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branch wip-refactor-emacs-ui deleted (was c787c7b)

From: Alex Kost
Subject: branch wip-refactor-emacs-ui deleted (was c787c7b)
Date: Sat, 02 Jan 2016 15:01:04 +0000

alezost pushed a change to branch wip-refactor-emacs-ui
in repository guix.

       was  c787c7b   emacs: Use "B" key to display latest builds in package 

This change permanently discards the following revisions:

  discards  c787c7b   emacs: Use "B" key to display latest builds in package 
  discards  731f5e4   emacs: Add Hydra interface.
  discards  5e5f344   emacs: Add 'guix-ui-read-profile'.
  discards  dce52d7   emacs: Add hierarchy of customization groups.
  discards  25b5ee2   emacs: Return nil instead of "" in completing readers.
  discards  7946f2c   emacs: Add 'guix-list-get-display-entries'.
  discards  6570c68   emacs: Add 'list-single' variables.
  discards  ee99158   emacs: Reorganize package/generation UI code.
  discards  8b3ce16   emacs: Reorganize 'readers' code.
  discards  8d555ab   emacs: Generalize buffer interface.
  discards  d51bf70   emacs: info: Get rid of syntactic fontification.
  discards  6ab67a6   emacs: Generalize buffer naming.
  discards  60126b8   emacs: info: Buttonize package name heading.
  discards  d6f67a6   emacs: Improve messages for packages found by ID.
  discards  6ffc414   emacs: Generalize buffer reverting.
  discards  004763c   emacs: Generalize buffer redisplaying.
  discards  3f747a2   emacs: Split 'guix-root-map' keymap.
  discards  1087478   emacs: Add wrappers for 'history-size' and 
  discards  fd02228   emacs: Split 'guix-param-titles' variable.
  discards  2e1aeff   emacs: info: Split 'guix-info-format' variable.
  discards  eca6838   emacs: Factorize macros for defining interfaces.
  discards  7549cae   emacs: info: Generalize inserting and formatting.
  discards  46f7a76   emacs: list: Factorize "edit package" commands.
  discards  27a8c7f   emacs: list: Split 'guix-list-format' variable.
  discards  a1c6e3f   emacs: list: Add 'guix-list-mode-initialize'.
  discards  aa72bd3   emacs: list: Generalize 'sort-key' code.
  discards  86b92c6   emacs: list: Generalize 'describe' code.
  discards  cdb9cb4   emacs: list: Generalize 'marks' code.
  discards  8289dd3   emacs: Add 'guix-alist-put'.
  discards  d4fe9f1   emacs: Add 'guix-keyword-args-let'.
  discards  2427ac1   emacs: list: Configure format in one place.
  discards  9498f48   emacs: Rename internal procedures.
  discards  de8e1cd   emacs: list: Generate numerical sort predicates.
  discards  16e759c   emacs: Simplify defining parameter titles.
  discards  c3ca381   emacs: Add API for 'guix-entry'.
  discards  43debde   emacs: Add 'guix-with-indent'.
  discards  e72f36b   emacs: Use "cl-list*" instead of "apply #'list".

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