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tag 1.8 created (now c238405)

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: tag 1.8 created (now c238405)
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2015 22:03:37 +0000

civodul pushed a change to tag 1.8
in repository guix.

        at  c238405   (commit)
This tag includes the following new commits:

       new  eac5841   Provide a more useful error message when a dynamic attr 
lookup fails
       new  9f9080e   nix-store -l: Fetch build logs from the Internet
       new  3064a82   Disable test
       new  0321ef9   Ugly hack to allow --argstr values starting with a dash
       new  f0fdbd0   Shut up some signedness warnings
       new  c273c15   Add primop ‘scopedImport’
       new  a8edf18   Add constant ‘nixPath’
       new  39d7264   Ensure that -I flags get included in nixPath
       new  62a6eeb   Make the Nix search path declarative
       new  d8c061e   Remove ExprBuiltin
       new  8ea9fd7   Rephrase @ operator description
       new  b1d39d4   dev-shell is a bash script, not sh
       new  a457d5a   nix-build: --add-root also takes 1 parameter
       new  54a3411   Use std::unordered_set
       new  becc2b0   Sort nixPath attributes
       new  ceed819   Fix test
       new  3c6b8a5   nix-env -qa --json: Generate valid JSON even if there are 
invalid meta attrs
       new  829af22   Print a warning when loading a large path into memory
       new  b1beed9   Report daemon OOM better
       new  ee7fe64   == operator: Ignore string context
       new  61c464f   Add autoloads, make code more concise & idiomatic
       new  a8fb575   Share code between scopedImport and import
       new  718f20d   findFile: Realise the context of the path attributes
       new  0960d67   Drop ImportError and FindError
       new  48495f6   Fix bogus warnings about dumping large paths
       new  9d0709e   Don't use member initialisers
       new  5cd022d   Add importNative primop
       new  d62f46e   Only add the importNative primop if the 
allow-arbitrary-code-during-evaluation option is true (default false)
       new  d7be6d4   Merge branch 'shlevy-import-native'
       new  8504e7d   allow-arbitrary-code-during-evaluation -> 
       new  858b8f9   Add `--json` argument to `nix-instantiate`
       new  e477f0e   Style fix
       new  e82951f   Manual: html -> xhtml
       new  beaf3e9   Add builtin function ‘fromJSON’
       new  beac05c   Don't build on Ubuntu 10.10
       new  0e5d0c1   Fix compilation error on some versions of GCC
       new  66dbc0f   Add a test for the SSH substituter
       new  2c3a8f7   Fix security hole in ‘nix-store --serve’
       new  04170d0   nix-copy-closure: Fix race condition
       new  7911e4c   Remove maybeVfork
       new  1114c7b   nix-copy-closure: Restore compression and the progress 
       new  8e9140c   Refactoring: Move all fork handling into a higher-order 
       new  43b64f5   Remove tabs
       new  7c3a509   nix-copy-closure: Fix --dry-run
       new  7bb632b   nix-copy-closure -s: Do substitutions via ‘nix-store 
       new  42d91b0   Fix use of sysread
       new  edbfe22   Replace message "importing path <...>" with "exporting 
path <...>"
       new  d0eb970   Fix broken Pid constructor
       new  e196eec   Allow $NIX_BUILD_HOOK to be relative to Nix libexec 
       new  b8f24f2   Fix closure size display
       new  a5c6347 Use ‘nix-store --serve’ on the remote 
       new  838138c   Fix test
       new  a00a985 Fix build log
       new  b2e0293 Don't keep a shell process around
       new  fa13d3f Fix building multiple output derivations
       new  5bcb982   Remove cruft
       new  a2c85b2   Manual: Typo
       new  048be62   Pass *_proxy vars to bootstrap fetchurl
       new  de8be7c   Install systemd and Upstart stuff only on Linux
       new  bb65460   Make dev-shell script work on Darwin
       new  276a40b   Handle case collisions on case-insensitive systems
       new  985f159   Be more strict about file names in NARs
       new  2304a7d   Get rid of a compiler warning
       new  8f72e70   nix-daemon: Fix compat with older clients
       new  77c972c   nix-daemon: Only print connection info if we have 
       new  0c73088   nix-daemon: Show name of connecting user
       new  049c0eb   nix-daemon: Add trusted-users and allowed-users options
       new  8ddffe7   Ugly hack to fix building on old Darwin
       new  f609eec   Bump
       new  2e77bd7   Better fix for strcasecmp on Darwin
       new  ee3c5d7   Revert old useBuildHook behaviour
       new  5989966   Remove dead code
       new  fdee1ce   startProcess: Make writing error messages from the child 
more robust
       new  49fe959   nix-daemon: Use a thread instead of SIGPOLL to catch 
client disconnects
       new  78224cd   nix-store --serve: Monitor for client disconnects
       new  d0fad17   nix-daemon: Simplify stderr handling
       new  ece531d   nix-daemon: Less verbosity
       new  bd91453   Pass -pthread only for programs that need it
       new  62ad3df   Remove some obsolete files
       new  d3c61d8   Remove some dead code
       new  1eb0af7   Add some assertions
       new  24c6d99   More debugging
       new  aa1560c   Fix bogus pass by reference
       new  0fae20c   Use pthread_cancel instead of a signal
       new  a6ab3cf   tests/remote-builds.nix: Don't try
       new  d7a92ed   nix-store --serve: Only monitor stdin during builds
       new  01ddf53   tests/remote-builds.nix: Test failing build
       new  56131a2   Refactor
       new  62309a2 Be less verbose on failing builds
       new  03103c0   Implement nix-copy-closure --from via nix-store --serve
       new  7b351da   Remove obsolete SSH master connection code
       new  17ef234   Fix NIX_SSHOPTS
       new  7f7d4ab   nix-copy-closure: Implement --gzip via ssh's -C flag
       new  1a44f1c   nix-copy-closure: Drop --bzip2, --xz, --show-progress
       new  71a20d4   Change the default for use-ssh-substituter to ‘true’
       new  6793790   nix-daemon: Pass on the user's $SSH_AUTH_SOCK to the SSH 
       new  13a63b5   Remove outdated AUTHORS file
       new  50ed345 Set $SSL_CERT_FILE
       new  2ea2703 Install cacert
       new  3d221a7   Rename nixPath to __nixPath
       new  45f9a91   make clean: Remove Makefile.config
       new  50dc1f5   Restore default SIGPIPE handler before invoking ‘man’
       new  1c208f2   Allow regular files as GC roots
       new  daf3f2c   Make readDirectory() return inode / file type
       new  e0d7d0e   findRoots(): Prevent a call to lstat()
       new  eea0401   Eliminate redundant copy
       new  4c4b219   Call commonChildInit() before doing chroot init
       new  51485dc   Remove ugly hack for detecting build environment setup 
       new  7a60ff9   Speed up nix-shell
       new  bb45092   Make chroot builds easier to set up
       new  4d73e2e   Get rid of "killing <pid>" message for unused build hooks
       new  d5a076c   Add option ‘build-extra-chroot-dirs’
       new  7018830   Update manual
       new  daccd68   Refactor
       new  988bf59   Move some options out of globals
       new  f02c52e   Doh
       new  98873ff   Remove unnecessary call to addTempRoot()
       new  4a198da Use https channel if possible
       new  a6f4554   Add support for order-only dependencies
       new  393a9b9 Respect $SSL_CERT_FILE
       new  6e1f4c1   nix-install-package: Use extra-binary-caches
       new  57695d8   Warn about untrusted binary caches in extra-binary-caches
       new  401ab50   Remove pointless NIX_LOG_TYPE environment variable
       new  5bed74d   Fix warning about non-existant -I directories
       new  47e1858   Refactor option handling
       new  5f05197   Handle compound single dash options properly
       new  9367046   Use regular file GC roots if possible
       new  e9b609b   nix-log2xml: Handle UTF-8 characters
       new  cb921f6   Remove log2html.xsl and friends
       new  fde819f   nix-log2xml: Handle newlines
       new  3bea429   Use $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR for temporary files
       new  3e5dbb2   nix-shell: Use $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR
       new  ad71637   Fix download-via-ssh
       new  ccd4fe5 Provide defaults for $NIX_CURRENT_LOAD 
       new  c6e85ee   nix-build: Propagate exit status from nix-store -r
       new  42e9ad8   Propagate remote timeouts properly
       new  c160ead   Reduce verbosity
       new  632f989   Doh
       new  02843ba   Fix --attr parsing
       new  029424d   Make hook shutdown more reliable
       new  954188a   Filter Nix-specific ANSI escape sequences from stderr
       new  894fa5e   Reduce test verbosity
       new  392430b   nix-store -l: Automatically pipe output into $PAGER
       new  373fad7   Add some color
       new  11849a3   Use proper quotes everywhere
       new  f0610e2   Install config.h only once
       new  ab4eba5   Handle header file instantiation
       new  2aa9385   Force template regeneration
       new  c93690a   Merge commit '2aa93858afee22e0c32d8f4366970976374091ac'
       new  9481f77   Provide reasonable default flags for $LESS
       new  43579c9   Use pager for more commands
       new  65243ee   Flush std::cout before closing stdout
       new  fefd365   Fix a segfault in ‘nix-env -qa’
       new  524f89f   Use unshare() instead of clone()
       new  163fdf2   Set a curl timeout on binary cache lookups
       new  809ca33   Use PR_SET_PDEATHSIG to ensure child cleanup
       new  3f80060   Fix tests
       new  b224ac1   fix disappearing bash arguments
       new  4b0a720   Document the "out" usage in allowedReferences
       new  3f0a4bf   Fix building with Clang
       new  8901acc   Restructuring the Nix manual
       new  fd61069   Introduce allowedRequisites feature
       new  b5da80e   Fix manual build
       new  9eddf6f   allowedRequisites: Drop stdenv mention
       new  b72e93b   Add disallowedReferences / disallowedRequisites
       new  27a01d9   Shut up "Wide character" warnings in Perl scripts
       new  8fb8c26   Add an 'optimiseStore' remote procedure call.
       new  9472b41   Fix boost::too_many_args error
       new  22c900d   Hack for supporting Boost on Homebrew
       new  9d65287   Fix dependency ordering
       new  e74113a   Fix
       new  f8df935   tests/remote-builds.nix: Time out faster
       new  a6a45bb   Tweak
       new  d2d5543 UTF-8-decode errors
       new  afbdd55   Hack to prevent Makefile.config from being regenerated by 
"make clean"
       new  075cfe3   Add support for using a build directory
       new  44e7e3b   Improved support for building JARs
       new  9648222   Support specifying a JAR manifest
       new  5c4d2da   Fix JAR installation
       new  72d684d   Don't rely on process substitution
       new  67e5dd3   Add some hyperlinks between NIXPATH and -I
       new  f0ef6b7   Merge branch 'master' of
       new  8259a39   Manual build fixes
       new  9ed49c1   Nicer file names for the release notes
       new  7a68b4e   Release notes: Use a section per version
       new  f271b94   Remove pointless "license" section
       new  8b76018   Drop reference to FreeBSD
       new  d0608da   Drop "service deployment" bla bla
       new  57f6463   Tweak some chapter titles
       new  b1af336   Undocument NIX_OTHER_STORES
       new  7a740c9   Drop separate release notes
       new  54adf34   Fix references to version.txt
       new  3c8522c   Fix parallel make of manpages
       new  f77d83c   Style tweak
       new  5a0181c   Make troubleshooting an appendix
       new  3a52104   Delete bugs.xml
       new  a2fc9c6   Remove unhelpful suggestion
       new  eca29bd   Derive Emacs nix-mode from prog-mode.
       new  d37d012   Settings: Add bool get()
       new  6e5b02b   Add some instrumentation for debugging GC leaks
       new  5a05cf4   Add Make flag to disable optimization
       new  d98bfcb   On Linux, disable address space randomization
       new  d64b8e9   Remove unused w3m dependency
       new  8be9990   Install some pkgconfig files
       new  d4a71ec   Update spec file
       new  7d7b679 Add dependency on libnixutil
       new  726abde   Remove debug statement
       new  0342eb1   Remove bogus comment
       new  5b58991   Store Attrs inside Bindings
       new  93e4f01   Inline Bindings::find()
       new  ea525a2   Fix off-by-one
       new  2d6cd8a   attrNames: Don't allocate duplicates of the symbols
       new  68cf98c   configure: Force regeneration of Makefile.config
       new  eff120d   Add a function ‘valueSize’
       new  a54c263   Add ‘seq’ primop
       new  022618c   Handle cycles when printing a value
       new  1e0a799   Rename strictForceValue -> forceValueDeep
       new  831fc8e   Make forceValueDeep work on values with cycles
       new  0cd6596   Add ‘deepSeq’ primop
       new  53b044c   Don't evaluate inside a "throw"
       new  570571a   Remove release notes Hydra product
       new  ebb1dbb   Add missing static
       new  c313d86   manual: add a note that lists are strict in length
       new  a5b5ebc   add manpage for nix-generate-patches
       new  9dd54bc   Pass through --set from nix-install-package command line 
to nix-env
       new  cf72a61   Add --force-name support for --set in nix-env, to support 
nix-install-package --set
       new  147fcdd   Updated documentation for nix-install-package to mention 
--set flag
       new  13a18ce   Fix use of PAGER during tests
       new  e83a027   Remove bash requirement
       new  0ed1b92   Bindings: Remove copy constructor
       new  9b146a5   nix-daemon: Close unnecessary fd
       new  f77be20   printMissing(): Print derivations in approximate build 
       new  d618534   Support control characters in JSON output
       new  a17c234   printValue(): Don't print <CYCLE> for repeated values
       new  3800f44   createDirs(): Handle ‘path’ being a symlink
       new  104e55b   nix-env: Add regular expression support in selectors
       new  3b5fa8d   Don't recompile the same regex over and over
       new  3fd2d21   Add test for readDir primop
       new  c08c802   Add readDir primop
       new  3f8576a   Remove some duplicate code
       new  58d8a21   Tweak
       new  d4fcbe1   Add primop ‘attrValues’
       new  c3f0a48   Add primop ‘catAttrs’
       new  1418806   Show total allocations
       new  b680960   Get rid of some unnecessary ExprConcatStrings nodes in 
dynamic attrs
       new  986fbd6   Typo
       new  6bb4c0b   mkList: Scrub better
       new  2a4dbcf   Improved error message when encountering unsupported file 
       new  a79e56d   nix-copy-closure: Use strict
       new  f1adf4c   Remove unused @sshOpts flag
       new  a8925a5   nix-channel --add: Validate URL / channel ID
       new  c6849e2   Remove redundant space in usage errors
       new  2c1711a   nix-channel: Add --rollback flag
       new  d04e1ff   nix-store -q: Check for conflicting flags
       new  bc47959   binary download: Use $NIX_CURL_FLAGS
       new  fb4e216   Merge pull request #372 from wmertens/patch-4
       new  138c257   Revert "binary download: Use $NIX_CURL_FLAGS"
       new  bca6d35   Fix nix-copy-closure --from
       new  d16e3c7   Export realiseContext in libnixexpr
       new  84a13dc   Drop support for pre-c++11 compilers.
       new  ecc2c8f   Improve printing of ASTs
       new  f040159   Revert "Drop support for pre-c++11 compilers."
       new  6062b12   Fix build on gcc < 4.7
       new  29f7e14   Temporarily disable darwin builds while hydra's darwin is 
       new  89e3b52   Merge pull request #380 from shlevy/temp-disable-darwin
       new  5f7ded7   doc: fixed nix-instantiate --find-file
       new  11aef17   Remove comments claiming we use a private PID namespace
       new  722bd04   Document some primops
       new  1683fff   Update release notes
       new  f72944b   Revert "Temporarily disable darwin builds while hydra's 
darwin is borked"
       new  a51f8d6   Revert "Revert "Temporarily disable darwin builds while 
hydra's darwin is borked""
       new  80893a1   Shut up a clang warning
       new  3a9b4a1   Fix more warnings
       new  1d02431   Don't pull in git when doing a nix-shell
       new  1cdbb9d   Revert "Revert "Revert "Temporarily disable darwin builds 
while hydra's darwin is borked"""
       new  e389f4e   Improve error message if the daemon worker fails to start
       new  526811c   nix-daemon: Get peer credentials on Mac OS X
       new  6f6b75c   Typo
       new  bbf294c   Add a launchd configuration file to run nix-daemon
       new  3cc9977   Typo
       new  06a86ae   nix-store --gc: Don't warn about missing manifests 
       new  8979562 Fix flushing of stderr
       new  087581a   Doh
       new  d436e44 Print a friendlier message if connecting fails
       new  bab8d9b   Make ~DerivationGoal more reliable
       new  5ef2453 Add some more trace messages
       new  8cfe939   Don't use ADDR_LIMIT_3GB
       new  997defa   Add functors (callable attribute sets).
       new  3d604ac   Document functors
       new  2719627   realiseContext: Handle all context types
       new  35aad73   Fix message
       new  5d064e2   Add a test for the binary tarball installer
       new  ed306fe   Remove Hydra build product
       new  1256ab3   Clean up temp roots in a more C++ way
       new  a3e5c99   nix-daemon: Call exit(), not _exit()
       new  8299aaf   Disable vacuuming the DB after garbage collection
       new  05cddf0   Build Ubuntu 14.10 package
       new  048ec3d   Fix bad operator
       new  fe37ed1   Remove Hydra scheduling priorities
       new  b0c5c2a   import derivation: cleanup
       new  328a80e   'build-cache-failures' -> 'build-cache-failure' in 
nix.conf documentation.
       new  69f91e3   Don't claim FreeBSD support
       new  5e04992   Manual: Bump date
       new  2b74354   Combine introduction / quick start parts
       new  103e4e4   Update quick start section
       new  2157454   Update installation section
       new  9e3389c   Don't create unnecessary substitution goals for 
       new  b7b6e3d   Build derivations in a more predictable order
       new  976b949   More build-cache-failures -> build-cache-failure
       new  4e340a9   forceString(): Accept pos argument
       new  976df48   Add a primop for regular expression pattern matching
       new  d4c8ee7   Rely on XML catalogs to find the DocBook schemas and 
       new  5f04da9   Intro: Mention binary caches
       new  320659b   Allow external code using libnixexpr to add types
       new  6081108   Make all ExternalValueBase functions const
       new  f43a8ed   Merge pull request #401 from shlevy/external-value
       new  bf78a27   Fix another operator precedence issue found by Perl 5.20
       new  d51eed8   Shut up a warning
       new  d34d2b2   Use posix_spawn to run the pager
       new  8d169b2   Define ‘environ’
       new  b6f99e5   Remove some platforms with too-old compilers
       new  9c58691   Remove Fedora 18, 19 builds
       new  629e8da   Explicitly include required C headers
       new  936f686   Set custom compiler flags on Cygwin
       new  4872677   Fix library handling on Cygwin
       new  f665c5d   Link against perl.dll on Cygwin
       new  e5891f2   Use instead of
       new  5510d21   Provide some fallback defaults for the CA bundle
       new  d44d923   Add option to disable binary cache certificate checking
       new  af555d7   Doh
       new  39fe52f   Fix bad comment
       new  2f16946   Always use https to fetch the Nixpkgs channel
       new  50c3352   builtins.readFile: realise context associated with the 
       new  2e98703   Update signing.txt
       new  938454d   Don't use RPATH on Darwin
       new  36c6786   Cruft
       new  ad332e1   Revert "Use posix_spawn to run the pager"
       new  e529823   Don't wait for PID -1
       new  20cf012   Include cacert in the binary tarball
       new  b5ed5b6   Rename function
       new  0e8fc11   Use vfork
       new  851b47b   Don't do vfork in conjunction with setuid
       new  c56bfbe   Provide default pagers
       new  6f8ff85   Urgh
       new  40e1203   allow custom docbook paths/URLs, use a working URL for 
       new  a144eb1   Don't use ?=
       new  8aedaf1   Remove canary stuff
       new  df31904   Remove dead code
       new  dcdb254   Remove tabs
       new  ad79002   Doh
       new  4acca1a   Remove chatty message
       new  54616be   Get rid of unnecessary "interrupted by the user" message 
with -vvv
       new  5a2d451   Don't abort if we get a signal while waiting for the pager
       new  28f22b4   Ensure we're writing to stderr in the builder
       new  f52b6c9   Fix some memory leaks
       new  46f3eb6   Shut up a Valgrind warning
       new  b77037b   Silence some warnings on GCC 4.9
       new  c2a552b   Install cacert before running nix-channel
       new  fa2063c   Better error message
       new  e5a51fa   Style
       new  3b88d03   Document channel format and excise most mentions of 
manifests and nix-pull
       new  751ae18   Undocument nix-generate-patches
       new  4eace5a   Style
       new  be79773   ReiserFS -> ext4
       new  4c4e891   Update .nixpkg description
       new  9c83039   Rename files
       new  eb53f59   Fix image in PDF
       new  e90e7b5   Fix build
       new  6466d56   Bla
       new  68b4717   Delete the stdenv section
       new  14955c2   Merge commit '36c67860363c93eb00cf5b8e2ad34f6f775e6901'
       new  8bdff8c   Merge branch 'cygwin-master' of
       new  4e06073   Pedantry
       new  2142f47   Add section on SSH substituter
       new  47ed06a   Add a section on nix-serve
       new  c238405   Grmbl

The 376 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

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