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branch nix updated (a1dd396 -> 3bfa70b)

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: branch nix updated (a1dd396 -> 3bfa70b)
Date: Tue, 19 May 2015 14:45:03 +0000

civodul pushed a change to branch nix
in repository guix.

      from  a1dd396   Merge commit '8d5f472f2c49c79a0d3ae2e506f4d4d76224b328' 
into nix
       new  eac5841   Provide a more useful error message when a dynamic attr 
lookup fails
       new  9f9080e   nix-store -l: Fetch build logs from the Internet
       new  3064a82   Disable test
       new  0321ef9   Ugly hack to allow --argstr values starting with a dash
       new  f0fdbd0   Shut up some signedness warnings
       new  c273c15   Add primop ‘scopedImport’
       new  a8edf18   Add constant ‘nixPath’
       new  39d7264   Ensure that -I flags get included in nixPath
       new  62a6eeb   Make the Nix search path declarative
       new  d8c061e   Remove ExprBuiltin
       new  8ea9fd7   Rephrase @ operator description
       new  b1d39d4   dev-shell is a bash script, not sh
       new  a457d5a   nix-build: --add-root also takes 1 parameter
       new  54a3411   Use std::unordered_set
       new  becc2b0   Sort nixPath attributes
       new  ceed819   Fix test
       new  3c6b8a5   nix-env -qa --json: Generate valid JSON even if there are 
invalid meta attrs
       new  829af22   Print a warning when loading a large path into memory
       new  b1beed9   Report daemon OOM better
       new  ee7fe64   == operator: Ignore string context
       new  61c464f   Add autoloads, make code more concise & idiomatic
       new  a8fb575   Share code between scopedImport and import
       new  718f20d   findFile: Realise the context of the path attributes
       new  0960d67   Drop ImportError and FindError
       new  48495f6   Fix bogus warnings about dumping large paths
       new  9d0709e   Don't use member initialisers
       new  5cd022d   Add importNative primop
       new  d62f46e   Only add the importNative primop if the 
allow-arbitrary-code-during-evaluation option is true (default false)
       new  d7be6d4   Merge branch 'shlevy-import-native'
       new  8504e7d   allow-arbitrary-code-during-evaluation -> 
       new  858b8f9   Add `--json` argument to `nix-instantiate`
       new  e477f0e   Style fix
       new  e82951f   Manual: html -> xhtml
       new  beaf3e9   Add builtin function ‘fromJSON’
       new  beac05c   Don't build on Ubuntu 10.10
       new  0e5d0c1   Fix compilation error on some versions of GCC
       new  66dbc0f   Add a test for the SSH substituter
       new  2c3a8f7   Fix security hole in ‘nix-store --serve’
       new  04170d0   nix-copy-closure: Fix race condition
       new  7911e4c   Remove maybeVfork
       new  1114c7b   nix-copy-closure: Restore compression and the progress 
       new  8e9140c   Refactoring: Move all fork handling into a higher-order 
       new  c69944c   Merge commit '8e9140cfdef9dbd1eb61e4c75c91d452ab5e4a74' 
into nix
       new  43b64f5   Remove tabs
       new  7c3a509   nix-copy-closure: Fix --dry-run
       new  7bb632b   nix-copy-closure -s: Do substitutions via ‘nix-store 
       new  42d91b0   Fix use of sysread
       new  edbfe22   Replace message "importing path <...>" with "exporting 
path <...>"
       new  d0eb970   Fix broken Pid constructor
       new  e196eec   Allow $NIX_BUILD_HOOK to be relative to Nix libexec 
       new  b8f24f2   Fix closure size display
       new  a5c6347 Use ‘nix-store --serve’ on the remote 
       new  838138c   Fix test
       new  a00a985 Fix build log
       new  b2e0293 Don't keep a shell process around
       new  fa13d3f Fix building multiple output derivations
       new  5bcb982   Remove cruft
       new  a2c85b2   Manual: Typo
       new  048be62   Pass *_proxy vars to bootstrap fetchurl
       new  de8be7c   Install systemd and Upstart stuff only on Linux
       new  bb65460   Make dev-shell script work on Darwin
       new  276a40b   Handle case collisions on case-insensitive systems
       new  985f159   Be more strict about file names in NARs
       new  2304a7d   Get rid of a compiler warning
       new  8f72e70   nix-daemon: Fix compat with older clients
       new  77c972c   nix-daemon: Only print connection info if we have 
       new  0c73088   nix-daemon: Show name of connecting user
       new  049c0eb   nix-daemon: Add trusted-users and allowed-users options
       new  8ddffe7   Ugly hack to fix building on old Darwin
       new  f609eec   Bump
       new  2e77bd7   Better fix for strcasecmp on Darwin
       new  ee3c5d7   Revert old useBuildHook behaviour
       new  5989966   Remove dead code
       new  fdee1ce   startProcess: Make writing error messages from the child 
more robust
       new  766481d   Merge commit 'fdee1ced43fb495d612a29e955141cdf6b9a95ba' 
into nix
       new  bb07dfe   nix-daemon: Simplify stderr handling
       new  1cffdf5   nix-daemon: Less verbosity
       new  4ab4b0c   Remove some dead code
       new  a98fa2d   Allow regular files as GC roots
       new  82d463d   Make readDirectory() return inode / file type
       new  666c9b7   findRoots(): Prevent a call to lstat()
       new  c51374c   Eliminate redundant copy
       new  b732ffd   Call commonChildInit() before doing chroot init
       new  42c6246   Remove ugly hack for detecting build environment setup 
       new  75f746f   Get rid of "killing <pid>" message for unused build hooks
       new  f530ee6   Add option ‘build-extra-chroot-dirs’
       new  3190951   Refactor
       new  e9070bf   Move some options out of globals
       new  1820845   Doh
       new  5fe5ff7   Remove unnecessary call to addTempRoot()
       new  aa98ba5   Use regular file GC roots if possible
       new  3f6d4f6   Propagate remote timeouts properly
       new  7902715   Reduce verbosity
       new  ea837e4   Doh
       new  d4e7c19   Make hook shutdown more reliable
       new  8c766e4   fix disappearing bash arguments
       new  abd9d61   Introduce allowedRequisites feature
       new  3bb89c3   Add disallowedReferences / disallowedRequisites
       new  6621195   Add an 'optimiseStore' remote procedure call.
       new  55939b1   Settings: Add bool get()
       new  e63c8aa   On Linux, disable address space randomization
       new  e74390a   Remove bogus comment
       new  6092a48   nix-daemon: Close unnecessary fd
       new  c957422   createDirs(): Handle ‘path’ being a symlink
       new  c2b65dd   Remove some duplicate code
       new  ee8601c   Improved error message when encountering unsupported file 
       new  bed17f4   Fix build on gcc < 4.7
       new  1129a98   Improve error message if the daemon worker fails to start
       new  86b9e6d   nix-store --gc: Don't warn about missing manifests 
       new  e0825bd   Make ~DerivationGoal more reliable
       new  b73de6e   Don't use ADDR_LIMIT_3GB
       new  a647444   Fix message
       new  f160a30   Clean up temp roots in a more C++ way
       new  4eb62b5   nix-daemon: Call exit(), not _exit()
       new  554eaf5   Disable vacuuming the DB after garbage collection
       new  9f35573   Don't create unnecessary substitution goals for 
       new  5241aec   Build derivations in a more predictable order
       new  3bfa70b   Don't wait for PID -1

The 118 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 nix/libstore/           |  313 +++++++++++++++++++++++----------------
 nix/libstore/              |   69 ++++------
 nix/libstore/         |   92 ++++++++----
 nix/libstore/globals.hh         |   26 ++-
 nix/libstore/     |   78 +++++------
 nix/libstore/local-store.hh     |   19 +--
 nix/libstore/  |   16 ++
 nix/libstore/    |   31 +++-
 nix/libstore/remote-store.hh    |    5 +-
 nix/libstore/store-api.hh       |    4 +
 nix/libstore/worker-protocol.hh |    2 +-
 nix/libutil/          |  171 ++++++++++++---------
 nix/libutil/archive.hh          |   12 +-
 nix/libutil/        |   27 ++++
 nix/libutil/serialise.hh        |   11 +-
 nix/libutil/types.hh            |   17 ++-
 nix/libutil/             |  176 ++++++++++++----------
 nix/libutil/util.hh             |   30 +++-
 nix/nix-daemon/    |  134 ++++++++++-------
 19 files changed, 726 insertions(+), 507 deletions(-)

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