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branch wip-hurd deleted (was 544ebb9)

From: Manolis Fragkiskos Ragkousis
Subject: branch wip-hurd deleted (was 544ebb9)
Date: Sun, 19 Jul 2015 19:27:25 +0000

phant0mas pushed a change to branch wip-hurd
in repository guix.

       was  544ebb9   gnu: base: Build glibc-hurd for i586-pc-gnu instead of 

This change permanently discards the following revisions:

  discards  544ebb9   gnu: base: Build glibc-hurd for i586-pc-gnu instead of 
  discards  c7b8f7f   gnu: cross-base: Build the correct cross-mig.
  discards  8cae97c   gnu: make-bootstrap: Remove unneeded configure flag from 
  discards  1a0c858   gnu: base: Add glibc-for-target macro.
  discards  e819354   gnu: base: Updated glibc-hurd to 2.19 and removed patches.
  discards  6fb5462   gnu: glibc/hurd-headers: Propagate Hurd and Mach headers.
  discards  1b8c19b   gnu: flex: Fix native-inputs field.
  discards  c32092b   gnu: flex: Add missing quasiquote.
  discards  c981345   gnu: hurd: Add flex as an input to mig.
  discards  25d8439   gnu: hurd: Pass --build to hurd-headers when not cross 
  discards  7e4b5ed   gnu: hurd: Pass --build to gnumach-headers when not cross 
  discards  23bddf0   gnu: acl: Fix i686-gnu build.
  discards  6539e2f   gnu: gcc: Also substitute the dynamic linker name for GNU 
(ie. Hurd) systems.
  discards  fea6dde   gnu: cross-base: Make it aware of non-Linux (ie. Hurd) 
  discards  30be402   gnu: bootstrap: Add the location of where is 
located on Hurd systems.
  discards  ed98005   gnu: cross-base: Add support to cross-build libc for 
  discards  d9c3cfc   gnu: base: Add glibc-hurd and hurd-minimal.
  discards  1ee5360   environment: Use (guix search-paths).
  discards  ad0890f   gnu: vcftools: Remove "-m64" from CFLAGS.
  discards  0714d58   gnu: fltk: Fix undefined symbol errors for shared 
  discards  fd1b0b7   gnu: ardour: Add library dirs to RUNPATH.
  discards  19f80be   gnu: Add bluez.
  discards  ebbfa7d   gnu: Add libical.
  discards  c5e0da8   gnu: Add soil.
  discards  4fd6d1b   records: Make 'make-syntactic-constructor' available at 
  discards  eff7504   profiles: Use a &message error condition instead of 
  discards  6da5820   search-paths: 'evaluate-search-paths' now returns 
spec/value pairs.
  discards  0a49822   search-paths: Add 'environment-variable-definition'.
  discards  fc4b766   search-paths: Add 'evaluate-search-paths', from (guix 
scripts package).
  discards  daf3586   Move search path specifications to (guix search-paths).
  discards  2318938   gnu: Add markdown.
  discards  054d05c   substitute: Increase TTL from 24h to 36h.
  discards  f32b174   gnu: Add libwpg.
  discards  126290a   guix: build: Fix indentation for --sources in help output.
  discards  455a148   gnu: curl: Update to 7.42.1.
  discards  a4c2827   gnu: Add python-sympy.
  discards  e6f7b20   doc: Fix dangling references in the 'sh-symlink' monad 
  discards  7444710   doc: Suggest 'groupadd --system'.
  discards  f0b2f94   doc: Clarify installation from the binary tarball.
  discards  9db3c73   gnu: bamtools: Set rpath via LDFLAGS.
  discards  ccef6ed   gnu: Add taskwarrior.
  discards  ac3133a   gnu: Add samtools-0.1.19.
  discards  4aede5f   gnu: samtools: Install libbam.a library.
  discards  6657377   gnu: samtools: Remove patch-makefile-curses phase.
  discards  22512a9   gnu: gcc-5.1: Add specific libvtv patch.
  discards  433fd31   guix package: Introduce 'evaluate-search-paths'.
  discards  701559d   guix package: Move profile cleaning out of 
  discards  7fd0dc6   gnu: Add totem-pl-parser.
  discards  a9291e3   doc: Replace reference to with sh-symlink
  discards  f690903   gnu: Add libe-book.
  discards  65f2d15   gnu: Add zeromq.
  discards  ee1a4a2   gnu: rename (gnu packages socat) to (gnu packages 
  discards  44d715e   gnu: subversion: Update to 1.8.13.
  discards  3da2e44   gnu: gnupg: Update to 2.1.3.
  discards  d5f380d   gnu: Add dovecot.
  discards  0448675   gnu: acpica: Update to 20150410.
  discards  f71662c   gnu: wpa-supplicant: Update to 2.4.
  discards  f9dfb0e   gnu: parallel: Update to 20150422.
  discards  0c20f78   gnu: help2man: Update to 1.46.6.
  discards  9c97e2d   gnu: dejagnu: Update to 1.5.3.
  discards  f7dfa1a   gnu: Add libwpd.
  discards  79cdf24   gnu: Add librevenge.
  discards  c5a1239   gnu: cppunit: Explicitly link with libdl.
  discards  3c6f07f   guix: build: Add transitive source building.
  discards  004c991   guix: packages: Add package-direct-sources and 
  discards  a71579a   install: Add bash-completion to the packages.
  discards  88f56a9   profiles: Store search paths in manifests.
  discards  3845e49   hydra: Update Guix job set.
  discards  dd100fe   build-system/gnu: 'dist-package' preserves the package's 
native inputs.
  discards  720c5cf   build-system/gnu: Adjust to removal of a "bin" output for 
  discards  4545b4c   gnu: gcj: Remove broken symlink and conflicting files.
  discards  3c3e983   gnu: linux-libre: Update to 4.0.1.
  discards  a5342b7   gnu: ebook: Drop circular inclusion of the module into 
  discards  173fc65   services: Add console-keymap service.

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