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branch wip-hurd deleted (was 99eeaa6)

From: Manolis Fragkiskos Ragkousis
Subject: branch wip-hurd deleted (was 99eeaa6)
Date: Mon, 28 Dec 2015 19:16:48 +0000

phant0mas pushed a change to branch wip-hurd
in repository guix.

       was  99eeaa6   gnu: commencement: Add support for a native GNU/Hurd 

This change permanently discards the following revisions:

  discards  99eeaa6   gnu: commencement: Add support for a native GNU/Hurd 
  discards  7718e0b   gnu: glibc/hurd: Make glibc aware of "--with-headers" 
  discards  4a8ebfc   gnu: base: Add and to's search path.
  discards  c46e31c   gnu: cross-gcc, cross-libc: Use hurd-kernel-headers.
  discards  ded548f   gnu: glibc/hurd: Use hurd-kernel-headers package.
  discards  a171403   gnu: hurd: Add hurd-kernel-headers package.
  discards  c77632b   gnu: base: Disable bogus code in Hurd's glibc.
  discards  fcb727b   gnu: make-bootstrap: Produce the correct 
%glibc-bootstrap-tarball for Hurd systems.
  discards  3b929f9   gnu: base: Build glibc-hurd for i586-pc-gnu instead of 
  discards  8a7db9a   gnu: cross-base: Build the correct cross-mig.
  discards  d703541   gnu: base: Added glibc-for-target macro.
  discards  44208c0   gnu: base: Updated glibc-hurd to 2.19 and removed patches.
  discards  309f35c   gnu: hurd: Pass --build to hurd-headers when not cross 
  discards  f3cd262   gnu: hurd: Pass --build to gnumach-headers when not cross 
  discards  e7dd5c7   gnu: gcc: Also substitute the dynamic linker name for GNU 
(ie. Hurd) systems.
  discards  a0a3b54   gnu: cross-base: Make it aware of non-Linux (ie. Hurd) 
  discards  c428875   gnu: cross-base: Add support to cross-build libc for 
  discards  4eb332c   gnu: base: Add glibc-hurd and hurd-minimal.

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