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GNU Guixguix source archive annotated tag, v0.5, created. v0.5

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: GNU Guixguix source archive annotated tag, v0.5, created. v0.5
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 2013 12:24:05 +0000

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "guix source archive".

The annotated tag, v0.5 has been created
        at  c5d70d4dec442f19ec98e9f18eb2fcde18569095 (tag)
   tagging  5d6dbd299e8389e8eb918daac00df9b6f6835e14 (commit)
  replaces  v0.4
 tagged by  Ludovic Courtès
        on  Wed Dec 11 13:08:23 2013 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
GNU Guix 0.5.
Version: GnuPG v2.0.22 (GNU/Linux)


Aljosha Papsch (1):
      Add httpd

Andreas Enge (114):
      gnu: glib: Update to 2.38.0.
      gnu: libxi: Propagate inputs inputproto and libx11.
      gnu: Add at-spi2-core.
      gnu: atk: Update to 2.10.0.
      gnu: Add at-spi2-atk.
      gnu: Drop gtk+-3, erroneously pushed in the previous commit.
      gnu: Add Gtk+ 3.
      gnu: gtk+-2: Update to 2.24.21.
      gnu: Revert inputs from gtk+-3 to gtk+-2.
      gnu: gtk+: Propagate inputs.
      gnu: racket: Revert input from gtk+-3 to gtk+-2.
      gnu: gnome: Add libnotify.
      gnu: libvorbis: Propagate input libogg.
      gnu: Add libcanberra.
      gnu: itstool: Add propagated inputs python-2 and libxml2.
      gnu: itstool: Really push the modification announced in 9000d556.
      gnu: xnee: Drop input gtk+.
      gnu: gnome: Add gsettings-desktop-schemas.
      gnu: Add perl-xml-simple.
      gnu: Add icon-naming-utils.
      gnu: gnome: Add gnome-icon-theme.
      gnu: Add hicolor-icon-theme.
      gnu: gnome: Add brasero.
      gnu: libxcb: Enable xcb-xkb.
      gnu: xorg: Add xcb-util-wm.
      gnu: xorg: Add xcb-util.
      gnu: xorg: Add xcb-util-image.
      gnu: xorg: Add xcb-util-keysyms.
      gnu: xorg: Add xcb-util-renderutil.
      gnu: Add libxkbcommon.
      gnu: cdparanoia: Fix links of internal libraries into binary.
      gnu: icu4c: Patch RUNPATH of libraries.
      gnu: Add gpgme.
      gnu: mutt: Add input gpgme.
      gnu: pari-gp: Update to 2.5.5.
      gnu: Add Qt 5.1.1.
      gnu: qt: Add input pulseaudio.
      gnu: qt: Do not use special SSE etc. instructions.
      gnu: qt: Propagate input mesa.
      gnu: Add Qt 4.8.5.
      gnu: Add gp2c.
      gnu: qt: Add patch to distribution.
      gnu: gtk+: Update to 3.10.1.
      gnu: gsl: Update to 1.16.
      gnu: cmake: Update patch to work with new system.
      guix: Make cmake build system aware of usual paths.
      gnu: kde: Add module and automoc4 package.
      gnu: harfbuzz: Update to 0.9.22.
      gnu: Add GLPK.
      gnu: qt: Correct source uri.
      gnu: gmp: Update to 5.1.3.
      gnu: rsync: Update to 3.1.0.
      gnu: Add sharutils.
      gnu: lzip: Update to 1.15.
      gnu: mesa: Update URI.
      gnu: mit-krb5: Update to 1.11.3.
      gnu: Add gstreamer-0.10.
      gnu: gstreamer-0.10: Propagate input libxml2.
      gnu: Add gst-plugins-base-0.10.
      gnu: libmicrohttpd: Update to 0.9.31.
      gnu: Add ffmpeg.
      gnu: ffmpeg: Fix typo in configure flags.
      gnu: qt: Enable SIMD instructions available on x86_64.
      gnu: Add phonon.
      gnu: Add IceCat.
      gnu: gettext: Enable "xgettext --language=glade".
      gnu: pspp: Add input cairo.
      gnu: libextractor: Add optional inputs.
      gnu: libextractor: Add input.
      gnu: Add soprano.
      gnu: Correct typo in previous commit.
      gnu: ffmpeg: Update to 2.1.1.
      gnu: luit: Accomodate stricter warnings of gcc-4.8.
      gnu: ffmpeg: Disable tests.
      gnu: ffmpeg: Enable tests.
      gnu: Add raptor2.
      gnu: soprano: Add input raptor2.
      gnu: libmicrohttpd: Upgrade to 0.9.32.
      gnu: Add perl-xml-parser-perlsax.
      gnu: Add perl-xml-regexp.
      gnu: pulseaudio: Disable tests on mips64el.
      gnu: Rename perl-xml-parser-perlsax to perl-libxml.
      gnu: Add perl-html-tagset.
      gnu: Add perl-html-parser.
      gnu: Add perl-http-date.
      gnu: Add perl-uri.
      gnu: Add perl-lwp-mediatypes.
      gnu: Add perl-io-html.
      gnu: Add perl-http-message.
      gnu: Add perl-http-cookies.
      gnu: Add perl-http-daemon.
      gnu: bison: Update to 3.0.2.
      gnu: Add perl-http-negotiate.
      gnu: Add perl-www-robotrules.
      gnu: Add perl-net-http.
      gnu: parallel: Update to 20131122.
      gnu: rcs: Update to 5.9.2.
      build-system/perl: Honour phases argument in perl build system.
      gnu: Add perl-file-list.
      gnu: Add perl-file-listing.
      gnu: Add perl-encode-locale.
      gnu: Add perl-libwww.
      gnu: Add perl-xml-dom.
      gnu: perl-http-message: Propagate input perl-uri.
      gnu: perl-http-cookies: Propagate inputs.
      gnu: perl-http-daemon: Propagate inputs.
      gnu: perl-http-negotiate: Propagate input.
      gnu: perl-www-robotrules: Propagate input.
      gnu: perl-file-listing: Propagate input.
      gnu: perl-libwww: Propagate all inputs.
      gnu: perl-http-message: Propagate input perl-http-date.
      gnu: perl-libxml: Propagate input.
      gnu: perl-xml-dom: Propagate inputs.
      NEWS: Small changes.

Arne Babenhauserheide (1):
      gnu: Add Mercurial.

Cyril Roelandt (3):
      gnu: Add gobject-introspection.
      gnu: Valgrind: make it work with glibc 2.18.
      gnu: cmake: Bump to 2.8.12

David Thompson (4):
      gnu: Add libtheora.
      gnu: Add libmikmod.
      gnu: Add SDL and SDL2.
      gnu: Add SDL extension libraries.

Eric Bavier (5):
      gnu: Add autogen package
      gnu: Add Pem.
      gnu: Add GNU Parallel.
      gnu: Add gnu-pw-mgr
      Add GNU Serveez

John Darrington (5):
      gnu: pixman: Upgrade to 0.32.4.
      gnu: Add GtkSourceView.
      gnu: pspp: Enabled build of the gui
      gnu: Add mtools.
      gnu: compression: Fix cross-compilation of zlib.

Joshua S. Grant (1):
      gnu: Add freeglut, glu, and FTGL.

Ludovic Courtès (238):
      gnu: vm: Remove erroneous store reference.
      gnu: guix: Update to 0.4.
      build: Bump version to 0.5.
      gnu: global: Update to 6.2.9.
      gnu: texinfo: Update to 5.2.
      gnu: units: Update to 2.02.
      gnu: bison: Update to 3.0.
      gnu: gdb: Update to 7.6.1.
      gnu: freeipmi: Update to 1.3.2.
      gnu: lightning: Update to 2.0.1.
      gnu: xorriso: Update to 1.3.2.
      gnu: Add Guile-Cairo.
      gnu: Add Skribilo.
      Update 'pt_BR.po'.
      gnu: flex: Use Bison 2.7 for tests.
      gnu: libmicrohttpd: Update to 0.9.30.
      gnu: Add SWIG.
      gnu: subversion: Install Perl bindings.
      gnu: git: Add "svn" output for 'git-svn'.
      gnu: bzip2: Allow cross-compilation.
      gnu: git: Do not retain reference from "out" to Subversion.
      gnu: git: Add graphical tools to the "gui" output.
      Add (guix monads).
      gnu: vm: Rewrite helper functions as monadic functions.
      monads: Allow resolution of a monad's bind/return at expansion time.
      gnu: Add Netcat.
      gnu: Add FFTW.
      gnu: Add PulseAudio and related libraries.
      gnu: gnupg: Upgrade to 2.0.22.
      download: Add Debian mirrors.
      gnu: Add libcap.
      gnu: pulseaudio: Add dependency on libcap.
      gnu: oggvorbis: Use #:export clause.
      gnu: ao: Build PulseAudio back-end.
      gnu: gobject-introspection: Export via #:export.
      gnu: Add libsigc++ and glibmm.
      gnu: Gracefully handle circular dependencies between 'base' and 'linux'.
      gnu: xmlto: Keep references to libxml2, libxslt, and util-linux programs.
      gnu: Add alsa-utils.
      Augment 'TODO'.
      Update 'AUTHORS'.
      gnu: Add Cairomm.
      packages: Add 'patches' and related fields to <origin>.
      gnu: Use the 'patches' field of <origin>.
      Update 'TODO'.
      gnu-maintenance: Get descriptions from 'gnumaint/pkgdescr.txt'.
      build: 'sync-descriptions' now compares GNU package descriptions.
      Synchronize package descriptions with the Womb.
      snix: Prefer descriptions from the Womb rather than from Nixpkgs.
      list-packages: Show a list of patches for each package.
      gnu: Add Pangomm, ATKmm, and GTKmm.
      gnu: Add pavucontrol.
      daemon: Set the umask to 022 when starting.
      gnu: linux-libre-headers: Support cross-compilation.
      gnu: tar: Update to 1.17.
      packages: The 'patch-guile' field of <origin> is now a package.
      gnu: bootstrap: Use the bootstrap tools for <origin> patching.
      gnu: Use the 'patches' field of <origin>.
      build-system/{gnu,cmake}: Remove #:patches and #:patch-flags parameters.
      gnu-maintenance: Adjust URL of package description file.
      guix: Add missing call to 'bindtextdomain'.
      download: Support 'file://' URLs.
      pull: Add '--url' option.
      build-system/perl: Lazily resolve (gnu packages perl).
      gnu: qemu-with-multiple-smb-shares: Fix typo.
      doc: Document "guix pull --url".
      pull: Simplify the builder.
      pull: Compile modules correctly regardless of the compilation order.
      gnu: Add dogtail.
      gnu: poppler: Build the poppler-glib bindings.
      gnu: Add libgnome-keyring and Evince.
      gnu: subversion, cmake: Clean up descriptions.
      Thank Jeffrin and David.
      guix package: '--search' matches against package names.
      build: Add 'clean-go' target.
      records: define-record-type*: Field bindings are bound with 'let*'.
      Remove weirdnesses caused by 'letrec*' behavior of record field 
      Update 'AUTHORS'.
      gnu: readline: Turn 'patches' into a list.
      utils: 'find-files' always returns a proper list.
      gnu: base: Fix circular dependency between %final-outputs and <origin> 
      gnu: make: Update to 4.0, with Guile support.
      gnu: Add SCons.
      gnu: Add shared-mime-info.
      gnu: evince: Set search path for MIME info.
      gnu: glib: Work around test failure in 'gio/tests/network-address.c'.
      gnu: dfc: Add missing input.
      build: Build the bootstrap-graph.{png,eps,pdf} under $(top_srcdir).
      gnu: Add GNU Alive.
      build-system/{cmake,perl}: Don't use (guix build gnu-build-system).
      gnu: Add python2-empy.
      doc: Augment the "Porting" section.
      list-runtime-roots: List files referenced by environment variables.
      guix package: Declutter the entry point.
      guix package: Better separate option processing.
      guix package: Introduce <manifest> and <manifest-entry> types.
      guix package: Always use the term "profile", not "user environment".
      derivations: 'derivation-path->output-path' honors the 'output' parameter.
      union: Make the log port a parameter.
      guix package: Specify inputs for each manifest entry.
      guix package: Factorize generation file name computation.
      gnu: Add bridge-utils.
      union: Do not warn when identical files collide.
      Merge branch 'master' into core-updates
      gnu: grep: Update to 2.15.
      gnu: Switch to GCC 4.8 as the default compiler.
      gnu: Revert to GCC 4.7 as the default compiler.
      Add (guix profiles).
      ui: Factorize package specification parsing.
      guix package: Separate '--remove' option processing.
      guix package: Allow removal of a specific package output.
      guix package: Fix indentation of "will be removed" messages.
      guix package: Show the output name of what's being removed.
      doc: Document the syntax of the '--remove' argument.
      gnu: cross-gcc: Fix build of 'gcc-cross-sans-libc'.
      gnu: make-bootstrap: Add C++ header files to the bootstrap GCC.
      gnu: make-bootstrap: Allow bit-reproducibility for 'glibc-stripped'.
      gnu: make-bootstrap: Build libc and Guile without a .gnu_debuglink.
      ui: Make '--version' output GCS-compliant.
      gnu: recutils: Upgrade to 1.6.
      tests: Add the builder as an input to raw derivations.
      tests: Fix max-silent-time test.
      Add indentation rule for 'origin'.
      doc: Improve documentation of '--no-substitutes'.
      doc: Document current security issue with substitutes.
      packages: Add a 'snippet' field to <origin>.
      gnu: lapack: Use origin snippet to remove the non-free files.
      Merge branch 'master' into core-updates
      substitute-binary: Increase lookup concurrency to reduce latency.
      nls: Add Serbian translation.
      gnu: Add GNU complexity.
      gnu: Add GVPE.
      store: Add 'log-file' procedure.
      guix build: Add '--log-file'.
      utils: Add 'string-replace-substring'.
      derivations: Add 'map-derivation'.
      store: Make 'direct-store-path?' public.
      packages: Suitably cope with indirect store paths as package sources.
      derivations: Allow 'map-derivations' to replace sources.
      substitute-binary: Adjust timeout handling for Guile > 2.0.9.
      gnu: Switch to GCC 4.8 as the default compiler.
      gnu: cflow: Install Emacs mode.
      doc: Improve "Installing Guix from Guix" section.
      tests: Adjust to bootstrap tarball updates.
      gnu: glibc: Really disable 'ldconfig' and /etc/
      gnu: tar: Upgrade to 1.27.1.
      gnu: gcc: Always link against
      gnu: gettext: Upgrade to
      gnu: gcc: Really always link against
      doc: Mention Linux containers; emphasize reproducible builds.
      guix build: '-e' can be passed a monadic thunk.
      packages: 'package-field-location' returns a relative file name.
      list-packages: Produce link to the origin snippet, if any.
      doc: Link to package-list.html.
      gnu: vm: Really create a QCOW2-format image.
      gnu: linux-libre: Upgrade to 3.12.
      gnu: lightning: Upgrade to 2.0.2.
      gnu: rcs: Upgrade to 5.9.1.
      gnu: freeipmi: Upgrade to 1.3.3.
      gnu: libextractor: Upgrade to 1.2.
      gnu: hello: Upgrade to 2.9.
      gnu: bison: Upgrade to 3.0.1.
      gnu: autogen: Upgrade to 5.18.2.
      gnu: make-bootstrap: Simplify '%gcc-static'.
      build-system/python: Add #:test-target parameter.
      gnu: gettext: Rename binding to 'gnu-gettext'.
      Merge branch 'master' into core-updates
      hydra: Adjust to gettext package rename.
      gnu: apl: Adjust to gettext renaming.
      gnu: Add libnl.
      gnu: Add PowerTOP.
      gnu: make-bootstrap: Add missing inputs for Canadian cross of 
      build: Make sure pkg.m4 is present.
      gnu: sdl: Propagate libx11.
      gnu: qemu: Add GUI version.
      gnu: net-tools: Adjust to removal of the 'patch' phase.
      doc: List the supported platforms.
      Merge branch 'core-updates'
      guix package: Honor the current output when upgrading.
      Add John to 'AUTHORS'.
      list-packages: Make 'snippet-link' more tolerant.
      gnu: {binutils,bash,gnu-make}-final are private.
      gnu: iproute2: Upgrade to 3.12.0.
      gnu: xmodmap: Add patch to allow builds with GCC 4.8.
      Add Guy to 'AUTHORS'.
      substitute-binary: Work around Guile 2.0.5's broken 'n-par-map'.
      gnu: mit-krb5: Build with GCC 4.7.
      gnu: qemu: Upgrade to 1.6.1.
      gnu: qemu/smb-shares: Keep the original patches.
      gnu: dmd: Add service documentation.
      build-system/cmake: Build out of source tree by default.
      gnu: Add libssh.
      gnu: Synchronize descriptions with 'gnumaint'.
      gnu: Add Guile-XCB.
      gnu: dmd: Upgrade to 0.1.
      gnu: dmd: Update start/stop of standard service definitions.
      gnu-maintenance: Ignore "redirect" blurbs.
      gnu: Add Guile-WM.
      gnu: Move GVPE to vpn.scm.
      gnu: patchelf: Shorten synopsis.
      gnu: Add missing copyright line.
      gnu: Improve synopses in vpn.scm.
      gnu: libssh: Add $libdir to RUNPATH of
      gnu: Add Guile-SSH.
      Update 'eo.po'.
      nls: Add Vietnamese translation.
      Augment 'gitignore'.
      derivations: Use more keyword parameters for 
      build-system/gnu: Fix reference to Gettext in 'dist-package'.
      gnu: Move 'guile-ssh' to (gnu packages ssh).
      build: Work around build problem on systems that lack (gnutls).
      gnu: pulseaudio: Disable tests on i686.
      monads: Remove erroneous comment.
      gnu: pulseaudio: Fix typo introduced in 76dcc99.
      gnu: vm: Factorize /etc creation.
      gnu: Move /etc/resolv.conf handling to the networking service.
      doc: Adjust "Building from Git" instructions.
      gnu: dmd: Add 'user-accounts' and 'user-groups' fields to <service>.
      gnu: vm: Fix inputs in 'file-union'.
      gnu: dmd: Add 'pam-services' field to <service>.
      gnu: Populate /etc upon startup.
      monads: Fix 'anym'.
      gnu: Add (gnu system).
      gnu: dmd: Avoid "already exists" error on startup.
      gnu: Add 'inputs' field to <user-account>; make 'shell' a monadic value.
      gnu: Allow a plain list of packages in 'operating-system'.
      doc: First stab at documenting whole-system configuration.
      hydra: Add zlib, gzip, and xz to the core package set.
      gnu: Honor the operating system's locale and timezone.
      Update 'NEWS'.
      Update '.po' files.
      store: Add tests for 'store-path-package-name'.
      store: Optimize 'store-path-package-name' and 'store-path-hash-part'.
      gnu: vm: Increase size of VM image.
      gnu: gdb: Upgrade to 7.6.2.
      doc: Slightly improve the "System Configuration" node.
      build: Remove '..' from srcdir/builddir in 'pre-inst-env'.
      Update 'NEWS'.

Mark H Weaver (15):
      Change indentation rule for 'package' for the common case.
      gnu: pulseaudio: increase timeout of thread test.
      gnu: binutils: apply fixes and workarounds for Loongson 2F CPUs.
      gnu: libtool: skip a test that fails on MIPS N32.
      gnu: libffi: fix handling of uint32_t arguments on MIPS N32.
      gnu: gdb: Fix opcode table for Loongson fused multiply-add.
      gnu: gdb: patch-makefile-SHELL for all files.
      gnu: alsa-lib: fix atomic op declarations for MIPS.
      gnu: libtheora: patch ancient config.guess to support mips64.
      gnu: libmad: Fix MIPS assembler code to work with new GCC.
      gnu: gd: fix deplibs check method for mips64.
      gnu: liboop: fix deplibs check method for mips64.
      gnu: add bootstrap support for mips64el-linux using the MIPS N32 ABI.
      Add mips64el-linux to the list of supported systems.
      gnu: mit-krb5: don't assume arguments are evaluated right-to-left.

Nikita Karetnikov (6):
      gnu: Add GNU acct.
      doc: Improve the copyright notice.
      gnu: gcc-4.8: Upgrade to 4.8.2.
      gnu: Add GCC front ends for Fortran, Go, Objective C, and Objective C++.
      gnu: Add LAPACK.
      gnu: Add GNU APL.

gzg (2):
      gnu: Add SLiM.
      Update references from Guy's old name


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