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GNU Guixguix source archive annotated tag, v0.6, created. v0.6

From: Ludovic Courts
Subject: GNU Guixguix source archive annotated tag, v0.6, created. v0.6
Date: Wed, 09 Apr 2014 13:24:44 +0000

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "guix source archive".

The annotated tag, v0.6 has been created
        at  3e2cf2e527cfd887219558eb3fbc231cd6798c6e (tag)
   tagging  4ec91959f2d13188894e45f82bf7b8c1c4ea7f4a (commit)
  replaces  v0.5
 tagged by  Ludovic Courtès
        on  Wed Apr 9 14:54:29 2014 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
GNU Guix 0.6.
Version: GnuPG v2.0.22 (GNU/Linux)


Alex Sassmannshausen (1):
      doc: fix typo.

Alírio Eyng (2):
      gnu: linux-libre: Make configuration more robust.
      gnu: icecat: Remove duplicated line.

Andreas Enge (53):
      gnu: ffmpeg: Check via "make fate".
      gnu: icecat: Further analyse the failure of using system libpng and 
      gnu: qt: Update to 5.2.0.
      gnu: imagemagick: Update to 6.8.7-9.
      gnu: imagemagick: Add inputs.
      gnu: ffmpeg: Modify runpath of binaries to include output library path.
      gnu: libgcrypt: Make old version 1.5.3 public.
      gnu: shishi: Use libgcrypt-1.5.
      gnu: iso-codes: Update to 3.49.
      gnu: xf86-video-vmware: Add input xorg-server.
      gnu: vim: Update to 7.4.
      gnu: libextractor: Update to 1.3.
      gnu: libcdio: Update to 0.92.
      gnu: xorriso: Update to 1.3.4.
      gnu: parallel: Update to 20131122.
      gnu: python-2: Update to 2.7.6.
      gnu: python: Update to 3.3.3.
      gnu: valgrind: Update to 2.9.0.
      gnu: mpc: Update to 1.0.2.
      gnu: gl: Correct copyright notice.
      gnu: mesa: Propagate input.
      gnu: Rename (gnu packages oggvorbis) to (gnu packages xiph).
      gnu: ffmpeg: Add input opus.
      gnu: ffmpeg: Update to 2.1.3.
      gnu: parallel: Update to 20140122.
      gnu: lightning: Update to 2.0.3.
      gnu: global: Update to 6.2.10.
      gnu: apl: Update to 1.2.
      gnu: lapack: Update to 3.5.0.
      gnu: imagemagick: Upgrade to 6.8.8-4.
      gnu: gnunet: Add input libmicrohttpd.
      gnu: gnunet: Correct typo.
      gnu: gmime: Use gnome mirror for download.
      gnu: Add neon.
      gnu: Add neon-0.29.6.
      gnu: subversion: Enable http checkouts.
      gnu: subversion: Update to 1.7.14.
      gnu: raptor2: Disable parallel tests.
      gnu: soprano: Add input raptor2.
      gnu: pari-gp: Upgrade to 2.7.0.
      gnu: gp2c: Upgrade to 0.0.8pl1.
      gnu: gnu-pw-mgr: Fix download location.
      gnu: glpk: Upgrade to 4.54.
      gnu: xnee: Upgrade to 3.18.
      gnu: parallel: Upgrade to 20140322.
      gnu: freeipmi: Upgrade to 1.4.1.
      gnu: units: Upgrade to 2.11.
      gnu: zile: Upgrade to 2.4.11.
      gnu: help2man: Upgrade to 1.45.1.
      gnu: gxmessage: Upgrade to 2.20.1.
      gnu: xorriso: Upgrade to 1.3.6.pl01.
      gnu: apl: Upgrade to 1.3.
      gnu: global: Upgrade to 6.2.12.

Cyprien Nicolas (2):
      Add missing space between funcall and string argument
      scheme/bigloo: Fix package description to reflect actual situation

Cyril Roelandt (13):
      gnu: gobject-introspection: look for 'gcc' when no compiler seems 
      gnu: gtk+: enable introspection.
      gnu: Add libpeas.
      gnu: Add iso-codes.
      gnu: Add gnome-desktop.
      coreutils: fix test suite
      gnu: Enable the 'ctypes' module in Python.
      gnu: Python: use /nix/.../sh instead of /bin/sh in the subprocess module
      gnu: Enable tests in Python 3.
      gnu: remove python-fix-dbm.patch
      gnu: Add guile-json.
      gnu: Python: disable test_wait_result() as it fails on some setups
      gnu: Python: disable failing tests on MIPS64.

David Thompson (6):
      gnu: Add libmpdclient.
      gnu: Add mpd.
      gnu: Add ncmpc.
      gnu: Add libpipeline.
      gnu: Add man-db.
      gnu: Move help2man package to (gnu packages man) module.

Eric Bavier (23):
      gnu: gnu-pw-mgr: Upgrade to 1.1.
      gnu: Add paperkey.
      gnu: moe: New module
      gnu: calcurse: New module
      gnu: parallel: Upgrade to 20140222
      gnu: zile: Upgrade to 2.4.10
      gnu: Add a2ps, trueprint, enscript, and source-highlight
      gnu: pretty-print: Fix boost reference
      gnu: libvorbis: disable parallel tests
      gnu: Provide single-precision fftw library for pulseaudio
      gnu: Add cursynth
      gnu: gnu-pw-mgr: Upgrade to 1.2
      gnu: libssh2: Fix use with libssh2.pc
      gnu: Add mc
      gnu: Remove unused lambda arguments and prefer separate phases over
      gnu: python: Use /nix/.../sh in popen2 module
      gnu: Add perl-tk
      gnu: Add perl-x11-protocol
      gnu: Add clusterssh
      gnu: fltk: Build shared libraries
      gnu: lapack: Build shared libraries
      gnu: Add patchutils and quilt
      gnu: lapack: Augment library rpath

John Darrington (25):
      gnu: file: Fixed cross-compilation.
      gnu: libxml2: Fixed cross-compilation.
      gnu: openssl: Fix cross-compile issues.
      gnu: gnupg: Fix cross-compile issues.
      gnu: Move numerous "inputs" which should be "native-inputs".
      gnu: gnu-build-system: Add CC_FOR_BUILD to configure flags.
      gnu: gnome: Add new package gtkglext
      gnu: games: New module
      gnu: mesa: Move out of xorg.scm and into gl.scm
      gnu: games: Add new package gnubg
      gnu: pspp: Upgrade to 0.8.2
      gnu: ncdu: New module
      gnu: libxft: Propagate input.
      gnu: fltk: New module
      gnu: Add gnuplot
      gnu: Add GNU Octave.
      gnu: gtkmm-2 New variable
      gnu: file: Upgrade to 5.16.
      gnu: gxmessage: New module
      gnu: Add Boost.
      gnu: inkscape: New module
      gnu: Add Glade.
      build-system/gnu: Set the docdir to "share/doc"
      gnu: lout: Change docdir from "doc" to "share/doc"
      gnu: Add hdf5.

Ludovic Courtès (377):
      build: Bump to version 0.6.
      gnu: guix: Upgrade to 0.5.
      build: Skip one 'package-source-derivation' test when networking is 
      gnu: libtasn1: Upgrade to 3.4.
      gnu: global: Install the elisp file under $out/share/emacs/site-lisp.
      gnu: idutils: Add Emacs as an input so idutils.el gets compiled and 
      gnu: icecat: Build without debugging symbols; use some of the system libs.
      pull: Limit memory usage when compiling.
      pull: Compile files in parallel.
      pull: Compile guix/ files before gnu/ files.
      gnu: tzdata: Fix cross-compilation.
      gnu: Add elfutils.
      gnu: Move libelf and patchelf to (gnu packages elf).
      pull: Move build code to (guix build pull).
      gnu: libgcrypt: Upgrade to 1.6.0.
      gnu: freeipmi: Upgrade to 1.3.4.
      gnu: tor: Upgrade to
      gnu: libssh: Build against an older libgcrypt.
      gnu: libssh: Upgrade to 0.5.5.
      daemon: Add libgcrypt call to state that the initialization is over.
      daemon: Fix 'HashSink::currentHash()'.
      sync-with-upstream: Work around limitation of dash.
      Add (guix pk-crypto).
      Update 'TODO'.
      pk-crypto: Add a few sexp utility procedures.
      daemon: Implement signed archive import/export.
      build: Adjust pk-crypto tests to Libgcrypt 1.5.3.
      authenticate: Add test.
      Factorize package search between 'guix package' and 'guix build'.
      guix build: Improve procedural decomposition.
      build: Install 'guix-authenticate'.
      Add 'guix archive'.
      Update 'TODO'.
      pk-crypto: Rename 'gcry-sexp' to 'canonical-sexp'.
      authenticate: Store the public key as part of the signature.
      pk-crypto: 'canonical-sexp-nth-data' returns a symbol for "tokens".
      pk-crypto: Add 'canonical-sexp-length' and related procedures.
      pk-crypto: Add canonical-sexp to sexp conversion procedures.
      Move 'with-atomic-file-output' to (guix utils).
      config: Export '%config-directory'.
      Add (guix pki).
      authenticate: Disallow imports signed with unauthorized keys.
      build: Improve documentation of Nix-related options.
      gnu: gdbm: Upgrade to 1.11.
      gnu: automake: Upgrade to 1.14.1.
      doc: Invoke 'useradd' with '--system'.
      Thank Kete.
      authenticate: Consistently use 'leave' for fatal error reporting.
      pk-crypto: Work around Libgcrypt bug 
      pk-crypto: Fix 'canonical-sexp->sexp' for atoms.
      archive: Add '--generate-key'.
      archive: Add '--authorize'.
      gnu: libgcrypt: Add "debug" output.
      gnu: pulseaudio: Add patch for 'volume-test'; re-enable tests.
      Thank Niels.
      doc: Update 'ROADMAP'.
      gnu: lsh: Distinguish between native inputs and target inputs.
      gnu: nettle: Set the RUNPATH on 'sexp-conv' and other programs.
      gnu: lsh: Fix the absolute file name of 'sexp-conv'.
      guix package: Gracefully deal with EPIPE on stdout for --list-*.
      guix build: Add '--no-build-hook'.
      archive: Make sure $sysconfdir/guix exists.
      gnu: lsh: Move generic patching to 'snippet'.
      archive: Add '--missing'.
      gnu: glibc: Build the Info pages.
      gnu: make: Build with Guile support.
      store: Fix 'log-file' to support uncompressed logs.
      config: '%state-directory' always honors $NIX_STATE_DIR.
      config: '%store-directory' always honors $NIX_STORE_DIR.
      Merge branch 'master' into core-updates
      gnu: binutils: Upgrade to 2.24.
      gnu: gettext: Upgrade to
      gnu: grep, coreutils: Upgrade.
      hydra: Add GCC, Binutils, and libc to the core package set.
      gnu: Add Aspell dictionaries.
      gnu: guile-ssh: Remove now unneeded cruft.
      gnu: Add GnuPG's pinentry.
      gnu: Add aumix.
      ui: Don't use hyphens in 'package->recutils' output.
      guix package: Gracefully handle EPIPE on '--search'.
      gnu: Add libtirpc.
      gnu: Add ISC's DHCP implementation.
      gnu: Rename (gnu packages system) to (gnu packages admin).
      gnu: Changes references to (gnu packages admin).
      gnu: Add mpc123.
      doc: Fix another reference to (gnu packages admin).
      gnu: inetutils: Upgrade to 1.9.2.
      gnu: Add Taylor UUCP.
      Update 'sr.po'.
      gnu: git: 'git-submodule' works even if Perl is not in $PATH.
      gnu: Add libexif, libgphoto2, and gphoto2.
      ui: Update copyright year in '--version' output.
      doc: Distinguish between (gnu packages ...) and "GNU packages".
      gnu: Add DocBook DTD and XSL style sheets.
      hydra: Add debugging for the Guix job set.
      linux-initrd: Make /dev/{null,zero} world-writable.
      Update 'nix-upstream' sub-module; adjust build system, doc, and 
      doc: List what's in the chroot.
      gnu: glib: Upgrade to 2.39.1.
      licenses: Add GNU FDL 1.3+.
      gnu: Add GNU V.E.R.A.
      gnu: gnubik: Synchornize synopsis and description.
      gnu: isc-dhcp: Fix license.
      gnu: libgc: Explicitly mark license as 'x11-style'.
      gnu: Add libatomic_ops 7.4.0 and libgc 7.4.0.
      gnu: guile-2.0: Switch to libgc 7.4.0.
      ui: Filter out internal commands from '--help'.
      store: Add comments for the %stderr constants.
      guix-register: Support registration in the current store, without 
      store: Add 'register-path' procedure.
      utils: Add 'fcntl-flock'.
      pki: Factorize signature manipulation procedures.
      hash: Add 'open-sha256-input-port', for Guile > 2.0.9.
      store: Add 'with-store' convenience macro.
      nar: Add 'restore-file-set', for use by build hooks.
      store: Add 'topologically-sorted'.
      Add 'guix offload' as a daemon build hook.
      Add Sree to 'AUTHORS'.
      wget: Upgrade to 1.15.
      doc: More about offloading.
      profiles: Remove misleading message.
      derivations: Add #:local-build? parameter for derivations.
      Merge branch 'master' into core-updates
      Prefer local builds for "small" derivations.
      tests: Adjust to recent Binutils change.
      gnu: sdl: Explicitly link against libXext.
      build: Set 'NIX_LIBEXEC_DIR' in 'pre-inst-env'.
      gnu: qemu: Add note about 9p.
      gnu: Add asciidoc.
      gnu: libffi: Leave a copy of headers where libffi.pc expects them.
      gnu: iotop: Fix typos.
      offload: Do not try to retrieve anything upon build failure.
      download: Add to the Apache mirrors.
      build-system/gnu: Pass --localstatedir=/var --sharedstatedir=/com.
      Revert "build-system/gnu: Pass --localstatedir=/var 
      gnu: qemu-initrd: Adjust to allow booting with a non-empty /root.
      monads: Add 'imported-modules' and 'compiled-modules'.
      gnu: Lower initrd makers from packages to monadic procedures.
      gnu: linux-initrd: Factorize boot code.
      gnu: libgcrypt: Upgrade to 1.6.1.
      gnu: linux-libre: Upgrade to 3.13.
      gnu: linux-libre: Build virtio modules.
      gnu: vm: Run QEMU with '-enable-kvm'.
      gnu: linux-libre: Build more virtio modules.
      gnu: linux-initrd: Start a REPL when the root could not be mounted.
      gnu: linux-initrd: Properly distinguish between /dev/sda* and /dev/vda*.
      gnu: linux-initrd: Match kernel module file names exactly.
      gnu: linux-initrd: Recognize 9p file systems.
      gnu: linux: Really build 9p/virtio modules.
      gnu: linux-initrd: Allow the root file system to be volatile.
      gnu: vm: Add support for running a VM that shares its store with the host.
      gnu: xorg-server: Use /var as $localstatedir.
      gnu: linux-initrd: Make /dev/{mem,kmem}.
      gnu: Add preliminary Xorg service.
      gnu: linux-initrd: Build /dev/input devices.
      offload: Have 'build-machines' honor its argument.
      gnu: vm: Add /run/current-system and /bin/sh.
      gnu: Add xterm.
      gnu: vm: Create all the user directories.
      monads: Add 'text-file*'.
      gnu: dmd: Use 'text-file*' when building Xorg's config file.
      gnu: slim: Upgrade to 1.3.6; allow the choice of a config file at run 
      gnu: system: Build /etc/localtime.
      gnu: guile-wm: Upgrade to 1.0.
      gnu: coreutils: Move Perl to 'native-inputs'.
      gnu: binutils: Build with --enable-deterministic-archives.
      Add Raimon to 'AUTHORS'.
      daemon: Add '--gc-keep-outputs' and '--gc-keep-derivations'.
      gnu: gdb: Upgrade to 7.7.
      gnu: python-pysqlite: Point to the latest release tarball.
      gnu: Move root's home directory to /root.
      gnu: Add FUSE.
      gnu: slim: Work around flaky synchronization with the X server.
      gnu: linux-initrd: When booting, chdir to the new root before calling 
      gnu: dmd: Fix X font directory name in X service.
      gnu: dmd: Add SLiM service.
      download: Provide a 'User-Agent' field in HTTP requests.
      union: Do not compare directories upon collision.
      gnu: coreutils: Fix cross-compilation issue with 'dummy-man'.
      gnu: glibc: Upgrade to 2.19.
      gnu: gstreamer 1.0.10: Temporarily disable tests.
      store: Change 'export-paths' to always export in topological order.
      store: Add comments for the stracer.
      guix build: Move 'set-build-options' call earlier.
      Add Manolis to 'AUTHORS'.
      guix build: Factorize common options.
      Add 'guix system'.
      gnu: qemu: Disable debug info.
      gnu: bigloo: Upgrade to 4.1a.
      gnu: Introduce the (gnu services ...) modules.
      gnu: Define '%base-services'.
      gnu: vm: Remove '%demo-operating-system'.
      gnu: Add /etc/shells.
      guix hash: Don't load the whole file in memory.
      gnu: mpc123: Add patch that fixes a segfault.
      nar: 'write-file' can write to non-file ports.
      ui: Handle SRFI-35 '&message' conditions.
      guix hash: Add '--recursive'.
      derivations: Add support for recursive fixed-output derivations.
      nar: Produce archives with files sorted in C collation order.
      doc: More on what's special about the archive format.
      Add (guix git-download).
      gnu: Add libwebsockets.
      derivations: Remove unused 'derivation' parameter.
      Merge branch 'master' into core-updates
      build-system/gnu: Allow the source to be a directory.
      gnu: grep: Upgrade to 2.18.
      gnu: coreutils: Attempt to really fix cross-compilation.
      store: Use 'when' instead of 'if' in effectful context.
      gnu: Move libwebsockets to (gnu packages web).
      hydra: Set the default absolute build timeout to 20h.
      Merge branch 'master' into core-updates
      gnu: bash, readline: Upgrade.
      gnu-maintenance: Adjust 'latest-release' to filter Bash's patch 
      packages: Support 'patches' and 'snippets' for sources that are 
      gnu: Remove now unneeded 'modules' fields from 'origin' specifications.
      gnu: coreutils: Patch '', not ''.
      Partly revert "gnu: Remove now unneeded 'modules' fields from 'origin' 
      gnu: libgc: Change URLs to point to
      guix archive: Change '--help' to show '--authorize'.
      offload: Take the target machine load into account.
      offload: 'remote-pipe' uses the right SSH key.
      offload: Comment out attempt to set up an lsh gateway.
      substitute-binary: Gracefully handle HTTP GET errors.
      gnu: guile-ssh: Upgrade to 0.5.0.
      guix package: Use the common build options from (guix scripts build).
      doc: Factorize documentation of common build options.
      gnu: Add ElementTree and pybugz.
      download: Perform derivations locally.
      tests: Rewrite 'fcntl-lock' test.
      offload: Serialize file transfers to build machines.
      utils: 'fcntl-flock' passes an errno when throwing an exception.
      store: 'export-paths' doesn't export references of the given files.
      doc: Explain what's special about the (gnu packages ...) name space.
      utils: Add a non-blocking option for 'fcntl-flock'.
      offload: Generalize the machine lock mechanism.
      offload: Further generalize lock files.
      offload: Make 'parallel-builds' a hard limit.
      offload: Fix thinko.
      offload: Prevent locked files from being GC'd.
      offload: Distinguish between 'decline' and 'postpone'.
      offload: Move macro definitions before use.
      Change the default store file name to /gnu/store.
      build: Change state and log directories to $localstatedir/.../guix.
      gnu: Add libpcap and jnettop.
      store: Add #:timeout build option.
      guix build: Add '--timeout' to the common build options.
      offload: Honor absolute build timeouts.
      gnu: Add UnionFS-FUSE.
      tests: 'topologically-sorted' test handles different references orders.
      gnu: linux-initrd: Make the pseudo-tty device nodes.
      Merge branch 'master' into core-updates
      Change default store values from /nix/store to /gnu/store.
      More /gnu/store replacements.
      download: 'download-to-store' accepts plain file names.
      guix build: Add '--with-source'.
      gnu: unionfs-fuse: Add statically-linked variant.
      gnu: linux-libre: Build the FUSE module.
      gnu: guile-xcb: Upgrade to 1.3.
      guix build: Support '--with-source' along with '-e'.
      offload: Allow build machines to specify a port number.
      offload: Convert the port number to a string when invoking lsh.
      offload: Fix 'choose-build-machine' for several machines.
      store: Add 'hash-part->path'.
      gnu: fuse: Refer to the right 'mount' and 'umount' commands.
      gnu: pulseaudio: Upgrade to 5.0.
      gnu: python: Change URL to https.
      Merge branch 'master' into core-updates
      build: Fix test failures due to the nix -> guix directory name change.
      guix archive: Improve '--generate-key' error reporting.
      guix archive: Generate curve Ed25519 keys by default.
      gnu: Make libgc 7.4 the default.
      gnu: guile: Upgrade to 2.0.10.
      gnu: libxft: Propagate Freetype and Fontconfig.
      Update 'nix-upstream' sub-module.
      tests: Test recovery from 'valid-path?' RPCs with an invalid parameter.
      gnu: Add Window Maker.
      gnu: imagemagick: Upgrade to 6.8.8-8.
      pk-crypto: Use RFC6979 when signing with an ECC or DSA key.
      gnu: xterm: Upgrade to 303.
      substitute-binary: Quietly handle 404s when fetching narinfos.
      offload: Send build logs to file descriptor 4.
      gnu: readline: Fix cross-compilation.
      pk-crypto: Don't use Ed25519 when libgcrypt is older than 1.6.0.
      daemon: Really override the substituters setting.
      utils: 'filtered-port' doesn't leave dangling processes behind.
      utils: Add 'decompressed-port' and 'compressed-port'.
      Update 'nix-upstream' sub-module.
      authenticate: Move actual work to separate procedures.
      authenticate: Support reading the hash or key from stdin.
      tests: Make sure substitutes are usable when we need them.
      gnu: glibc: Patch to avoid retaining a reference to Perl.
      utils: Add 'filtered-output-port' and 'compressed-output-port'.
      utils: Add 'call-with-decompressed-port' and 
      offload: Compress files being sent/retrieved.
      hydra: Build GCC and glibc, not their '-final' variant.
      hydra: Remove cross-builds from i686-linux to mips64el-linux-gnuabi64.
      hydra: Fix typo in core package list.
      download: Don't use 'http-get*' on Guile 2.0.10+.
      gnu: recutils: Upgrade to 1.7.
      gnu: guile-ssh: Upgrade to 0.6.0.
      hydra: Hard-code target systems.
      check-available-binaries: Make sure substitutes are enabled.
      offload: Disable SSH-level compression.
      offload: Allow one transfer in each direction simultaneously.
      offload: Wait for the processes involved in 'guix archive --missing'.
      offload: Remove erroneous 'close-pipe' call.
      Merge branch 'core-updates'
      daemon: Change some options via 'settings.set'.
      daemon: Clear $NIX_SUBSTITUTERS when passed '--no-substitutes'.
      daemon: Add tests for substitutes and --no-substitutes.
      tests: Make sure 'guix archive --import' succeeds.
      gnu: ocrad: Upgrade to 0.23.
      gnu: ed: Upgrade to 1.10.
      substitute-binary: Store the cache's URI in the local cached narinfo.
      substitute-binary: Defer narinfo authentication and authorization checks.
      tests: Make sure the daemon reports substitute hash mismatches.
      tests: Simplify 'substitute-binary' tests; reduce use of global variables.
      tests: Add more signed substitute tests.
      tests: Test the error output of 'substitute-binary'.
      Add's narinfo signing public key.
      doc: Document substitutes.
      offload: Exit with code 100 upon build failures.
      guix archive: Make sure $sysconfdir/guix exists in '--authorize'.
      substitute-binary: Notify of valid signatures.
      pki: Add 'signature-case' macro.
      Use 'signature-case' in (guix nar) and 'substitute-binary'.
      gnu: Add Bogofilter.
      substitute-binary: Avoid reloading the ACL repeatedly.
      substitute-binary: Avoid consing 'regexp-exec' arguments.
      pki: Keep ACL in native sexp format to speed up 'authorized-key?'.
      gnu: guile-json: Install under .../site/2.0.
      guix package: Register non-default profiles as GC roots.
      guix package: 'search-path-environment-variables' traverses module tree 
      tests: Add 'union-build' test for <>.
      gnu: inkscape: Use libgc 7.2.
      gnu: parted: Build against Readline 6.2.
      offload: Prevent the '.drv' and build result from being GC'd.
      doc: Update description of the chroot contents.
      Update 'nix-upstream' sub-module.
      build: Remove now useless Boost headers.
      pki: Introduce 'write-acl', and fix wrong conversion in 'ensure-acl'.
      gnu: valgrind: Adjust patch for glibc 2.19.
      gnu: lsh: Build with Readline 6.2.
      gnu: xpdf: Build sequentially.
      ui: Improve reporting of 'system-error' exceptions.
      gnu: guile-ssh: Use libssh 0.5.5 patched for CVE-2014-0017.
      gnu: shadow: Take the source from Git.
      gnu: net-base: Upgrade to 5.2.
      gnu: qemu: Change multiple-SMB-share patch to /gnu/store.
      doc: Add "Build Systems" section.
      gnu: Add 'gcc-toolchain'.
      guix package: Fix indentation of packages to remove.
      hydra: Add 'qemu-image' job.
      hydra: Change 'qemu-jobs' to return name/thunk pairs.
      hydra: qemu-jobs: Return a derivation file name, not a derivation.
      gnu: Synchronize synopses and descriptions with the Womb.
      Add Alírio to 'AUTHORS'.
      services: slim: Use a system-wide xinitrc that defaults to wmaker.
      build: Add '' to the distribution.
      gnu: shadow: Make source file timestamps deterministic.
      tests: Avoid buffering in 'fcntl-flock' tests.
      utils: Make 'errno' procedure more robust.
      Update 'NEWS' for 0.6.
      gnu: python: Upgrade to 3.3.5.
      gnu: linux-libre: Upgrade to 3.13.7.
      offload: Bail out when failing to register a GC root on the build machine.
      gnu: openssl: Upgrade to 1.0.1g (CVE-2014-0160).
      offload: Remove all the GC roots in case of multiple-output derivations.
      gnu: dvdisaster: Build sequentially.
      ui: Add 'size->number'.
      guix system: Add 'vm-image' action and '--image-size' option.
      gnu: qemu: Upgrade to 1.7.1; add virtfs support.
      vm: 'expression->derivation-in-linux-vm' uses QEMU virtfs/9p.
      gnu: linux-initrd: Default initrd has no network mounts.
      vm: Add #:memory-size parameter for 'expression->derivation-in-linux-vm'.
      Update 'NEWS'.

Manolis Ragkousis (4):
      gnu: Add GNU Mach headers.
      gnu: hurd: Add MiG.
      gnu: hurd: Add Hurd headers.
      gnu: autotools: Add Autoconf 2.68; turn 'autoconf-wrapper' into a 

Mark H Weaver (67):
      guix package: allow multiple arguments after -i, -r, and -u.
      gnu: openssl: Upgrade to 1.0.1f.
      gnu: openssh: Upgrade to 6.5p1.
      gnu: texinfo: Make version 4.13a available.
      gnu: isc-dhcp: Upgrade to 4.3.0.
      gnu: ratpoison: Patch to use $SHELL instead of /bin/sh.
      Update .gitignore for Guile 2.0.9 bootstrap binaries.
      gnu: Add ttf-dejavu.
      gnu: dmd: Sleep longer in tests, for slower machines.
      gnu: Add xapian.
      gnu: patchelf: Fix platform page size determination.
      gnu: icu4c: Upgrade to 52.1.
      gnu: gnutls: Upgrade to 3.2.11.
      gnu: shishi: Add more inputs for libidn and PAM support.
      gnu: gpgme: Make 'libgpg-error' a propagated input.
      gnu: Add gmime.
      gnu: tor: Upgrade to
      gnu: Add giflib.
      gnu: emacs: Add more inputs: giflib, libice, libsm, alsa-lib.
      Update SRFI-64 to the latest upstream version.
      gnu: ffmpeg: Upgrade to 2.1.4
      gnu: gnutls: Upgrade to 3.2.12.
      gnu: Add lynx.
      gnu: gnupg: Add support for version 1.4.16.
      gnu: Add libotr.
      gnu: Add bitlbee.
      gnu: libgc: Upgrade to 7.2e.
      gnu: ncurses: Install man pages in share/man/man*, not man/man*.
      gnu: bzip2: Install man pages to share/man/man1, not share/man1.
      gnu: netcat: Install docs in share/man and share/info.
      gnu: screen: Install docs in share/man and share/info.
      gnu: unzip: Install man pages in share/man.
      gnu: bc: Install docs in share/man and share/info.
      gnu: util-macros: Install .pc file in lib/pkgconfig; remove INSTALL file.
      gnu: lynx: Upgrade to 2.8.8rel.2.
      gnu: tzdata: Upgrade to 2014a.
      gnu: openssh: Upgrade to 6.6p1.
      gnu: flac: Install man pages in share/man.
      gnu: cmake: Install man pages and docs in share/{man,doc}.
      gnu: guile: Upgrade to 2.0.11.
      Merge branch 'master' into core-updates
      gnu: tor: Upgrade to
      gnu: tcl: Install man pages in share/man.
      gnu: file: Upgrade to 5.18.
      gnu: pulseaudio: Increase timeouts for tests.
      gnu: libssh: Upgrade to 0.6.3.
      gnu: net-tools: Install man pages and locales in share, not usr/share.
      gnu: indent: Install docs in share/doc.
      gnu: lua: Install man pages in share/man.
      gnu: zip: Improve build process and install man pages in share/man.
      gnu: expect: Install man pages in share/man.
      gnu: pth: Install man pages in share/man.
      gnu: ocaml: Install man pages in share/man.
      gnu: bazaar: Install man pages in share/man.
      gnu: mutt: Upgrade to 1.5.23.
      gnu: sqlite: Compute source URL from version number.
      gnu: sqlite: Upgrade to
      gnu: sqlite: Fix sqlite on systems with page size larger than 32K.
      union: Rewrite to be faster; handle symlink/directory conflicts.
      gnu: texlive: Fix bug recently introduced in d4bf49b.
      union: Ensure that the output is always a directory.
      gnu: gdb: Disable tests.
      gnu: sqlite: Upgrade to
      gnu: mailutils: Build against Readline 6.2.
      gnu: imagemagick: Upgrade to 6.8.8-10.
      Work around behavior of old 'scandir' in Guile 2.0.5.
      gnu: python: Apply mips n32 fix to bundled libffi.

Nikita Karetnikov (2):
      nar: Clarify that 'assert-valid-signature' accepts a string.
      substitute-binary: Support the Signature field of a narinfo file.

Pierre-Antoine Rault (1):
      doc: Update packaging guidelines.

Raimon Grau (3):
      gnu: Add luajit
      gnu: Add stalonetray
      gnu: luajit: Update to 2.0.3.

Sree Harsha Totakura (17):
      gnu: sqlite: Upgrade to 3.8.2.
      gnu: Add Opus 1.1.
      gnu: Add ncdc-1.18.1.
      gnu: Add Corkscrew 2.0.
      gnu: linux: Add iotop-0.6.
      gnu: gnunet: Add gnurl 7.34.0.
      gnu: Add GNUnet.
      gnu: curl, gnurl: Fix failing testcase 172.
      gnu: gnunet: Fix failing testcases.
      gnu: gnurl: Update to 7.35.0.
      gnu: ncdc: Update to 1.19.
      gnu: gnurl: Do not disable testcase 1022.
      gnu: curl: Update to 7.35.0.
      gnu: curl: Fix tests.
      gnu: Add miniupnpc.
      gnu: libmicrohttpd: Update to 0.9.34.
      Add (guix svn-download).

Yakkala Yagnesh Raghava (1):
      licenses: Fix Nixpkgs license URL.


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