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GNU Guixguix source archive annotated tag, v0.4, created. v0.4

From: Ludovic Courts
Subject: GNU Guixguix source archive annotated tag, v0.4, created. v0.4
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2013 13:04:45 +0000

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "guix source archive".

The annotated tag, v0.4 has been created
        at  dfb9b6a82a4f96f3b6ded668e336b2171e0890ad (tag)
   tagging  81bb9b6665e253c42b078e752ec01020b7434e3f (commit)
  replaces  v0.3
 tagged by  Ludovic Courtès
        on  Fri Sep 27 15:03:05 2013 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
GNU Guix 0.4.
Version: GnuPG v2.0.20 (GNU/Linux)


Alex Sassmannshausen (5):
      list-packages: Centralise CSS styling in <head>.
      list-packages: Tidying and refactoring in preparation for substantive 
      list-packages: Add missing closing </div> after footer include.
      list-packages: Tidy CSS in preparation for split into external file.
      list-packages: Progressive Enhancement approach to JS.

Andreas Enge (95):
      gnu: Rename "libapr" to "apr" and "libaprutil" to "apr-util".
      gnu: gtk+: Synchronise description with GSRC.
      gnu: fontconfig: Look for fonts in user profile.
      gnu: emacs: Use gtk+.
      gnu: fplll: Update to 4.0.4.
      gnu: mpfrcx: Update to 0.4.2.
      gnu: harfbuzz: Update to 0.9.19.
      gnu: fontconfig: Update to 2.10.93.
      gnu: xorg: Install fonts into package output instead of into font-util.
      gnu: texlive: Update to 2013.
      gnu: Add lame.
      gnu: Add cdparanoia.
      gnu: Add ripperX.
      gnu: xorg: Remove non-free font font-bh-ttf/font-luxi-ttf.
      gnu: xorg: Shorten commented out packages.
      gnu: Move non-X11 fonts from module xorg to fonts.
      gnu: indent: Cosmetic change.
      gnu: Add gkrellm.
      gnu: Add libextractor.
      gnu: Add units.
      gnu: Add libmicrohttpd.
      gnu: Add pspp.
      gnu: Update python to 2.7.5.
      doc: Create own in subdirectory.
      doc: Shuffle some text around.
      doc: Add package guidelines for names and numbers.
      gnu: imagemagick: Update to 6.8.6-9.
      gnu: gsl: Move from module algebra to maths.
      doc: Add duplicate copyright notice again.
      doc: Stylistic changes to "Packaging Guidelines"
      gnu: gsl: Disable numerically unstable test on i686.
      gnu: pari-gp: Update to 2.5.4.
      gnu: Add dbus-glib.
      gnu: Add xmlto.
      gnu: Add yasm.
      gnu: Add Python 3.
      gnu: python: Adapt native-search-paths for Python 3.3.
      gnu: python: Temporarily make python 2 the default.
      gnu: Update harfbuzz to 0.9.20.
      gnu: cairo: Update to 1.12.16.
      gnu: Add git.
      gnu: python: Revert 77c7f8f4 and make Python 3 the default.
      gnu: python: Add package python-wrapper.
      gnu: python: Replace input python by python-wrapper.
      gnu: libdrm: Update to 2.4.46.
      gnu: xorg: Update comment for mesa.
      guix: python: Switch to python-wrapper as the default version for the 
      gnu: bazaar: Switch back to Python 2.
      gnu: zziplib: Switch back to Python 2.
      gnu: libxml2: Switch back to Python 2.
      gnu: mesa: Switch back to Python 2.
      gnu: rubber: Switch back to Python 2.
      gnu: texlive: Switch back to Python 2.
      gnu: qemu: Switch back to Python 2.
      gnu: subversion: Switch back to Python 2.
      gnu: python: Implement the python naming scheme for pytz and babel.
      gnu: git: Switch back to Python 2.
      gnu: python: Honour #:tests? and #:test-target in build system.
      gnu: python: Disable tests in pytz and babel.
      gnu: python: Disable tests in python2-pytz and python2-babel.
      guix: python: Add build phase and factor out calls to
      guix: python: Add package-with-python2, a procedure rewriting a package
      guix: python: Add parameter #:phases to build system.
      gnu: isl: Update urls.
      guix: python: Do not import %standard-phases from gnu-build-system.
      gnu: Add python-setuptools, python2-setuptools.
      guix: python: Create module installation path and add it to PYTHONPATH 
      gnu: Add python-dateutil, python2-dateutil.
      gnu: Update python-babel, python2-babel to 1.3.
      gnu: Add python2-sqlite.
      gnu: Add python2-mechanize.
      Merge branch 'python'
      gnu: isl: Update urls.
      gnu: Add python-simplejson, python2-simplejson.
      gnu: Add python2-pyicu.
      gnu: xcursor-themes: Install data into package output directory.
      gnu: Add gstreamer.
      gnu: gstreamer: Depend on python-wrapper.
      gnu: Add gst-plugins-base.
      gnu: Add gnome-doc-utils.
      gnu: Rename module mailutils to mail.
      gnu: Add fetchmail.
      gnu: Add mutt.
      gnu: mutt: Add SASL for authenticated SMTP.
      gnu: xorg: Fix xorg-server.
      gnu: fontconfig: Add and register gs-fonts.
      gnu: pspp: Update to 0.8.1.
      gnu: gnupg: Update to 2.0.21.
      gnu: libgcrypt: Update to 1.5.3
      gnu: libksba: Update to 1.3.0.
      gnu: xf86-input-synaptics: Fix installation paths.
      gnu: xf86-input-vmmouse: Fix installation path.
      gnu: xf86-input-joystick: Fix installation path.
      gnu: Add dvdisaster.
      gnu: harfbuzz: Update to 0.9.21.

Cyril Roelandt (9):
      list-packages: remove deprecated "height" attribute on "td" element.
      list-packages: remove useless "language" attribute of "script" element
      Make "guix -h" work as "guix --help".
      list-packages: Add an "alt" attribute for the logos.
      list-packages: Remove a useless "colspan" attribute.
      list-packages: properly specify the size of images.
      gnu: Add htop.
      gnu: Add dfc.
      gnu: Add itstool.

Ludovic Courtès (179):
      doc: Improve build instructions in README and HACKING.
      build: Bump version to 0.4.
      Update `TODO'.
      gnu: Add lzip.
      gnu: ddrescue: Update to 1.17.
      gnu: Add Xnee.
      Update `eo.po'.
      gnu: Correct name and description of the Luxi font package.
      gnu: Add Bitstream Vera.
      gnu: Remove QEMU-KVM, which is no longer needed.
      gnu: Add GNU Freefont.
      gnu: linux-pam: Install headers under $includedir/security.
      gnu: Add Shadow.
      gnu: freefont: Synchronize synopsis.
      gnu: Add GNU Ocrad.
      gnu: bigloo: Update to 4.0b.
      gnu: Add exiv2 and Geeqie.
      gnu: glib: Add `file' as a propagated input.
      gnu: qemu: Install the Info manuals.
      gnu: grub: Use older QEMU to run the test suite.
      substitute-binary: Don't pretend to report download progress on Guile 
      gnu: guile-static: Add missing hunk in guile-default-utf8.patch.
      gnu: guile-static-stripped: Make sure the resulting binary works.
      gnu: make-bootstrap: Add a couple of synopses.
      gnu: guile-ncurses: Install modules under .../site/2.0.
      substitute-binary: Try hard to avoid port buffering.
      Add TODO item.
      gnu: Have `qemu-image' explicitly reboot when done.
      utils: Add `guile-version>?', and use it.
      gnu: tzdata: Fix hash of tzcode tarball.
      gnu: Add GNU lightning.
      gnu: Add Valgrind.
      doc: Mention what's in the chroot, and add a caveat about /dev/shm.
      packages: Allow file names as package sources.
      build-system/gnu: Add `dist-package'.
      gnu: Add Guix.
      hydra: Add job to run "make distcheck" on Guix.
      hydra: Extract the actual file name from the Guix checkout.
      gnu: pius: Use the right `gpg' binary.
      hydra: Return a symbol/thunk pair.
      hydra: Add missing import.
      hydra: Add missing import.
      hydra: Comment out all Git invocations in `bootstrap'.
      download: Add mirrors.
      gnu: Add Guile-Lib.
      derivations: Move 3 positional parameters into keyword parameters.
      derivations: Add #:dependency-graphs `derivation' parameter.
      derivations: Add #:dependency-graphs to `build-expression->derivation'.
      doc: Change `HACKING' to refer to address@hidden
      derivations: Rename #:dependency-graphs to #:references-graphs.
      vm: Use more keyword parameters for `expression->derivation-in-linux-vm'.
      gnu: linux-initrd: Allow Guile modules to be embedded in the initrd.
      gnu: make-bootstrap: Remove the `debug' output from the static Coreutils.
      gnu: linux-initrd: Add (guix build linux-initrd) and use it.
      build: Build docs from the top-level Makefile.
      build: Use `missing' for `dot'.
      build: Have `pdf' depend on the PDF image.
      doc: Fix the image size in PDF/PS/DVI output.
      gnu: hop: Allow compilation with Bigloo 4.0b.
      doc: Remove "Adding new packages" from `HACKING'.
      doc: Add a "Coding Style" section in 'HACKING'.
      doc: Add note about .dir-locals.el.
      gnu: linux-initrd: Make Guile modules accessible in the chroot.
      gnu: linux-initrd: Make device nodes for QEMU's hard disk.
      gnu: `expression->derivation-in-linux-vm' export references graphs.
      gnu: `expression->derivation-in-linux-vm' accepts files as inputs.
      gnu: vm: `qemu-image' can copy store closures into the target image.
      gnu: linux-initrd: Factorize device node creation.
      store: Add a printer for <nix-server>.
      gnu: Add mingetty.
      gnu: lzo: Build the shared library.
      union: Don't traverse sub-directories only found in one element of the 
      substitute-binary: Show the Nar size, when available.
      build-system/gnu: Delay resolution of (@ (gnu packages cmake) cmake).
      build-system/cmake: Fix typo.
      pull: Compile files in the lexicographic order.
      hydra: Add Git as an input to the "tarball" job.
      hydra: Add Graphviz as an input to the "tarball" job.
      gnu: vm: 'qemu-image' populates /dev on the target root file system.
      gnu: linux-initrd: Fix creation of /dev/tty nodes.
      gnu: vm: First stab at building a populated QEMU image.
      gnu: vm: Remove unused 'qemu-image' argument.
      gnu: vm: Add /etc/shadow in the QEMU image.
      doc: Add "Data Types and Pattern Matching" to the Coding Style.
      gnu: grub: Add support for building configuration files.
      gnu: linux-libre: Upgrade to 3.11.
      gnu: glibc: Upgrade to 2.18.
      hydra: Support a 'subset' argument.
      Merge branch 'master' into core-updates
      gnu: vm: Clear timestamps on the imported files, like in the store.
      gnu: vm: Create valid /etc/shadow and /etc/passwd.
      gnu: vm: Copy /etc/shadow to the guest.
      store: The 'references' parameter of 'add-text-to-store' is now optional.
      gnu: linux-pam: Add declarative PAM service interface.
      gnu: linux-initrd: Fix typo.
      linux-initrd: Create /dev/klog and /dev/kmsg.
      gnu: vm: Create shadow files with the right format.
      gnu: vm: Setup PAM.
      gnu: vm: Remove potluck hacks.
      gnu: Move helper code to (gnu system …) modules.
      gnu: avahi, dbus: Use /var as $localstatedir.
      daemon: Use 'int' instead of the internal 'gcry_md_algo_t' type.
      Thank Matthias and Yutaka.
      gnu: gnutls: Upgrade to 3.2.4.
      substitute-binary: Add '--help'.
      utils: 'find-files' returns a sorted list.
      gnu: glibc: Fix 'ldd' on x86_64.
      gnu: dbus: Add dependency on libX11.
      derivations: Keep the .drv file name in <derivation> objects.
      derivations: Add a nicer printer.
      tests: Clarify filtering of the "debug" output.
      derivations: 'derivation' and related procedures return a single value.
      hydra: Point the Git submodule to our local copy.
      hydra: Return the .drv file names, not the <derivation> objects.
      hydra: Add missing import.
      hydra: Fix typo.
      hydra: Pass the directory name of the Nix checkout.
      gnu: Add GNU dmd.
      gnu: QEMU images boots into dmd.
      gnu: python2-pysqlite: Fix 'license'.
      pull: Adjust to 'derivation' API change.
      Thank Cyrill.
      guix package: Internationalize "Generation" string.
      guix package: Sort the list of generation numbers in '--list-generations'.
      build: Build the daemon with -Wall.
      Add 'guix-register'.
      guix package: Show most recently installed packages last.
      doc: Document '--list-generations' among the query options.
      nar: Fix file descriptor leak when writing a Nar.
      build: check-available-binaries: Adjust to derivation API change.
      Merge branch 'master' into core-updates
      guix-register: Expect closures to refer to the original store.
      gnu: racket: Add dependency on GTK+.
      guix-register: Allow the initial directory creation to proceed.
      gnu: guix: Set $localstatedir; add gzip as input.
      gnu: vm: Initialize the image's store.
      gnu: vm: Add a service for the Guix daemon.
      gnu: guix: Rework 0.4 hack to gracefully handle lack of tarball.
      gnu: m4: Upgrade to 1.4.17.
      Update 'NEWS'.
      gnu: vm: Support derivation objects as inputs.
      gnu: vm: Make a union of the visible packages; add /etc/profile.
      gnu: vm: Change GRUB label.
      gnu: vm: Add more ttys.
      gnu: vm: Change #:populate to a list of directives.
      Update 'eo.po'.
      gnu: vm: Add /etc/issue and a motd.
      gnu: vm: Add 'host-name' service.
      gnu: vm: Register the profile as a GC root.
      gnu: vm: Add 'networking' service.
      packages: Make the 'output' parameter of 'package-output' optional.
      gnu: vm: Add nscd service.
      gnu: zile: Fix references to /bin/sh.
      Merge branch 'master' into core-updates
      gnu: dmd: Download from
      gnu: Add net-tools.
      gnu: vm: Set the default networking route.
      build-system/trivial: Take the 'source' field into account.
      gnu: Add net-base.
      gnu: shadow: Add record type for user accounts.
      gnu: shadow: Add record type for user groups.
      gnu: vm: Add a 'guest' account.
      Run 'guix' with '--no-auto-compile'.
      gnu: vm: Add /etc/{services,protocols,rpc} to the image.
      gnu: vm: Add build users.
      gnu: linux-initrd: Mount /tmp as a tmpfs.
      gnu: vm: Set the right permissions and ownership on directories.
      gnu: dmd: Make the 'networking' service slightly more robust.
      gnu: vm: Add a few packages to the default profile.
      tests: Fix typo.
      guix package: '--delete-generations' deletes generations older than 
      doc: Link from "guix gc" to '--delete-generations'.
      Merge branch 'core-updates'
      gnu: guix: Remove warning about 0.4 hack.
      Update 'NEWS'.
      gnu: module-init-tools: Remove reference to unavailable man page tarball.
      Update 'NEWS'.
      gnu: vm: Add more packages to the profile.
      Update '.po' files.

Nikita Karetnikov (12):
      doc: Remove an extra space after @ref.
      gnu: Add the 'license:' prefix.
      guix package: Rename generation-related procedures.
      guix package: Add '--list-generations'.
      guix package: Exit with 1 when a generation cannot be listed.
      guix package: Do not list the zeroth generation.
      tests: Use 'test -z' to check that a string equals zero.
      guix package: Show which generation is the current one.
      guix package: Exit with 0 when there is nothing to list.
      guix package: Add 'link-to-empty-profile'.
      guix package: Add '--delete-generations'.
      doc: Fix typos.


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