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06/06: doc: Remove ".ko" extension in 'base-initrd' example.

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: 06/06: doc: Remove ".ko" extension in 'base-initrd' example.
Date: Sun, 08 Feb 2015 18:01:07 +0000

civodul pushed a commit to branch master
in repository guix.

commit 027981d6d710ca1bb0f645820cf46d4b7bb4dbe1
Author: Ludovic Courtès <address@hidden>
Date:   Sun Feb 8 19:00:01 2015 +0100

    doc: Remove ".ko" extension in 'base-initrd' example.
    Reported by Marek Benc.
    * doc/guix.texi (Initial RAM Disk): Remove ".ko" from the 'base-initrd'
      example.  Add a comment.
 doc/guix.texi |    5 ++++-
 1 files changed, 4 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

diff --git a/doc/guix.texi b/doc/guix.texi
index 510acdd..4e99254 100644
--- a/doc/guix.texi
+++ b/doc/guix.texi
@@ -4822,8 +4822,11 @@ system declaration like this:
 (initrd (lambda (file-systems . rest)
+          ;; Create a standard initrd that has modules "foo.ko"
+          ;; and "bar.ko", as well as their dependencies, in
+          ;; addition to the modules available by default.
           (apply base-initrd file-systems
-                 #:extra-modules '("my.ko" "modules.ko")
+                 #:extra-modules '("foo" "bar")
 @end example

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