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02/03: gnu: python-ipython-genutils: Update description.

From: Hartmut Goebel
Subject: 02/03: gnu: python-ipython-genutils: Update description.
Date: Tue, 6 Dec 2016 10:30:50 +0000 (UTC)

htgoebel pushed a commit to branch master
in repository guix.

commit c4abbac3495fcb43491625c290cc19141dccd421
Author: Hartmut Goebel <address@hidden>
Date:   Mon Dec 5 12:13:15 2016 +0100

    gnu: python-ipython-genutils: Update description.
    * gnu/packages/python.scm (python-ipython-genutils)[description]: Add
    deprecation note and TODO comment.
 gnu/packages/python.scm |    9 ++++++++-
 1 file changed, 8 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/gnu/packages/python.scm b/gnu/packages/python.scm
index 67022d2..d51dd4b 100644
--- a/gnu/packages/python.scm
+++ b/gnu/packages/python.scm
@@ -4520,6 +4520,7 @@ standard library.")
   (package-with-python2 python-simplegeneric))
 (define-public python-ipython-genutils
+  ;; TODO: This package is retired, check if can be removed, see description.
     (name "python-ipython-genutils")
     (version "0.1.0")
@@ -4536,7 +4537,13 @@ standard library.")
     (home-page "";)
     (synopsis "Vestigial utilities from IPython")
-     "This package provides retired utilities from IPython.")
+     "This package provides retired utilities from IPython.  No packages
+outside IPython/Jupyter should depend on it.
+This package shouldn't exist.  It contains some common utilities shared by
+Jupyter and IPython projects during The Big Split.  As soon as possible, those
+packages will remove their dependency on this, and this package will go
     (license license:bsd-3)))
 (define-public python2-ipython-genutils

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