packages.scm'.
      tests: Fix in the presence of multiple-output `make'.
      list-packages: Write out the HTML page as UTF-8.
      gnu: libpng: Upgrade to 1.5.17.
      records: Add `recutils->alist' for public consumption.
      records: `recutils->alist' recognizes comments.
      records: `alist->record' supports multiple-field occurrences.
      gnu-maintenance: Use `recutils->alist'.
      records: `recutils->alist' recognizes lines starting with a `+'.
      gnu-maintenance: Add `doc-description' field to <gnu-package-descriptor>.
      Update eo.po.
      list-packages: Show the package logo, when available.
      guix refresh: Keep only the newest versions of packages as upgrade 
      gnu: automake: Upgrade to 1.14.
      substitute-binary: Increase the default timeout.
      gnu: xorriso: Upgrade to 1.3.0.
      gnu: help2man: Upgrade to 1.43.3.
      substitute-binary: Directly replace the global `regexp-exec'.
      gnu: gnupg: Upgrade support libraries.
      gnu: libidn: Upgrade to 1.28.
      gnu: freeipmi: Upgrade to 1.2.8.
      gnu: plotutils: Allow compilation with newer libpng.
      gnu-maintenance: `latest-release' closes its connection.
      guix package: Reuse FTP connections for subsequent `latest-release' calls.
      ui: Ignore SIGPIPE and catch `system-error' exceptions.
      guix package: Fix handling of `-e'.
      Rename (guix web) to (guix http-client).
      Update `eo.po'.
      gnu: make-bootstrap: Skip tests for the statically-linked gawk.
      Add `pt_BR' translation.
      Thank the translators.
      build: Check for the availability of binaries upon "distcheck".
      guix package: Allow separate install of several outputs of the same 
      hydra: Honor the `system' argument.
      hydra: Distinguish between jobs for different system types.
      hydra: Build for all the specified systems.
      hydra: Fix typo.
      gnu: libphidget: Add "debug" output.
      list-packages: Add links to
      gnu: subversion: Fetch over plain HTTP.
      doc: Refer to address@hidden
      Update NEWS.
      Update .po files.
      doc: Mark 2.0.5 as being the minimum Guile version.
      build: Provide a replacement (srfi srfi-37) when the user's one is broken.
      build: Check the availability of i686-linux binaries.
      doc: Add "Adding New Packages".
      gnu: tzdata: Update hash.
      gnu: linux-libre: Add alternate URLs.
      Update NEWS.

Mark H Weaver (1):
      gnu: subversion: Download from apache archive site.

Nikita Karetnikov (5):
      doc: Improve wording and fix typos in "Introduction" and "Requirements".
      licenses: Add 'agpl3' and 'agpl3+'.
      gnu: Add Grue Hunter.
      guix refresh: Add '--key-download'.
      doc: Add "Building from Git" to 'HACKING'.


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