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branch wip-emacs-popup-ui deleted (was a7d4674)

From: Alex Kost
Subject: branch wip-emacs-popup-ui deleted (was a7d4674)
Date: Sun, 30 Aug 2015 15:26:38 +0000

alezost pushed a change to branch wip-emacs-popup-ui
in repository guix.

       was  a7d4674   emacs: Use popup interface instead 'guix-pull' command.

This change permanently discards the following revisions:

  discards  a7d4674   emacs: Use popup interface instead 'guix-pull' command.
  discards  32107a7   emacs: Use prompt for packages instead popup for edit 
  discards  ba32515   emacs: Add popup interface for guix commands.
  discards  6e261a7   emacs: Add "guix-popup.el".
  discards  02781aa   doc: Reorganize "Emacs Interface" node.
  discards  7aaa45c   emacs: Add code to run guix command in shell.
  discards  64a018f   emacs: Add code to run guix command in REPL.
  discards  40cd34d   ui: Add 'run-guix'.
  discards  55311e0   emacs: Add and use alist accessors.
  discards  a65b1d6   emacs: Add minibuffer readers.
  discards  87cb82c   emacs: Add help variables.
  discards  7f70ec1   emacs: Add 'guix-package-names'.
  discards  05f53e1   emacs: Add 'guix-graph-type-names'.
  discards  6fea72e   guix graph: Export node types and <node-type> accessors.
  discards  8c9e4f6   emacs: Add 'guix-lint-checker-names'.
  discards  df105ab   guix lint: Export checkers and <lint-checker> accessors.
  discards  39b133b   emacs: Add 'guix-memoized-defalias' macro.
  discards  26e832f   emacs: Add 'guix-any'.
  discards  49772ee   emacs: Add utils to copy guix command.
  discards  d14f365   emacs: Add utils to make symbol and string for guix 
  discards  cd9a676   emacs: Add and use 'guix-concat-strings'.
  discards  914825a   emacs: Add and use 'guix-while-search'.
  discards  7780b11   emacs: Add 'guix-prettify' to 'guix' custom group.
  discards  4774d69   emacs: Remove leftover internal variable.

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