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[gnunet] branch master updated (c40fcac -> 2304d66)

From: Rémi Birot-Delrue
Subject: [gnunet] branch master updated (c40fcac -> 2304d66)
Date: Wed, 12 Aug 2015 18:24:35 +0000

remibd pushed a change to branch master
in repository gnunet.

      from  c40fcac   Replaces the crappy “union handling” functions with 
better ones (inside “system/foreign/”); has the stub gnunet-search working.
       new  c294a12   Corrects a small bug.
       new  bee3516   API cleanup: separates search and URI, adds sks URIs. * 
examples/search.scm: echo changes in the API; * gnu/gnunet/common.scm: add 
ecdsa-public-key? and string->data-pointer; * gnu/gnunet/fs.scm: replace 
search-service-open with open-filesharing-service,                      replace 
start-ksk-search with start-search; * gnu/gnunet/fs/uri.scm: add 
make-sks-uri-pointer and make-sks-uri; * tests/uri.scm: add tests for 
make-sks-uri-pointer and make-sks-uri.
       new  7790951   Bind basic download functionalities * 
examples/download.scm: a loose `gnunet-download' clone. * 
system/foreign/unions.scm: add the possibility to specify #f as a               
               union variant to get a padding of the                           
size of the union. * gnu/gnunet/fs/progress-info.scm: just adapted to the 
modification to                                    unions.scm. * 
gnu/gnunet/fs/uri.scm: add a few utility functions: `parse-uri' and             
             `u [...]
       new  6fc73ce   Add a few utility functions. * binding-utils.scm: add 
`pointer->string*`. * common.scm: add `bool->int` and `int->bool`, two 
functions to easily convert               `gnunet-ok`, `gnunet-no`, 
`gnunet-syserror` values to booleans. * fs/uri.scm: export 
`keyword-list->string`. * tests/uri.scm: test `keyword-list->string`. * 
scheduler.scm: add `cancel-task!`.
       new  8f48b79   Add draft support for indexing/publication. * fs.scm:   - 
add a `<file-information>` type and associated functions     
(`wrap-file-information`, `unwrap-file-information`, and     
`make-file-information`);   - add incomplete bindings to 
`GNUNET_FS_directory_scan_*` functions     (`start-directory-scan`, 
`stop-directory-scan`, `directory-scanner-result`)   - add 
`share-tree->file-information`   - add `start-publish` and `stop-publish` * 
examples/publish.scm: a very si [...]
       new  9604808   Bind GNUNET_FS_IDENTITY_* functions and add support for 
publishing in namespaces. * identity.scm: complete bindings of 
GNUNET_FS_IDENTITY * fs.scm: add support for egos/namespaces to `start-publish` 
* binding-utils: remove the useless import of `assert`
       new  ac1479f   Small bug fixes and add publishing in namespaces for 
examples/publish.scm * common.scm: add `gnunet-id-ffi` (FFI for 
libgnunetidentity). * identity.scm: replace `define-gnunet-fs` with 
`define-gnunet-id`. * fs.scm: corrects a bug in `start-publish` (gave 
`GNUNET_FS_publish_start` a           pointer to the ego in place of a pointer 
to its private key). * examples/publish.scm: add handling of namespaces and 
replace simple global                         variables with  [...]
       new  8fce653   Add `examples/identity.scm`, `examples/identity-bis.scm`, 
`examples/search-ns.scm`, and a few minor modifications. * 
examples/search-ns.scm: a basic tool to search namespaces. * 
examples/identity.scm: a basic tool to list egos. * examples/identity-bis.scm: 
idem, but using `start-identity-lookup`. * fs/uri.scm: `wrap-uri` throws an 
`invalid-arg` exception when given a               null pointer. * 
tests/uri.scm: c.f. ↑ * configuration.scm: add `configuration-value-set [...]
       new  ff8e19b   Rewrite of examples/publish.scm, small bug fixes and 
typos. * examples/publish.scm: rewritten to correctly handle namespaces. * 
gnu/gnunet/binding-utils.scm: add `or%`. * gnu/gnunet/fs.scm: bug fix: 
`start-*` function throw an error instead of                     returning 
%null-pointer. * gnu/gnunet/identity.scm: typo.
       new  12e8a31   Add `time-rel` to replace all ad-hoc time calculations.
       new  5259c5c   Add `close-filesharing-service` and dynamic allocation in 
       new  cb2028f   Complete the container/metadata bindings.
       new  51a4fd3   Remove `set-next-task!`, as the corresponding functions 
have been removed from GNUnet.
       new  9cef3b7   Code cleaning: various improvements and bug fixes. * 
identity.scm: `open-identity-service` now throws an exception on failure. * 
binding-utils.scm: just add `destructuring-bind`. * common.scm: `time-rel` now 
throws an exception instead of returning a               meaningless negative 
result; add `setup-log`. * container/metadata.scm: `metadata-set!` now throws 
an exception on error. * tests/container-metadata.scm: add tests for 
`metadata-copy`,                       [...]
       new  5581107   Small typo and improvements (add a few time management 
functions). * common.scm: - add `bool->int` and `int->bool`;               - 
add `time-rel`, `current-time`, `time-absolute->string`,              and 
`time-relative->absolute`. * uri.scm: minor typo and add LOC URIs to 
       new  cd20d8d   Add a record type for GNUNET_FS_ProgressInfo and a few 
tests. * progress-info.scm: add a record type for `GNUNET_FS_ProgressInfo` and 
alter                      `parse-c-progress-info` to handle it. * fs.scm: - 
correct `make-file-information`;           - deprecate directory-scan (too many 
bugs to fix,             `make-file-information will` do for now);           - 
replace `*block-options*` with `make-block-options`;           - update 
`procedure->*` functions to u [...]
       new  2304d66   Minor modifications to get all examples working. * 
binding-utils.scm: add `and=>%` (`and=>` for foreign pointers). * 
fs/progress-info.scm: bug fix: on '(#:publish #:complete) do not assert any     
                    more there’s a SKS URI (we don’t always publish in a        
             namespace). * examples/search.scm: add a one-line help message. * 
examples/search-ns.scm,   examples/publish.scm: typos.

The 17 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 examples/download.scm             |   69 +++++++
 examples/identity-bis.scm         |   49 +++++
 examples/identity.scm             |   49 +++++
 examples/publish.scm              |  197 +++++++++++++++++++
 examples/search-ns.scm            |  103 ++++++++++
 examples/search.scm               |   89 +++++-----
 gnu/gnunet/binding-utils.scm      |   38 ++++-
 gnu/gnunet/common.scm             |  102 ++++++++++-
 gnu/gnunet/configuration.scm      |   11 +-
 gnu/gnunet/container/metadata.scm |   74 +++++++-
 gnu/gnunet/fs.scm                 |  374 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-----
 gnu/gnunet/fs/progress-info.scm   |  202 +++++++++++++++++++-
 gnu/gnunet/fs/uri.scm             |   70 ++++++-
 gnu/gnunet/identity.scm           |  175 +++++++++++++++++
 gnu/gnunet/scheduler.scm          |   19 ++-
 system/foreign/unions.scm         |   13 +-
 tests/container-metadata.scm      |   15 ++
 tests/{uri.scm => fs.scm}         |   24 ++-
 tests/identity.scm                |   51 +++++
 tests/progress-info.scm           |   33 +++-
 tests/system-foreign-unions.scm   |   12 +-
 tests/uri.scm                     |   24 +++-
 22 files changed, 1636 insertions(+), 157 deletions(-)
 create mode 100755 examples/download.scm
 create mode 100755 examples/identity-bis.scm
 create mode 100755 examples/identity.scm
 create mode 100755 examples/publish.scm
 create mode 100755 examples/search-ns.scm
 create mode 100644 gnu/gnunet/identity.scm
 copy tests/{uri.scm => fs.scm} (62%)
 create mode 100644 tests/identity.scm

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