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269/376: Update release notes

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: 269/376: Update release notes
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2015 22:05:32 +0000

civodul pushed a commit to tag 1.8
in repository guix.

commit 1683fffd09e7923bc31c06136b8c35d4bb6d79f9
Author: Eelco Dolstra <address@hidden>
Date:   Wed Oct 29 16:18:39 2014 +0100

    Update release notes
 doc/manual/release-notes/rl-1.8.xml |   81 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 1 files changed, 81 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

diff --git a/doc/manual/release-notes/rl-1.8.xml 
index 0e6150c..310aa54 100644
--- a/doc/manual/release-notes/rl-1.8.xml
+++ b/doc/manual/release-notes/rl-1.8.xml
@@ -8,6 +8,11 @@
+  <listitem><para>Breaking change: to address a race condition, the
+  remote build hook mechanism now uses <command>nix-store
+  --serve</command> on the remote machine. This requires build slaves
+  to be updated to Nix 1.8.</para></listitem>
   <listitem><para><command>nix-env</command> selectors are now regular
   expressions. For instance, you can do
@@ -18,6 +23,42 @@ $ nix-env -qa '.*zip.*'
   to query all packages with a name containing
+  <listitem><para><command>nix-store --read-log</command> can now
+  fetch remote build logs. If a build log is not available locally,
+  then ‘nix-store -l’ will now try to download it from the servers
+  listed in the ‘log-servers’ option in nix.conf. For instance, if you
+  have the configuration option
+log-servers =
+then it will try to get logs from
+<literal><replaceable>base name of the
+store path</replaceable></literal>. This allows you to do things like:
+$ nix-store -l $(which xterm)
+  and get a log even if <command>xterm</command> wasn't built
+  locally.</para></listitem>
+  <listitem><para>New builtin functions:
+  <function>attrValues</function>, <function>deepSeq</function>,
+  <function>fromJSON</function>, <function>readDir</function>,
+  <function>seq</function>.</para></listitem>
+  <listitem><para><command>nix-instantiate --eval</command> now has a
+  <option>--json</option> flag to print the resulting value in JSON
+  format.</para></listitem>
+  <listitem><para><command>nix-copy-closure</command> now uses
+  <command>nix-store --serve</command> on the remote side to send or
+  receive closures. This fixes a race condition between
+  <command>nix-copy-closureE</command> and the garbage
+  collector.</para></listitem>
   <listitem><para>Derivations can specify the new special attribute
   <varname>allowedRequisites</varname>, which has a similar meaning to
   <varname>allowedReferences</varname>. But instead of only enforcing
@@ -26,6 +67,46 @@ $ nix-env -qa '.*zip.*'
   name, requisites) that are used by the resulting
+  <listitem><para>On Mac OS X, Nix now handles case collisions when
+  importing closures from case-sensitive file systems. This is mostly
+  useful for running NixOps on Mac OS X.</para></listitem>
+  <listitem><para>The Nix daemon has new configuration options
+  <option>allowed-users</option> (specifying the users and groups that
+  are allowed to connect to the daemon) and
+  <option>trusted-users</option> (specifying the users and groups that
+  can perform privileged operations like specifying untrusted binary
+  caches).</para></listitem>
+  <listitem><para>The configuration option
+  <option>build-max-jobs</option> now defaults to the number of
+  available CPU cores.</para></listitem>
+  <listitem><para>Build users are now used by default when Nix is
+  invoked as root. This prevents builds from accidentally running as
+  root.</para></listitem>
+  <listitem><para>Nix now includes systemd units and Upstart
+  jobs.</para></listitem>
+  <listitem><para>Speed improvements to <command>nix-store
+  --optimise</command>.</para></listitem>
+  <listitem><para>Language change: the <literal>==</literal> operator
+  now ignores string contexts (the “dependencies” of a
+  string).</para></listitem>
+  <listitem><para>Nix now filters out Nix-specific ANSI escape
+  sequences on standard error. They are supposed to be invisible, but
+  some terminals show them anyway.</para></listitem>
+  <listitem><para>Various commands now automatically pipe their output
+  into the pager as specified by the <envar>PAGER</envar> environment
+  variable.</para></listitem>
+  <listitem><para>Several improvements to reduce memory consumption in
+  the evaluator.</para></listitem>

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