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03/04: nls: Update 'da' package translation.

From: Ludovic Courtčs
Subject: 03/04: nls: Update 'da' package translation.
Date: Mon, 19 Dec 2016 13:40:04 +0000 (UTC)

civodul pushed a commit to branch master
in repository guix.

commit 42539a84097122ce7c78f397722cde9f97f9bcd1
Author: Ludovic Courtès <address@hidden>
Date:   Mon Dec 19 14:38:25 2016 +0100

    nls: Update 'da' package translation.
 po/packages/da.po | 6316 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++------------------
 1 file changed, 4202 insertions(+), 2114 deletions(-)

diff --git a/po/packages/da.po b/po/packages/da.po
index 4c3cb73..286ea70 100644
--- a/po/packages/da.po
+++ b/po/packages/da.po
@@ -5,10 +5,10 @@
 msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-"Project-Id-Version: guix-packages 0.11.0\n"
+"Project-Id-Version: guix-packages 0.12.0\n"
 "Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: address@hidden"
-"POT-Creation-Date: 2016-07-29 10:23+0200\n"
-"PO-Revision-Date: 2016-12-04 19:30+01:00\n"
+"POT-Creation-Date: 2016-12-18 15:32+0100\n"
+"PO-Revision-Date: 2016-12-18 19:30+01:00\n"
 "Last-Translator: Joe Hansen <address@hidden>\n"
 "Language-Team: Danish <address@hidden>\n"
 "Language: da\n"
@@ -37,11 +37,11 @@ msgstr ""
 "som kan bruges i dit daglige arbejde, personlige behov, eller bare\n"
 "god gammeldags skrivning."
-#: gnu/packages/aspell.scm:53 gnu/packages/libreoffice.scm:644
+#: gnu/packages/aspell.scm:57 gnu/packages/libreoffice.scm:644
 msgid "Spell checker"
 msgstr "Stavekontrol"
-#: gnu/packages/aspell.scm:55
+#: gnu/packages/aspell.scm:59
 msgid ""
 "Aspell is a spell-checker which can be used either as a library or as\n"
 "a standalone program.  Notable features of Aspell include its full support 
@@ -53,15 +53,15 @@ msgstr ""
 "fulde understøttelse af dokumenter skrivet i UTF-8-kodning og dets evne\n"
 "til at bruge flere ordbøger, inklusive personlige."
-#: gnu/packages/aspell.scm:95
+#: gnu/packages/aspell.scm:99
 msgid "This package provides a dictionary for the GNU Aspell spell checker."
 msgstr "Denne pakke tilbyder en ordbog for stavekontrollen GNU Aspell."
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:109
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:123
 msgid "Realtime modular synthesizer and effect processor"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:111
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:125
 msgid ""
 "AlsaModularSynth is a digital implementation of a classical analog\n"
 "modular synthesizer system.  It uses virtual control voltages to control 
@@ -70,11 +70,11 @@ msgid ""
 "Filter) modules follow the convention of 1V / Octave."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:148
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:162
 msgid "Library for audio labelling"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:150
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:164
 msgid ""
 "aubio is a tool designed for the extraction of annotations from audio\n"
 "signals.  Its features include segmenting a sound file before each of its\n"
@@ -82,22 +82,22 @@ msgid ""
 "streams from live audio."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:242
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:260
 msgid "Digital audio workstation"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:244
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:262
 msgid ""
 "Ardour is a multi-channel digital audio workstation, allowing users to\n"
 "record, edit, mix and master audio and MIDI projects.  It is targeted at 
 "engineers, musicians, soundtrack editors and composers."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:276
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:297
 msgid "Tonewheel organ synthesizer"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:278
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:299
 msgid ""
 "AZR-3 is a port of the free VST plugin AZR-3.  It is a tonewheel organ\n"
 "with drawbars, distortion and rotating speakers.  The organ has three\n"
@@ -106,11 +106,11 @@ msgid ""
 "plugins are provided."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:315
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:336
 msgid "Audio plug-in pack for LV2 and JACK environments"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Lydudvidelsesmpakke for LV2- og JACK-miljøer"
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:317
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:338
 msgid ""
 "Calf Studio Gear is an audio plug-in pack for LV2 and JACK environments.\n"
 "The suite contains lots of effects (delay, modulation, signal processing,\n"
@@ -119,42 +119,80 @@ msgid ""
 "tools (analyzer, mono/stereo tools, crossovers)."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:360
-msgid "Sound and music computing system"
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:390
+msgid "Software speech synthesizer"
+msgstr "Programsynthesizer for tale"
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:391
+msgid ""
+"eSpeak is a software speech synthesizer for English and\n"
+"other languages.  eSpeak uses a \"formant synthesis\" method.  This allows 
+"languages to be provided in a small size.  The speech is clear, and can be 
+"at high speeds, but is not as natural or smooth as larger synthesizers which 
+"based on human speech recordings."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:438
+msgid "LV2 plugins for live use"
+msgstr "LV2-udvidelsesmoduler for live brug"
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:440
+msgid ""
+"The infamous plugins are a collection of LV2 audio plugins for live\n"
+"performances.  The plugins include a cellular automaton synthesizer, an\n"
+"envelope follower, distortion effects, tape effects and more."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:362
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:481
+msgid "SWH plugins in LV2 format"
+msgstr "SWH-udvidelsesmoduler i LV2-format"
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:483
+msgid ""
+"Swh-plugins-lv2 is a collection of audio plugins in LV2 format.  Plugin\n"
+"classes include: dynamics (compressor, limiter), time (delay, chorus,\n"
+"flanger), ringmodulator, distortion, filters, pitchshift, oscillators,\n"
+"emulation (valve, tape), bit fiddling (decimator, pointer-cast), etc."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:523
+msgid "Sound and music computing system"
+msgstr "Lyd- og musikberegningsystem"
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:525
 msgid ""
 "Csound is a user-programmable and user-extensible sound processing\n"
 "language and software synthesizer."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:405 gnu/packages/audio.scm:2328
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:568 gnu/packages/audio.scm:2602
 msgid "C++ wrapper around the ALSA API"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "C++-omslag omkring ALSA API'en"
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:407
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:570
 msgid ""
 "clalsadrv is a C++ wrapper around the ALSA API simplifying access to\n"
 "ALSA PCM devices."
 msgstr ""
+"Clalsadrv er et C++-omslag omkring ALSA API'en, der forenkler adgang til\n"
+"ALSA PCM-enheder."
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:444
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:607
 msgid "LADSPA ambisonics plugins"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:446
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:609
 msgid ""
 "The AMB plugins are a set of LADSPA ambisonics plugins, mainly to be\n"
 "used within Ardour.  Features include: mono and stereo to B-format panning,\n"
 "horizontal rotator, square, hexagon and cube decoders."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:481
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:644
 msgid "Chorus, phaser, and vintage high-pass and low-pass filters"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:483
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:646
 msgid ""
 "This package provides various LADSPA plugins.  @code{cs_chorus} and\n"
 "@code{cs_phaser} provide chorus and phaser effects, respectively;\n"
@@ -164,21 +202,21 @@ msgid ""
 "the non-linear circuit elements of their original analog counterparts."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:521
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:684
 msgid "LADSPA reverb plugin"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:523
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:686
 msgid ""
 "This package provides a stereo reverb LADSPA plugin based on the\n"
 "well-known greverb."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:557
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:720
 msgid "LADSPA four-band parametric equalizer plugin"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:559
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:722
 msgid ""
 "This package provides a LADSPA plugin for a four-band parametric\n"
 "equalizer.  Each section has an active/bypass switch, frequency, bandwidth 
@@ -193,11 +231,11 @@ msgid ""
 "for stage use."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:602
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:765
 msgid "LADSPA stereo width plugin"
 msgstr "LADSPA-stereo med udvidelsesmodul"
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:604
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:767
 msgid ""
 "This package provides a LADSPA plugin to manipulate the stereo width of\n"
 "audio signals."
@@ -205,11 +243,11 @@ msgstr ""
 "Denne pakke tilbyder et LADSPA-udvidelsesmodul til at manipulere 
 "for lydsignaler."
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:639
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:802
 msgid "LADSPA plugin for synthesizer oscillators"
 msgstr "LADSPA-udvidelsesmodul for synthesizeroscillatorer"
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:641
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:804
 msgid ""
 "The @code{blvco} LADSPA plugin provides three anti-aliased oscillators:\n"
@@ -224,11 +262,11 @@ msgid ""
 "output of analog synthesizers such as the Moog Voyager."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:683
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:846
 msgid "LADSPA Autowah effect plugin"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:685
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:848
 msgid ""
 "This package provides a LADSPA plugin for a Wah effect with envelope\n"
@@ -236,19 +274,19 @@ msgstr ""
 "Denne pakke tilbyder et LADSPA-udvidelsesmodul for wn Wah-effekt med\n"
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:719
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:882
 msgid "LADSPA stereo reverb plugin"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:721
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:884
 msgid "This package provides a LADSPA plugin for a stereo reverb effect."
 msgstr "Denne pakke tilbyder et LADSPA-udvidelsesmodul for en stereo 
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:755
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:918
 msgid "SoundFont synthesizer"
 msgstr "SoundFont-synthesizer"
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:757
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:920
 msgid ""
 "FluidSynth is a real-time software synthesizer based on the SoundFont 2\n"
 "specifications.  FluidSynth reads and handles MIDI events from the MIDI 
@@ -256,11 +294,11 @@ msgid ""
 "also play midifiles using a Soundfont."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:789
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:952
 msgid "MPEG-4 and MPEG-2 AAC decoder"
 msgstr "MPEG-4- og MPEG-2 AAC-afkoder"
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:791
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:954
 msgid ""
 "FAAD2 is an MPEG-4 and MPEG-2 AAC decoder supporting LC, Main, LTP, SBR,\n"
 "PS, and DAB+."
@@ -268,29 +306,29 @@ msgstr ""
 "FAAD2 er en MPEG-4- og MPEG-2 AAC-afkoder, der understøtter LC, Main, LTP, 
 "PS og DAB+."
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:820
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:983
 msgid "Signal processing language"
 msgstr "Signalbehandlingssprog"
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:822
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:985
 msgid "Faust is a programming language for realtime audio signal processing."
 msgstr "Faust er et programmeringssprog for behandling af lydsignaler i 
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:857
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1050
 msgid "GUS compatible patches for MIDI players"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:859
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1052
 msgid ""
 "FreePats is a project to create a free and open set of GUS compatible\n"
 "patches that can be used with softsynths such as Timidity and WildMidi."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:912
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1105
 msgid "Virtual guitar amplifier"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:913
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1106
 msgid ""
 "Guitarix is a virtual guitar amplifier running JACK.\n"
 "Guitarix takes the signal from your guitar as a mono-signal from your sound\n"
@@ -301,11 +339,11 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:959
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1162
 msgid "Audio effects processor"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:961
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1164
 msgid ""
 "Rakarrack is a richly featured multi-effects processor emulating a\n"
 "guitar effects pedalboard.  Effects include compressor, expander, noise 
@@ -317,22 +355,22 @@ msgid ""
 "well suited to all musical instruments and vocals."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1005
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1215
 msgid "LV2 convolution reverb"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1007
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1217
 msgid ""
 "IR is a low-latency, real-time, high performance signal convolver\n"
 "especially for creating reverb effects.  It supports impulse responses with 
 "2 or 4 channels, in any soundfile format supported by libsndfile."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1037
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1247
 msgid "JACK audio connection kit"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1039
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1249
 msgid ""
 "JACK is a low-latency audio server.  It can connect a number of\n"
 "different applications to an audio device, as well as allowing them to 
@@ -342,32 +380,32 @@ msgid ""
 "synchronous execution of all clients, and low latency operation."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1136
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1346
 msgid "Simple LV2 host for JACK"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1138
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1348
 msgid ""
 "Jalv is a simple but fully featured LV2 host for JACK.  It runs LV2\n"
 "plugins and exposes their ports as JACK ports, essentially making any LV2\n"
 "plugin function as a JACK application."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1181
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1391
 msgid "Linux Audio Developer's Simple Plugin API (LADSPA)"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1183
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1393
 msgid ""
 "LADSPA is a standard that allows software audio processors and effects\n"
 "to be plugged into a wide range of audio synthesis and recording packages."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1219
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1429
 msgid "Audio application session manager"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1221
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1431
 msgid ""
 "LASH is a session management system for audio applications.  It allows\n"
 "you to save and restore audio sessions consisting of multiple interconneced\n"
@@ -375,11 +413,11 @@ msgid ""
 "connections between them."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1242
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1452
 msgid "Bauer stereophonic-to-binaural DSP"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1244
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1454
 msgid ""
 "The Bauer stereophonic-to-binaural DSP (bs2b) library and plugins is\n"
 "designed to improve headphone listening of stereo audio records.  
@@ -387,21 +425,21 @@ msgid ""
 "essential distortions."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1267
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1477
 msgid "Implementation of the Open Sound Control protocol"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1269
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1479
 msgid ""
 "liblo is a lightweight library that provides an easy to use\n"
 "implementation of the Open Sound Control (OSC) protocol."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1290
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1501
 msgid "Python bindings for liblo"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1292
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1503
 msgid ""
 "Pyliblo is a Python wrapper for the liblo Open Sound Control (OSC)\n"
 "library.  It supports almost the complete functionality of liblo, allowing 
@@ -409,22 +447,22 @@ msgid ""
 "included are the command line utilities @code{send_osc} and @code{dump_osc}."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1334
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1545
 msgid "Library to simplify use of LV2 plugins in applications"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1336
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1547
 msgid ""
 "Lilv is a C library to make the use of LV2 plugins as simple as possible\n"
 "for applications.  Lilv is the successor to SLV2, rewritten to be\n"
 "significantly faster and have minimal dependencies."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1363
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1573
 msgid "LV2 audio plugin specification"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1365
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1575
 msgid ""
 "LV2 is an open specification for audio plugins and host applications.\n"
 "At its core, LV2 is a simple stable interface, accompanied by extensions 
@@ -432,38 +470,38 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1400
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1610
 msgid "LV2 port of the mda Piano plugin"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1401
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1611
 msgid "An LV2 port of the mda Piano VSTi."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1414
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1624
 msgid "LV2 port of the mda EPiano plugin"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1415
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1625
 msgid "An LV2 port of the mda EPiano VSTi."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1453
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1670
 msgid "C++ libraries for LV2 plugins"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1455
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1672
 msgid ""
 "The LV2 Toolkit (LVTK) contains libraries that wrap the LV2 C API and\n"
 "extensions into easy to use C++ classes.  It is the successor of\n"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1496
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1713
 msgid "3D audio API"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1498
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1715
 msgid ""
 "OpenAL provides capabilities for playing audio in a virtual 3D\n"
 "environment.  Distance attenuation, doppler shift, and directional sound\n"
@@ -473,62 +511,70 @@ msgid ""
 "buffers, and audio capture."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1532
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1745
+msgid "Free implementation of OpenAL's ALUT standard"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1746
+msgid "freealut is the OpenAL Utility Toolkit."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1775
 msgid "Modular patch bay for audio and MIDI systems"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1534
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1777
 msgid ""
 "Patchage is a modular patch bay for audio and MIDI systems based on JACK\n"
 "and ALSA."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1559
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1802
 msgid "Real-time audio utility library"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1561
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1804
 msgid ""
 "Raul (Real-time Audio Utility Library) is a C++ utility library primarily\n"
 "aimed at audio/musical applications."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1587
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1847
 msgid "Audio time-stretching and pitch-shifting library"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1589
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1849
 msgid ""
 "Rubber Band is a library and utility program that permits changing the\n"
 "tempo and pitch of an audio recording independently of one another."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1637
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1897
 msgid "Cross-platform MIDI library for C++"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1639
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1899
 msgid ""
 "RtMidi is a set of C++ classes (RtMidiIn, RtMidiOut, and API specific\n"
 "classes) that provide a common cross-platform API for realtime MIDI\n"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1665
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1925
 msgid "Library for serialising LV2 atoms to/from RDF"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1667
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1927
 msgid ""
 "Sratom is a library for serialising LV2 atoms to/from RDF, particularly\n"
 "the Turtle syntax."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1692
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1952
 msgid "Library for loading and wrapping LV2 plugin UIs"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1694
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1954
 msgid ""
 "Suil is a lightweight C library for loading and wrapping LV2 plugin UIs.\n"
@@ -540,11 +586,11 @@ msgid ""
 "Suil currently supports every combination of Gtk 2, Qt 4, and X11."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1751
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2011
 msgid "Software synthesizer for playing MIDI files"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1753
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2013
 msgid ""
 "TiMidity++ is a software synthesizer.  It can play MIDI files by\n"
 "converting them into PCM waveform data; give it a MIDI data along with 
@@ -553,43 +599,43 @@ msgid ""
 "disks as various audio file formats."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1792
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2052
 msgid "Modular and extensible audio processing system"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1794
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2054
 msgid ""
 "Vamp is an audio processing plugin system for plugins that extract\n"
 "descriptive information from audio data — typically referred to as audio\n"
 "analysis plugins or audio feature extraction plugins."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1833
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2093
 msgid "Library for time stretching and pitch scaling of audio"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1835
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2095
 msgid ""
 "SBSMS (Subband Sinusoidal Modeling Synthesis) is software for time\n"
 "stretching and pitch scaling of audio.  This package contains the library."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1858
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2118
 msgid "Hybrid lossless audio codec"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1860
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2120
 msgid ""
 "WavPack is an audio compression format with lossless, lossy and hybrid\n"
 "compression modes.  This package contains command-line programs and library 
 "encode and decode wavpack files."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1879
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2139
 msgid "Mod file playing library"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1881
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2141
 msgid ""
 "Libmodplug renders mod music files as raw audio data, for playing or\n"
 "conversion.  mod, .s3m, .it, .xm, and a number of lesser-known formats are\n"
@@ -597,33 +643,33 @@ msgid ""
 "surround and reverb."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1900
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2160
 msgid "Module player library"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1902
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2162
 msgid ""
 "Libxmp is a library that renders module files to PCM data.  It supports\n"
 "over 90 mainstream and obscure module formats including Protracker (MOD),\n"
 "Scream Tracker 3 (S3M), Fast Tracker II (XM), and Impulse Tracker (IT)."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1925
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2185
 msgid "Extended module player"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1927
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2187
 msgid ""
 "Xmp is a portable module player that plays over 90 mainstream and\n"
 "obscure module formats, including Protracker MOD, Fasttracker II XM, Scream\n"
 "Tracker 3 S3M and Impulse Tracker IT files."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1959
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2219
 msgid "Audio processing library for changing tempo, pitch and playback rate"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1961
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2221
 msgid ""
 "SoundTouch is an audio processing library for changing the tempo, pitch\n"
 "and playback rates of audio streams or audio files.  It is intended for\n"
@@ -631,11 +677,11 @@ msgid ""
 "control functionality, or just for playing around with the sound effects."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:1998
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2258
 msgid "Sound processing utility"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2000
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2260
 msgid ""
 "SoX (Sound eXchange) is a command line utility that can convert\n"
 "various formats of computer audio files to other formats.  It can also\n"
@@ -643,92 +689,92 @@ msgid ""
 "can play and record audio files."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2023
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2283
 msgid "One-dimensional sample-rate conversion library"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2025
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2285
 msgid ""
 "The SoX Resampler library (libsoxr) performs one-dimensional sample-rate\n"
 "conversion.  It may be used, for example, to resample PCM-encoded audio."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2047
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2315
 msgid "MPEG Audio Layer 2 (MP2) encoder"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2049
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2317
 msgid ""
 "TwoLAME is an optimised MPEG Audio Layer 2 (MP2) encoder based on\n"
 "tooLAME by Mike Cheng, which in turn is based upon the ISO dist10 code and\n"
 "portions of LAME."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2089
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2357
 msgid "Audio I/O library"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2091
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2359
 msgid ""
 "PortAudio is a portable C/C++ audio I/O library providing a simple API\n"
 "to record and/or play sound using a callback function or a blocking 
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2114
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2388
 msgid "Graphical user interface for FluidSynth"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2116
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2390
 msgid ""
 "Qsynth is a GUI front-end application for the FluidSynth SoundFont\n"
 "synthesizer written in C++."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2154
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2428
 msgid "Networked audio system"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2156
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2430
 msgid ""
 "RSound allows you to send audio from an application and transfer it\n"
 "directly to a different computer on your LAN network.  It is an audio 
 "with a much different focus than most other audio daemons."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2187
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2461
 msgid "JACK audio frequency analyzer and display"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2189
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2463
 msgid ""
 "XJackFreak is an audio analysis and equalizing tool for the Jack Audio\n"
 "Connection Kit.  It can display the FFT of any input, modify it and output 
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2235
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2509
 msgid "Fast, partitioned convolution engine library"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2237
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2511
 msgid ""
 "Zita convolver is a C++ library providing a real-time convolution\n"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2282
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2556
 msgid "C++ library for resampling audio signals"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2284
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2558
 msgid ""
 "Libzita-resampler is a C++ library for resampling audio signals.  It is\n"
 "designed to be used within a real-time processing context, to be fast, and 
 "provide high-quality sample rate conversion."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2330
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2604
 msgid ""
 "Zita-alsa-pcmi is a C++ wrapper around the ALSA API.  It provides easy\n"
 "access to ALSA PCM devices, taking care of the many functions required to\n"
@@ -736,11 +782,11 @@ msgid ""
 "point audio data."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2361
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2635
 msgid "Cue and toc file parsers and utilities"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2362
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2636
 msgid ""
 "Cuetools is a set of programs that are useful for manipulating\n"
 "and using CUE sheet (cue) files and Table of Contents (toc) files.  CUE and 
@@ -748,11 +794,11 @@ msgid ""
 "machine-readable ASCII format."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2381
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2655
 msgid "WAVE audio data processing tool"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2382
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2656
 msgid ""
 "shntool is a multi-purpose WAVE data processing and reporting\n"
 "utility.  File formats are abstracted from its core, so it can process any 
@@ -760,21 +806,52 @@ msgid ""
 "module to handle that particular file type."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2419
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2693
 msgid "DTS Coherent Acoustics decoder"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2420
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2694
 msgid ""
 "Dcadec is a DTS Coherent Acoustics surround sound decoder\n"
 "with support for HD extensions."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/backup.scm:92
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2715
+msgid "Tool to adjust loudness of media files"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2717
+msgid ""
+"BS1770GAIN is a loudness scanner compliant with ITU-R BS.1770 and its\n"
+"flavors EBU R128, ATSC A/85, and ReplayGain 2.0.  It helps normalizing the\n"
+"loudness of audio and video files to the same level."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2748
+msgid "Lightweight audio filtering library"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2749
+msgid ""
+"An easy to use audio filtering library made from webrtc\n"
+"code, used in @code{libtoxcore}."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2793
+msgid "GSM 06.10 lossy speech compression library"
+msgstr "GSM 06.10-talekomprimeringsbibliotek uden kvalitetestab"
+#: gnu/packages/audio.scm:2794
+msgid ""
+"This C library provides an encoder and a decoder for the GSM\n"
+"06.10 RPE-LTP lossy speech compression algorithm."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/backup.scm:93
 msgid "Encrypted backup using rsync algorithm"
 msgstr "Krypteret sikkerhedskopiering via brug af rsync-algoritmen"
-#: gnu/packages/backup.scm:94
+#: gnu/packages/backup.scm:95
 msgid ""
 "Duplicity backs up directories by producing encrypted tar-format volumes\n"
 "and uploading them to a remote or local file server.  Because duplicity 
@@ -791,11 +868,22 @@ msgstr ""
 "underskrive disse arkiver, så vil de være sikret mod spionage og/eller\n"
 "ændring af serveren."
-#: gnu/packages/backup.scm:127
+#: gnu/packages/backup.scm:132
+msgid "File verification and repair tool"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/backup.scm:133
+msgid ""
+"Par2cmdline is a tool for generating RAID-like PAR2 recovery\n"
+"files using Reed-Solomon coding.  PAR2 files can be stored along side 
+"or distributed files for recovering from bitrot."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/backup.scm:164
 msgid "Simple incremental backup tool"
 msgstr "Simpelt værktøj til trinvis sikkerhedskopiering"
-#: gnu/packages/backup.scm:129
+#: gnu/packages/backup.scm:166
 msgid ""
 "Hdup2 is a backup utility, its aim is to make backup really simple.  The\n"
 "backup scheduling is done by means of a cron job.  It supports an\n"
@@ -808,11 +896,11 @@ msgstr ""
 "sikkerhedskopier, krypterede sikkerhedskopier og opdelte sikkerhedskopier\n"
 "(kaldt klumper) så der nemt kan brændes til cd/dvd."
-#: gnu/packages/backup.scm:185
+#: gnu/packages/backup.scm:224
 msgid "Multi-format archive and compression library"
 msgstr "Arkiv- og komprimeringsbibliotek for flere formater"
-#: gnu/packages/backup.scm:187
+#: gnu/packages/backup.scm:226
 msgid ""
 "Libarchive provides a flexible interface for reading and writing\n"
 "archives in various formats such as tar and cpio.  Libarchive also supports\n"
@@ -830,11 +918,11 @@ msgstr ""
 "Bemærk venligst at der i øjeblikket ikke er indbygget understøttelse\n"
 "for vilkĂĄrlig vilkĂĄrlig adgang eller for direkte modifikation i arkivet."
-#: gnu/packages/backup.scm:258
+#: gnu/packages/backup.scm:289
 msgid "Provide a list of files to backup"
 msgstr "Tilbyder en liste af filer til sikkerhedskopiering"
-#: gnu/packages/backup.scm:260
+#: gnu/packages/backup.scm:291
 msgid ""
 "Rdup is a utility inspired by rsync and the plan9 way of doing backups.\n"
 "Rdup itself does not backup anything, it only print a list of absolute\n"
@@ -847,11 +935,11 @@ msgstr ""
 "skripter er krævet til for det videre arbejde med denne liste og\n"
 "implementering af sikkerhedskopistrategien."
-#: gnu/packages/backup.scm:290
+#: gnu/packages/backup.scm:321
 msgid "Tar-compatible archiver"
 msgstr "Tar-kompatibelt arkivprogram"
-#: gnu/packages/backup.scm:292
+#: gnu/packages/backup.scm:323
 msgid ""
 "Btar is a tar-compatible archiver which allows arbitrary compression and\n"
 "ciphering, redundancy, differential backup, indexed extraction, multicore\n"
@@ -863,11 +951,11 @@ msgstr ""
 "indekseret udtrækning, komprimering med flere kerner, inddata- og uddata-\n"
 "serialisering, og tolerance for delvise arkivfejl."
-#: gnu/packages/backup.scm:320
+#: gnu/packages/backup.scm:349
 msgid "Local/remote mirroring+incremental backup"
 msgstr "Lokal/ekstern spejlning+trinvis sikkerhedskopiering"
-#: gnu/packages/backup.scm:322
+#: gnu/packages/backup.scm:351
 msgid ""
 "Rdiff-backup backs up one directory to another, possibly over a network.\n"
 "The target directory ends up a copy of the source directory, but extra 
@@ -895,23 +983,11 @@ msgstr ""
 "placering og kun forskellene vil blive overført. Endelig er rdiff-backup\n"
 "nem at bruge og startopsætningen er lavet med fornuftige standarder."
-#: gnu/packages/backup.scm:369
-msgid "Deduplicating backup program"
-msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/backup.scm:370
-msgid ""
-"Attic is a deduplicating backup program.  The main goal of\n"
-"Attic is to provide an efficient and secure way to backup data.  The data\n"
-"deduplication technique used makes Attic suitable for daily backups since 
-"changes are stored."
-msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/backup.scm:406
+#: gnu/packages/backup.scm:393
 msgid "Tools & library for data backup and distributed storage"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/backup.scm:408
+#: gnu/packages/backup.scm:395
 msgid ""
 "Libchop is a set of utilities and library for data backup and\n"
 "distributed storage.  Its main application is @command{chop-backup}, an\n"
@@ -922,11 +998,11 @@ msgid ""
 "detection, and lossless compression."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/backup.scm:461
+#: gnu/packages/backup.scm:491
 msgid "Deduplicated, encrypted, authenticated and compressed backups"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/backup.scm:462
+#: gnu/packages/backup.scm:492
 msgid ""
 "Borg is a deduplicating backup program.  Optionally, it\n"
 "supports compression and authenticated encryption.  The main goal of Borg is 
@@ -936,11 +1012,23 @@ msgid ""
 "to not fully trusted targets.  Borg is a fork of Attic."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/base.scm:67
+#: gnu/packages/backup.scm:538
+msgid "Deduplicating backup program"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/backup.scm:539
+msgid ""
+"Attic is a deduplicating backup program.  The main goal of\n"
+"Attic is to provide an efficient and secure way to backup data.  The data\n"
+"deduplication technique used makes Attic suitable for daily backups since 
+"changes are stored."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/base.scm:70
 msgid "Hello, GNU world: An example GNU package"
 msgstr "Hej, GNU-verden: Et eksempel pĂĄ en GNU-pakke"
-#: gnu/packages/base.scm:69
+#: gnu/packages/base.scm:72
 msgid ""
 "GNU Hello prints the message \"Hello, world!\" and then exits.  It\n"
 "serves as an example of standard GNU coding practices.  As such, it 
@@ -951,11 +1039,11 @@ msgstr ""
 "sådan understøtter programmer parametre på kommandolinjen, flere\n"
 "sprog og sĂĄ videre."
-#: gnu/packages/base.scm:89
+#: gnu/packages/base.scm:106
 msgid "Print lines matching a pattern"
 msgstr "Udskriv linjer der matcher et mønster"
-#: gnu/packages/base.scm:91
+#: gnu/packages/base.scm:108
 msgid ""
 "grep is a tool for finding text inside files.  Text is found by\n"
 "matching a pattern provided by the user in one or many files.  The pattern\n"
@@ -974,11 +1062,11 @@ msgstr ""
 "grep tilbyder mange udvidelser i forhold til standardredskabet,\n"
 "inklusiv rekursiv mappesøgning."
-#: gnu/packages/base.scm:114
+#: gnu/packages/base.scm:131
 msgid "Stream editor"
 msgstr "Strømredigeringsprogram"
-#: gnu/packages/base.scm:129
+#: gnu/packages/base.scm:146
 msgid ""
 "Sed is a non-interactive, text stream editor.  It receives a text\n"
 "input from a file or from standard input and it then applies a series of 
@@ -992,11 +1080,11 @@ msgstr ""
 "tekstmønster i en strøm. GNU-implementeringen tilbyder flere\n"
 "udvidelser i forhold til standardredskabet."
-#: gnu/packages/base.scm:151
+#: gnu/packages/base.scm:185
 msgid "Managing tar archives"
 msgstr "HĂĄndtering af tar-arkiver"
-#: gnu/packages/base.scm:153
+#: gnu/packages/base.scm:187
 msgid ""
 "Tar provides the ability to create tar archives, as well as the\n"
 "ability to extract, update or list files in an existing archive.  It is\n"
@@ -1011,11 +1099,11 @@ msgstr ""
 "mappestruktur og filinformation såsom rettigheder og oprettelse/ændrings-\n"
 "datoer bevares. GNU tar tilbyder mange udvidelser over standardredskabet."
-#: gnu/packages/base.scm:176
+#: gnu/packages/base.scm:210
 msgid "Apply differences to originals, with optional backups"
 msgstr "Anvend forskelle pĂĄ originaler, med valgfri sikkerhedskopiering"
-#: gnu/packages/base.scm:178
+#: gnu/packages/base.scm:212
 msgid ""
 "Patch is a program that applies changes to files based on differences\n"
 "laid out as by the program \"diff\".  The changes may be applied to one or 
@@ -1029,11 +1117,11 @@ msgstr ""
 "forskellige diff-formater. Det kan også bruges til at tilbageføre\n"
 "tidligere anvendte forskelle."
-#: gnu/packages/base.scm:198
+#: gnu/packages/base.scm:232
 msgid "Comparing and merging files"
 msgstr "Sammenligning og sammenføjning af filer"
-#: gnu/packages/base.scm:200
+#: gnu/packages/base.scm:234
 msgid ""
 "GNU Diffutils is a package containing tools for finding the\n"
 "differences between files.  The \"diff\" command is used to show how two 
@@ -1047,11 +1135,11 @@ msgstr ""
 "de er forskellige. »diff3« giver dig mulighed for at sammenligne tre filer.\n"
 "Endelig tilbyder »sdiff« en interaktiv måde at sammenføje to filer."
-#: gnu/packages/base.scm:232
+#: gnu/packages/base.scm:266
 msgid "Operating on files matching given criteria"
 msgstr "Operation pĂĄ filer der matcher angivne kriterier"
-#: gnu/packages/base.scm:234
+#: gnu/packages/base.scm:268
 msgid ""
 "Findutils supplies the basic file directory searching utilities of the\n"
 "GNU system.  It consists of two primary searching utilities: \"find\"\n"
@@ -1067,11 +1155,11 @@ msgstr ""
 "ekstra værktøjer er inkluderet: »updatedb« opdaterer filnavnsdatabasen\n"
 "og »xargs« kan bruges til at anvende kommandoer med arbitrært lange 
-#: gnu/packages/base.scm:298
+#: gnu/packages/base.scm:323
 msgid "Core GNU utilities (file, text, shell)"
 msgstr "Core GNU-redskaber (file, text, shell)"
-#: gnu/packages/base.scm:300
+#: gnu/packages/base.scm:325
 msgid ""
 "GNU Coreutils includes all of the basic command-line tools that are\n"
 "expected in a POSIX system.  These provide the basic file, shell and text\n"
@@ -1084,11 +1172,11 @@ msgstr ""
 "af disse værktøjer tilbyder udvidet funktionalitet udover det skitseret\n"
 "i POSIX-standarden."
-#: gnu/packages/base.scm:342
+#: gnu/packages/base.scm:367
 msgid "Remake files automatically"
 msgstr "Gendan filer automatisk"
-#: gnu/packages/base.scm:344
+#: gnu/packages/base.scm:369
 msgid ""
 "Make is a program that is used to control the production of\n"
 "executables or other files from their source files.  The process is\n"
@@ -1105,11 +1193,11 @@ msgstr ""
 "gendannes efter at deres kilder har ændret sig. GNU make tilbyder\n"
 "mange funktionsrige udvidelser der ligger udover standardredskabet."
-#: gnu/packages/base.scm:389
+#: gnu/packages/base.scm:415
 msgid "Binary utilities: bfd gas gprof ld"
 msgstr "Binære redskaber: bfd gas gprof ld"
-#: gnu/packages/base.scm:391
+#: gnu/packages/base.scm:417
 msgid ""
 "GNU Binutils is a collection of tools for working with binary files.\n"
 "Perhaps the most notable are \"ld\", a linker, and \"as\", an assembler.\n"
@@ -1119,22 +1207,22 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/base.scm:456
+#: gnu/packages/base.scm:491
 msgid "The linker wrapper"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/base.scm:458
+#: gnu/packages/base.scm:493
 msgid ""
 "The linker wrapper (or 'ld-wrapper') wraps the linker to add any\n"
 "missing '-rpath' flags, and to detect any misuse of libraries outside of 
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/base.scm:639
+#: gnu/packages/base.scm:667
 msgid "The GNU C Library"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/base.scm:641
+#: gnu/packages/base.scm:669
 msgid ""
 "Any Unix-like operating system needs a C library: the library which\n"
 "defines the \"system calls\" and other basic facilities such as open, 
@@ -1144,47 +1232,47 @@ msgid ""
 "with the Linux kernel."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/base.scm:672
+#: gnu/packages/base.scm:732
+msgid "The GNU C Library (GNU Hurd variant)"
+msgstr "GNU C-biblioteket (GNU Hurd-variant)"
+#: gnu/packages/base.scm:804
 msgid "All the locales supported by the GNU C Library"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/base.scm:674
+#: gnu/packages/base.scm:806
 msgid ""
 "This package provides all the locales supported by the GNU C Library,\n"
 "more than 400 in total.  To use them set the 'LOCPATH' environment variable 
 "the 'share/locale' sub-directory of this package."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/base.scm:742
+#: gnu/packages/base.scm:874
 msgid "Small sample of UTF-8 locales"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/base.scm:744
+#: gnu/packages/base.scm:876
 msgid ""
 "This package provides a small sample of UTF-8 locales mostly useful in\n"
 "test environments."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/base.scm:762
+#: gnu/packages/base.scm:894
 msgid "Find full path of shell commands"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/base.scm:764
+#: gnu/packages/base.scm:896
 msgid ""
 "The which program finds the location of executables in PATH, with a\n"
 "variety of options.  It is an alternative to the shell \"type\" built-in\n"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/base.scm:833
-msgid "The GNU C Library (GNU Hurd variant)"
-msgstr "GNU C-biblioteket (GNU Hurd-variant)"
-#: gnu/packages/base.scm:935
+#: gnu/packages/base.scm:1001
 msgid "Database of current and historical time zones"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/base.scm:936
+#: gnu/packages/base.scm:1002
 msgid ""
 "The Time Zone Database (often called tz or zoneinfo)\n"
 "contains code and data that represent the history of local time for many\n"
@@ -1193,22 +1281,22 @@ msgid ""
 "and daylight-saving rules."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/base.scm:962
+#: gnu/packages/base.scm:1028
 msgid "Character set conversion library"
 msgstr "Bibliotek til konvertering af tegnsæt"
-#: gnu/packages/base.scm:964
+#: gnu/packages/base.scm:1030
 msgid ""
 "libiconv provides an implementation of the iconv function for systems\n"
 "that lack it.  iconv is used to convert between character encodings in a\n"
 "program.  It supports a wide variety of different encodings."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/bittorrent.scm:95
+#: gnu/packages/bittorrent.scm:102
 msgid "Fast and easy BitTorrent client"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/bittorrent.scm:97
+#: gnu/packages/bittorrent.scm:104
 msgid ""
 "Transmission is a BitTorrent client that comes with graphical,\n"
 "textual, and Web user interfaces.  Transmission also has a daemon for\n"
@@ -1216,49 +1304,74 @@ msgid ""
 "DHT, µTP, PEX and Magnet Links."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/bittorrent.scm:129
+#: gnu/packages/bittorrent.scm:136
 msgid "BitTorrent library of rtorrent"
 msgstr "BitTorrent-bibliotek for rtorrent"
-#: gnu/packages/bittorrent.scm:131
+#: gnu/packages/bittorrent.scm:138
 msgid ""
 "LibTorrent is a BitTorrent library used by and developed in parallel\n"
 "with the BitTorrent client rtorrent.  It is written in C++ with emphasis on\n"
 "speed and efficiency."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/bittorrent.scm:158
+#: gnu/packages/bittorrent.scm:165
 msgid "BitTorrent client with ncurses interface"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/bittorrent.scm:160
+#: gnu/packages/bittorrent.scm:167
 msgid ""
 "rTorrent is a BitTorrent client with an ncurses interface.  It supports\n"
 "full encryption, DHT, PEX, and Magnet Links.  It can also be controlled via\n"
 "XML-RPC over SCGI."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/bittorrent.scm:201
+#: gnu/packages/bittorrent.scm:208
 msgid "Console client for the Transmission BitTorrent daemon"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/bittorrent.scm:202
+#: gnu/packages/bittorrent.scm:209
 msgid ""
 "Transmission-remote-cli is a console client, with a curses\n"
 "interface, for the Transmission BitTorrent daemon."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/bittorrent.scm:245
+#: gnu/packages/bittorrent.scm:254
 msgid "Utility for parallel downloading files"
 msgstr "Redskab for parallel overførsel af filer"
-#: gnu/packages/bittorrent.scm:247
+#: gnu/packages/bittorrent.scm:256
 msgid ""
 "Aria2 is a lightweight, multi-protocol & multi-source command-line\n"
 "download utility.  It supports HTTP/HTTPS, FTP, SFTP, BitTorrent and 
 "Aria2 can be manipulated via built-in JSON-RPC and XML-RPC interfaces."
 msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/bittorrent.scm:289
+msgid "Universal download manager with GTK+ interface"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/bittorrent.scm:291
+msgid ""
+"uGet is portable download manager with GTK+ interface supporting\n"
+"HTTP, HTTPS, BitTorrent and Metalink, supporting multi-connection\n"
+"downloads, download scheduling, download rate limiting."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/bittorrent.scm:319
+msgid "Utility to create BitTorrent metainfo files"
+msgstr "Redskab til at oprette BitTorrent-metainfofiler"
+#: gnu/packages/bittorrent.scm:320
+msgid ""
+"mktorrent is a simple command-line utility to create\n"
+"BitTorrent @dfn{metainfo} files, often known simply as @dfn{torrents}, from\n"
+"both single files and whole directories.  It can add multiple trackers and 
+"seed URLs, and set the @code{private} flag to disallow advertisement 
+"the distributed hash table (DHT) and Peer Exchange.  Hashing is 
+"and will take advantage of multiple processor cores where possible."
+msgstr ""
 #: gnu/packages/certs.scm:65
 msgid "Python script to extract .pem data from certificate collection"
 msgstr ""
@@ -1280,11 +1393,11 @@ msgid ""
 "taken from the NSS package and thus ultimately from the Mozilla project."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:80
+#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:83
 msgid "Compression library"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:82
+#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:85
 msgid ""
 "zlib is designed to be a free, general-purpose, legally unencumbered --\n"
 "that is, not covered by any patents -- lossless data-compression library 
@@ -1297,31 +1410,31 @@ msgid ""
 "in compression."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:107
+#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:110
 msgid "Replacement for Sun's 'jar' utility"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:109
+#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:112
 msgid ""
 "FastJar is an attempt to create a much faster replacement for Sun's 'jar'\n"
 "utility.  Instead of being written in Java, FastJar is written in C."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:143
+#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:146
 msgid "C library for manipulating POSIX tar files"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:145
+#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:148
 msgid ""
 "libtar is a C library for manipulating POSIX tar files.  It handles\n"
 "adding and extracting files to/from a tar archive."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:162
+#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:165
 msgid "General file (de)compression (using lzw)"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:167
+#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:170
 msgid ""
 "GNU Gzip provides data compression and decompression utilities; the\n"
 "typical extension is \".gz\".  Unlike the \"zip\" format, it compresses a 
@@ -1329,11 +1442,11 @@ msgid ""
 "\".tar.gz\" or \".tgz\", etc."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:243
+#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:246
 msgid "High-quality data compression program"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:245
+#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:248
 msgid ""
 "bzip2 is a freely available, patent free (see below), high-quality data\n"
 "compressor.  It typically compresses files to within 10% to 15% of the best\n"
@@ -1342,11 +1455,11 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:266
+#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:269
 msgid "Parallel bzip2 compression utility"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:268
+#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:271
 msgid ""
 "lbzip2 is a multi-threaded compression utility with support for the\n"
 "bzip2 compressed file format.  lbzip2 can process standard bz2 files in\n"
@@ -1356,11 +1469,11 @@ msgid ""
 "compatible with bzip2 – both at file format and command line level."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:298
+#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:301
 msgid "Parallel bzip2 implementation"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:300
+#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:303
 msgid ""
 "Pbzip2 is a parallel implementation of the bzip2 block-sorting file\n"
 "compressor that uses pthreads and achieves near-linear speedup on SMP 
@@ -1368,11 +1481,11 @@ msgid ""
 "compressed with pbzip2 can be decompressed with bzip2)."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:321
+#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:324
 msgid "General-purpose data compression"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:323
+#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:326
 msgid ""
 "XZ Utils is free general-purpose data compression software with high\n"
 "compression ratio.  XZ Utils were written for POSIX-like systems, but also\n"
@@ -1385,11 +1498,11 @@ msgid ""
 "than gzip and 15 % smaller output than bzip2."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:351
+#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:354
 msgid "Data compression library suitable for real-time data de-/compression"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:353
+#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:356
 msgid ""
 "LZO is a data compression library which is suitable for data\n"
 "de-/compression in real-time.  This means it favours speed over\n"
@@ -1399,11 +1512,11 @@ msgid ""
 "format are designed to be portable across platforms."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:376
+#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:379
 msgid "Compress or expand files"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:378
+#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:381
 msgid ""
 "Lzop is a file compressor which is very similar to gzip.  Lzop uses the\n"
 "LZO data compression library for compression services, and its main 
@@ -1411,11 +1524,11 @@ msgid ""
 "some compression ratio)."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:397
+#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:400
 msgid "Lossless data compressor based on the LZMA algorithm"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:399
+#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:402
 msgid ""
 "Lzip is a lossless data compressor with a user interface similar to the\n"
 "one of gzip or bzip2.  Lzip decompresses almost as fast as gzip and 
@@ -1423,11 +1536,11 @@ msgid ""
 "archiving.  Lzip is a clean implementation of the LZMA algorithm."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:431
+#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:434
 msgid "Archives in shell scripts, uuencode/uudecode"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:433
+#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:436
 msgid ""
 "GNU sharutils is a package for creating and manipulating shell\n"
 "archives that can be readily emailed.  A shell archive is a file that can 
@@ -1435,71 +1548,71 @@ msgid ""
 "This package is mostly for compatibility and historical interest."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:464
+#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:467
 msgid "Library for SoundFont decompression"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:466
+#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:469
 msgid ""
 "SfArkLib is a C++ library for decompressing SoundFont files compressed\n"
 "with the sfArk algorithm."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:499
+#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:502
 msgid "Basic sfArk decompressor"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:500
+#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:503
 msgid ""
 "SfArk extractor converts SoundFonts in the compressed legacy\n"
 "sfArk file format to the uncompressed sf2 format."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:517
+#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:520
 msgid "Compression tools for some formats used by Microsoft"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:519
+#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:522
 msgid ""
 "The purpose of libmspack is to provide both compression and\n"
 "decompression of some loosely related file formats used by Microsoft."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:538
+#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:541
 msgid "Low-level interface to bzip2 compression library"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:539
+#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:542
 msgid ""
 "This module provides a Perl interface to the bzip2\n"
 "compression library."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:573
+#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:576
 msgid "Low-level interface to zlib compression library"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:574
+#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:577
 msgid ""
 "This module provides a Perl interface to the zlib\n"
 "compression library."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:595
+#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:598
 msgid "IO Interface to compressed files/buffers"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:596
+#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:599
 msgid ""
 "IO-Compress provides a Perl interface to allow reading and\n"
 "writing of compressed data created with the zlib and bzip2 libraries."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:622
+#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:625
 msgid "Compression algorithm focused on speed"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:623
+#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:626
 msgid ""
 "LZ4 is a lossless compression algorithm, providing\n"
 "compression speed at 400 MB/s per core (0.16 Bytes/cycle).  It also features 
@@ -1508,35 +1621,35 @@ msgid ""
 "time for compression ratio."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:664
-msgid "Tools to create and extract squashfs filesystems"
+#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:667
+msgid "Tools to create and extract squashfs file systems"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:666
+#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:669
 msgid ""
-"Squashfs is a highly compressed read-only filesystem for Linux.  It uses\n"
+"Squashfs is a highly compressed read-only file system for Linux.  It uses\n"
 "zlib to compress files, inodes, and directories.  All blocks are packed to\n"
 "minimize the data overhead, and block sizes of between 4K and 1M are 
 "It is intended to be used for archival use, for live CDs, and for embedded\n"
 "systems where low overhead is needed.  This package allows you to create 
-"extract such filesystems."
+"extract such file systems."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:703
+#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:706
 msgid "Parallel implementation of gzip"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:705
+#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:708
 msgid ""
 "This package provides a parallel implementation of gzip that exploits\n"
 "multiple processors and multiple cores when compressing data."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:729
+#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:732
 msgid "Parallel indexing implementation of LZMA"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:731
+#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:734
 msgid ""
 "The existing XZ Utils provide great compression in the .xz file format,\n"
 "but they produce just one big block of compressed data.  Pixz instead 
@@ -1545,11 +1658,11 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:772
+#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:775
 msgid "Implementation of the Brotli compression algorithm"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:774
+#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:777
 msgid ""
 "Brotli is a general-purpose lossless compression algorithm.  It is\n"
 "similar in speed to deflate but offers denser compression.  This package\n"
@@ -1557,19 +1670,19 @@ msgid ""
 "respectively, based on the reference implementation from Google."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:798
+#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:801
 msgid "Tool to unpack Cabinet archives"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:799
+#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:802
 msgid "Extracts files out of Microsoft Cabinet (.cab) archives"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:831
+#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:834
 msgid "Delta encoder for binary files"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:832
+#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:835
 msgid ""
 "xdelta encodes only the differences between two binary files\n"
 "using the VCDIFF algorithm and patch file format described in RFC 3284.  It 
@@ -1578,11 +1691,11 @@ msgid ""
 "human-readable output."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:864
+#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:867
 msgid "Large file compressor with a very high compression ratio"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:865
+#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:868
 msgid ""
 "lrzip is a compression utility that uses long-range\n"
 "redundancy reduction to improve the subsequent compression ratio of\n"
@@ -1593,63 +1706,97 @@ msgid ""
 "well as bzip2."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:109
+#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:892
+msgid "Fast compressor/decompressor"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:893
+msgid ""
+"Snappy is a compression/decompression library. It does not\n"
+"aim for maximum compression, or compatibility with any other compression 
+"instead, it aims for very high speeds and reasonable compression. For 
+"compared to the fastest mode of zlib, Snappy is an order of magnitude 
+"for most inputs, but the resulting compressed files are anywhere from 20% 
+"100% bigger."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:960
+msgid "Command-line file archiver with high compression ratio"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:961
+msgid ""
+"p7zip is a command-line port of 7-Zip, a file archiver that\n"
+"handles the 7z format which features very high compression ratios."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:1000
+msgid "Compressed C++ iostream"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/compression.scm:1001
+msgid ""
+"gzstream is a small library for providing zlib\n"
+"functionality in a C++ iostream."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:116
 msgid "Clustered RDF storage and query engine"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:110
+#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:117
 msgid ""
 "4store is a RDF/SPARQL store written in C, supporting\n"
 "either single machines or networked clusters."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:129
+#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:136
 msgid "Hash library of database functions compatible with traditional dbm"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:131
+#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:138
 msgid ""
 "GDBM is a library for manipulating hashed databases.  It is used to\n"
 "store key/value pairs in a file in a manner similar to the Unix dbm library\n"
 "and provides interfaces to the traditional file format."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:177
+#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:189
 msgid "Berkeley database"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:179
+#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:191
 msgid ""
 "Berkeley DB is an embeddable database allowing developers the choice of\n"
 "SQL, Key/Value, XML/XQuery or Java Object storage for their data model."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:253
+#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:278
 msgid "Fast, easy to use, and popular database"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:255
+#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:280
 msgid ""
 "MySQL is a fast, reliable, and easy to use relational database\n"
 "management system that supports the standardized Structured Query\n"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:322
+#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:347
 msgid "SQL database server"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:324
+#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:349
 msgid ""
 "MariaDB is a multi-user and multi-threaded SQL database server, designed\n"
 "as a drop-in replacement of MySQL."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:354
+#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:379
 msgid "Powerful object-relational database system"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:356
+#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:381
 msgid ""
 "PostgreSQL is a powerful object-relational database system.  It is fully\n"
 "ACID compliant, has full support for foreign keys, joins, views, triggers, 
@@ -1659,11 +1806,11 @@ msgid ""
 "pictures, sounds, or video."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:394
+#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:436
 msgid "Manipulate plain text files as databases"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:396
+#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:438
 msgid ""
 "GNU Recutils is a set of tools and libraries for creating and\n"
 "manipulating text-based, human-editable databases.  Despite being 
@@ -1672,11 +1819,11 @@ msgid ""
 "types are supported, as is encryption."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:453
+#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:495
 msgid "Command-line tool for accessing SPARQL endpoints over HTTP"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:454
+#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:496
 msgid ""
 "Sparql-query is a command-line tool for accessing SPARQL\n"
 "endpoints over HTTP.  It has been intentionally designed to 'feel' similar 
@@ -1687,11 +1834,11 @@ msgid ""
 "for example from a shell script."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:509
+#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:553
 msgid "The SQLite database management system"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:511
+#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:555
 msgid ""
 "SQLite is a software library that implements a self-contained, serverless,\n"
 "zero-configuration, transactional SQL database engine.  SQLite is the most\n"
@@ -1699,11 +1846,11 @@ msgid ""
 "is in the public domain."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:546
+#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:610
 msgid "Trivial database"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:548
+#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:612
 msgid ""
 "TDB is a Trivial Database.  In concept, it is very much like GDBM,\n"
 "and BSD's DB except that it allows multiple simultaneous writers and uses\n"
@@ -1711,19 +1858,19 @@ msgid ""
 "extremely small."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:567
+#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:631
 msgid "Database independent interface for Perl"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:568
+#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:632
 msgid "This package provides an database interface for Perl."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:615
+#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:679
 msgid "Extensible and flexible object <-> relational mapper"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:616
+#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:680
 msgid ""
 "An SQL to OO mapper with an object API inspired by\n"
 "Class::DBI (with a compatibility layer as a springboard for porting) and a\n"
@@ -1735,21 +1882,21 @@ msgid ""
 "\"ORDER BY\" and \"HAVING\" support."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:646
+#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:710
 msgid "Cursor with built-in caching support"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:647
+#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:711
 msgid ""
 "DBIx::Class::Cursor::Cached provides a cursor class with\n"
 "built-in caching support."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:667
+#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:731
 msgid "Introspect many-to-many relationships"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:668
+#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:732
 msgid ""
 "Because the many-to-many relationships are not real\n"
 "relationships, they can not be introspected with DBIx::Class.  Many-to-many\n"
@@ -1759,22 +1906,22 @@ msgid ""
 "introspected and examined."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:725
+#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:789
 msgid "Create a DBIx::Class::Schema based on a database"
 msgstr "Opret et DBIx::Class::Schema baseret pĂĄ en database"
-#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:726
+#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:790
 msgid ""
 "DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader automates the definition of a\n"
 "DBIx::Class::Schema by scanning database table definitions and setting up 
 "columns, primary keys, unique constraints and relationships."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:750
+#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:814
 msgid "DBI PostgreSQL interface"
 msgstr "DBI PostgreSQL-grænseflade"
-#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:751
+#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:815
 msgid ""
 "This package provides a PostgreSQL driver for the Perl5\n"
 "@dfn{Database Interface} (DBI)."
@@ -1782,11 +1929,11 @@ msgstr ""
 "Denne pakke tilbyder en PostgreSQL-driver for Perl5-\n"
 "@dfn{Database Interface} (DBI)."
-#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:774
+#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:838
 msgid "DBI MySQL interface"
 msgstr "DBI MySQL-grænseflade"
-#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:775
+#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:839
 msgid ""
 "This package provides a MySQL driver for the Perl5\n"
 "@dfn{Database Interface} (DBI)."
@@ -1794,11 +1941,11 @@ msgstr ""
 "Denne pakke tilbyder en MySQL-driver for Perl5-\n"
 "@dfn{Database Interface} (DBI)."
-#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:794
+#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:858
 msgid "SQlite interface for Perl"
 msgstr "SQlite-grænseflade for Perl"
-#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:795
+#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:859
 msgid ""
 "DBD::SQLite is a Perl DBI driver for SQLite, that includes\n"
 "the entire thing in the distribution.  So in order to get a fast 
@@ -1806,11 +1953,11 @@ msgid ""
 "module, and nothing else."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:825
+#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:889
 msgid "Generate SQL from Perl data structures"
 msgstr "Opret SQL fra Perldatastrukturer"
-#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:826
+#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:890
 msgid ""
 "This module was inspired by the excellent DBIx::Abstract.\n"
 "While based on the concepts used by DBIx::Abstract, the concepts used have\n"
@@ -1820,43 +1967,43 @@ msgid ""
 "time your data changes."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:855
+#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:919
 msgid "Split SQL code into atomic statements"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:856
+#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:920
 msgid ""
 "This module tries to split any SQL code, even including\n"
 "non-standard extensions, into the atomic statements it is composed of."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:874
+#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:938
 msgid "SQL tokenizer"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:875
+#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:939
 msgid ""
 "SQL::Tokenizer is a tokenizer for SQL queries.  It does not\n"
 "claim to be a parser or query verifier.  It just creates sane tokens from a\n"
 "valid SQL query."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:893
+#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:957
 msgid "Data source abstraction library"
 msgstr "Abstraktionsbibliotek for datakilde"
-#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:894
+#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:958
 msgid ""
 "Unixodbc is a library providing an API with which to access\n"
 "data sources.  Data sources include SQL Servers and any software with an 
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:918
+#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:982
 msgid "In-memory key/value and document store"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:920
+#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:984
 msgid ""
 "UnQLite is an in-process software library which implements a\n"
 "self-contained, serverless, zero-configuration, transactional NoSQL\n"
@@ -1865,33 +2012,33 @@ msgid ""
 "similar to BerkeleyDB, LevelDB, etc."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:947
+#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:1012
 msgid "Key-value cache and store"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:948
+#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:1013
 msgid ""
 "Redis is an advanced key-value cache and store.  Redis\n"
 "supports many data structures including strings, hashes, lists, sets, 
 "sets, bitmaps and hyperloglogs."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:974
+#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:1039
 msgid "Kyoto Cabinet is a modern implementation of the DBM database"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:976
+#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:1041
 msgid ""
 "Kyoto Cabinet is a standalone file-based database that supports Hash\n"
 "and B+ Tree data storage models.  It is a fast key-value lightweight\n"
 "database and supports many programming languages.  It is a NoSQL database."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:1008
+#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:1073
 msgid "NoSQL data engine"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:1010
+#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:1075
 msgid ""
 "WiredTiger is an extensible platform for data management.  It supports\n"
 "row-oriented storage (where all columns of a row are stored together),\n"
@@ -1900,19 +2047,64 @@ msgid ""
 "trees (LSM), for sustained throughput under random insert workloads."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:1046
+#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:1111
 msgid "Perl5 access to Berkeley DB version 1.x"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:1048
+#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:1113
 msgid "The DB::File module provides Perl bindings to the Berkeley DB version 
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/debug.scm:74
+#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:1140
+msgid "Lightning memory-mapped database library"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:1141
+msgid "Lightning memory-mapped database library."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:1162
+msgid "C++ connector for PostgreSQL"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:1164
+msgid ""
+"Libpqxx is a C++ library to enable user programs to communicate with the\n"
+"PostgreSQL database back-end.  The database back-end can be local or it may 
+"on another machine, accessed via TCP/IP."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:1187
+msgid "Small object-relational mapping utility"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:1189
+msgid ""
+"Peewee is a simple and small ORM (object-relation mapping) tool.  Peewee\n"
+"handles converting between pythonic values and those used by databases, so 
+"can use Python types in your code without having to worry.  It has built-in\n"
+"support for sqlite, mysql and postgresql.  If you already have a database, 
+"can autogenerate peewee models using @code{pwiz}, a model generator."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:1236
+msgid "Library providing transparent encryption of SQLite database files"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/databases.scm:1237
+msgid ""
+"SQLCipher is an implementation of SQLite, extended to\n"
+"provide transparent 256-bit AES encryption of database files.  Pages are\n"
+"encrypted before being written to disk and are decrypted when read back.  
+"well suited for protecting embedded application databases and for mobile\n"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/debug.scm:78
 msgid "Heuristical file minimizer"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/debug.scm:76
+#: gnu/packages/debug.scm:80
 msgid ""
 "Delta assists you in minimizing \"interesting\" files subject to a test\n"
 "of their interestingness.  A common such situation is when attempting to\n"
@@ -1920,11 +2112,11 @@ msgid ""
 "program to exhibit a bug."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/debug.scm:135
+#: gnu/packages/debug.scm:134
 msgid "Reducer for interesting code"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/debug.scm:137
+#: gnu/packages/debug.scm:136
 msgid ""
 "C-Reduce is a tool that takes a large C or C++ program that has a\n"
 "property of interest (such as triggering a compiler bug) and automatically\n"
@@ -1933,11 +2125,11 @@ msgid ""
 "tools that process C/C++ code."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/debug.scm:249
+#: gnu/packages/debug.scm:251
 msgid "Security-oriented fuzzer"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/debug.scm:251
+#: gnu/packages/debug.scm:253
 msgid ""
 "American fuzzy lop is a security-oriented fuzzer that employs a novel\n"
 "type of compile-time instrumentation and genetic algorithms to 
@@ -1948,35 +2140,47 @@ msgid ""
 "down the road."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/dejagnu.scm:78
-msgid "GNU software testing framework"
+#: gnu/packages/debug.scm:305
+msgid "Expose race conditions in Makefiles"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/dejagnu.scm:80
+#: gnu/packages/debug.scm:307
 msgid ""
-"DejaGnu is a framework for testing software.  In effect, it serves as\n"
-"a front-end for all tests written for a program.  Thus, each program can 
-"multiple test suites, which are then all managed by a single harness."
+"Stress Make is a customized GNU Make that explicitely managess the\n"
+"order in which concurrent jobs are run in order to provoke erroneous 
+"into becoming manifest.  It can run jobs in the order they're launched, in\n"
+"backwards order, or in random order.  The thought is that if code builds\n"
+"correctly with Stress Make then it is likely that the @code{Makefile} 
+"no race conditions."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/feh.scm:54
-msgid "Fast and light imlib2-based image viewer"
-msgstr "Hurtig og simpel imlib2-baseret billedfremviser"
+#: gnu/packages/debug.scm:334
+msgid "Transparent application input fuzzer"
+msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/feh.scm:56
+#: gnu/packages/debug.scm:335
 msgid ""
-"feh is an X11 image viewer aimed mostly at console users.\n"
-"Unlike most other viewers, it does not have a fancy GUI, but simply\n"
-"displays images.  It can also be used to set the desktop wallpaper.\n"
-"It is controlled via commandline arguments and configurable key/mouse\n"
+"Zzuf is a transparent application input fuzzer.  It works by\n"
+"intercepting file operations and changing random bits in the program's\n"
+"input.  Zzuf's behaviour is deterministic, making it easy to reproduce bugs."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/dejagnu.scm:77
+msgid "GNU software testing framework"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/dejagnu.scm:79
+msgid ""
+"DejaGnu is a framework for testing software.  In effect, it serves as\n"
+"a front-end for all tests written for a program.  Thus, each program can 
+"multiple test suites, which are then all managed by a single harness."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:128
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:137
 msgid "Backgammon game"
 msgstr "Backgammonspil"
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:129
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:138
 msgid ""
 "The GNU backgammon application can be used for playing, analyzing and\n"
 "teaching the game.  It has an advanced evaluation engine based on 
@@ -1990,11 +2194,11 @@ msgstr ""
 "avancerede spillere. Udover grænsefladen for kommandolinjen har\n"
 "spillet også en attraktiv 3D-repræsentation af brættet."
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:158
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:167
 msgid "3d Rubik's cube game"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:160
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:169
 msgid ""
 "GNUbik is a puzzle game in which you must manipulate a cube to make\n"
 "each of its faces have a uniform color.  The game is customizable, allowing\n"
@@ -2003,11 +2207,11 @@ msgid ""
 "scriptable with Guile."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:210
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:221
 msgid "GNU/Linux port of the indie game \"l'Abbaye des Morts\""
 msgstr "GNU/Linux-port af indiespillet »l'Abbaye des Morts«"
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:211
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:222
 msgid ""
 "L'Abbaye des Morts is a 2D platform game set in 13th century\n"
 "France.  The Cathars, who preach about good Christian beliefs, were being\n"
@@ -2016,11 +2220,11 @@ msgid ""
 "that beneath its ruins lay buried an ancient evil."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:254
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:266
 msgid "Lemmings clone"
 msgstr "Lemmingsklon"
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:256
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:268
 msgid ""
 "Pingus is a free Lemmings-like puzzle game in which the player takes\n"
 "command of a bunch of small animals and has to guide them through levels.\n"
@@ -2030,22 +2234,22 @@ msgid ""
 "level's exit.  The game is presented in a 2D side view."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:278
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:290
 msgid "Convert English text to humorous dialects"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:279
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:291
 msgid ""
 "The GNU Talk Filters are programs that convert English text\n"
 "into stereotyped or otherwise humorous dialects.  The filters are provided 
 "a C library, so they can easily be integrated into other programs."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:311
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:323
 msgid "Simulate the display from \"The Matrix\""
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:312
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:324
 msgid ""
 "CMatrix simulates the display from \"The Matrix\" and is\n"
 "based on the screensaver from the movie's website.  It works with terminal\n"
@@ -2053,22 +2257,22 @@ msgid ""
 "asynchronously and at a user-defined speed."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:332
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:344
 msgid "Full chess implementation"
 msgstr "Fuld skakimplementering"
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:333
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:345
 msgid ""
 "GNU Chess is a chess engine.  It allows you to compete\n"
 "against the computer in a game of chess, either through the default 
 "interface or via an external visual interface such as GNU XBoard."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:361
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:373
 msgid "Twisted adventures of young pig farmer Dink Smallwood"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:363
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:375
 msgid ""
 "GNU FreeDink is a free and portable re-implementation of the engine\n"
 "for the role-playing game Dink Smallwood.  It supports not only the 
@@ -2076,19 +2280,19 @@ msgid ""
 "To that extent, it also includes a front-end for managing all of your D-Mods."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:385
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:397
 msgid "Game data for GNU Freedink"
 msgstr "Spildata for GNU Freedink"
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:387
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:399
 msgid "This package contains the game data of GNU Freedink."
 msgstr "Denne pakke indeholder spildataen for GNU Freedink."
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:438
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:451
 msgid "Graphical user interface for chess programs"
 msgstr "Grafisk brugerflade for skakprogrammer"
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:439
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:452
 msgid ""
 "GNU XBoard is a graphical board for all varieties of chess,\n"
 "including international chess, xiangqi (Chinese chess), shogi (Japanese 
@@ -2097,11 +2301,11 @@ msgid ""
 "Portable Game Notation."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:492
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:505
 msgid "Ball and paddle game"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:493
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:506
 msgid ""
 "XBoing is a blockout type game where you have a paddle which\n"
 "you control to bounce a ball around the game zone destroying blocks with a\n"
@@ -2109,11 +2313,11 @@ msgid ""
 "destroy, the better your score.  The person with the highest score wins."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:525
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:538
 msgid "Typing tutor"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:527
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:540
 msgid ""
 "GNU Typist is a universal typing tutor.  It can be used to learn and\n"
 "practice touch-typing.  Several tutorials are included; in addition to\n"
@@ -2122,11 +2326,11 @@ msgid ""
 "are primarily in English, however some in other languages are provided."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:580
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:587
 msgid "3D game engine written in C++"
 msgstr "3D-spilmotor skrevet i C++"
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:582
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:589
 msgid ""
 "The Irrlicht Engine is a high performance realtime 3D engine written in\n"
 "C++.  Features include an OpenGL renderer, extensible materials, scene 
@@ -2134,11 +2338,11 @@ msgid ""
 "for common mesh file formats, and collision detection."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:634
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:641
 msgid "2D space shooter"
 msgstr "2D-rumskyder"
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:636
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:643
 msgid ""
 "M.A.R.S. is a 2D space shooter with pretty visual effects and\n"
 "attractive physics.  Players can battle each other or computer controlled\n"
@@ -2146,19 +2350,19 @@ msgid ""
 "match, cannon keep, and grave-itation pit."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:677
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:684
 msgid "Main game data for the Minetest game engine"
 msgstr "Spildata for spilmotoren Minetest"
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:679
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:686
 msgid "Game data for the Minetest infinite-world block sandox game."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:731
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:738
 msgid "Infinite-world block sandbox game"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:733
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:740
 msgid ""
 "Minetest is a sandbox construction game.  Players can create and destroy\n"
 "various types of blocks in a three-dimensional open world.  This allows\n"
@@ -2167,11 +2371,11 @@ msgid ""
 "in different ways."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:772
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:779
 msgid "Curses Implementation of the Glk API"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:774
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:781
 msgid ""
 "Glk defines a portable API for applications with text UIs.  It was\n"
 "primarily designed for interactive fiction, but it should be suitable for 
@@ -2180,11 +2384,11 @@ msgid ""
 "using the curses.h library for screen control."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:811
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:818
 msgid "Interpreter for Glulx VM"
 msgstr "Fortolker for Glulx VM"
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:813
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:820
 msgid ""
 "Glulx is a 32-bit portable virtual machine intended for writing and\n"
 "playing interactive fiction.  It was designed by Andrew Plotkin to relieve\n"
@@ -2192,22 +2396,22 @@ msgid ""
 "reference interpreter, using Glk API."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:849
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:856
 msgid "Z-machine interpreter"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:851
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:858
 msgid ""
 "Fizmo is a console-based Z-machine interpreter.  It is used to play\n"
 "interactive fiction, also known as text adventures, which were implemented\n"
 "either by Infocom or created using the Inform compiler."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:901
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:908
 msgid "Reference frontend for the libretro API"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:903
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:910
 msgid ""
 "Libretro is a simple but powerful development interface that allows for\n"
 "the easy creation of emulators, games and multimedia applications that can 
@@ -2216,11 +2420,11 @@ msgid ""
 "multi-system game/emulator system."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:923
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:930
 msgid "Play the game of Go"
 msgstr "Spil Go"
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:925
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:932
 msgid ""
 "GNU Go is a program that plays the game of Go, in which players\n"
 "place stones on a grid to form territory or capture other stones.  While\n"
@@ -2231,11 +2435,11 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:975
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:960
 msgid "High speed arctic racing game based on Tux Racer"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:977
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:962
 msgid ""
 "Extreme Tux Racer, or etracer as it is called for short, is\n"
 "a simple OpenGL racing game featuring Tux, the Linux mascot.  The goal of 
@@ -2248,11 +2452,23 @@ msgid ""
 "This game is based on the GPL version of the famous game TuxRacer."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1015
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1042
+msgid "3D kart racing game"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1043
+msgid ""
+"SuperTuxKart is a 3D kart racing game, with a focus on\n"
+"having fun over realism.  You can play with up to 4 friends on one PC, 
+"against each other or just trying to beat the computer; single-player mode 
+"also available."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1075
 msgid "Game of jumping to the next floor, trying not to fall"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1017
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1077
 msgid ""
 "GNUjump is a simple, yet addictive game in which you must jump from\n"
 "platform to platform to avoid falling, while the platforms drop at faster 
@@ -2260,11 +2476,11 @@ msgid ""
 "falling, themeable graphics and sounds, and replays."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1060
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1120
 msgid "Turn-based strategy game"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1062
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1122
 msgid ""
 "The Battle for Wesnoth is a fantasy, turn based tactical strategy game,\n"
 "with several single player campaigns, and multiplayer games (both networked 
@@ -2276,11 +2492,11 @@ msgid ""
 "next campaign."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1106
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1166
 msgid "X86 emulator with CGA/EGA/VGA/etc. graphics and sound"
 msgstr "X86-emulator med CGA/EGA/VGA/etc. grafik og lyd"
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1107
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1167
 msgid ""
 "DOSBox is a DOS-emulator that uses the SDL library.  DOSBox\n"
 "also emulates CPU:286/386 realmode/protected mode, Directory\n"
@@ -2289,22 +2505,22 @@ msgid ""
 "older games."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1152
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1212
 msgid "Mouse and keyboard discovery for children"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1154
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1214
 msgid ""
 "Gamine is a game designed for young children who are learning to use the\n"
 "mouse and keyboard.  The child uses the mouse to draw colored dots and 
 "on the screen and keyboard to display letters."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1185
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1246
 msgid "Puzzle game with a cat in lead role"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1186
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1247
 msgid ""
 "Project Raincat is a game developed by Carnegie Mellon\n"
 "students through GCS during the Fall 2008 semester.  Raincat features game\n"
@@ -2313,11 +2529,11 @@ msgid ""
 "is programmed in Haskell."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1221
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1282
 msgid "Client for 'The Mana World' and similar games"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1223
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1284
 msgid ""
 "ManaPlus is a 2D MMORPG client for game servers.  It is the only\n"
 "fully supported client for @uref{, The mana\n"
@@ -2325,96 +2541,96 @@ msgid ""
 "@uref{, Land of fire}."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1273
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1334
 msgid "Nintendo 64 emulator core library"
 msgstr "Nintendo 64-emulator - grundlæggende bibliotek"
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1275
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1336
 msgid ""
 "Mupen64Plus is a cross-platform plugin-based Nintendo 64 (N64) emulator\n"
 "which is capable of accurately playing many games.  This package contains 
 "core library."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1319 gnu/packages/games.scm:1364
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1406 gnu/packages/games.scm:1448
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1764
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1380 gnu/packages/games.scm:1425
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1467 gnu/packages/games.scm:1509
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1825
 msgid "Mupen64Plus SDL input plugin"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1321
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1382
 msgid ""
 "Mupen64Plus is a cross-platform plugin-based Nintendo 64 (N64) emulator\n"
 "which is capable of accurately playing many games.  This package contains 
 "SDL audio plugin."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1366
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1427
 msgid ""
 "Mupen64Plus is a cross-platform plugin-based Nintendo 64 (N64) emulator\n"
 "which is capable of accurately playing many games.  This package contains 
 "SDL input plugin."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1408
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1469
 msgid ""
 "Mupen64Plus is a cross-platform plugin-based Nintendo 64 (N64) emulator\n"
 "which is capable of accurately playing many games.  This package contains 
 "high-level emulation (HLE) RSP processor plugin."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1450
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1511
 msgid ""
 "Mupen64Plus is a cross-platform plugin-based Nintendo 64 (N64) emulator\n"
 "which is capable of accurately playing many games.  This package contains 
 "Z64 RSP processor plugin."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1494 gnu/packages/games.scm:1548
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1598 gnu/packages/games.scm:1646
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1555 gnu/packages/games.scm:1609
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1659 gnu/packages/games.scm:1707
 msgid "Mupen64Plus Rice Video plugin"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1496
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1557
 msgid ""
 "Mupen64Plus is a cross-platform plugin-based Nintendo 64 (N64) emulator\n"
 "which is capable of accurately playing many games.  This package contains 
 "Arachnoid video plugin."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1550
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1611
 msgid ""
 "Mupen64Plus is a cross-platform plugin-based Nintendo 64 (N64) emulator\n"
 "which is capable of accurately playing many games.  This package contains 
 "Glide64 video plugin."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1600
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1661
 msgid ""
 "Mupen64Plus is a cross-platform plugin-based Nintendo 64 (N64) emulator\n"
 "which is capable of accurately playing many games.  This package contains 
 "Glide64MK2 video plugin."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1648
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1709
 msgid ""
 "Mupen64Plus is a cross-platform plugin-based Nintendo 64 (N64) emulator\n"
 "which is capable of accurately playing many games.  This package contains 
 "Rice Video plugin."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1700
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1761
 msgid "Mupen64Plus Z64 video plugin"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1702
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1763
 msgid ""
 "Mupen64Plus is a cross-platform plugin-based Nintendo 64 (N64) emulator\n"
 "which is capable of accurately playing many games.  This package contains 
 "Z64 video plugin."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1766
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1827
 msgid ""
 "Mupen64Plus is a cross-platform plugin-based Nintendo 64 (N64) emulator\n"
 "which is capable of accurately playing many games.  This package contains 
@@ -2422,22 +2638,22 @@ msgid ""
 "towards a working Mupen64Plus for casual users."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1830
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1884
 msgid "Nintendo Entertainment System (NES/Famicom) emulator"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1832
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1886
 msgid ""
 "Nestopia UE (Undead Edition) is a fork of the Nintendo Entertainment\n"
 "System (NES/Famicom) emulator Nestopia, with enhancements from members of 
 "emulation community.  It provides highly accurate emulation."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1862
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1916
 msgid "Video game console emulator front-end"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1863
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1917
 msgid ""
 "EmulationStation provides a graphical front-end to a large\n"
 "number of video game console emulators.  It features an interface that is\n"
@@ -2445,64 +2661,65 @@ msgid ""
 "and a game metadata scraper."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1915
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1969
 msgid "Transportation economics simulator"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1916
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1970
 msgid ""
 "OpenTTD is a game in which you transport goods and\n"
 "passengers by land, water and air.  It is a re-implementation of Transport\n"
 "Tycoon Deluxe with many enhancements including multiplayer mode,\n"
 "internationalization support, conditional orders and the ability to clone,\n"
-"autoreplace and autoupdate vehicles."
+"autoreplace and autoupdate vehicles.  This package only includes the game 
engine.  When you start\n"
+"it you will be prompted to download a graphics set."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1970
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:2025
 msgid "Pinball simulator"
 msgstr "Pinball-simulator"
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1971
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:2026
 msgid ""
 "The Emilia Pinball Project is a pinball simulator.  There\n"
 "are only two levels to play with, but they are very addictive."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1992
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:2047
 msgid "Board game inspired by The Settlers of Catan"
 msgstr "Brætspil inspireret af The Settlers of Catan"
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:1993
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:2048
 msgid ""
 "Pioneers is an emulation of the board game The Settlers of\n"
 "Catan.  It can be played on a local network, on the internet, and with AI\n"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:2027
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:2082
 msgid "Nintendo DS emulator"
 msgstr "Nintendo DS-emulator"
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:2029
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:2084
 msgid "DeSmuME is an emulator for the Nintendo DS handheld gaming console."
 msgstr "DeSmuME er en emulator for den hĂĄndholdte spilkonsol Nintendo DS."
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:2067
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:2122
 msgid "Logic puzzle game"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:2068
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:2123
 msgid ""
 "The goal of this logic game is to open all cards in a 6x6\n"
 "grid, using a number of hints as to their relative position.  The game idea\n"
 "is attributed to Albert Einstein."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:2097
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:2152
 msgid "MUD and telnet client"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:2099
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:2154
 msgid ""
 "POWWOW is a client software which can be used for telnet as well as for\n"
 "@dfn{Multi-User Dungeon} (MUD).  Additionally it can serve as a nice client 
@@ -2510,22 +2727,22 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:2237
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:2296
 msgid "Arena shooter derived from the Cube 2 engine"
 msgstr "Arenaskydespil afledt fra Cube 2-motoren"
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:2239
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:2298
 msgid ""
 "Red Eclipse is an arena shooter, created from the Cube2 engine.\n"
 "Offering an innovative parkour system and distinct but all potent weapons,\n"
 "Red Eclipse provides fast paced and accessible gameplay."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:2333
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:2392
 msgid "Nintendo multi-system emulator"
 msgstr "Nintendo multi-system-emulator"
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:2335
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:2394
 msgid ""
 "higan (formerly bsnes) is an emulator for multiple Nintendo video game\n"
 "consoles, including the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES/Famicom), Super\n"
@@ -2534,22 +2751,22 @@ msgid ""
 "Super Game Boy, BS-X Satellaview, and Sufami Turbo."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:2395
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:2454
 msgid "Text adventure game"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:2397
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:2456
 msgid ""
 "Grue Hunter is a text adventure game written in Perl.  You must make\n"
 "your way through an underground cave system in search of the Grue.  Can you\n"
 "capture it and get out alive?"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:2439
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:2505
 msgid "3D Real-time strategy and real-time tactics game"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:2441
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:2507
 msgid ""
 "Warzone 2100 offers campaign, multi-player, and single-player skirmish\n"
 "modes. An extensive tech tree with over 400 different technologies, 
@@ -2557,11 +2774,11 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:2484
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:2550
 msgid "2D scrolling shooter game"
 msgstr "2D-rullende skydespil"
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:2486
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:2552
 msgid ""
 "In the year 2579, the intergalactic weapons corporation, WEAPCO, has\n"
 "dominated the galaxy.  Guide Chris Bainfield and his friend Sid Wilson on\n"
@@ -2570,11 +2787,11 @@ msgid ""
 "in strikes against the evil corporation."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:2524
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:2583
 msgid "Fast-paced, arcade-style, top-scrolling space shooter"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/games.scm:2526
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:2585
 msgid ""
 "In this game you are the captain of the cargo ship Chromium B.S.U. and\n"
 "are responsible for delivering supplies to the troops on the front line.  
@@ -2582,34 +2799,150 @@ msgid ""
 "safety of the Chromium vessel."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gcc.scm:313
-msgid "GNU Compiler Collection"
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:2659
+msgid "Drawing software for children"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:2661
+msgid ""
+"Tux Paint is a free drawing program designed for young children (kids\n"
+"ages 3 and up).  It has a simple, easy-to-use interface; fun sound effects;\n"
+"and an encouraging cartoon mascot who helps guide children as they use the\n"
+"program.  It provides a blank canvas and a variety of drawing tools to help\n"
+"your child be creative."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:2699
+msgid "Stamp images for Tux Paint"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:2701
+msgid ""
+"This package contains a set of \"Rubber Stamp\" images which can be used\n"
+"with the \"Stamp\" tool within Tux Paint."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:2748
+msgid "Configure Tux Paint"
+msgstr "Konfigurer Tux Paint"
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:2750
+msgid "Tux Paint Config is a graphical configuration editor for Tux Paint."
+msgstr "Tux Paint Config er et grafisk redigeringsprogram til konfigurationen 
for Tux Paint."
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:2782
+msgid "2D platformer game"
+msgstr "2D-platformsspil"
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:2783
+msgid ""
+"SuperTux is a free classic 2D jump'n run sidescroller game\n"
+"in a style similar to the original Super Mario games covered under\n"
+"the GNU GPL."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:2817
+msgid "MUD client"
+msgstr "MUD-klient"
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:2819
+msgid ""
+"TinTin++ is a MUD client which supports MCCP (Mud Client Compression 
+"MMCP (Mud Master Chat Protocol), xterm 256 colors, most TELNET options used 
by MUDs,\n"
+"as well as those required to login via telnet on Linux / Mac OS X servers, 
and an\n"
+"auto mapper with a VT100 map display."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:2856
+msgid "Programming game"
+msgstr "Programmeringsspil"
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:2857
+msgid ""
+"Learn programming, playing with ants and spider webs ;-)\n"
+"Your robot ant can be programmed in many languages: OCaml, Python, C, C++,\n"
+"Java, Ruby, Lua, JavaScript, Pascal, Perl, Scheme, Vala, Prolog.  
+"programmers may also add their own favorite language."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:2901
+msgid "Keyboard mashing and doodling game for babies"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:2902
+msgid ""
+"Bambam is a simple baby keyboard (and gamepad) masher\n"
+"application that locks the keyboard and mouse and instead displays bright\n"
+"colors, pictures, and sounds."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:2945
+msgid "Arcade-style fire fighting game"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:2947
+msgid ""
+"Mr. Rescue is an arcade styled 2d action game centered around evacuating\n"
+"civilians from burning buildings.  The game features fast paced fire\n"
+"extinguishing action, intense boss battles, a catchy soundtrack and lots of\n"
+"throwing people around in pseudo-randomly generated buildings."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:3023
+msgid "Non-euclidean graphical rogue-like game"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:3025
+msgid ""
+"HyperRogue is a game in which the player collects treasures and fights\n"
+"monsters -- rogue-like but for the fact that it is played on the hyperbolic\n"
+"plane and not in euclidean space.\n"
+"In HyperRogue, the player can move through different parts of the world, 
+"are home to particular creatures and may be subject to own rules of 
+"While it can use ASCII characters to display the world the classical rogue\n"
+"symbols, the game needs graphics to render the non-euclidean world."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:3065
+msgid "Shooter with space station destruction"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/games.scm:3067
+msgid ""
+"Kobo Deluxe is an enhanced version of Akira Higuchi's XKobo graphical game\n"
+"for Un*x systems with X11."
 msgstr ""
 #: gnu/packages/gcc.scm:315
+msgid "GNU Compiler Collection"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/gcc.scm:317
 msgid ""
 "GCC is the GNU Compiler Collection.  It provides compiler front-ends\n"
 "for several languages, including C, C++, Objective-C, Fortran, Java, Ada, 
 "Go.  It also includes runtime support libraries for these languages."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gcc.scm:395
+#: gnu/packages/gcc.scm:403
 msgid "GNU C++ standard library"
 msgstr "GNU C++-standardbibliotek"
-#: gnu/packages/gcc.scm:430
+#: gnu/packages/gcc.scm:438
 msgid "Collection of subroutines used by various GNU programs"
 msgstr "Samling af underrutiner brugt af diverse GNU-programmer"
-#: gnu/packages/gcc.scm:655
+#: gnu/packages/gcc.scm:692
 msgid "GNU libstdc++ documentation"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gcc.scm:723
+#: gnu/packages/gcc.scm:761
 msgid "Manipulating sets and relations of integer points bounded by linear 
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gcc.scm:726
+#: gnu/packages/gcc.scm:764
 msgid ""
 "isl is a library for manipulating sets and relations of integer points\n"
 "bounded by linear constraints.  Supported operations on sets include\n"
@@ -2621,11 +2954,11 @@ msgid ""
 "dependence analysis and bounds on piecewise step-polynomials."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gcc.scm:758
+#: gnu/packages/gcc.scm:796
 msgid "Library to generate code for scanning Z-polyhedra"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gcc.scm:760
+#: gnu/packages/gcc.scm:798
 msgid ""
 "CLooG is a free software library to generate code for scanning\n"
 "Z-polyhedra.  That is, it finds a code (e.g., in C, FORTRAN...) that\n"
@@ -2640,11 +2973,11 @@ msgid ""
 "effective code."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gcc.scm:815
+#: gnu/packages/gcc.scm:853
 msgid "Reference manual for the C programming language"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gcc.scm:817
+#: gnu/packages/gcc.scm:855
 msgid ""
 "This is a reference manual for the C programming language, as\n"
 "implemented by the GNU C Compiler (gcc).  As a reference, it is not 
@@ -2652,60 +2985,38 @@ msgid ""
 "of the language.  Library functions are not included."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/geeqie.scm:55
-msgid "Library and command-line utility to manage image metadata"
-msgstr "Bibliotek og kommandolinjeredskab til at hĂĄndtere billedmetadata"
-#: gnu/packages/geeqie.scm:57
-msgid ""
-"Exiv2 is a C++ library and a command line utility to manage image\n"
-"metadata.  It provides fast and easy read and write access to the Exif, 
-"and XMP metadata of images in various formats."
-msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/geeqie.scm:100
-msgid "Lightweight GTK+ based image viewer"
-msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/gettext.scm:90
+msgid "Tools and documentation for translation (used to build other packages)"
+msgstr "Værktøjer og dokumentation for oversættelse (brugt til at bygge andre 
-#: gnu/packages/geeqie.scm:102
+#: gnu/packages/gettext.scm:92
 msgid ""
-"Geeqie is a lightweight GTK+ based image viewer for Unix like operating\n"
-"systems.  It features: EXIF, IPTC and XMP metadata browsing and editing\n"
-"interoperability; easy integration with other software; geeqie works on 
-"and directories, there is no need to import images; fast preview for many 
-"image formats; tools for image comparison, sorting and managing photo\n"
-"collection.  Geeqie was initially based on GQview."
+"GNU Gettext is a package providing a framework for translating the\n"
+"textual output of programs into multiple languages.  It provides 
+"with the means to create message catalogs, and a runtime library to load\n"
+"translated messages from the catalogs.  Nearly all GNU packages use Gettext."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gettext.scm:93
+#: gnu/packages/gettext.scm:122
 msgid "Tools and documentation for translation"
 msgstr "Værktøjer og dokumentation for oversættelse"
-#: gnu/packages/gettext.scm:95
-msgid ""
-"GNU Gettext is a package providing a framework for translating the\n"
-"textual output of programs into multiple languages.  It provides 
-"with the means to create message catalogs, as well as an Emacs mode to work\n"
-"with them, and a runtime library to load translated messages from the\n"
-"catalogs.  Nearly all GNU packages use Gettext."
-msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gettext.scm:151
+#: gnu/packages/gettext.scm:173
 msgid "Scripts to ease maintenance of translations"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gettext.scm:153
+#: gnu/packages/gettext.scm:175
 msgid ""
 "The po4a (PO for anything) project goal is to ease translations (and\n"
 "more interestingly, the maintenance of translations) using gettext tools on\n"
 "areas where they were not expected like documentation."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gimp.scm:58
+#: gnu/packages/gimp.scm:60
 msgid "Image pixel format conversion library"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gimp.scm:60
+#: gnu/packages/gimp.scm:62
 msgid ""
 "Babl is a dynamic, any to any, pixel format translation library.\n"
 "It allows converting between different methods of storing pixels known as\n"
@@ -2716,22 +3027,22 @@ msgid ""
 "provided as well as the framework to add new color models and data types."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gimp.scm:116
+#: gnu/packages/gimp.scm:118
 msgid "Graph based image processing framework"
 msgstr "Grafbaseret billedbehandlingsramme"
-#: gnu/packages/gimp.scm:117
+#: gnu/packages/gimp.scm:119
 msgid ""
 "GEGL (Generic Graphics Library) provides infrastructure to\n"
 "do demand based cached non destructive image editing on larger than RAM\n"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gimp.scm:161
+#: gnu/packages/gimp.scm:178
 msgid "GNU Image Manipulation Program"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gimp.scm:163
+#: gnu/packages/gimp.scm:180
 msgid ""
 "GIMP is an application for image manipulation tasks such as photo\n"
 "retouching, composition and authoring.  It supports all common image 
@@ -2739,11 +3050,11 @@ msgid ""
 "that is extensible via a plugin system."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gimp.scm:211
+#: gnu/packages/gimp.scm:228
 msgid "GIMP plug-in to edit image in fourier space"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gimp.scm:213
+#: gnu/packages/gimp.scm:230
 msgid ""
 "This package provides a simple plug-in to apply the fourier transform on\n"
 "an image, allowing you to work with the transformed image inside GIMP.  You\n"
@@ -2751,22 +3062,22 @@ msgid ""
 "inverse fourier transform."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:164
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:165
 msgid "CD/DVD burning tool for Gnome"
 msgstr "Cd/dvd-brændeværktøj for GNOME"
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:165
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:166
 msgid ""
 "Brasero is an application to burn CD/DVD for the Gnome\n"
 "Desktop.  It is designed to be as simple as possible and has some unique\n"
 "features to enable users to create their discs easily and quickly."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:212
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:213
 msgid "Diagram creation for GNOME"
 msgstr "Diagramoprettelse for GNOME"
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:213
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:214
 msgid ""
 "Dia can be used to draw different types of diagrams, and\n"
 "includes support for UML static structure diagrams (class diagrams), entity\n"
@@ -2774,11 +3085,11 @@ msgid ""
 "formats like PNG, SVG, PDF and EPS."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:234
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:235
 msgid "Bootstrap GNOME modules built from Git"
 msgstr "Bootstrap GNOME-moduler kompileret fra Git"
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:235
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:236
 msgid ""
 "gnome-common contains various files needed to bootstrap\n"
 "GNOME modules built from Git.  It contains a common \"\" script 
@@ -2786,11 +3097,11 @@ msgid ""
 "commonly used macros."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:276
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:277
 msgid "Libgnome-desktop, gnome-about, and desktop-wide documents"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:278
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:279
 msgid ""
 "The libgnome-desktop library provides API shared by several applications\n"
 "on the desktop, but that cannot live in the platform for various reasons.\n"
@@ -2800,41 +3111,41 @@ msgid ""
 "The gnome-about program helps find which version of GNOME is installed."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:311
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:312
 msgid "Documentation utilities for the Gnome project"
 msgstr "Dokumentationsredskaber for GNOME-projektet"
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:313
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:314
 msgid ""
 "Gnome-doc-utils is a collection of documentation utilities for the\n"
 "Gnome project.  It includes xml2po tool which makes it easier to translate\n"
 "and keep up to date translations of documentation."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:357
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:358
 msgid "Libraries for displaying certificates and accessing key stores"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:359
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:360
 msgid ""
 "The GCR package contains libraries used for displaying certificates and\n"
 "accessing key stores.  It also provides the viewer for crypto files on the\n"
 "GNOME Desktop."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:388
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:389
 msgid "Accessing passwords from the GNOME keyring"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:390
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:391
 msgid "Client library to access passwords from the GNOME keyring."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:452
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:453
 msgid "Daemon to store passwords and encryption keys"
 msgstr "Dæmon til at lagre adgandskoder og krypteringsnøgler"
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:454
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:455
 msgid ""
 "gnome-keyring is a program that keeps passwords and other secrets for\n"
 "users.  It is run as a daemon in the session, similar to ssh-agent, and 
@@ -2845,11 +3156,11 @@ msgid ""
 "forgotten when the session ends."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:519
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:528
 msgid "GNOME's document viewer"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:521
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:530
 msgid ""
 "Evince is a document viewer for multiple document formats.  It\n"
 "currently supports PDF, PostScript, DjVu, TIFF and DVI.  The goal\n"
@@ -2857,32 +3168,32 @@ msgid ""
 "on the GNOME Desktop with a single simple application."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:550
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:559
 msgid "GNOME settings for various desktop components"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:552
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:561
 msgid ""
 "Gsettings-desktop-schemas contains a collection of GSettings schemas\n"
 "for settings shared by various components of the GNOME desktop."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:586
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:595
 msgid "Utility to implement the Freedesktop Icon Naming Specification"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:588
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:597
 msgid ""
 "To help with the transition to the Freedesktop Icon Naming\n"
 "Specification, the icon naming utility maps the icon names used by the\n"
 "GNOME and KDE desktops to the icon names proposed in the specification."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:610
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:619
 msgid "Utilities for working with desktop entries"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:612
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:621
 msgid ""
 "This package contains a few command line utilities for working with\n"
 "desktop entries:\n"
@@ -2897,19 +3208,19 @@ msgid ""
 "                         handled by desktop files."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:646
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:660
 msgid "GNOME icon theme"
 msgstr "GNOME-ikontema"
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:648
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:662
 msgid "Icons for the GNOME desktop."
 msgstr "Ikoner for GNOME-skrivebordet."
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:687
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:703
 msgid "Database of common MIME types"
 msgstr "Database med gængse MIME-typer"
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:689
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:705
 msgid ""
 "The shared-mime-info package contains the core database of common types\n"
 "and the update-mime-database command used to extend it.  It requires glib2 
@@ -2918,19 +3229,19 @@ msgid ""
 "database is translated at Transifex."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:713
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:729
 msgid "Freedesktop icon theme"
 msgstr "Freedesktop-ikontema"
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:715
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:731
 msgid "Freedesktop icon theme."
 msgstr "Freedesktop-ikondtema."
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:743
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:759
 msgid "GNOME desktop notification library"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:745
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:761
 msgid ""
 "Libnotify is a library that sends desktop notifications to a\n"
 "notification daemon, as defined in the Desktop Notifications spec.  These\n"
@@ -2938,11 +3249,11 @@ msgid ""
 "some form of information without getting in the user's way."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:777
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:793
 msgid "GObject plugin system"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:779
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:795
 msgid ""
 "Libpeas is a gobject-based plugins engine, and is targetted at giving\n"
 "every application the chance to assume its own extensibility.  It also has 
@@ -2951,33 +3262,33 @@ msgid ""
 "the API."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:808
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:824
 msgid "OpenGL extension to GTK+"
 msgstr "OpenGL-udvidelse til GTK+"
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:809
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:825
 msgid ""
 "GtkGLExt is an OpenGL extension to GTK+.  It provides\n"
 "additional GDK objects which support OpenGL rendering in GTK+ and GtkWidget\n"
 "API add-ons to make GTK+ widgets OpenGL-capable."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:852
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:868
 msgid "GTK+ rapid application development tool"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:853
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:869
 msgid ""
 "Glade is a rapid application development (RAD) tool to\n"
 "enable quick & easy development of user interfaces for the GTK+ toolkit and\n"
 "the GNOME desktop environment."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:878
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:894
 msgid "CSS2 parsing and manipulation library"
 msgstr "CSS2-fortolknings- og manipuleringsbibliotek"
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:880
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:896
 msgid ""
 "Libcroco is a standalone CSS2 parsing and manipulation library.\n"
 "The parser provides a low level event driven SAC-like API and a CSS object\n"
@@ -2985,31 +3296,31 @@ msgid ""
 "XML/CSS rendering engine."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:913
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:929
 msgid "GNOME's Structured File Library"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:915
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:931
 msgid ""
 "Libgsf aims to provide an efficient extensible I/O abstraction for\n"
 "dealing with different structured file formats."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:966
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:982
 msgid "Render SVG files using Cairo"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:968
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:984
 msgid ""
 "Librsvg is a C library to render SVG files using the Cairo 2D graphics\n"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:992
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1008
 msgid "Create trees of CORBA Interface Definition Language files"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:993
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1009
 msgid ""
 "Libidl is a library for creating trees of CORBA Interface\n"
 "Definition Language (idl) files, which is a specification for defining\n"
@@ -3018,144 +3329,144 @@ msgid ""
 "functionality was designed to be as reusable and portable as possible."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1033
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1049
 msgid "CORBA 2.4-compliant Object Request Broker"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1034
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1050
 msgid ""
 "ORBit2 is a CORBA 2.4-compliant Object Request Broker (orb)\n"
 "featuring mature C, C++ and Python bindings."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1081
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1097
 msgid "Framework for creating reusable components for use in GNOME 
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1082
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1098
 msgid ""
 "Bonobo is a framework for creating reusable components for\n"
 "use in GNOME applications, built on top of CORBA."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1113
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1129
 msgid "Store application preferences"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1114
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1130
 msgid ""
 "Gconf is a system for storing application preferences.  It\n"
 "is intended for user preferences; not arbitrary data storage."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1136
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1153
 msgid "Base MIME and Application database for GNOME"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1137
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1154
 msgid ""
 "GNOME Mime Data is a module which contains the base MIME\n"
 "and Application database for GNOME.  The data stored by this module is\n"
 "designed to be accessed through the MIME functions in GnomeVFS."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1181
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1198
 msgid "Access files and folders in GNOME applications"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1183
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1200
 msgid ""
 "GnomeVFS is the core library used to access files and folders in GNOME\n"
 "applications.  It provides a file system abstraction which allows 
 "to access local and remote files with a single consistent API."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1227
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1244
 msgid "Useful routines for building applications"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1228
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1245
 msgid ""
 "The libgnome library provides a number of useful routines\n"
 "for building modern applications, including session management, activation 
 "files and URIs, and displaying help."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1251
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1268
 msgid "2D drawing library"
 msgstr "2D-tegnebibliotek"
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1252
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1269
 msgid ""
 "Libart is a 2D drawing library intended as a\n"
 "high-quality vector-based 2D library with antialiasing and alpha composition."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1279
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1296
 msgid "Flexible widget for creating interactive structured graphics"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1280
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1297
 msgid ""
 "The GnomeCanvas widget provides a flexible widget for\n"
 "creating interactive structured graphics."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1304
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1321
 msgid "C++ bindings to the GNOME Canvas library"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1305
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1322
 msgid "C++ bindings to the GNOME Canvas library."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1336
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1353
 msgid "Additional widgets for applications"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1337
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1354
 msgid ""
 "The libgnomeui library provides additional widgets for\n"
 "applications.  Many of the widgets from libgnomeui have already been\n"
 "ported to GTK+."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1363
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1380
 msgid "Load glade interfaces and access the glade built widgets"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1364
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1381
 msgid ""
 "Libglade is a library that provides interfaces for loading\n"
 "graphical interfaces described in glade files and for accessing the\n"
 "widgets built in the loading process."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1394 gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1426
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1411 gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1443
 msgid "Printing framework for GNOME"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1396
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1413
 msgid ""
 "GNOME-print was a printing framework for GNOME.  It has been deprecated\n"
 "since ca. 2006, when GTK+ itself incorporated printing support."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1471
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1488
 msgid "Some user interface controls using Bonobo"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1472
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1489
 msgid ""
 "The Bonobo UI library provides a number of user interface\n"
 "controls using the Bonobo component framework."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1496
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1513
 msgid "Window Navigator Construction Kit"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1498
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1515
 msgid ""
 "Libwnck is the Window Navigator Construction Kit, a library for use in\n"
 "writing pagers, tasklists, and more generally applications that are dealing\n"
@@ -3163,19 +3474,19 @@ msgid ""
 "Hints specification (EWMH)."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1551
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1568
 msgid "Document-centric objects and utilities"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1552
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1569
 msgid "A GLib/GTK+ set of document-centric objects and utilities."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1635
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1652
 msgid "Spreadsheet application"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1637
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1654
 msgid ""
 "GNUmeric is a GNU spreadsheet application, running under GNOME.  It is\n"
 "interoperable with other spreadsheet applications.  It has a vast array of\n"
@@ -3184,29 +3495,29 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1671
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1694
 msgid "Default GNOME 3 themes"
 msgstr "Standardtemaer for GNOME 3"
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1673
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1696
 msgid "The default GNOME 3 themes (Adwaita and some accessibility themes)."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1706
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1729
 msgid "Manage encryption keys and passwords in the GNOME keyring"
 msgstr "Håndter krypteringsnøgler og adgangskoder i GNOME keyring"
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1708
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1731
 msgid ""
 "Seahorse is a GNOME application for managing encryption keys and\n"
 "passwords in the GNOME keyring."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1746 gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1955
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1769 gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1978
 msgid "Compiler for the GObject type system"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1748
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1771
 msgid ""
 "Vala is a programming language that aims to bring modern programming\n"
 "language features to GNOME developers without imposing any additional 
@@ -3214,11 +3525,11 @@ msgid ""
 "libraries written in C."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1786
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1809
 msgid "Virtual Terminal Emulator"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1788
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1811
 msgid ""
 "VTE is a library (libvte) implementing a terminal emulator widget for\n"
 "GTK+, and a minimal sample application (vte) using that.  Vte is mainly used 
@@ -3226,29 +3537,29 @@ msgid ""
 "editors, IDEs, etc."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1821
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1844
 msgid "Enhanced VTE terminal widget"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1823
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1846
 msgid ""
 "VTE is a library (libvte) implementing a terminal emulator widget for\n"
 "GTK+, this fork provides additional functions exposed for keyboard text\n"
 "selection and URL hints."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1922
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1945
 msgid "Low-level GNOME configuration system"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1923
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1946
 msgid ""
 "Dconf is a low-level configuration system.  Its main purpose\n"
 "is to provide a backend to GSettings on platforms that don't already have\n"
 "configuration storage systems."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1957
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1980
 msgid ""
 "JSON-GLib is a C library based on GLib providing serialization and\n"
 "deserialization support for the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format\n"
@@ -3257,11 +3568,11 @@ msgid ""
 "and objects."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1996
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2019
 msgid "High-level API for X Keyboard Extension"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:1998
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2021
 msgid ""
 "LibXklavier is a library providing high-level API for X Keyboard\n"
 "Extension known as XKB.  This library is intended to support XFree86 and 
@@ -3269,72 +3580,72 @@ msgid ""
 "indicators etc)."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2026
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2049
 msgid "Python bindings to librsvg"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2028
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2051
 msgid ""
 "This packages provides Python bindings to librsvg, the SVG rendering\n"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2077
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2100
 msgid "Network-related GIO modules"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2079
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2102
 msgid ""
 "This package contains various network related extensions for the GIO\n"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2110
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2133
 msgid "RESTful web api query library"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2112
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2135
 msgid ""
 "This library was designed to make it easier to access web services that\n"
 "claim to be \"RESTful\".  It includes convenience wrappers for libsoup and\n"
 "libxml to ease remote use of the RESTful API."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2181
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2204
 msgid "GLib-based HTTP Library"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2183
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2206
 msgid ""
 "LibSoup is an HTTP client/server library for GNOME.  It uses GObjects\n"
 "and the GLib main loop, to integrate well with GNOME applications."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2229
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2252
 msgid "GObject bindings for \"Secret Service\" API"
 msgstr "GObject-bindinger for »Secret Service«-API'en"
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2231
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2254
 msgid ""
 "Libsecret is a GObject based library for storing and retrieving passwords\n"
 "and other secrets.  It communicates with the \"Secret Service\" using DBus."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2266
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2289
 msgid "Minesweeper game"
 msgstr "Minestrygerspil"
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2268
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2291
 msgid ""
 "Mines (previously gnomine) is a puzzle game where you locate mines\n"
 "floating in an ocean using only your brain and a little bit of luck."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2299
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2322
 msgid "Japanese logic game"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2301
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2324
 msgid ""
 "Sudoku is a Japanese logic game that exploded in popularity in 2005.\n"
 "GNOME Sudoku is meant to have an interface as simple and unobstrusive as\n"
@@ -3342,11 +3653,11 @@ msgid ""
 "more fun."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2347
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2370
 msgid "Terminal emulator"
 msgstr "Terminalemulator"
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2349
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2372
 msgid ""
 "GNOME Terminal is a terminal emulator application for accessing a\n"
 "UNIX shell environment which can be used to run programs available on\n"
@@ -3356,22 +3667,22 @@ msgid ""
 "keyboard shortcuts."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2415
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2438
 msgid "Color management service"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2416
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2439
 msgid ""
 "Colord is a system service that makes it easy to manage,\n"
 "install and generate color profiles to accurately color manage input and\n"
 "output devices."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2459
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2482
 msgid "Geolocation service"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2460
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2483
 msgid ""
 "Geoclue is a D-Bus service that provides location\n"
 "information.  The primary goal of the Geoclue project is to make creating\n"
@@ -3380,11 +3691,11 @@ msgid ""
 "permission from user."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2495
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2518
 msgid "Geocoding and reverse-geocoding library"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2497
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2520
 msgid ""
 "geocode-glib is a convenience library for geocoding (finding longitude,\n"
 "and latitude from an address) and reverse geocoding (finding an address 
@@ -3392,11 +3703,11 @@ msgid ""
 "faster results and to avoid unnecessary server load."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2550
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2573
 msgid "System daemon for managing power devices"
 msgstr "Systemdæmon til håndtering af strømenheder"
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2552
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2575
 msgid ""
 "UPower is an abstraction for enumerating power devices,\n"
 "listening to device events and querying history and statistics.  Any\n"
@@ -3404,21 +3715,21 @@ msgid ""
 "service via the system message bus."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2602
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2630
 msgid "Location, time zone, and weather library for GNOME"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2604
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2632
 msgid ""
 "libgweather is a library to access weather information from online\n"
 "services for numerous locations."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2656
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2683
 msgid "GNOME settings daemon"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2658
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2685
 msgid ""
 "This package contains the daemon responsible for setting the various\n"
 "parameters of a GNOME session and the applications that run under it.  It\n"
@@ -3426,42 +3737,42 @@ msgid ""
 "settings, themes, mouse settings, and startup of other daemons."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2694
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2721
 msgid "Library to parse and save media playlists for GNOME"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2695
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2722
 msgid ""
 "Totem-pl-parser is a GObjects-based library to parse and save\n"
 "playlists in a variety of formats."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2729
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2756
 msgid "Solitaire card games"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2731
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2758
 msgid ""
 "Aisleriot (also known as Solitaire or sol) is a collection of card games\n"
 "which are easy to play with the aid of a mouse."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2755
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2782
 msgid "API documentation browser for GNOME"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2757
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2784
 msgid ""
 "Devhelp is an API documentation browser for GTK+ and GNOME.  It works\n"
 "natively with GTK-Doc (the API reference system developed for GTK+ and used\n"
 "throughout GNOME for API documentation)."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2818
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2845
 msgid "Object oriented GL/GLES Abstraction/Utility Layer"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2820
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2847
 msgid ""
 "Cogl is a small library for using 3D graphics hardware to draw pretty\n"
 "pictures.  The API departs from the flat state machine style of OpenGL and 
@@ -3469,26 +3780,26 @@ msgid ""
 "without stepping on each others toes."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2875
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2902
 msgid "Open GL based interactive canvas library"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2877 gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2906
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2904 gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2933
 msgid ""
 "Clutter is an Open GL based interactive canvas library, designed for\n"
 "creating fast, mainly 2D single window applications such as media box UIs,\n"
 "presentations, kiosk style applications and so on."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2904
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2931
 msgid "Open GL based interactive canvas library GTK+ widget"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2934
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2961
 msgid "Integration library for using GStreamer with Clutter"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2936
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2963
 msgid ""
 "Clutter-Gst is an integration library for using GStreamer with Clutter.\n"
 "It provides a GStreamer sink to upload frames to GL and an actor that\n"
@@ -3496,11 +3807,11 @@ msgid ""
 "GL based interactive canvas library."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2970
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2997
 msgid "C library providing a ClutterActor to display maps"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2972
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:2999
 msgid ""
 "libchamplain is a C library providing a ClutterActor to display maps.\n"
 "It also provides a Gtk+ widget to display maps in Gtk+ applications.  
@@ -3508,32 +3819,32 @@ msgid ""
 "such as OpenStreetMap, OpenCycleMap, OpenAerialMap, and Maps for free."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3003
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3030
 msgid "Object mapper from GObjects to SQLite"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3005
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3032
 msgid ""
 "Gom provides an object mapper from GObjects to SQLite.  It helps you\n"
 "write applications that need to store structured data as well as make 
 "queries upon that data."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3040
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3067
 msgid "Useful functionality shared among GNOME games"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3042
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3069
 msgid ""
 "libgames-support is a small library intended for internal use by\n"
 "GNOME Games, but it may be used by others."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3070
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3097
 msgid "Sliding block puzzles"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3072
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3099
 msgid ""
 "GNOME Klotski is a set of block sliding puzzles.  The objective is to move\n"
 "the patterned block to the area bordered by green markers.  To do so, you 
@@ -3541,67 +3852,67 @@ msgid ""
 "as possible!"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3123
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3150
 msgid "Framework for discovering and browsing media"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3125 gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3178
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3152 gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3205
 msgid ""
 "Grilo is a framework focused on making media discovery and browsing easy\n"
 "for application developers."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3176
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3203
 msgid "Plugins for the Grilo media discovery library"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3254
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3281
 msgid "Simple media player for GNOME based on GStreamer"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3255
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3282
 msgid ""
 "Totem is a simple yet featureful media player for GNOME\n"
 "which can read a large number of file formats."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3344
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3372
 msgid "Music player for GNOME"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3345
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3373
 msgid ""
 "Rhythmbox is a music playing application for GNOME.  It\n"
 "supports playlists, song ratings, and any codecs installed through gstreamer."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3395
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3423
 msgid "GNOME image viewer"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3396
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3424
 msgid ""
 "Eye of GNOME is the GNOME image viewer.  It\n"
 "supports image conversion, rotation, and slideshows."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3421
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3449
 msgid "GObject bindings for libudev"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3423
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3451
 msgid ""
 "This library provides GObject bindings for libudev.  It was originally\n"
 "part of udev-extras, then udev, then systemd.  It's now a project on its own."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3469
-msgid "Userspace virtual filesystem for GIO"
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3497
+msgid "Userspace virtual file system for GIO"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3471
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3499
 msgid ""
-"GVFS is a userspace virtual filesystem designed to work with the I/O\n"
+"GVFS is a userspace virtual file system designed to work with the I/O\n"
 "abstraction of GIO.  It contains a GIO module that seamlessly adds GVFS 
 "to all applications using the GIO API.  It also supports exposing the GVFS\n"
 "mounts to non-GIO applications using FUSE.\n"
@@ -3610,11 +3921,11 @@ msgid ""
 "DAV, and others."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3517
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3545
 msgid "GLib binding for libusb1"
 msgstr "GLib-binding for libusb1"
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3519
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3547
 msgid ""
 "GUsb is a GObject wrapper for libusb1 that makes it easy to do\n"
 "asynchronous control, bulk and interrupt transfers with proper cancellation\n"
@@ -3622,11 +3933,11 @@ msgid ""
 "USB transfers with your high-level application or system daemon."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3571
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3598
 msgid "Document and image scanner"
 msgstr "Dokument- og billedskanner"
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3572
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3599
 msgid ""
 "Simple Scan is an easy-to-use application, designed to let\n"
 "users connect their scanner and quickly have the image/document in an\n"
@@ -3635,52 +3946,52 @@ msgid ""
 "work and the interface is well tested."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3621
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3646
 msgid "GNOME web browser"
 msgstr "GNOME-internetbrowser"
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3623
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3648
 msgid ""
 "Epiphany is a GNOME web browser targeted at non-technical users.  Its\n"
 "principles are simplicity and standards compliance."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3679
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3704
 msgid "D-Bus debugger"
 msgstr "D-Bus-fejlsøger"
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3681
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3706
 msgid ""
 "D-Feet is a D-Bus debugger, which can be used to inspect D-Bus interfaces\n"
 "of running programs and invoke methods on those interfaces."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3703
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3728
 msgid "XSL stylesheets for Yelp"
 msgstr "XSL-stilark for Yelp"
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3705
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3730
 msgid ""
 "Yelp-xsl contains XSL stylesheets that are used by the yelp help browser\n"
 "to format Docbook and Mallard documents."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3736
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3761
 msgid "GNOME help browser"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3738
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3763
 msgid ""
 "Yelp is the help viewer in Gnome.  It natively views Mallard, DocBook,\n"
 "man, info, and HTML documents.  It can locate documents according to the\n"
 " help system specification."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3766
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3791
 msgid "Yelp documentation tools"
 msgstr "Yelp-dokumentationsværktøjer"
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3768
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3793
 msgid ""
 "Yelp-tools is a collection of scripts and build utilities to help create,\n"
 "manage, and publish documentation for Yelp and the web.  Most of the heavy\n"
@@ -3688,32 +3999,32 @@ msgid ""
 "wraps things up in a developer-friendly way."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3805
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3830
 msgid "GObject collection library"
 msgstr "GObject-samlingsbibliotek"
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3807
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3832
 msgid ""
 "Libgee is a utility library providing GObject-based interfaces and\n"
 "classes for commonly used data structures."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3834
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3859
 msgid "GObject wrapper around the Exiv2 photo metadata library"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3836
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3861
 msgid ""
 "Gexiv2 is a GObject wrapper around the Exiv2 photo metadata library.  It\n"
 "allows for GNOME applications to easily inspect and update EXIF, IPTC, and 
 "metadata in photo and video files of various formats."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3888
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3904
 msgid "Photo manager for GNOME 3"
 msgstr "BilledhĂĄndtering for GNOME 3"
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3890
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3906
 msgid ""
 "Shotwell is a digital photo manager designed for the GNOME desktop\n"
 "environment.  It allows you to import photos from disk or camera, organize\n"
@@ -3721,42 +4032,42 @@ msgid ""
 "share them with others via social networking and more."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3922
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3947
 msgid "Graphical archive manager for GNOME"
 msgstr "Grafisk arkivhĂĄndtering for GNOME"
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3923
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:3948
 msgid ""
 "File Roller is an archive manager for the GNOME desktop\n"
 "environment that allows users to view, unpack, and create compressed 
 "such as gzip tarballs."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4001
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4026
 msgid "Session manager for GNOME"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4003
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4028
 msgid ""
 "This package contains the GNOME session manager, as well as a\n"
 "configuration program to choose applications starting on login."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4054
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4079
 msgid "Javascript bindings for GNOME"
 msgstr "Javascript-bindinger for GNOME"
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4057
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4082
 msgid ""
 "Gjs is a javascript binding for GNOME.  It's mainly based on spidermonkey\n"
 "javascript engine and the GObject introspection framework."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4116
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4141
 msgid "GNOME text editor"
 msgstr "GNOME-tesktredigeringsprogram"
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4117
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4142
 msgid ""
 "While aiming at simplicity and ease of use, gedit is a\n"
 "powerful general purpose text editor."
@@ -3764,21 +4075,21 @@ msgstr ""
 "Selv om den forsøger at være enkel og nem at bruge, så\n"
 "er gedit et funktionsrigt og alment tekstredigeringsprogram."
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4141
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4166
 msgid "Display graphical dialog boxes from shell scripts"
 msgstr "Vis grafiske dialogbokse fra skalskripter"
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4144
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4169
 msgid ""
 "Zenity is a rewrite of gdialog, the GNOME port of dialog which allows you\n"
 "to display dialog boxes from the commandline and shell scripts."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4189
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4214
 msgid "Window and compositing manager"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4192
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4217
 msgid ""
 "Mutter is a window and compositing manager that displays and manages your\n"
 "desktop via OpenGL.  Mutter combines a sophisticated display engine using 
@@ -3786,11 +4097,11 @@ msgid ""
 "window manager."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4227
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4252
 msgid "Single sign-on framework for GNOME"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4230
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4255
 msgid ""
 "GNOME Online Accounts provides interfaces so that applications and\n"
 "libraries in GNOME can access the user's online accounts.  It has providers 
@@ -3798,32 +4109,32 @@ msgid ""
 "Exchange,, IMAP/SMTP, Jabber, SIP and Kerberos."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4292
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4317
 msgid "Store address books and calendars"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4295
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4320
 msgid ""
 "This package provides a unified backend for programs that work with\n"
 "contacts, tasks, and calendar information.  It was originally developed for\n"
 "Evolution (hence the name), but is now used by other packages as well."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4358
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4383
 msgid "Text entry and UI navigation application"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4361
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4386
 msgid ""
 "Caribou is an input assistive technology intended for switch and pointer\n"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4450
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4492
 msgid "Network connection manager"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4453
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4495
 msgid ""
 "NetworkManager is a system network service that manages your network\n"
 "devices and connections, attempting to keep active network connectivity 
@@ -3832,21 +4143,29 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4488
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4520
+msgid "Database of broadband connection configuration"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4521
+msgid "Database of broadband connection configuration."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4556
 msgid "Applet for managing network connections"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4491
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4559
 msgid ""
 "This package contains a systray applet for NetworkManager.  It displays\n"
 "the available networks and allows users to easily switch between them."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4516
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4584
 msgid "C++ wrapper for XML parser library libxml2"
 msgstr "C++-omslag for XML-fortolkerbiblioteket libxml2"
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4518
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4586
 msgid ""
 "This package provides a C++ wrapper for the XML parser library\n"
@@ -3854,41 +4173,41 @@ msgstr ""
 "Denne pakke tilbyder et C++-omslag for XML-fortolkerbiblioteket\n"
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4575
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4657
 msgid "Display manager for GNOME"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4578
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4660
 msgid ""
 "GNOME Display Manager is a system service that is responsible for\n"
 "providing graphical log-ins and managing local and remote displays."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4602
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4684
 msgid "Portable system access library"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4605
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4687
 msgid ""
 "LibGTop is a library to get system specific data such as CPU and memory\n"
 "usage and information about running processes."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4635
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4717
 msgid "GNOME Bluetooth subsystem"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4638
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4720
 msgid ""
 "This package contains tools for managing and manipulating Bluetooth\n"
 "devices using the GNOME desktop."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4703
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4786
 msgid "Utilities to configure the GNOME desktop"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4706
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4789
 msgid ""
 "This package contains configuration applets for the GNOME desktop,\n"
 "allowing to set accessibility configuration, desktop fonts, keyboard and 
@@ -3896,21 +4215,21 @@ msgid ""
 "properties, screen resolution, and other GNOME parameters."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4787
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4870
 msgid "Desktop shell for GNOME"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4790
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4873
 msgid ""
 "GNOME Shell provides core user interface functions for the GNOME desktop,\n"
 "like switching to windows and launching applications."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4824
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4907
 msgid "VNC viewer widget for GTK+"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4826
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4909
 msgid ""
 "GTK-VNC is a VNC viewer widget for GTK+, used by remote desktop viewing\n"
 "applications, for instance the Vinagre client, GNOME Boxes and virt-viewer.\n"
@@ -3918,22 +4237,22 @@ msgid ""
 "as SASL, TLS and VeNCrypt.  Additionally it supports encoding extensions."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4869
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4952
 msgid "File manager for GNOME"
 msgstr "FilhĂĄndtering for GNOME"
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4872
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4955
 msgid ""
 "Nautilus (Files) is a file manager designed to fit the GNOME desktop\n"
 "design and behaviour, giving the user a simple way to navigate and manage 
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4900
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4983
 msgid "Disk usage analyzer for GNOME"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4902
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4985
 msgid ""
 "Baobab (Disk Usage Analyzer) is a graphical application to analyse disk\n"
 "usage in the GNOME desktop environment.  It can easily scan device volumes 
@@ -3941,11 +4260,11 @@ msgid ""
 "is complete it provides a graphical representation of each selected folder."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4926
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:5009
 msgid "Background images for the GNOME desktop"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4928
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:5011
 msgid ""
 "GNOME backgrounds package contains a collection of graphics files which\n"
 "can be used as backgrounds in the GNOME Desktop environment.  Additionally,\n"
@@ -3953,75 +4272,85 @@ msgid ""
 "can add your own files to the collection."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4961
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:5044
 msgid "Take pictures of your screen"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4963
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:5046
 msgid ""
 "GNOME Screenshot is a utility used for taking screenshots of the entire\n"
 "screen, a window or a user defined area of the screen, with optional\n"
 "beautifying border effects."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4991
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:5083
 msgid "Graphical editor for GNOME's dconf configuration system"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:4993
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:5085
 msgid ""
 "Dconf-editor is a graphical tool for browsing and editing the dconf\n"
 "configuration system for GNOME.  It allows users to configure desktop\n"
 "software that do not provide their own configuration interface."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:5037
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:5130
 msgid "The GNU desktop environment"
 msgstr "GNU-skrivebordsmiljøet"
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:5040
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:5133
 msgid ""
 "GNOME is the graphical desktop for GNU.  It includes a wide variety of\n"
 "applications for browsing the web, editing text and images, creating\n"
 "documents and diagrams, playing media, scanning, and much more."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:5091
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:5184
 msgid "Desktop recording program"
 msgstr "Skrivebordsoptagelsesprogram"
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:5092
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:5185
 msgid ""
 "Byzanz is a simple desktop recording program with a\n"
 "command-line interface.  It can record part or all of an X display for a\n"
 "specified duration and save it as a GIF encoded animated image file."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:5120
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:5213
 msgid "Library for accessing SkyDrive and Hotmail"
 msgstr "Bibliotek til at tilgĂĄ SkyDrive og Hotmail"
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:5122
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:5215
 msgid ""
 "Libzapojit is a GLib-based library for accessing online service APIs of\n"
 "Microsoft SkyDrive and Hotmail, using their REST protocols."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:5148
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:5241
 msgid "GNOME's calendar application"
 msgstr "GNOME's kalenderprogram"
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:5150
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:5243
 msgid ""
 "GNOME Calendar is a simple calendar application designed to fit the GNOME\n"
 "desktop.  It supports multiple calendars, monthly view and yearly view."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:5188
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:5271
+msgid "Look up words in dictionary sources"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:5273
+msgid ""
+"GNOME Dictionary can look for the definition or translation of a word in\n"
+"existing databases over the internet."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:5311
 msgid "Customize advanced GNOME 3 options"
 msgstr "Tilpas avancerede GNOME 3-indstillinger"
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:5191
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:5314
 msgid ""
 "GNOME Tweak Tool allows adjusting advanced configuration settings in\n"
 "GNOME 3.  This includes things like the fonts used in user interface 
@@ -4029,53 +4358,53 @@ msgid ""
 "GNOME Shell appearance and extension, etc."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:5218
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:5341
 msgid "Extensions for GNOME Shell"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:5219
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:5342
 msgid ""
 "GNOME Shell extensions modify and extend GNOME Shell\n"
 "functionality and behavior."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:5249
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:5372
 msgid "A flat GTK+ theme with transparent elements"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:5250
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:5373
 msgid ""
 "Arc is a flat theme with transparent elements for GTK 3, GTK\n"
 "2, and GNOME Shell which supports GTK 3 and GTK 2 based desktop 
 "like GNOME, Unity, Budgie, Pantheon, XFCE, Mate, etc."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:5286
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:5409
 msgid "Moka icon theme"
 msgstr "Moka-ikontema"
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:5287
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:5410
 msgid ""
 "Moka is a stylized desktop icon set, designed to be clear,\n"
 "simple and consistent."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:5317
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:5440
 msgid "Arc icon theme"
 msgstr "Arc-ikontema"
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:5318
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:5441
 msgid ""
 "The Arc icon theme provides a set of icons matching the\n"
 "style of the Arc GTK theme.  Icons missing from the Arc theme are provided 
 "the Moka icon theme."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:5350
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:5473
 msgid "Library to aggregate data about people"
 msgstr "Bibliotek til at aggregere data om folk"
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:5351
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:5474
 msgid ""
 "Libfolks is a library that aggregates information about people\n"
 "from multiple sources (e.g., Telepathy connection managers for IM contacts,\n"
@@ -4084,44 +4413,125 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:5386
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:5509
 msgid "GLib/GObject wrapper for the Facebook API"
 msgstr "GLib/GObject-omslag for Facebook-API'en"
-#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:5387
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:5510
 msgid ""
 "This library allows you to use the Facebook API from\n"
 "GLib/GObject code."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnuzilla.scm:97
-msgid "Mozilla javascript engine"
-msgstr "Mozillas javascriptmotor"
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:5538
+msgid "GNOME keyboard configuration library"
+msgstr "Konfigurationsbibliotek for GNOME-tastatur"
-#: gnu/packages/gnuzilla.scm:98
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:5540
 msgid ""
-"SpiderMonkey is Mozilla's JavaScript engine written\n"
-"in C/C++."
+"Libgnomekbd is a keyboard configuration library for the GNOME desktop\n"
+"environment, which can notably display keyboard layouts."
 msgstr ""
-"SpiderMonkey er Mozillas JavaScript-motor skrevet\n"
-"i C/C++."
-#: gnu/packages/gnuzilla.scm:173
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:5574
+msgid "Library for writing single instance applications"
+msgstr "Bibliotek til at skrive enkel instans-programmer"
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:5576
+msgid ""
+"Libunique is a library for writing single instance applications.  If you\n"
+"launch a single instance application twice, the second instance will either 
+"quit or will send a message to the running instance.  Libunique makes it easy 
+"write this kind of application, by providing a base class, taking care of 
+"the IPC machinery needed to send messages to a running instance, and also\n"
+"handling the startup notification side."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:5608
+msgid "Desktop calculator"
+msgstr "Skrivebordslommeregner"
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:5610
+msgid ""
+"Calculator is an application that solves mathematical equations and\n"
+"is suitable as a default application in a Desktop environment."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:5635
+msgid "Virtual sticky note"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:5637
+msgid ""
+"Xpad is a sticky note that strives to be simple, fault tolerant,\n"
+"and customizable.  Xpad consists of independent pad windows, each is\n"
+"basically a text box in which notes can be written."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:5667
+msgid "Unicode character picker and font browser"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:5669
+msgid ""
+"This program allows you to browse through all the available Unicode\n"
+"characters and categories for the installed fonts, and to examine their\n"
+"detailed properties.  It is an easy way to find the character you might\n"
+"only know by its Unicode name or code point."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:5699
+msgid "Web development studio"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:5701
+msgid ""
+"Bluefish is an editor targeted towards programmers and web developers,\n"
+"with many options to write web sites, scripts and other code.\n"
+"Bluefish supports many programming and markup languages."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:5733
+msgid "Process viewer and system resource monitor for GNOME"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/gnome.scm:5735
+msgid ""
+"GNOME System Monitor is a GNOME process viewer and system monitor with\n"
+"an attractive, easy-to-use interface.  It has features, such as a tree view\n"
+"for process dependencies, icons for processes, the ability to hide 
+"graphical time histories of CPU/memory/swap usage and the ability to\n"
+"kill/reinice processes."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/gnuzilla.scm:101
+msgid "Mozilla javascript engine"
+msgstr "Mozillas javascriptmotor"
+#: gnu/packages/gnuzilla.scm:102
+msgid ""
+"SpiderMonkey is Mozilla's JavaScript engine written\n"
+"in C/C++."
+msgstr ""
+"SpiderMonkey er Mozillas JavaScript-motor skrevet\n"
+"i C/C++."
+#: gnu/packages/gnuzilla.scm:180
 msgid "Netscape API for system level and libc-like functions"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnuzilla.scm:174
+#: gnu/packages/gnuzilla.scm:181
 msgid ""
 "Netscape Portable Runtime (NSPR) provides a\n"
 "platform-neutral API for system level and libc-like functions.  It is used\n"
 "in the Mozilla clients."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnuzilla.scm:279
+#: gnu/packages/gnuzilla.scm:285
 msgid "Network Security Services"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnuzilla.scm:281
+#: gnu/packages/gnuzilla.scm:287
 msgid ""
 "Network Security Services (NSS) is a set of libraries designed to support\n"
 "cross-platform development of security-enabled client and server 
@@ -4130,33 +4540,33 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnuzilla.scm:586
+#: gnu/packages/gnuzilla.scm:623
 msgid "Entirely free browser derived from Mozilla Firefox"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gnuzilla.scm:588
+#: gnu/packages/gnuzilla.scm:625
 msgid ""
 "IceCat is the GNU version of the Firefox browser.  It is entirely free\n"
 "software, which does not recommend non-free plugins and addons.  It also\n"
 "features built-in privacy-protecting features."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:91
+#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:94
 msgid "GNOME accessibility toolkit"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:93
+#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:96
 msgid ""
 "ATK provides the set of accessibility interfaces that are implemented\n"
 "by other toolkits and applications.  Using the ATK interfaces, 
 "tools have full access to view and control running applications."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:132
+#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:136
 msgid "2D graphics library"
 msgstr "2D-grafikbibliotek"
-#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:134
+#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:138
 msgid ""
 "Cairo is a 2D graphics library with support for multiple output devices.\n"
 "Currently supported output targets include the X Window System (via both\n"
@@ -4174,52 +4584,56 @@ msgid ""
 "affine transformation (scale, rotation, shear, etc.)."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:182
+#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:166
+msgid "2D graphics library (with X11 support)"
+msgstr "2D-grafikbibliotek (med X11-understøttelse)"
+#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:199
 msgid "OpenType text shaping engine"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "OpenType-tekstformningsmotor"
-#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:184
+#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:201
 msgid "HarfBuzz is an OpenType text shaping engine."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "HarfBuzz er et OpenType-tekstformningsmotor."
-#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:215
+#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:232
 msgid "GNOME text and font handling library"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:217
+#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:234
 msgid ""
 "Pango is the core text and font handling library used in GNOME\n"
 "applications.  It has extensive support for the different writing systems\n"
 "used throughout the world."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:243
+#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:260
 msgid "Obsolete pango functions"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:244
+#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:261
 msgid ""
 "Pangox was a X backend to pango.  It is now obsolete and no\n"
 "longer provided by recent pango releases.  pangox-compat provides the\n"
 "functions which were removed."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:280
+#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:297
 msgid "GTK+ widget for interactive graph-like environments"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:282
+#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:299
 msgid ""
 "Ganv is an interactive GTK+ widget for interactive “boxes and lines” or\n"
 "graph-like environments, e.g. modular synths or finite state machine\n"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:334
+#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:368
 msgid "Widget that extends the standard GTK+ 2.x 'GtkTextView' widget"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:336
+#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:370
 msgid ""
 "GtkSourceView is a portable C library that extends the standard GTK+\n"
 "framework for multiline text editing with support for configurable syntax\n"
@@ -4227,56 +4641,56 @@ msgid ""
 "printing and other features typical of a source code editor."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:385
+#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:419
 msgid "GNOME source code widget"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:386
+#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:420
 msgid ""
 "GtkSourceView is a text widget that extends the standard\n"
 "GTK+ text widget GtkTextView.  It improves GtkTextView by implementing 
 "highlighting and other features typical of a source code editor."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:436
+#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:470
 msgid "GNOME image loading and manipulation library"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:438
+#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:472
 msgid ""
 "GdkPixbuf is a library for image loading and manipulation developed\n"
 "in the GNOME project."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:470
+#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:504
 msgid "GNOME image loading and manipulation library, with SVG support"
 msgstr "GNOME-billedindlæsnings- og manipuleringsbibliotek, med 
-#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:510
+#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:544
 msgid "Assistive Technology Service Provider Interface, core components"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:512
+#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:546
 msgid ""
 "The Assistive Technology Service Provider Interface, core components,\n"
 "is part of the GNOME accessibility project."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:545
+#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:579
 msgid "Assistive Technology Service Provider Interface, ATK bindings"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:547
+#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:581
 msgid ""
 "The Assistive Technology Service Provider Interface\n"
 "is part of the GNOME accessibility project."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:605
+#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:640
 msgid "Cross-platform toolkit for creating graphical user interfaces"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:607
+#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:642
 msgid ""
 "GTK+, or the GIMP Toolkit, is a multi-platform toolkit for creating\n"
 "graphical user interfaces.  Offering a complete set of widgets, GTK+ is\n"
@@ -4284,11 +4698,11 @@ msgid ""
 "application suites."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:730
+#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:774
 msgid "Cairo bindings for GNU Guile"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:732
+#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:776
 msgid ""
 "Guile-Cairo wraps the Cairo graphics library for Guile Scheme.\n"
 "Guile-Cairo is complete, wrapping almost all of the Cairo API.  It is API\n"
@@ -4298,21 +4712,21 @@ msgid ""
 "exceptions, macros, and a dynamic programming environment."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:772
+#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:816
 msgid "Render SVG images using Cairo from Guile"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:774
+#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:818
 msgid ""
 "Guile-RSVG wraps the RSVG library for Guile, allowing you to render SVG\n"
 "images onto Cairo surfaces."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:818
+#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:862
 msgid "Create SVG or PDF presentations in Guile"
 msgstr "Opret SVG- eller PDF-præsentationer i Guile"
-#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:820
+#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:864
 msgid ""
 "Guile-Present defines a declarative vocabulary for presentations,\n"
 "together with tools to render presentation documents as SVG or PDF.\n"
@@ -4321,51 +4735,51 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:874
+#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:918
 msgid "Guile interface for GTK+ programming for GNOME"
 msgstr "Guile brugerflade til GTK+-programmering for GNOME"
-#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:876
+#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:920
 msgid ""
 "Includes guile-clutter, guile-gnome-gstreamer,\n"
 "guile-gnome-platform (GNOME developer libraries), and guile-gtksourceview."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:908
+#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:952
 msgid "C++ bindings to the Cairo 2D graphics library"
 msgstr "C++-bindinger til CAiro 2D-grafikbiblioteket"
-#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:910
+#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:954
 msgid ""
 "Cairomm provides a C++ programming interface to the Cairo 2D graphics\n"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:934
+#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:978
 msgid "C++ interface to the Pango text rendering library"
 msgstr "C++-grænseflade til tekstoptegningsbiblioteket Pango"
-#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:936
+#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:980
 msgid ""
 "Pangomm provides a C++ programming interface to the Pango text rendering\n"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:957
+#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:1001
 msgid "C++ interface to the ATK accessibility library"
 msgstr "C++-grænseflade til ATK-tilgængelighedsbiblioteket"
-#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:959
+#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:1003
 msgid ""
 "ATKmm provides a C++ programming interface to the ATK accessibility\n"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:999
+#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:1043
 msgid "C++ interface to the GTK+ graphical user interface library"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:1001
+#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:1045
 msgid ""
 "gtkmm is the official C++ interface for the popular GUI library GTK+.\n"
 "Highlights include typesafe callbacks, and a comprehensive set of widgets 
@@ -4374,30 +4788,30 @@ msgid ""
 "extensive documentation, including API reference and a tutorial."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:1060
+#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:1104
 msgid "Python bindings for cairo"
 msgstr "Pythonbindinger for cairo"
-#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:1062
+#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:1106
 msgid "Pycairo is a set of Python bindings for the Cairo graphics library."
 msgstr "Pycairo er et sæt af Pythonbindinger for grafikbiblioteket Cairo."
-#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:1146
+#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:1190
 msgid "Python bindings for GTK+"
 msgstr "Pythonbindinger for GTK+"
-#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:1148
+#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:1192
 msgid ""
 "PyGTK allows you to write full featured GTK programs in Python.  It is\n"
 "targetted at GTK 2.x, and can be used in conjunction with gnome-python to\n"
 "write GNOME applications."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:1179
+#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:1223
 msgid "Library for minimalistic gtk+3 user interfaces"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:1180
+#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:1224
 msgid ""
 "Girara is a library that implements a user interface that\n"
 "focuses on simplicity and minimalism.  Currently based on GTK+, a\n"
@@ -4408,53 +4822,64 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:1241
+#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:1286
 msgid "Documentation generator from C source code"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:1243
+#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:1288
 msgid ""
 "GTK-Doc generates API documentation from comments added to C code.  It is\n"
 "typically used to document the public API of GTK+ and GNOME libraries, but 
 "can also be used to document application code."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:1270
+#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:1316
 msgid "Theming engines for GTK+ 2.x"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:1272
+#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:1318
 msgid ""
 "This package contains the standard GTK+ 2.x theming engines including\n"
 "Clearlooks, Crux, High Contrast, Industrial, LighthouseBlue, Metal, Mist,\n"
 "Redmond95 and ThinIce."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:1300
+#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:1346
 msgid "Cairo-based theming engine for GTK+ 2.x"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:1302
+#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:1348
 msgid ""
 "Murrine is a cairo-based GTK+ theming engine.  It is named after the\n"
 "glass artworks done by Venicians glass blowers."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:1327
+#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:1373
 msgid "Spell-checking addon for GTK's TextView widget"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:1329
+#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:1375
 msgid ""
 "GtkSpell provides word-processor-style highlighting and replacement of\n"
 "misspelled words in a GtkTextView widget."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:120 gnu/packages/guile.scm:188
+#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:1398
+msgid "Lightweight GTK+ clipboard manager"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/gtk.scm:1400
+msgid ""
+"ClipIt is a clipboard manager with features such as a history, search\n"
+"thereof, global hotkeys and clipboard item actions.  It was forked from\n"
+"Parcellite and adds bugfixes and features."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:123 gnu/packages/guile.scm:199
 msgid "Scheme implementation intended especially for extensions"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:122 gnu/packages/guile.scm:190
+#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:125 gnu/packages/guile.scm:201
 msgid ""
 "Guile is the GNU Ubiquitous Intelligent Language for Extensions, the\n"
 "official extension language of the GNU system.  It is an implementation of\n"
@@ -4463,15 +4888,15 @@ msgid ""
 "without requiring the source code to be rewritten."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:221
+#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:249
 msgid "Snapshot of what will become version 2.2 of GNU Guile"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:320
+#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:367
 msgid "Web application framework written in Guile"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:321
+#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:368
 msgid ""
 "GNU Artanis is a web application framework written in Guile\n"
 "Scheme.  A web application framework (WAF) is a software framework that is\n"
@@ -4483,11 +4908,11 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:351
+#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:398
 msgid "Framework for building readers for GNU Guile"
 msgstr "Ramme til at bygge læsere for GNU Guile"
-#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:353
+#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:400
 msgid ""
 "Guile-Reader is a simple framework for building readers for GNU Guile.\n"
@@ -4502,21 +4927,21 @@ msgid ""
 "many readers as needed)."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:398
+#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:445
 msgid "Guile bindings to ncurses"
 msgstr "Guilebindinger til ncurses"
-#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:400
+#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:447
 msgid ""
 "guile-ncurses provides Guile language bindings for the ncurses\n"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:420
+#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:467
 msgid "Run jobs at scheduled times"
 msgstr "Afvikl job pĂĄ planlagte tidspunkter"
-#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:422
+#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:469
 msgid ""
 "GNU Mcron is a complete replacement for Vixie cron.  It is used to run\n"
 "tasks on a schedule, such as every hour or every Monday.  Mcron is written 
@@ -4524,11 +4949,11 @@ msgid ""
 "format is also supported."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:499
+#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:556
 msgid "Collection of useful Guile Scheme modules"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:501
+#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:558
 msgid ""
 "Guile-Lib is intended as an accumulation place for pure-scheme Guile\n"
 "modules, allowing for people to cooperate integrating their generic Guile\n"
@@ -4536,11 +4961,11 @@ msgid ""
 "for Guile\"."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:532
+#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:593
 msgid "JSON module for Guile"
 msgstr "JSON-modul for Guile"
-#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:534
+#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:595
 msgid ""
 "Guile-json supports parsing and building JSON documents according to the\n"
 "http::// specification.  These are the main features:\n"
@@ -4550,11 +4975,11 @@ msgid ""
 "- Allows JSON pretty printing."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:605
+#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:676
 msgid "MiniKanren declarative logic system, packaged for Guile"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:607
+#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:678
 msgid ""
 "MiniKanren is a relational programming extension to the Scheme\n"
 "programming Language, written as a smaller version of Kanren suitable for\n"
@@ -4567,51 +4992,51 @@ msgid ""
 "See for more on miniKanren generally."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:689
+#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:767
 msgid "S-expression based regular expressions"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:691
+#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:769
 msgid ""
 "Irregex is an s-expression based alternative to your classic\n"
 "string-based regular expressions.  It implements SRFI 115 and is deeply\n"
 "inspired by the SCSH regular expression system."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:755
+#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:836
 msgid "Guile bindings to the GDBM library via Guile's FFI"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:757
+#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:838
 msgid ""
 "Guile bindings to the GDBM key-value storage system, using\n"
 "Guile's foreign function interface."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:805
+#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:886
 msgid "Access SQLite databases from Guile"
 msgstr "TilgĂĄ SQLite-databaser fra Guile"
-#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:807
+#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:888
 msgid "This package provides Guile bindings to the SQLite database system."
 msgstr "Denne pakke tilbyder Guilebindinger til SQLite-databasesystemet."
-#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:851
+#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:932
 msgid "Functional static site generator"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:852
+#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:933
 msgid ""
 "Haunt is a static site generator written in Guile\n"
 "Scheme.  Haunt features a functional build system and an extensible\n"
 "interface for reading articles in any format."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:873
+#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:954
 msgid "Guile application configuration parsing library"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:875
+#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:956
 msgid ""
 "Guile Config is a library providing a declarative approach to\n"
 "application configuration specification.  The library provides clean\n"
@@ -4622,43 +5047,43 @@ msgid ""
 "above command-line parameters."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:909
+#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:994
 msgid "Redis client library for Guile"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:910
+#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:995
 msgid ""
 "Guile-redis provides a Scheme interface to the Redis\n"
 "key-value cache and store."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:984
+#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:1072
 msgid "Whitespace to lisp syntax for Guile"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:985
+#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:1073
 msgid ""
 "Wisp is a syntax for Guile which provides a Python-like\n"
 "whitespace-significant language.  It may be easier on the eyes for some\n"
 "users and in some situations."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:1018
+#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:1106
 msgid "2D/3D game engine for GNU Guile"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:1019
+#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:1107
 msgid ""
 "Sly is a 2D/3D game engine written in Guile Scheme.  Sly\n"
 "features a functional reactive programming interface and live coding\n"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:1054
+#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:1142
 msgid "Generate C bindings for Guile"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:1055
+#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:1143
 msgid ""
 "G-Wrap is a tool and Guile library for generating function\n"
 "wrappers for inter-language calls.  It currently only supports generating 
@@ -4667,11 +5092,11 @@ msgid ""
 "provides access to that interface and its types from the Scheme level."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:1092
+#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:1180
 msgid "Guile database abstraction layer"
 msgstr "Guile-databaseabstraktionslag"
-#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:1095
+#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:1183
 msgid ""
 "guile-dbi is a library for Guile that provides a convenient interface to\n"
 "SQL databases.  Database programming with guile-dbi is generic in that the 
@@ -4679,45 +5104,81 @@ msgid ""
 "It currently supports MySQL, Postgres and SQLite3."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:1121
+#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:1209
 msgid "Guile DBI driver for SQLite"
 msgstr "Guile DBI-driver for SQLite"
-#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:1124
+#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:1212
 msgid ""
 "guile-dbi is a library for Guile that provides a convenient interface to\n"
 "SQL databases.  This package implements the interface for SQLite."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:1150
+#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:1238
 msgid "XOSD bindings for Guile"
 msgstr "XOSD-bindinger for Guile"
-#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:1152
+#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:1240
 msgid ""
 "Guile-XOSD provides Guile bindings for @code{libxosd},\n"
 "@uref{, the X On Screen Display\n"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:1175
+#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:1263
 msgid "Evaluate code in a running Guile process"
 msgstr "Evaluer kode i en kørende Guileproces"
-#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:1177
+#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:1265
 msgid ""
 "Guile-Daemon is a small Guile program that loads your initial\n"
 "configuration file, and then reads and evaluates Guile expressions that\n"
 "you send to a FIFO file."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/imagemagick.scm:101 gnu/packages/imagemagick.scm:195
+#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:1296
+msgid "CommonMark parser for Guile"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:1298
+msgid ""
+"guile-commonmark is a library for parsing CommonMark, a fully specified\n"
+"variant of Markdown.  The library is written in Guile Scheme and is 
+"to transform a CommonMark document to SXML.  guile-commonmark tries to 
+"follow the @uref{, CommonMark spec}, the main 
+"is no support for parsing block and inline level HTML."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:1380
+msgid "Structured access to bytevector contents for Guile"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:1382
+msgid ""
+"Guile bytestructures offers a system imitating the type system\n"
+"of the C programming language, to be used on bytevectors.  C's type\n"
+"system works on raw memory, and Guile works on bytevectors which are\n"
+"an abstraction over raw memory.  It's also more powerful than the C\n"
+"type system, elevating types to first-class status."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:1419
+msgid "Spell-checking from Guile"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/guile.scm:1421
+msgid ""
+"guile-aspell is a Guile Scheme library for comparing a string against a\n"
+"dictionary and suggesting spelling corrections."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/imagemagick.scm:106 gnu/packages/imagemagick.scm:208
 msgid "Create, edit, compose, or convert bitmap images"
 msgstr "Opret, rediger, komponer eller konverter bitmap-billeder"
-#: gnu/packages/imagemagick.scm:103
+#: gnu/packages/imagemagick.scm:108
 msgid ""
-"ImageMagick® is a software suite to create, edit, compose, or convert\n"
+"ImageMagick is a software suite to create, edit, compose, or convert\n"
 "bitmap images.  It can read and write images in a variety of formats (over 
 "including DPX, EXR, GIF, JPEG, JPEG-2000, PDF, PhotoCD, PNG, Postscript, 
 "and TIFF.  Use ImageMagick to resize, flip, mirror, rotate, distort, shear 
@@ -4725,11 +5186,11 @@ msgid ""
 "text, lines, polygons, ellipses and BĂ©zier curves."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/imagemagick.scm:147
+#: gnu/packages/imagemagick.scm:153
 msgid "Perl interface to ImageMagick"
 msgstr "Perlgrænseflade til ImageMagick"
-#: gnu/packages/imagemagick.scm:148
+#: gnu/packages/imagemagick.scm:154
 msgid ""
 "This Perl extension allows the reading, manipulation and\n"
 "writing of a large number of image file formats using the ImageMagick 
@@ -4737,28 +5198,28 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/imagemagick.scm:197
+#: gnu/packages/imagemagick.scm:210
 msgid ""
 "GraphicsMagick provides a comprehensive collection of utilities,\n"
 "programming interfaces, and GUIs, to support file format conversion, image\n"
 "processing, and 2D vector rendering."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/image.scm:73
+#: gnu/packages/image.scm:84
 msgid "Library for handling PNG files"
 msgstr "Bibliotek for hĂĄndtering af PNG-filer"
-#: gnu/packages/image.scm:75
+#: gnu/packages/image.scm:86
 msgid ""
 "Libpng is the official PNG (Portable Network Graphics) reference\n"
 "library.  It supports almost all PNG features and is extensible."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/image.scm:107
+#: gnu/packages/image.scm:118
 msgid "Library for handling JPEG files"
 msgstr "Bibliotek for hĂĄndtering af JPEG-filer"
-#: gnu/packages/image.scm:109
+#: gnu/packages/image.scm:120
 msgid ""
 "Libjpeg implements JPEG image encoding, decoding, and transcoding.\n"
 "JPEG is a standardized compression method for full-color and gray-scale\n"
@@ -4767,22 +5228,46 @@ msgid ""
 "image files in PBMPLUS PPM/PGM, GIF, BMP, and Targa file formats."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/image.scm:142
+#: gnu/packages/image.scm:185
+msgid "Implementation of the JPEG XR standard"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/image.scm:186
+msgid ""
+"JPEG XR is an approved ISO/IEC International standard (its\n"
+"official designation is ISO/IEC 29199-2). This library is an implementation 
of that standard."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/image.scm:209
 msgid "Optimize JPEG images"
 msgstr "Optimer JPEG-billeder"
-#: gnu/packages/image.scm:144
+#: gnu/packages/image.scm:211
 msgid ""
 "jpegoptim provides lossless optimization (based on optimizing\n"
 "the Huffman tables) and \"lossy\" optimization based on setting\n"
 "maximum quality factor."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/image.scm:175
+#: gnu/packages/image.scm:236
+msgid "Library for handling Mac OS icns resource files"
+msgstr "Bibliotek for hĂĄndtering af Mac OS-ikonressourcefiler"
+#: gnu/packages/image.scm:238
+msgid ""
+"Libicns is a library for the manipulation of Mac OS IconFamily resource\n"
+"type files (ICNS).  @command{icns2png} and @command{png2icns} are provided 
+"convert between PNG and ICNS. @command{icns2png} will extract image files 
+"ICNS files under names like \"Foo_48x48x32.png\" useful for installing for 
+"with .desktop files.  Additionally, @command{icontainer2png} is provided 
+"extracting icontainer icon files."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/image.scm:273
 msgid "Library for handling TIFF files"
 msgstr "Bibliotek for hĂĄndtering af TIFF-filer"
-#: gnu/packages/image.scm:177
+#: gnu/packages/image.scm:275
 msgid ""
 "Libtiff provides support for the Tag Image File Format (TIFF), a format\n"
 "used for storing image data.\n"
@@ -4790,11 +5275,11 @@ msgid ""
 "collection of tools for doing simple manipulations of TIFF images."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/image.scm:220
+#: gnu/packages/image.scm:318
 msgid "Library for reading images in the Microsoft WMF format"
 msgstr "Bibliotek for læsning af billeder i Microsoft WMF-formatet"
-#: gnu/packages/image.scm:222
+#: gnu/packages/image.scm:320
 msgid ""
 "libwmf is a library for reading vector images in Microsoft's native\n"
 "Windows Metafile Format (WMF) and for either (a) displaying them in, e.g., an 
@@ -4802,11 +5287,11 @@ msgid ""
 "the W3C's XML-based Scaleable Vector Graphic (SVG) format."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/image.scm:289
+#: gnu/packages/image.scm:387
 msgid "Library and tools for image processing and analysis"
 msgstr "Bibliotek og værktøjer for billedbehandling og analyse"
-#: gnu/packages/image.scm:291
+#: gnu/packages/image.scm:389
 msgid ""
 "Leptonica is a C library and set of command-line tools for efficient\n"
 "image processing and image analysis operations.  It supports rasterop, 
@@ -4816,11 +5301,11 @@ msgid ""
 "arithmetic ops."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/image.scm:314
+#: gnu/packages/image.scm:411
 msgid "Decoder of the JBIG2 image compression format"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/image.scm:316
+#: gnu/packages/image.scm:413
 msgid ""
 "JBIG2 is designed for lossy or lossless encoding of 'bilevel' (1-bit\n"
 "monochrome) images at moderately high resolution, and in particular scanned\n"
@@ -4833,11 +5318,11 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/image.scm:351
+#: gnu/packages/image.scm:451
 msgid "JPEG 2000 codec"
 msgstr "JPEG 2000-kodning"
-#: gnu/packages/image.scm:353
+#: gnu/packages/image.scm:453
 msgid ""
 "The OpenJPEG library is a JPEG 2000 codec written in C.  It has\n"
 "been developed in order to promote the use of JPEG 2000, the new\n"
@@ -4850,11 +5335,11 @@ msgid ""
 "error-resilience, a Java-viewer for j2k-images, ..."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/image.scm:431
+#: gnu/packages/image.scm:534
 msgid "Tools and library for working with GIF images"
 msgstr "Værktøjer og bibliotek for arbejde med GIF-billeder"
-#: gnu/packages/image.scm:433
+#: gnu/packages/image.scm:536
 msgid ""
 "GIFLIB is a library for reading and writing GIF images.  It is API and\n"
 "ABI compatible with libungif which was in wide use while the LZW 
@@ -4862,19 +5347,19 @@ msgid ""
 "compose, and analyze GIF images."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/image.scm:455
+#: gnu/packages/image.scm:558
 msgid "GIF decompression library"
 msgstr "GIF-dekomprimeringsbibliotek"
-#: gnu/packages/image.scm:457
+#: gnu/packages/image.scm:560
 msgid "libungif is the old GIF decompression library by the GIFLIB project."
 msgstr "libungif er det gamle GIF-dekomprimeringsbibliotek af 
-#: gnu/packages/image.scm:486
+#: gnu/packages/image.scm:589
 msgid "Loading, saving, rendering and manipulating image files"
 msgstr "Indlæs, gem, optegn og manipuler billedfiler"
-#: gnu/packages/image.scm:488
+#: gnu/packages/image.scm:591
 msgid ""
 "Imlib2 is a library that does image file loading and saving as well as\n"
 "rendering, manipulation, arbitrary polygon support, etc.\n"
@@ -4887,32 +5372,32 @@ msgid ""
 "more modular, simple, and flexible."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/image.scm:520
+#: gnu/packages/image.scm:623
 msgid "Wrapper library for imlib2"
 msgstr "Omslagsbibliotek for imlib2"
-#: gnu/packages/image.scm:522
+#: gnu/packages/image.scm:625
 msgid ""
 "Giblib is a simple library which wraps imlib2's context API, avoiding\n"
 "all the context_get/set calls, adds fontstyles to the truetype renderer and\n"
 "supplies a generic doubly-linked list and some string functions."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/image.scm:562
+#: gnu/packages/image.scm:666
 msgid "Library for handling popular graphics image formats"
 msgstr "Bibliotek til håndtering af populære grafiske billedformater"
-#: gnu/packages/image.scm:564
+#: gnu/packages/image.scm:668
 msgid ""
 "FreeImage is a library for developers who would like to support popular\n"
 "graphics image formats like PNG, BMP, JPEG, TIFF and others."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/image.scm:616
+#: gnu/packages/image.scm:723
 msgid "Computer vision library"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/image.scm:618
+#: gnu/packages/image.scm:725
 msgid ""
 "VIGRA stands for Vision with Generic Algorithms.  It is an image\n"
 "processing and analysis library that puts its main emphasis on customizable\n"
@@ -4920,11 +5405,11 @@ msgid ""
 "multi-dimensional image processing."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/image.scm:649
+#: gnu/packages/image.scm:758
 msgid "Lossless and lossy image compression"
 msgstr "Billedkomprimering med og uden kvalitetetstab"
-#: gnu/packages/image.scm:651
+#: gnu/packages/image.scm:760
 msgid ""
 "WebP is a new image format that provides lossless and lossy compression\n"
 "for images.  WebP lossless images are 26% smaller in size compared to\n"
@@ -4936,41 +5421,52 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/image.scm:679
+#: gnu/packages/image.scm:788
 msgid "Library for handling MNG files"
 msgstr "Bibliotek for hĂĄndtering af MNG-filer"
-#: gnu/packages/image.scm:681
+#: gnu/packages/image.scm:790
 msgid "Libmng is the MNG (Multiple-image Network Graphics) reference library."
 msgstr "Libmng er MNG-referencebiblioteket (Multiple-image Network Graphics)."
-#: gnu/packages/image.scm:730
+#: gnu/packages/image.scm:814
+msgid "Library and command-line utility to manage image metadata"
+msgstr "Bibliotek og kommandolinjeredskab til at hĂĄndtere billedmetadata"
+#: gnu/packages/image.scm:816
+msgid ""
+"Exiv2 is a C++ library and a command line utility to manage image\n"
+"metadata.  It provides fast and easy read and write access to the Exif, 
+"and XMP metadata of images in various formats."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/image.scm:872
 msgid "Library for manipulating many image formats"
 msgstr "Bibliotek for manipulering af mange billedformater"
-#: gnu/packages/image.scm:731
+#: gnu/packages/image.scm:873
 msgid ""
 "Developer's Image Library (DevIL) is a library to develop\n"
 "applications with support for many types of images.  DevIL can load, save,\n"
 "convert, manipulate, filter and display a wide variety of image formats."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/image.scm:765
+#: gnu/packages/image.scm:892
 msgid "JPEG-2000 library"
 msgstr "JPEG-2000-bibliotek"
-#: gnu/packages/image.scm:766
+#: gnu/packages/image.scm:893
 msgid ""
 "The JasPer Project is an initiative to provide a reference\n"
 "implementation of the codec specified in the JPEG-2000 Part-1 standard 
 "ISO/IEC 15444-1)."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/image.scm:796
+#: gnu/packages/image.scm:923
 msgid "Scaling, colorspace conversion, and dithering library"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/image.scm:797
+#: gnu/packages/image.scm:924
 msgid ""
 "Zimg implements the commonly required image processing basics\n"
 "of scaling, colorspace conversion, and depth conversion.  A simple API 
@@ -4978,11 +5474,11 @@ msgid ""
 "the programmer."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/image.scm:830
+#: gnu/packages/image.scm:957
 msgid "Perceptual image comparison utility"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/image.scm:831
+#: gnu/packages/image.scm:958
 msgid ""
 "PerceptualDiff visually compares two images to determine\n"
 "whether they look alike.  It uses a computational model of the human visual\n"
@@ -4990,11 +5486,127 @@ msgid ""
 "differences in file encoding, image quality, and other small variations."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/inkscape.scm:91
-msgid "Vector graphics editor"
+#: gnu/packages/image.scm:989
+msgid "Image and audio steganography"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/image.scm:991
+msgid ""
+"Steghide is a steganography program that is able to hide data in various\n"
+"kinds of image- and audio-files.  The color- respectivly sample-frequencies\n"
+"are not changed thus making the embedding resistant against first-order\n"
+"statistical tests."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/image.scm:1017
+msgid "Image library for Extempore"
+msgstr "Billedbibliotek for Extempore"
+#: gnu/packages/image.scm:1019
+msgid ""
+"This package is a collection of assorted single-file libraries.  Of\n"
+"all included libraries only the image loading and decoding library is\n"
+"installed as @code{stb_image}."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/image.scm:1047
+msgid ""
+"Optimizer that recompresses PNG image files to a\n"
+"smaller size"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/image.scm:1049
+msgid ""
+"OptiPNG is a PNG optimizer that recompresses image\n"
+"files to a smaller size, without losing any information.  This program\n"
+"also converts external formats (BMP, GIF, PNM and TIFF) to optimized\n"
+"PNG, and performs PNG integrity checks and corrections."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/image.scm:1083
+msgid "SIMD-accelerated JPEG image handling library"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/image.scm:1084
+msgid ""
+"libjpeg-turbo is a JPEG image codec that accelerates baseline\n"
+"JPEG compression and decompression using SIMD instructions: MMX on x86, SSE2 
+"x86-64, NEON on ARM, and AltiVec on PowerPC processors.  Even on other 
+"its highly-optimized Huffman coding routines allow it to outperform libjpeg 
+"a significant amount.\n"
+"libjpeg-turbo implements both the traditional libjpeg API and the less 
+"but more straightforward TurboJPEG API, and provides a full-featured Java\n"
+"interface.  It supports color space extensions that allow it to compress 
+"and decompress to 32-bit and big-endian pixel buffers (RGBX, XBGR, etc.)."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/image-viewers.scm:63
+msgid "Fast and light imlib2-based image viewer"
+msgstr "Hurtig og simpel imlib2-baseret billedfremviser"
+#: gnu/packages/image-viewers.scm:65
+msgid ""
+"feh is an X11 image viewer aimed mostly at console users.\n"
+"Unlike most other viewers, it does not have a fancy GUI, but simply\n"
+"displays images.  It can also be used to set the desktop wallpaper.\n"
+"It is controlled via commandline arguments and configurable key/mouse\n"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/image-viewers.scm:111
+msgid "Lightweight GTK+ based image viewer"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/image-viewers.scm:113
+msgid ""
+"Geeqie is a lightweight GTK+ based image viewer for Unix like operating\n"
+"systems.  It features: EXIF, IPTC and XMP metadata browsing and editing\n"
+"interoperability; easy integration with other software; geeqie works on 
+"and directories, there is no need to import images; fast preview for many 
+"image formats; tools for image comparison, sorting and managing photo\n"
+"collection.  Geeqie was initially based on GQview."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/image-viewers.scm:148
+msgid "Simple X Image Viewer"
+msgstr "Simpel X-billedfremviser"
+#: gnu/packages/image-viewers.scm:150
+msgid ""
+"sxiv is an alternative to feh and qiv.  Its primary goal is to\n"
+"provide the most basic features required for fast image viewing.  It has\n"
+"vi key bindings and works nicely with tiling window managers.  Its code\n"
+"base should be kept small and clean to make it easy for you to dig into\n"
+"it and customize it for your needs."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/image-viewers.scm:191
+msgid "Simple, fast and elegant image viewer"
+msgstr "Simpel, hurtig og elegant billedfremviser"
+#: gnu/packages/image-viewers.scm:192
+msgid ""
+"Viewnior is an image viewer program.  Created to be simple,\n"
+"fast and elegant.  Its minimalistic interface provides more screenspace for\n"
+"your images.  Among its features are:\n"
+"@item Fullscreen & Slideshow\n"
+"@item Rotate, flip, crop, save, delete images\n"
+"@item Animation support\n"
+"@item Browse only selected images\n"
+"@item Navigation window\n"
+"@item Set image as wallpaper (Gnome 2, Gnome 3, XFCE, LXDE, FluxBox, 
+"@item Simple interface\n"
+"@item EXIF and IPTC metadata\n"
+"@item Configurable mouse actions\n"
+"@end enumerate\n"
 msgstr ""
 #: gnu/packages/inkscape.scm:92
+msgid "Vector graphics editor"
+msgstr "Redigeringsprogram for vektorgrafik"
+#: gnu/packages/inkscape.scm:93
 msgid ""
 "Inkscape is a vector graphics editor.  What sets Inkscape\n"
 "apart is its use of Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), an XML-based W3C 
@@ -5011,11 +5623,11 @@ msgid ""
 "fragmentation avoidance and scalable concurrency support."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/key-mon.scm:52
+#: gnu/packages/key-mon.scm:50
 msgid "Show keyboard and mouse status"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/key-mon.scm:54
+#: gnu/packages/key-mon.scm:52
 msgid ""
 "The key-mon utility displays the current keyboard and mouse status.\n"
 "This is useful for teaching and screencasts."
@@ -5282,11 +5894,11 @@ msgid ""
 "and to return information on pronunciations, meanings and synonyms."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/libreoffice.scm:859
+#: gnu/packages/libreoffice.scm:861
 msgid "Office suite"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/libreoffice.scm:860
+#: gnu/packages/libreoffice.scm:862
 msgid ""
 "LibreOffice is a comprehensive office suite.  It contains\n"
 "a number of components: Writer, a word processor; Calc, a spreadsheet\n"
@@ -5295,39 +5907,29 @@ msgid ""
 "Math for editing mathematics."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:162
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:170
 msgid "GNU Linux-Libre kernel headers"
 msgstr "GNU Linux-LIbre - kerneteksthoveder"
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:163
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:171
 msgid "Headers of the Linux-Libre kernel."
 msgstr "Teksthoveder for Linux-Libre-kernen."
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:193
-msgid "Tools for loading and managing Linux kernel modules"
-msgstr "Værktøjer til at indlæse og håndtere Linuxkernemoduler"
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:195
-msgid ""
-"Tools for loading and managing Linux kernel modules, such as `modprobe',\n"
-"`insmod', `lsmod', and more."
-msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:334
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:321
 msgid "100% free redistribution of a cleaned Linux kernel"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:336
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:323
 msgid ""
 "GNU Linux-Libre is a free (as in freedom) variant of the Linux kernel.\n"
 "It has been modified to remove all non-free binary blobs."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:413
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:397
 msgid "Pluggable authentication modules for Linux"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:415
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:399
 msgid ""
 "A *Free* project to implement OSF's RFC 86.0.\n"
 "Pluggable authentication modules are small shared object files that can\n"
@@ -5335,33 +5937,33 @@ msgid ""
 "at login.  Local and dynamic reconfiguration are its key features."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:442
-msgid "Small utilities that use the proc filesystem"
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:441
+msgid "Small utilities that use the proc file system"
 msgstr "SmĂĄ redskaber som bruger filsystemet proc"
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:444
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:443
 msgid ""
 "This PSmisc package is a set of some small useful utilities that\n"
-"use the proc filesystem.  We're not about changing the world, but\n"
+"use the proc file system.  We're not about changing the world, but\n"
 "providing the system administrator with some help in common tasks."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:509
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:520
 msgid "Collection of utilities for the Linux kernel"
 msgstr "Samling af redskaber for Linuxkernen"
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:510
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:521
 msgid ""
 "Util-linux is a diverse collection of Linux kernel\n"
-"utilities.  It provides dmesg and includes tools for working with 
+"utilities.  It provides dmesg and includes tools for working with file 
 "block devices, UUIDs, TTYs, and many other tools."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:551
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:571
 msgid "Utilities that give information about processes"
 msgstr "Redskaber som giver information om processer"
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:553
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:573
 msgid ""
 "Procps is the package that has a bunch of small useful utilities\n"
 "that give information about processes using the Linux /proc file system.\n"
@@ -5369,107 +5971,107 @@ msgid ""
 "slabtop, and skill."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:578
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:599
 msgid "Tools for working with USB devices, such as lsusb"
 msgstr "Værktøjer for arbejde med USB-enheder, såsom lsusb"
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:580
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:601
 msgid "Tools for working with USB devices, such as lsusb."
 msgstr "Værktøjer for arbejde med USB-enheder, såsom lsusb."
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:654
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:679
 msgid "Creating and checking ext2/ext3/ext4 file systems"
 msgstr "Oprettelse og kontrol af ext2/ext3/ext4-filsystemer"
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:656
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:681
 msgid "This package provides tools for manipulating ext2/ext3/ext4 file 
 msgstr "Denne pakke tilbyder værktøjer til manipulering af 
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:698
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:723
 msgid "Statically-linked fsck.* commands from e2fsprogs"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:700
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:725
 msgid ""
 "This package provides statically-linked command of fsck.ext[234] taken\n"
 "from the e2fsprogs package.  It is meant to be used in initrds."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:720
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:745
 msgid "Recover deleted files from ext2/3/4 partitions"
 msgstr "Gendan slettede filer fra ext2/3/4-partitioner"
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:722
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:747
 msgid ""
 "Extundelete is a set of tools that can recover deleted files from an\n"
 "ext3 or ext4 partition."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:754
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:779
 msgid "Zero non-allocated regions in ext2/ext3/ext4 file systems"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:756
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:781
 msgid ""
 "The zerofree command scans the free blocks in an ext2 file system and\n"
 "fills any non-zero blocks with zeroes.  This is a useful way to make disk\n"
 "images more compressible."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:775
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:800
 msgid "System call tracer for Linux"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:777
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:802
 msgid ""
 "strace is a system call tracer, i.e. a debugging tool which prints out a\n"
 "trace of all the system calls made by a another process/program."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:798
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:823
 msgid "Library call tracer for Linux"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:800
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:825
 msgid ""
 "ltrace intercepts and records dynamic library calls which are called by\n"
 "an executed process and the signals received by that process.  It can also\n"
 "intercept and print the system calls executed by the program."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:820
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:845
 msgid "The Advanced Linux Sound Architecture libraries"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:822 gnu/packages/linux.scm:864
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:847 gnu/packages/linux.scm:890
 msgid ""
 "The Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) provides audio and\n"
 "MIDI functionality to the Linux-based operating system."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:862
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:888
 msgid "Utilities for the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA)"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:889
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:915
 msgid "Program to configure the Linux IP packet filtering rules"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:891
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:917
 msgid ""
 "iptables is the userspace command line program used to configure the\n"
-"Linux 2.4.x and later IPv4 packet filtering ruleset.  It is targeted 
+"Linux 2.4.x and later IPv4 packet filtering ruleset (firewall).  It is 
targeted at\n"
 "system administrators.  Since Network Address Translation is also 
 "from the packet filter ruleset, iptables is used for this, too.  The 
 "package also includes ip6tables.  ip6tables is used for configuring the 
 "packet filter."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:938
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:966
 msgid "Utilities for controlling TCP/IP networking and traffic in Linux"
 msgstr "Redskaber for kontrol af TCP/IP-netværk og trafik i Linux"
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:940
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:968
 msgid ""
 "Iproute2 is a collection of utilities for controlling TCP/IP\n"
 "networking and traffic with the Linux kernel.\n"
@@ -5490,11 +6092,11 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1051
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1079
 msgid "Tools for controlling the network subsystem in Linux"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1053
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1081
 msgid ""
 "This package includes the important tools for controlling the network\n"
 "subsystem of the Linux kernel.  This includes arp, hostname, ifconfig,\n"
@@ -5503,21 +6105,21 @@ msgid ""
 "advanced aspects of IP configuration (iptunnel, ipmaddr)."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1090
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1118
 msgid "Library for working with POSIX capabilities"
 msgstr "Bibliotek til arbejde med POSIX-funktioner"
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1092
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1120
 msgid ""
 "Libcap2 provides a programming interface to POSIX capabilities on\n"
 "Linux-based operating systems."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1135
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1163
 msgid "Manipulate Ethernet bridges"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1137
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1165
 msgid ""
 "Utilities for Linux's Ethernet bridging facilities.  A bridge is a way\n"
 "to connect two Ethernet segments together in a protocol independent way.\n"
@@ -5526,11 +6128,11 @@ msgid ""
 "transparently through a bridge."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1159
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1187
 msgid "NetLink protocol library suite"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1161
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1189
 msgid ""
 "The libnl suite is a collection of libraries providing APIs to netlink\n"
 "protocol based Linux kernel interfaces.  Netlink is an IPC mechanism 
@@ -5539,21 +6141,21 @@ msgid ""
 "configuration and monitoring interfaces."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1191
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1219
 msgid "Tool for configuring wireless devices"
 msgstr "Værktøj til konfiguration af trådløse enheder"
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1193
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1221
 msgid ""
 "iw is a new nl80211 based CLI configuration utility for wireless\n"
 "devices.  It replaces @code{iwconfig}, which is deprecated."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1239
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1267
 msgid "Analyze power consumption on Intel-based laptops"
 msgstr "Analyser strømforbrug på Intelbaserede bærbare"
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1241
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1269
 msgid ""
 "PowerTOP is a Linux tool to diagnose issues with power consumption and\n"
 "power management.  In addition to being a diagnostic tool, PowerTOP also 
@@ -5562,31 +6164,31 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1263
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1291
 msgid "Audio mixer for X and the console"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1265
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1293
 msgid ""
 "Aumix adjusts an audio mixer from X, the console, a terminal,\n"
 "the command line or a script."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1289
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1317
 msgid "Displays the IO activity of running processes"
 msgstr "Viser IO-aktivet for kørende processer"
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1291
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1319
 msgid ""
 "Iotop is a Python program with a top like user interface to show the\n"
 "processes currently causing I/O."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1343
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1371
 msgid "Support file systems implemented in user space"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1345
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1373
 msgid ""
 "As a consequence of its monolithic design, file system code for Linux\n"
 "normally goes into the kernel itself---which is not only a robustness 
@@ -5596,11 +6198,11 @@ msgid ""
 "user-space processes."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1370
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1398
 msgid "User-space union file system"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1372
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1400
 msgid ""
 "UnionFS-FUSE is a flexible union file system implementation in user\n"
 "space, using the FUSE library.  Mounting a union file system allows you to\n"
@@ -5608,15 +6210,15 @@ msgid ""
 "UnionFS-FUSE additionally supports copy-on-write."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1397
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1425
 msgid "User-space union file system (statically linked)"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1440
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1468
 msgid "Mount remote file systems over SSH"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1442
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1470
 msgid ""
 "This is a file system client based on the SSH File Transfer Protocol.\n"
 "Since most SSH servers already support this protocol it is very easy to set\n"
@@ -5624,11 +6226,11 @@ msgid ""
 "file system is as easy as logging into the server with an SSH client."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1471
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1499
 msgid "Tools for non-uniform memory access (NUMA) machines"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1473
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1501
 msgid ""
 "NUMA stands for Non-Uniform Memory Access, in other words a system whose\n"
 "memory is not all in one place.  The numactl program allows you to run your\n"
@@ -5641,32 +6243,32 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1535
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1563
 msgid "Linux keyboard utilities and keyboard maps"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1537
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1565
 msgid ""
 "This package contains keytable files and keyboard utilities compatible\n"
 "for systems using the Linux kernel.  This includes commands such as\n"
 "'loadkeys', 'setfont', 'kbdinfo', and 'chvt'."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1556
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1584
 msgid "Monitor file accesses"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1558
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1586
 msgid ""
 "The inotify-tools packages provides a C library and command-line tools\n"
 "to use Linux' inotify mechanism, which allows file accesses to be monitored."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1596
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1624
 msgid "Kernel module tools"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1597
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1625
 msgid ""
 "Kmod is a set of tools to handle common tasks with Linux\n"
 "kernel modules like insert, remove, list, check properties, resolve\n"
@@ -5677,33 +6279,37 @@ msgid ""
 "from the module-init-tools project."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1632
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1660
 msgid "Userspace device management"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1633
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1661
 msgid ""
 "Udev is a daemon which dynamically creates and removes\n"
 "device nodes from /dev/, handles hotplug events and loads drivers at boot\n"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1693
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1733
 msgid "Logical volume management for Linux"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1695
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1735
 msgid ""
 "LVM2 is the logical volume management tool set for Linux-based systems.\n"
 "This package includes the user-space libraries and tools, including the 
 "mapper.  Kernel components are part of Linux-libre."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1731
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1757
+msgid "Logical volume management for Linux (statically linked)"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1787
 msgid "Tools for manipulating Linux Wireless Extensions"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1732
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1788
 msgid ""
 "Wireless Tools are used to manipulate the now-deprecated\n"
 "Linux Wireless Extensions; consider using 'iw' instead.  The Wireless\n"
@@ -5712,44 +6318,44 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1804
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1860
 msgid "Central regulatory domain agent (CRDA) for WiFi"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1806
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1862
 msgid ""
 "The Central Regulatory Domain Agent (CRDA) acts as the udev helper for\n"
 "communication between the kernel Linux and user space for regulatory\n"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1852
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1908
 msgid "Wireless regulatory database"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1854
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1910
 msgid ""
 "This package contains the wireless regulatory database Central\n"
 "Regulatory Database Agent (CRDA) daemon.  The database contains information 
 "country-specific regulations for the wireless spectrum."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1930
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1982
 msgid "Utilities to read temperature/voltage/fan sensors"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1932
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1984
 msgid ""
 "Lm-sensors is a hardware health monitoring package for Linux.  It allows\n"
 "you to access information from temperature, voltage, and fan speed sensors.\n"
 "It works with most newer systems."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1959
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2011
 msgid "I2C tools for Linux"
 msgstr "I2C-værktøjer for Linux"
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1961
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2013
 msgid ""
 "The i2c-tools package contains a heterogeneous set of I2C tools for\n"
 "Linux: a bus probing tool, a chip dumper, register-level SMBus access 
@@ -5757,22 +6363,22 @@ msgid ""
 "SMBus access."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1997
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2049
 msgid "Hardware health information viewer"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:1999
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2051
 msgid ""
 "Xsensors reads data from the libsensors library regarding hardware\n"
 "health such as temperature, voltage and fan speed and displays the 
 "in a digital read-out."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2047
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2099
 msgid "Linux profiling with performance counters"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2049
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2101
 msgid ""
 "perf is a tool suite for profiling using hardware performance counters,\n"
 "with support in the Linux kernel.  perf can instrument CPU performance\n"
@@ -5781,11 +6387,11 @@ msgid ""
 "particular the 'perf' command."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2072
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2124
 msgid "Simple tool for creating Linux namespace containers"
 msgstr "Simpelt værktøj til oprettelse af naverumscontainere under Linux"
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2073
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2125
 msgid ""
 "pflask is a simple tool for creating Linux namespace\n"
 "containers.  It can be used for running a command or even booting an OS 
@@ -5794,32 +6400,32 @@ msgid ""
 "thanks to the use of namespaces."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2100
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2152
 msgid "Tune hard disk parameters for high performance"
 msgstr "Finjuster harddiskparametre for høj ydelse"
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2102
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2154
 msgid ""
 "Get/set device parameters for Linux SATA/IDE drives.  It's primary use\n"
 "is for enabling irq-unmasking and IDE multiple-mode."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2125
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2177
 msgid "Tool for enabling and disabling wireless devices"
 msgstr "Værktøj til aktivering og deaktivering af trådløse enheder"
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2127
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2179
 msgid ""
 "rfkill is a simple tool for accessing the rfkill device interface,\n"
 "which is used to enable and disable wireless networking devices, typically\n"
 "WLAN, Bluetooth and mobile broadband."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2146
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2198
 msgid "Display information on ACPI devices"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2147
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2199
 msgid ""
 "@code{acpi} attempts to replicate the functionality of the\n"
 "\"old\" @code{apm} command on ACPI systems, including battery and thermal\n"
@@ -5827,11 +6433,11 @@ msgid ""
 "about ACPI devices."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2166
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2218
 msgid "Daemon for delivering ACPI events to user-space programs"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2168
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2220
 msgid ""
 "acpid is designed to notify user-space programs of Advanced\n"
 "Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) events.  acpid should be started\n"
@@ -5840,37 +6446,37 @@ msgid ""
 "specified in /etc/acpi/events and execute the rules that match the event."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2190
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2242
 msgid "System utilities based on Linux sysfs"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2192
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2244
 msgid ""
-"These are a set of utilities built upon sysfs, a virtual filesystem in\n"
+"These are a set of utilities built upon sysfs, a virtual file system in\n"
 "Linux kernel versions 2.5+ that exposes a system's device tree.  The 
 "also contains the libsysfs library."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2221
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2273
 msgid "System utilities based on Linux sysfs (version 1.x)"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2244
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2296
 msgid "Utilities to get and set CPU frequency on Linux"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2246
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2298
 msgid ""
 "The cpufrequtils suite contains utilities to retrieve CPU frequency\n"
 "information, and set the CPU frequency if supported, using the cpufreq\n"
 "capabilities of the Linux kernel."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2265
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2317
 msgid "Interface library for the Linux IEEE1394 drivers"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2267
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2319
 msgid ""
 "Libraw1394 is the only supported interface to the kernel side raw1394 of\n"
 "the Linux IEEE-1394 subsystem, which provides direct access to the 
@@ -5879,105 +6485,109 @@ msgid ""
 "protocol in question."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2291
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2343
 msgid "AV/C protocol library for IEEE 1394"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2293
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2345
 msgid ""
 "Libavc1394 is a programming interface to the AV/C specification from\n"
 "the 1394 Trade Association.  AV/C stands for Audio/Video Control."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2315
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2367
 msgid "Isochronous streaming media library for IEEE 1394"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2317
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2369
 msgid ""
 "The libiec61883 library provides a higher level API for streaming DV,\n"
 "MPEG-2 and audio over Linux IEEE 1394."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2356
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2416
 msgid "Tool for managing Linux Software RAID arrays"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2358
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2418
 msgid ""
 "mdadm is a tool for managing Linux Software RAID arrays.  It can create,\n"
 "assemble, report on, and monitor arrays.  It can also move spares between 
 "arrays when needed."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2385
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2450
+msgid "Statically-linked 'mdadm' command for use in an initrd"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2474
 msgid "Linux-native asynchronous I/O access library"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2387
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2476
 msgid ""
 "This library enables userspace to use Linux kernel asynchronous I/O\n"
 "system calls, important for the performance of databases and other advanced\n"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2409
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2498
 msgid "Bluetooth subband audio codec"
 msgstr "Bluetooth subband-lydkodning"
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2411
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2500
 msgid ""
 "The SBC is a digital audio encoder and decoder used to transfer data to\n"
 "Bluetooth audio output devices like headphones or loudspeakers."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2469
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2558
 msgid "Linux Bluetooth protocol stack"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2471
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2560
 msgid ""
 "BlueZ provides support for the core Bluetooth layers and protocols.  It\n"
 "is flexible, efficient and uses a modular implementation."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2527
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2582
 msgid "Mount exFAT file systems"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2529
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2584
 msgid ""
 "This package provides a FUSE-based file system that provides read and\n"
 "write access to exFAT devices."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2569
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2624
 msgid "Mouse support for the Linux console"
 msgstr "Museunderstøttelse for Linuxkonsollen"
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2571
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2626
 msgid ""
 "The GPM (general-purpose mouse) daemon is a mouse server for\n"
 "applications running on the Linux console.  It allows users to select items\n"
 "and copy/paste text in the console and in xterm."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2605
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2676
 msgid "Create and manage btrfs copy-on-write file systems"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2606
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2677
 msgid ""
-"Btrfs is a copy-on-write (CoW) filesystem for Linux aimed at\n"
+"Btrfs is a copy-on-write (CoW) file system for Linux aimed at\n"
 "implementing advanced features while focusing on fault tolerance, repair 
 "easy administration."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2635
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2706
 msgid "Free-fall protection for spinning laptop hard drives"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2637
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2708
 msgid ""
 "Prevents shock damage to the internal spinning hard drive(s) of some\n"
 "HP and Dell laptops.  When sudden movement is detected, all input/output\n"
@@ -5987,11 +6597,11 @@ msgid ""
 "feature, and a laptop with an accelerometer.  It has no effect on SSDs."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2691
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2762
 msgid "Simple fan control program"
 msgstr "Simpelt kontrolprogram til blæseren"
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2693
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2764
 msgid ""
 "Thinkfan is a simple fan control program.  It reads temperatures,\n"
 "checks them against configured limits and switches to appropriate (also\n"
@@ -6000,43 +6610,43 @@ msgid ""
 "from userspace."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2728
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2799
 msgid "Read-write access to NTFS file systems"
 msgstr "Læs/skriv adgang til NTFS-filsystemer"
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2730
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2801
 msgid ""
 "NTFS-3G provides read-write access to NTFS file systems, which are\n"
 "commonly found on Microsoft Windows.  It is implemented as a FUSE file 
 "The package provides additional NTFS tools."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2748
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2819
 msgid "Random number generator daemon"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2750
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2821
 msgid ""
 "Monitor a hardware random number generator, and supply entropy\n"
 "from that to the system kernel's @file{/dev/random} machinery."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2788
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2859
 msgid "CPU frequency and voltage scaling tools for Linux"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2790
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2861
 msgid ""
 "cpupower is a set of user-space tools that use the cpufreq feature of the\n"
 "Linux kernel to retrieve and control processor features related to power 
 "such as frequency and voltage scaling."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2809
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2880
 msgid "Entropy source for the Linux random number generator"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2811
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2882
 msgid ""
 "haveged generates an unpredictable stream of random numbers for use by\n"
 "Linux's @file{/dev/random} and @file{/dev/urandom} devices.  The kernel's\n"
@@ -6049,6 +6659,118 @@ msgid ""
 "as used on certified hardware security devices."
 msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2921
+msgid "eCryptfs cryptographic file system utilities"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2923
+msgid ""
+"eCryptfs is a POSIX-compliant stacked cryptographic file system for Linux.\n"
+"Each file's cryptographic meta-data is stored inside the file itself, along\n"
+"with the encrypted contents.  This allows individual encrypted files to be\n"
+"copied between hosts and still be decrypted with the proper key.  eCryptfs is 
+"native Linux file system, and has been part of the Linux kernel since 
+"2.6.19.  This package contains the userland utilities to manage it."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2954
+msgid "NFSv4 support library for name/ID mapping"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2955
+msgid ""
+"Libnfsidmap is a library holding mulitiple methods of\n"
+"mapping names to ids and visa versa, mainly for NFSv4.  It provides an\n"
+"extensible array of mapping functions, currently consisting of two choices:\n"
+"the default @code{nsswitch} and the experimental @code{umich_ldap}."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2988
+msgid "Tools for loading and managing Linux kernel modules"
+msgstr "Værktøjer til at indlæse og håndtere Linuxkernemoduler"
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:2990
+msgid ""
+"Tools for loading and managing Linux kernel modules, such as `modprobe',\n"
+"`insmod', `lsmod', and more."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:3024
+msgid "Machine check monitor for x86 Linux systems"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:3026
+msgid ""
+"The mcelog daemon is required by the Linux kernel to log memory, I/O, CPU,\n"
+"and other hardware errors on x86 systems.  It can also perform user-defined\n"
+"tasks, such as bringing bad pages off-line, when configurable error 
+"are exceeded."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:3055
+msgid "MTD Flash Storage Utilities"
+msgstr "Lagerredskaber for MTD-flash"
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:3056
+msgid ""
+"This package provides utilities for testing, partitioning, etc\n"
+"of flash storage."
+msgstr ""
+"Denne pakke tilbyder redskaber til test, partitionering, etc.\n"
+"for flashlager."
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:3079
+msgid "Interface to Linux's seccomp syscall filtering mechanism"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:3080
+msgid ""
+"The libseccomp library provides an easy to use, platform\n"
+"independent, interface to the Linux Kernel's syscall filtering mechanism.  
+"libseccomp API is designed to abstract away the underlying BPF based 
+"filter language and present a more conventional function-call based 
+"interface that should be familiar to, and easily adopted by, application\n"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:3121
+msgid "Usage monitor for AMD Radeon graphics"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:3122
+msgid ""
+"RadeonTop monitors resource consumption on supported AMD\n"
+"Radeon Graphics Processing Units (GPUs), either in real time as bar graphs 
+"a terminal or saved to a file for further processing.  It measures both the\n"
+"activity of the GPU as a whole, which is also accurate during OpenCL\n"
+"computations, as well as separate component statistics that are only 
+"under OpenGL graphics workloads."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:3157
+msgid "Tool and library to manipulate EFI variables"
+msgstr "Værktøj og bibliotek til at manipulere EFI-variabler"
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:3158
+msgid ""
+"This package provides a library and a command line\n"
+"interface to the variable facility of UEFI boot firmware."
+msgstr ""
+"Denne pakke tilbyder et bibliotek og en kommandolinje-\n"
+"grænseflade til variabelfaciliteten for UEFI-opstartsfirmware."
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:3199
+msgid "Modify the Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI) boot manager"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/linux.scm:3201
+msgid ""
+"@code{efibootmgr} is a user-space application to modify the Intel\n"
+"Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI) Boot Manager.  This application can\n"
+"create and destroy boot entries, change the boot order, change the next\n"
+"running boot option, and more."
+msgstr ""
 #: gnu/packages/lout.scm:109
 msgid "Document layout system"
 msgstr ""
@@ -6072,11 +6794,11 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/messaging.scm:80
+#: gnu/packages/messaging.scm:97
 msgid "Off-the-Record (OTR) Messaging Library and Toolkit"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/messaging.scm:82
+#: gnu/packages/messaging.scm:99
 msgid ""
 "OTR allows you to have private conversations over instant messaging by\n"
 "providing: (1) Encryption: No one else can read your instant messages.  (2)\n"
@@ -6089,11 +6811,11 @@ msgid ""
 "keys, no previous conversation is compromised."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/messaging.scm:148
+#: gnu/packages/messaging.scm:165
 msgid "IRC to instant messaging gateway"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/messaging.scm:149
+#: gnu/packages/messaging.scm:166
 msgid ""
 "BitlBee brings IM (instant messaging) to IRC clients, for\n"
 "people who have an IRC client running all the time and don't want to run an\n"
@@ -6103,45 +6825,45 @@ msgid ""
 " and"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/messaging.scm:182
+#: gnu/packages/messaging.scm:202
 msgid "Graphical IRC Client"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/messaging.scm:184
+#: gnu/packages/messaging.scm:204
 msgid ""
-"HexChat lets you connect to multiple IRC networks at once.  The main window\n"
-"shows the list of currently connected networks and their channels, the 
-"conversation and the list of users.  It uses colors to differentiate 
-"users and to highlight messages.  It checks spelling using available\n"
+"HexChat lets you connect to multiple IRC networks at once.  The main\n"
+"window shows the list of currently connected networks and their channels, 
+"current conversation and the list of users.  It uses colors to 
+"between users and to highlight messages.  It checks spelling using 
 "dictionaries.  HexChat can be extended with multiple addons."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/messaging.scm:250
+#: gnu/packages/messaging.scm:271
 msgid "Lightweight Internet Relay Chat server for small networks"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/messaging.scm:252
+#: gnu/packages/messaging.scm:273
 msgid ""
 "ngIRCd is a lightweight Internet Relay Chat server for small or private\n"
 "networks.  It is easy to configure, can cope with dynamic IP addresses, and\n"
 "supports IPv6, SSL-protected connections as well as PAM for authentication."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/messaging.scm:323
+#: gnu/packages/messaging.scm:344
 msgid "Graphical multi-protocol instant messaging client"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/messaging.scm:325
+#: gnu/packages/messaging.scm:346
 msgid ""
 "Pidgin is a modular instant messaging client that supports many popular\n"
 "chat protocols."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/messaging.scm:363
+#: gnu/packages/messaging.scm:384
 msgid "Off-the-Record Messaging plugin for Pidgin"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/messaging.scm:365
+#: gnu/packages/messaging.scm:386
 msgid ""
 "Pidgin-OTR is a plugin that adds support for OTR to the Pidgin instant\n"
 "messaging client.  OTR (Off-the-Record) Messaging allows you to have 
@@ -6156,11 +6878,11 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/messaging.scm:405
+#: gnu/packages/messaging.scm:426
 msgid "IRC network bouncer"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/messaging.scm:406
+#: gnu/packages/messaging.scm:427
 msgid ""
 "ZNC is an IRC network bouncer or BNC.  It can detach the\n"
 "client from the actual IRC server, and also from selected channels.  
@@ -6168,22 +6890,22 @@ msgid ""
 "simultaneously and therefore appear under the same nickname on IRC."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/messaging.scm:428
+#: gnu/packages/messaging.scm:449
 msgid "Non-blocking Jabber/XMPP module"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/messaging.scm:430
+#: gnu/packages/messaging.scm:451
 msgid ""
 "The goal of this python library is to provide a way for Python\n"
 "applications to use Jabber/XMPP networks in a non-blocking way.  This 
 "was initially a fork of xmpppy, but is using non-blocking sockets."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/messaging.scm:487
+#: gnu/packages/messaging.scm:501
 msgid "Jabber (XMPP) client"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/messaging.scm:488
+#: gnu/packages/messaging.scm:502
 msgid ""
 "Gajim is a feature-rich and easy to use Jabber/XMPP client.\n"
 "Among its features are: a tabbed chat window and single window modes; 
@@ -6192,21 +6914,133 @@ msgid ""
 "end-to-end encryption support; XML console."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/mpd.scm:65
+#: gnu/packages/messaging.scm:576
+msgid "Jabber (XMPP) server"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/messaging.scm:577
+msgid ""
+"Prosody is a modern XMPP communication server.  It aims to\n"
+"be easy to set up and configure, and efficient with system resources.\n"
+"Additionally, for developers it aims to be easy to extend and give a 
+"system on which to rapidly develop added functionality, or prototype new\n"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/messaging.scm:619
+msgid "Library for the Tox encrypted messenger protocol"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/messaging.scm:621
+msgid "C library implementation of the Tox encrypted messenger protocol."
+msgstr "C-biblioteksimplementering for den Tox-krypterede messengerprotokol."
+#: gnu/packages/messaging.scm:662
+msgid "Lightweight Tox client"
+msgstr "Simpel Tox-klient"
+#: gnu/packages/messaging.scm:663
+msgid ""
+"A  lightweight Tox client.  Tox is a distributed and secure\n"
+"instant messenger with audio and video chat capabilities."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/messaging.scm:714
+msgid "Tox chat client using Qt"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/messaging.scm:715
+msgid ""
+"qTox is a Tox client that follows the Tox design\n"
+"guidelines.  It provides an easy to use application that allows you to\n"
+"connect with friends and family without anyone else listening in."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/messaging.scm:812
+msgid ""
+"Distributed and trustless peer-to-peer communications protocol\n"
+"for sending encrypted messages to one person or many subscribers."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/messaging.scm:814
+msgid "Distributed peer-to-peer communication"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/messaging.scm:833
+msgid "Multi-user chat program"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/messaging.scm:834
+msgid ""
+"Ytalk is a replacement for the BSD talk program.  Its main\n"
+"advantage is the ability to communicate with any arbitrary number of users 
+"once.  It supports both talk protocols (\"talk\" and \"ntalk\") and can 
+"with several different talk daemons at the same time."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/messaging.scm:859
+msgid "Portable high-level Jabber/XMPP library for C++"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/messaging.scm:861
+msgid ""
+"gloox is a full-featured Jabber/XMPP client library,\n"
+"written in ANSI C++.  It makes writing spec-compliant clients easy\n"
+"and allows for hassle-free integration of Jabber/XMPP functionality\n"
+"into existing applications."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/messaging.scm:934
+msgid ""
+"@code{Net::PSYC} with support for TCP, UDP,, @code{IO::Select} and\n"
+"Gtk2 event loops.  This package includes 12 applications and additional 
+"psycion (a @uref{,PSYC} chat client), remotor (a control 
+"for @uref{,tor} router) and many more."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/messaging.scm:938
+msgid "Perl implementation of PSYC protocol"
+msgstr "Perlimplementering af PSYC-protokollen"
+#: gnu/packages/messaging.scm:977
+msgid ""
+"@code{libpsyc} is a PSYC library in C which implements\n"
+"core aspects of PSYC, useful for all kinds of clients and servers\n"
+"including psyced."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/messaging.scm:980
+msgid "PSYC library in C"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/messaging.scm:1047
+msgid "psycLPC is a multi-user network server programming language"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/messaging.scm:1049
+msgid ""
+"LPC is a bytecode language, invented to specifically implement\n"
+"multi user virtual environments on the internet.  This technology is used 
+"MUDs and also the psyced implementation of the Protocol for SYnchronous\n"
+"Conferencing (PSYC).  psycLPC is a fork of LDMud with some new features and\n"
+"many bug fixes."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/mpd.scm:68
 msgid "Music Player Daemon client library"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/mpd.scm:66
+#: gnu/packages/mpd.scm:69
 msgid ""
 "A stable, documented, asynchronous API library for\n"
 "interfacing MPD in the C, C++ & Objective C languages."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/mpd.scm:126
+#: gnu/packages/mpd.scm:129
 msgid "Music Player Daemon"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/mpd.scm:127
+#: gnu/packages/mpd.scm:130
 msgid ""
 "Music Player Daemon (MPD) is a flexible, powerful,\n"
 "server-side application for playing music.  Through plugins and libraries 
@@ -6214,11 +7048,11 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/mpd.scm:150
+#: gnu/packages/mpd.scm:153
 msgid "Music Player Daemon client"
 msgstr "Music Player - dæmonklient"
-#: gnu/packages/mpd.scm:151
+#: gnu/packages/mpd.scm:154
 msgid ""
 "MPC is a minimalist command line interface to MPD, the music\n"
 "player daemon."
@@ -6226,53 +7060,64 @@ msgstr ""
 "MPC er en minimalistisk kommandolinjegrænseflade til MPD,\n"
-#: gnu/packages/mpd.scm:174
+#: gnu/packages/mpd.scm:177
 msgid "Curses Music Player Daemon client"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/mpd.scm:175
+#: gnu/packages/mpd.scm:178
 msgid ""
 "ncmpc is a fully featured MPD client, which runs in a\n"
 "terminal using ncurses."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/mpd.scm:204
+#: gnu/packages/mpd.scm:207
 msgid "Featureful ncurses based MPD client inspired by ncmpc"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/mpd.scm:205
+#: gnu/packages/mpd.scm:208
 msgid ""
 "Ncmpcpp is an mpd client with a UI very similar to ncmpc,\n"
 "but it provides new useful features such as support for regular expressions\n"
 "for library searches, extended song format, items filtering, the ability to\n"
-"sort playlists, and a local filesystem browser."
+"sort playlists, and a local file system browser."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/mpd.scm:228
+#: gnu/packages/mpd.scm:231
 msgid "MPD client for track scrobbling"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/mpd.scm:229
+#: gnu/packages/mpd.scm:232
 msgid ""
 "mpdscribble is a Music Player Daemon client which submits\n"
 "information about tracks being played to a scrobbler, such as Libre.FM."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/mpd.scm:254
+#: gnu/packages/mpd.scm:257
 msgid "Python MPD client library"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/mpd.scm:255
+#: gnu/packages/mpd.scm:258
 msgid ""
 "Python-mpd2 is a Python library which provides a client\n"
 "interface for the Music Player Daemon."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/netpbm.scm:146
+#: gnu/packages/mpd.scm:307
+msgid "Elegant client for the Music Player Daemon"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/mpd.scm:308
+msgid ""
+"Sonata is an elegant graphical client for the Music Player\n"
+"Daemon (MPD).  It supports playlists, multiple profiles (connecting to 
+"MPD servers, search and multimedia key support."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/netpbm.scm:167
 msgid "Toolkit for manipulation of images"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/netpbm.scm:148
+#: gnu/packages/netpbm.scm:169
 msgid ""
 "Netpbm is a toolkit for the manipulation of graphic images, including\n"
 "the conversion of images between a variety of different formats.\n"
@@ -6292,11 +7137,11 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:65
+#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:77
 msgid "Viewing and manipulating MAC addresses of network interfaces"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:66
+#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:78
 msgid ""
 "GNU MAC Changer is a utility for viewing and changing MAC\n"
 "addresses of networking devices.  New addresses may be set explicitly or\n"
@@ -6304,22 +7149,22 @@ msgid ""
 "or, more generally, MAC addresses of the same category of hardware."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:94
+#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:106
 msgid "Teredo IPv6 tunneling software"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:96
+#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:108
 msgid ""
 "Miredo is an implementation (client, relay, server) of the Teredo\n"
 "specification, which provides IPv6 Internet connectivity to IPv6 enabled 
 "residing in IPv4-only networks, even when they are behind a NAT device."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:118
+#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:130
 msgid "Open bidirectional communication channels from the command line"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:120
+#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:132
 msgid ""
 "socat is a relay for bidirectional data transfer between two independent\n"
 "data channels---files, pipes, devices, sockets, etc.  It can create\n"
@@ -6332,11 +7177,22 @@ msgid ""
 "or server shell scripts with network connections."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:144
+#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:213
+msgid "Monitor and filter incoming requests for network services"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:214
+msgid ""
+"With this package you can monitor and filter incoming requests for\n"
+"network services.  It includes a library which may be used by daemons to\n"
+"transparently check connection attempts against an access control list."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:234
 msgid "Library for message-based applications"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:146
+#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:236
 msgid ""
 "The 0MQ lightweight messaging kernel is a library which extends the\n"
 "standard socket interfaces with features traditionally provided by 
@@ -6346,43 +7202,43 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:185
+#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:275
 msgid "Apache Kafka C/C++ client library"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:187
+#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:277
 msgid ""
 "librdkafka is a C library implementation of the Apache Kafka protocol,\n"
 "containing both Producer and Consumer support."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:204
+#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:294
 msgid "Library for Neighbor Discovery Protocol"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:206
+#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:296
 msgid ""
 "libndp contains a library which provides a wrapper for IPv6 Neighbor\n"
 "Discovery Protocol.  It also provides a tool named ndptool for sending and\n"
 "receiving NDP messages."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:224
+#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:314
 msgid "Display or change Ethernet device settings"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:226
+#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:316
 msgid ""
 "ethtool can be used to query and change settings such as speed,\n"
 "auto-negotiation and checksum offload on many network devices, especially\n"
 "Ethernet devices."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:263
+#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:353
 msgid "Text based network interface status monitor"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:265
+#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:355
 msgid ""
 "IFStatus is a simple, easy-to-use program for displaying commonly\n"
 "needed/wanted real-time traffic statistics of multiple network\n"
@@ -6390,11 +7246,11 @@ msgid ""
 "intended as a substitute for the PPPStatus and EthStatus projects."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:285
+#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:375
 msgid "Realtime console network usage monitor"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:287
+#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:377
 msgid ""
 "Nload is a console application which monitors network traffic and\n"
 "bandwidth usage in real time.  It visualizes the in- and outgoing traffic 
@@ -6402,11 +7258,11 @@ msgid ""
 "and min/max network usage."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:323
+#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:420
 msgid "Tunnel IPv4 data through a DNS server"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:324
+#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:421
 msgid ""
 "Iodine tunnels IPv4 data through a DNS server.  This\n"
 "can be useful in different situations where internet access is firewalled, 
@@ -6414,22 +7270,34 @@ msgid ""
 "and up to 1 Mbit/s downstream."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:335
+#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:459
+msgid "Improved whois client"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:460
+msgid ""
+"This whois client is intelligent and can\n"
+"automatically select the appropriate whois server for most queries.\n"
+"Because of historical reasons this also includes a tool called mkpasswd\n"
+"which can be used to encrypt a password with @code{crypt(3)}."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:471
 msgid "Network traffic analyzer"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:376
+#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:512
 msgid ""
 "Wireshark is a network protocol analyzer, or @dfn{packet\n"
 "sniffer}, that lets you capture and interactively browse the contents of\n"
 "network frames."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:407
+#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:543
 msgid "Web server latency and throughput monitor"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:409
+#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:545
 msgid ""
 "httping measures how long it takes to connect to a web server, send an\n"
 "HTTP(S) request, and receive the reply headers.  It is somewhat similar to\n"
@@ -6438,106 +7306,269 @@ msgid ""
 "application stack itself."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/pdf.scm:101
+#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:566
+msgid "Console based live network and disk I/O bandwidth monitor"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:567
+msgid ""
+"Bandwidth Monitor NG is a small and simple console based\n"
+"live network and disk I/O bandwidth monitor."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:616
+msgid "Assess WiFi network security"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:618
+msgid ""
+"Aircrack-ng is a complete suite of tools to assess WiFi network\n"
+"security.  It focuses on different areas of WiFi security: monitoring,\n"
+"attacking, testing, and cracking.  All tools are command-line driven, which\n"
+"allows for heavy scripting."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:643
+msgid "Perl Interface to the Domain Name System"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:644
+msgid "Net::DNS is the Perl Interface to the Domain Name System."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:675
+msgid "IPv6 related part of the C socket.h defines and structure manipulators 
for Perl"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:676
+msgid ""
+"Socket6 binds the IPv6 related part of the C socket header\n"
+"definitions and structure manipulators for Perl."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:703
+msgid "Programmable DNS resolver class for offline emulation of DNS"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:704
+msgid ""
+"Net::DNS::Resolver::Programmable is a programmable DNS resolver for\n"
+"offline emulation of DNS."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:737
+msgid "Manages IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and subnets"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:738
+msgid "NetAddr::IP manages IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and subsets."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:762
+msgid "Patricia Trie Perl module for fast IP address lookups"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:764
+msgid "Net::Patricia does IP address lookups quickly in Perl."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:787
+msgid "Perl extension for merging IPv4 or IPv6 CIDR addresses"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:788
+msgid "Net::CIDR::Lite merges IPv4 or IPv6 CIDR addresses."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:810
+msgid "Look up location and network information by IP Address in Perl"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:811
+msgid ""
+"The Perl module 'Geo::IP'.  It looks up location and network\n"
+"information by IP Address."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:840
+msgid "Perl object interface for AF_INET/AF_INET6 domain sockets"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:841
+msgid ""
+"IO::Socket::INET6 is an interface for AF_INET/AF_INET6 domain\n"
+"sockets in Perl."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:872
+msgid "Redirect any TCP connection through a proxy or proxy chain"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:873
+msgid ""
+"Proxychains-ng is a preloader which hooks calls to sockets\n"
+"in dynamically linked programs and redirects them through one or more SOCKS 
+"HTTP proxies."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:894
+msgid "Network communication layer on top of UDP"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:896
+msgid ""
+"ENet's purpose is to provide a relatively thin, simple and robust network\n"
+"communication layer on top of UDP.  The primary feature it provides is 
+"reliable, in-order delivery of packets.  ENet omits certain higher level\n"
+"networking features such as authentication, server discovery, encryption, 
+"other similar tasks that are particularly application specific so that the\n"
+"library remains flexible, portable, and easily embeddable."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:959
+msgid "Applicative network protocol demultiplexer"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:961
+msgid ""
+"sslh is a network protocol demultiplexer.  It acts like a switchboard,\n"
+"accepting connections from clients on one port and forwarding them to 
+"servers based on the contents of the first received data packet.  Detection 
+"common protocols like HTTP(S), SSL, SSH, OpenVPN, tinc, and XMPP is already\n"
+"implemented, but any other protocol that matches a regular expression can 
+"added.  sslh's name comes from its original application of serving both SSH 
+"HTTPS on port 443, allowing SSH connections from inside corporate firewalls\n"
+"that block port 22."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:984
+msgid "TCP, UDP and SCTP bandwidth measurement tool"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:986
+msgid ""
+"iPerf is a tool to measure achievable bandwidth on IP networks.  It\n"
+"supports tuning of various parameters related to timing, buffers and\n"
+"protocols (TCP, UDP, SCTP with IPv4 and IPv6).  For each test it reports\n"
+"the bandwidth, loss, and other parameters."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:1019
+msgid "Per-process bandwidth monitor"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/networking.scm:1020
+msgid ""
+"NetHogs is a small 'net top' tool for Linux.  Instead of\n"
+"breaking the traffic down per protocol or per subnet, like most tools do, 
+"groups bandwidth by process.\n"
+"NetHogs does not rely on a special kernel module to be loaded.  If there's\n"
+"suddenly a lot of network traffic, you can fire up NetHogs and immediately 
+"which PID is causing this.  This makes it easy to identify programs that 
+"gone wild and are suddenly taking up your bandwidth."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/pdf.scm:121
 msgid "PDF rendering library"
 msgstr "PDF-optegningsbibliotek"
-#: gnu/packages/pdf.scm:103
+#: gnu/packages/pdf.scm:123
 msgid "Poppler is a PDF rendering library based on the xpdf-3.0 code base."
 msgstr "Poppler er et PDF-optegningsbibliotek baseret pĂĄ xpdf-3.0-kodebasen."
-#: gnu/packages/pdf.scm:112
+#: gnu/packages/pdf.scm:132
 msgid "Qt4 frontend for the Poppler PDF rendering library"
 msgstr "Qt4-brugeflade for Poppler PDF-optegningsbiblioteket"
-#: gnu/packages/pdf.scm:119
+#: gnu/packages/pdf.scm:143
 msgid "Qt5 frontend for the Poppler PDF rendering library"
 msgstr "Qt5-brugeflade for Poppler PDF-optegningsbiblioteket"
-#: gnu/packages/pdf.scm:152
+#: gnu/packages/pdf.scm:176
 msgid "Python bindings for Poppler-Qt4"
 msgstr "Pythonbindinger for Poppler-Qt4"
-#: gnu/packages/pdf.scm:154
+#: gnu/packages/pdf.scm:178
 msgid ""
 "This package provides Python bindings for the Qt4 interface of the\n"
 "Poppler PDF rendering library."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/pdf.scm:191
+#: gnu/packages/pdf.scm:215
 msgid "Library for generating PDF files"
 msgstr "Bibliotek til at oprette PDF-filer"
-#: gnu/packages/pdf.scm:193
+#: gnu/packages/pdf.scm:217
 msgid ""
 "libHaru is a library for generating PDF files.  libHaru does not support\n"
 "reading and editing of existing PDF files."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/pdf.scm:240
+#: gnu/packages/pdf.scm:264
 msgid "Viewer for PDF files based on the Motif toolkit"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/pdf.scm:242
+#: gnu/packages/pdf.scm:266
 msgid "Xpdf is a viewer for Portable Document Format (PDF) files."
 msgstr "Xpdf er en fremviser for Portable Document Format-filer (PDF)."
-#: gnu/packages/pdf.scm:272
+#: gnu/packages/pdf.scm:296
 msgid "Comic book support for zathura (libarchive backend)"
 msgstr "Understøttelse af tegneserier i zathura (libarchive-motor)"
-#: gnu/packages/pdf.scm:273
+#: gnu/packages/pdf.scm:297
 msgid ""
 "The zathura-cb plugin adds comic book support to zathura\n"
 "using libarchive."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/pdf.scm:303
+#: gnu/packages/pdf.scm:327
 msgid "PS support for zathura (libspectre backend)"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/pdf.scm:304
+#: gnu/packages/pdf.scm:328
 msgid ""
 "The zathura-ps plugin adds PS support to zathura\n"
 "using libspectre."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/pdf.scm:335
+#: gnu/packages/pdf.scm:359
 msgid "DjVu support for zathura (DjVuLibre backend)"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/pdf.scm:336
+#: gnu/packages/pdf.scm:360
 msgid ""
 "The zathura-djvu plugin adds DjVu support to zathura\n"
 "using the DjVuLibre library."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/pdf.scm:368
+#: gnu/packages/pdf.scm:392
 msgid "PDF support for zathura (poppler backend)"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/pdf.scm:369
+#: gnu/packages/pdf.scm:393
 msgid ""
 "The zathura-pdf-poppler plugin adds PDF support to zathura\n"
 "by using the poppler rendering engine."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/pdf.scm:406
+#: gnu/packages/pdf.scm:430
 msgid "Lightweight keyboard-driven PDF viewer"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/pdf.scm:407
+#: gnu/packages/pdf.scm:431
 msgid ""
 "Zathura is a customizable document viewer.  It provides a\n"
 "minimalistic interface and an interface that mainly focuses on keyboard\n"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/pdf.scm:446
+#: gnu/packages/pdf.scm:470
 msgid "Tools to work with the PDF file format"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/pdf.scm:448
+#: gnu/packages/pdf.scm:472
 msgid ""
 "PoDoFo is a C++ library and set of command-line tools to work with the\n"
 "PDF file format.  It can parse PDF files and load them into memory, and 
@@ -6546,11 +7577,11 @@ msgid ""
 "extracting content or merging files."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/pdf.scm:491
+#: gnu/packages/pdf.scm:528
 msgid "Lightweight PDF viewer and toolkit"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/pdf.scm:493
+#: gnu/packages/pdf.scm:530
 msgid ""
 "MuPDF is a C library that implements a PDF and XPS parsing and\n"
 "rendering engine.  It is used primarily to render pages into bitmaps,\n"
@@ -6562,11 +7593,11 @@ msgid ""
 "and examining the file structure (pdfshow)."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/pdf.scm:533
+#: gnu/packages/pdf.scm:582
 msgid "Command-line tools and library for transforming PDF files"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/pdf.scm:535
+#: gnu/packages/pdf.scm:584
 msgid ""
 "QPDF is a command-line program that does structural, content-preserving\n"
 "transformations on PDF files.  It could have been called something like\n"
@@ -6575,16 +7606,108 @@ msgid ""
 "program capable of converting PDF into other formats."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/pdf.scm:565
+#: gnu/packages/pdf.scm:614
 msgid "Notetaking using a stylus"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/pdf.scm:567
+#: gnu/packages/pdf.scm:616
 msgid ""
 "Xournal is an application for notetaking, sketching, keeping a journal\n"
 "using a stylus."
 msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/pdf.scm:634
+msgid "Python library for generating PDFs and graphics"
+msgstr "Pythonbibliotek til at oprette PDF-filer og grafik"
+#: gnu/packages/pdf.scm:635
+msgid ""
+"This is the ReportLab PDF Toolkit.  It allows rapid creation\n"
+"of rich PDF documents, and also creation of charts in a variety of bitmap 
+"vector formats."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/pdf.scm:688
+msgid "PDF presentation tool with visual effects"
+msgstr "PDF-præsentationsværktøj med visuelle effekter"
+#: gnu/packages/pdf.scm:690
+msgid ""
+"Impressive is a tool to display PDF files that provides visual effects\n"
+"such as smooth alpha-blended slide transitions.  It provides additional 
+"such as zooming, highlighting an area of the screen, and a tool to navigate\n"
+"the PDF pages."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/pdf.scm:737
+msgid "Framebuffer and drm-based image viewer"
+msgstr "Framebuffer og drm-baseret billedfremviser"
+#: gnu/packages/pdf.scm:739
+msgid ""
+"fbida contains a few applications for viewing and editing images on\n"
+"the framebuffer."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/pdf.scm:764
+msgid "PDF to SVG converter"
+msgstr "PDF- til SVG-konverteringsprogram"
+#: gnu/packages/pdf.scm:765
+msgid ""
+"@command{pdf2svg} is a simple command-line PDF to SVG\n"
+"converter using the Poppler and Cairo libraries."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/pdf.scm:796 gnu/packages/pdf.scm:833
+msgid "Pure Python PDF toolkit"
+msgstr "Pure Python PDF-værktøjssæt"
+#: gnu/packages/pdf.scm:797
+msgid ""
+"PyPDF2 is a pure Python PDF library capable of:\n"
+"@item extracting document information (title, author, …)\n"
+"@item splitting documents page by page\n"
+"@item merging documents page by page\n"
+"@item cropping pages\n"
+"@item merging multiple pages into a single page\n"
+"@item encrypting and decrypting PDF files\n"
+"@end enumerate\n"
+"By being pure Python, it should run on any Python platform without any\n"
+"dependencies on external libraries.  It can also work entirely on\n"
+"@code{StringIO} objects rather than file streams, allowing for PDF\n"
+"manipulation in memory.  It is therefore a useful tool for websites that\n"
+"manage or manipulate PDFs."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/pdf.scm:834
+msgid ""
+"PyPDF2 is a pure Python PDF toolkit.\n"
+"Note: This module isn't maintained anymore.  For new projects please use\n"
+"python-pypdf2 instead."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/pdf.scm:858
+msgid "Scale and tile PDF images/pages to print on multiple pages"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/pdf.scm:859
+msgid ""
+"@command{pdfposter} can be used to create a large poster by\n"
+"building it from multple pages and/or printing it on large media.  It 
+"as input a PDF file, normally printing on a single page.  The output is 
+"a PDF file, maybe containing multiple pages together building the poster.  
+"input page will be scaled to obtain the desired size.\n"
+"This is much like @command{poster} does for Postscript files, but working 
+"PDF.  Since sometimes @command{poster} does not like your files converted 
+"PDF.  Indeed @command{pdfposter} was inspired by @command{poster}."
+msgstr ""
 #: gnu/packages/pem.scm:41
 msgid "Personal expenses manager"
 msgstr ""
@@ -6598,31 +7721,31 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:116
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:138
 msgid "Implementation of the Perl programming language"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:118
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:140
 msgid ""
 "Perl 5 is a highly capable, feature-rich programming language with over\n"
 "24 years of development."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:137
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:159
 msgid "Module for merging hierarchies using the C3 algorithm"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:138
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:160
 msgid ""
 "This module implements the C3 algorithm, which aims to\n"
 "provide a sane method resolution order under multiple inheritance."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:156
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:178
 msgid "Compute differences between two files or lists"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:157
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:179
 msgid ""
 "This is a module for computing the difference between two\n"
 "files, two strings, or any other two lists of things.  It uses an 
@@ -6631,11 +7754,11 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:179
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:201
 msgid "Use shorter versions of class names"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:180
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:202
 msgid ""
 "The alias module loads the class you specify and exports\n"
 "into your namespace a subroutine that returns the class name.  You can\n"
@@ -6643,31 +7766,59 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:202
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:224
 msgid "Configuration files and command line parsing"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:203
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:225
 msgid ""
 "AppConfig is a bundle of Perl5 modules for reading\n"
 "configuration files and parsing command line arguments."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:221
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:243
 msgid "Perl API to zip files"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:222 gnu/packages/zip.scm:170
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:244 gnu/packages/zip.scm:171
 msgid ""
 "The Archive::Zip module allows a Perl program to create,\n"
 "manipulate, read, and write Zip archive files."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:241 gnu/packages/perl.scm:4312
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:265
+msgid "Small utils for array manipulation"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:266
+msgid ""
+"@code{Array::Utils} is a small pure-perl module containing\n"
+"list manipulation routines."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:284
+msgid "Lexically disable autovivification"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:285
+msgid ""
+"When an undefined variable is dereferenced, it gets silently\n"
+"upgraded to an array or hash reference (depending of the type of the\n"
+"dereferencing).  This behaviour is called autovivification and usually does\n"
+"what you mean but it may be unnatural or surprising because your variables 
+"populated behind your back.  This is especially true when several levels of\n"
+"dereferencing are involved, in which case all levels are vivified up to the\n"
+"last, or when it happens in intuitively read-only constructs like\n"
+"@code{exists}.  The pragma provided by this package lets you disable\n"
+"autovivification for some constructs and optionally throws a warning or an\n"
+"error when it would have happened."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:311 gnu/packages/perl.scm:5077
 msgid "Establish an ISA relationship with base classes at compile time"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:242
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:312
 msgid ""
 "Allows you to both load one or more modules, while setting\n"
 "up inheritance from those modules at the same time.  Unless you are using 
@@ -6675,21 +7826,21 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:267
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:337
 msgid "Execute code after a scope finished compilation"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:268
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:338
 msgid ""
 "This module allows you to execute code when perl finished\n"
 "compiling the surrounding scope."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:286
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:356
 msgid "Benchmarking with statistical confidence"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:288
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:358
 msgid ""
 "The Benchmark::Timer class allows you to time portions of code\n"
 "conveniently, as well as benchmark code by allowing timings of repeated\n"
@@ -6698,11 +7849,11 @@ msgid ""
 "but don't want to go all out and profile your code."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:313
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:383
 msgid "Bit vector library"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:314
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:384
 msgid ""
 "Bit::Vector is an efficient C library which allows you to\n"
 "handle bit vectors, sets (of integers), \"big integer arithmetic\" and 
@@ -6712,21 +7863,62 @@ msgid ""
 "library can nevertheless be used stand-alone, without Perl."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:336
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:406
 msgid "Boolean support for Perl"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:337
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:407
 msgid ""
 "This module provides basic Boolean support, by defining two\n"
 "special objects: true and false."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:358
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:425
+msgid "Data files for Business::ISBN"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:426
+msgid ""
+"This package provides a data pack for @code{Business::ISBN}.\n"
+"These data are generated from the RangeMessage.xml file provided by the 
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:448
+msgid "Work with International Standard Book Numbers"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:449
+msgid ""
+"This modules provides tools to deal with International\n"
+"Standard Book Numbers, including ISBN-10 and ISBN-13."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:467
+msgid "Work with International Standard Serial Numbers"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:468
+msgid ""
+"This modules provides tools to deal with International\n"
+"Standard Serial Numbers."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:488
+msgid "Work with International Standard Music Numbers"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:489
+msgid ""
+"This modules provides tools to deal with International\n"
+"Standard Music Numbers."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:510
 msgid "Cache interface for Perl"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:359
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:511
 msgid ""
 "The Cache modules are designed to assist a developer in\n"
 "persisting data for a specified period of time.  Often these modules are 
@@ -6734,14 +7926,14 @@ msgid ""
 "expensive calls to remote machines or databases.  People have also been 
 "to use Cache::Cache for its straightforward interface in sharing data 
 "runs of an application or invocations of a CGI-style script or simply as an\n"
-"easy to use abstraction of the filesystem or shared memory."
+"easy to use abstraction of the file system or shared memory."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:382
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:534
 msgid "Shared memory interprocess cache via mmap"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:383
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:535
 msgid ""
 "A shared memory cache through an mmap'ed file.  It's core is\n"
 "written in C for performance.  It uses fcntl locking to ensure multiple\n"
@@ -6749,11 +7941,11 @@ msgid ""
 "algorithm to keep the most used entries in the cache."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:404
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:556
 msgid "Capture STDOUT and STDERR from Perl, XS or external programs"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:406
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:558
 msgid ""
 "Capture::Tiny provides a simple, portable way to capture almost anything\n"
 "sent to STDOUT or STDERR, regardless of whether it comes from Perl, from XS\n"
@@ -6761,31 +7953,31 @@ msgid ""
 "is captured while being passed through to the original file handles."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:426
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:578
 msgid "Executable comments for Perl"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:427
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:579
 msgid ""
 "Carp::Assert is intended for a purpose like the ANSI C\n"
 "library assert.h."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:449
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:601
 msgid "Convenience wrappers around Carp::Assert"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:450
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:602
 msgid ""
 "Carp::Assert::More is a set of handy assertion functions for\n"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:470
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:622
 msgid "Report errors from a \"clan\" of modules"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:471
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:623
 msgid ""
 "This module allows errors from a clan (or family) of modules\n"
 "to appear to originate from the caller of the clan.  This is necessary in\n"
@@ -6793,21 +7985,21 @@ msgid ""
 "the module doesn't help."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:495
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:647
 msgid "Automated accessor generation"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:496
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:648
 msgid ""
 "This module automagically generates accessors/mutators for\n"
 "your class."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:518
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:670
 msgid "Faster, but less expandable, chained accessors"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:519
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:671
 msgid ""
 "A chained accessor is one that always returns the object\n"
 "when called with parameters (to set), and the value of the field when 
@@ -6815,52 +8007,52 @@ msgid ""
 "the same mk_accessors interface."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:545
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:697
 msgid "Build groups of accessors"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:546
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:698
 msgid ""
 "This class lets you build groups of accessors that will call\n"
 "different getters and setters."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:566
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:718
 msgid "Pragma to use the C3 method resolution order algorithm"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:567
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:719
 msgid ""
 "This is pragma to change Perl 5's standard method resolution\n"
 "order from depth-first left-to-right (a.k.a - pre-order) to the more\n"
 "sophisticated C3 method resolution order."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:591
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:743
 msgid "Drop-in replacement for NEXT"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:592
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:744
 msgid ""
 "This module is intended as a drop-in replacement for NEXT,\n"
 "supporting the same interface, but using Class::C3 to do the hard work."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:616
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:768
 msgid "Load mix-ins or components to your C3-based class"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:617
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:769
 msgid ""
 "This module will inject base classes to your module using\n"
 "the Class::C3 method resolution order."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:635
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:787
 msgid "Inheritable, overridable class data"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:636
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:788
 msgid ""
 "Class::Data::Inheritable is for creating accessor/mutators\n"
 "to class data.  That is, if you want to store something about your class as 
@@ -6868,70 +8060,82 @@ msgid ""
 "subclasses and can be overridden."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:657
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:809
 msgid "Class for easy date and time manipulation"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:658
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:810
 msgid ""
 "This module provides a general-purpose date and datetime\n"
 "type for perl."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:677
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:827
+msgid "Base class for error handling"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:829
+msgid ""
+"@code{Class::ErrorHandler} provides an error-handling mechanism that is 
+"enough to be used as the base class for a variety of OO classes.  Subclasses 
+"its two error-handling methods, error and errstr, to communicate error 
messages back\n"
+"to the calling program."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:850
 msgid "Utility methods for factory classes"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:678
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:851
 msgid "This module exports methods useful for factory classes."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:695
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:868
 msgid "Get information about a class and its structure"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:696
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:869
 msgid ""
 "Class::Inspector allows you to get information about a\n"
 "loaded class."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:724
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:897
 msgid "Working (require \"Class::Name\") and more"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:725
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:898
 msgid ""
 "\"require EXPR\" only accepts Class/ style module\n"
 "names, not Class::Name.  For that, this module provides \"load_class\n"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:748
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:921
 msgid "XS implementation of parts of Class::Load"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:749
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:922
 msgid ""
 "This module provides an XS implementation for portions of\n"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:768
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:941
 msgid "Create generic methods for OO Perl"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:769
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:942
 msgid ""
 "This module solves the problem of having to continually\n"
 "write accessor methods for your objects that perform standard tasks."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:790
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:963
 msgid "Moose-like method modifiers"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:791
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:964
 msgid ""
 "Class::Method::Modifiers provides three modifiers: 'before',\n"
 "'around', and 'after'.  'before' and 'after' are run just before and after 
@@ -6940,42 +8144,42 @@ msgid ""
 "original method."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:812
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:985
 msgid "Implementation of a singleton class for Perl"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:813
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:986
 msgid ""
 "This module implements a Singleton class from which other\n"
 "classes can be derived.  By itself, the Class::Singleton module does very\n"
 "little other than manage the instantiation of a single object."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:832
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1005
 msgid "Minimalist class construction"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:833
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1006
 msgid ""
 "This module offers a minimalist class construction kit.  It\n"
 "uses no non-core modules for any recent Perl."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:853
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1026
 msgid "Unload a class"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:854
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1027
 msgid ""
 "Class:Unload unloads a given class by clearing out its\n"
 "symbol table and removing it from %INC."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:872
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1045
 msgid "Generate fast XS accessors without runtime compilation"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:873
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1046
 msgid ""
 "Class::XSAccessor implements fast read, write, and\n"
 "read/write accessors in XS.  Additionally, it can provide predicates such 
@@ -6985,53 +8189,53 @@ msgid ""
 "arrays for their internal representation."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:893
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1066
 msgid "Recursively copy Perl datatypes"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:895
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1068
 msgid ""
 "This module provides a clone() method which makes recursive copies of\n"
 "nested hash, array, scalar and reference types, including tied variables 
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:916
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1089
 msgid "Sane defaults for Perl programs"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:917
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1090
 msgid ""
 "This module implements some sane defaults for Perl programs,\n"
 "as defined by two typical specimens of Perl coders."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:937
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1110
 msgid "Load configuration from different file formats"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:938
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1111
 msgid ""
 "Config::Any provides a facility for Perl applications and\n"
 "libraries to load configuration data from multiple different file formats.  
 "supports XML, YAML, JSON, Apache-style configuration, and Perl code."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:959
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1132
 msgid "Module to implement some AutoConf macros in Perl"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:960
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1133
 msgid ""
 "Config::AutoConf is intended to provide the same\n"
 "opportunities to Perl developers as GNU Autoconf does for Shell developers."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:978
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1151
 msgid "Generic Config Module"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:979
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1152
 msgid ""
 "This module opens a config file and parses its contents for\n"
 "you.  The format of config files supported by Config::General is inspired 
@@ -7042,52 +8246,52 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1006
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1179
 msgid "Simple .ini-file format reader and writer"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1007
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1180
 msgid ""
 "@code{Config::INI} is a module that facilates the reading\n"
 "and writing of @code{.ini}-style configuration files."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1028
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1201
 msgid "Preserve context during subroutine call"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1029
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1202
 msgid ""
 "This module runs code after a subroutine call, preserving\n"
 "the context the subroutine would have seen if it were the last statement in\n"
 "the caller."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1050
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1223
 msgid "Verify requirements in a CPAN::Meta object"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1051
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1224
 msgid ""
 "This module verifies if requirements described in a\n"
 "CPAN::Meta object are present."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1071
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1244
 msgid "JSON::XS for Cpanel"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1072 gnu/packages/perl.scm:2938
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1245 gnu/packages/perl.scm:3537
 msgid ""
 "This module converts Perl data structures to JSON and vice\n"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1090
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1263
 msgid "Random password generator"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1091
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1264
 msgid ""
 "Crypt::RandPasswd provides three functions that can be used\n"
 "to generate random passwords, constructed from words, letters, or 
@@ -7098,51 +8302,72 @@ msgid ""
 "Password Generator\"."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1134
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1307
 msgid "Library for genomic analysis"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1135
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1308
 msgid ""
 "Chaolin Zhang's Perl Library (czplib) contains assorted\n"
 "functions and data structures for processing and analysing genomic and\n"
 "bioinformatics data."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1154
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1329
+msgid "Compare Perl data structures"
+msgstr "Sammenlign Perldatastrukturer"
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1330
+msgid ""
+"This module compares arbitrary data structures to see if\n"
+"they are copies of each other."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1348
+msgid "Perl extension for generating unique identifiers"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1349
+msgid ""
+"@code{Data::Uniqid} provides three simple routines for\n"
+"generating unique ids.  These ids are coded with a Base62 systen to make 
+"short and handy (e.g. to use it as part of a URL)."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1368
 msgid "Pretty printing of data structures"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1155
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1369
 msgid ""
 "This module provide functions that takes a list of values as\n"
 "their argument and produces a string as its result.  The string contains 
 "code that, when \"eval\"ed, produces a deep copy of the original arguments."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1174
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1388
 msgid "Concise data dumper"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1175
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1389
 msgid ""
 "Data::Dumper::Concise provides a dumper with Less\n"
 "indentation and newlines plus sub deparsing."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1197
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1411
 msgid "Parse and validate simple name/value option pairs"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1199
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1413
 msgid "Data::OptList provides a simple syntax for name/value option pairs."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1221
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1435
 msgid "Help when paging through sets of results"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1222
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1436
 msgid ""
 "When searching through large amounts of data, it is often\n"
 "the case that a result set is returned that is larger than we want to 
@@ -7150,11 +8375,11 @@ msgid ""
 "The maths behind this is unfortunately fiddly, hence this module."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1244
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1458
 msgid "Structured tags datastructures"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1246
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1460
 msgid ""
 "This module is for manipulating data as hierarchical tag/value\n"
 "pairs (Structured TAGs or Simple Tree AGgregates).  These datastructures 
@@ -7162,11 +8387,11 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1273
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1487
 msgid "N at a time iteration API"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1274
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1488
 msgid ""
 "This module tries to find middle ground between one at a\n"
 "time and all at once processing of data sets.  The purpose of this module 
@@ -7175,21 +8400,21 @@ msgid ""
 "necessary later on."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1299
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1513
 msgid "Dynamic generation of nested combinations of variants"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1300
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1514
 msgid ""
 "Data::Tumbler - Dynamic generation of nested combinations of\n"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1326
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1540
 msgid "Visitor style traversal of Perl data structures"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1327
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1541
 msgid ""
 "This module is a simple visitor implementation for Perl\n"
 "values.  It has a main dispatcher method, visit, which takes a single perl\n"
@@ -7199,11 +8424,11 @@ msgid ""
 "structures, and all ref types (hashes, arrays, scalars, code, globs)."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1352
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1566
 msgid "Gregorian calendar date calculations"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1353
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1567
 msgid ""
 "This package consists of a Perl module for date calculations\n"
 "based on the Gregorian calendar, thereby complying with all relevant norms 
@@ -7211,43 +8436,67 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1377
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1591
 msgid "XS wrapper for Date::Calc"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1378
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1592
 msgid ""
 "Date::Calc::XS is an XS wrapper and C library plug-in for\n"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1402
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1616
 msgid "Date manipulation routines"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1403
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1617
 msgid ""
 "Date::Manip is a series of modules for common date/time\n"
 "operations, such as comparing two times, determining a date a given amount 
 "time from another, or parsing international times."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1431
-msgid "Date and time object for Perl"
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1636
+msgid "Simple date handling"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1637
+msgid ""
+"Dates are complex enough without times and timezones.  This\n"
+"module may be used to create simple date objects.  It handles validation,\n"
+"interval arithmetic, and day-of-week calculation.  It does not deal with\n"
+"hours, minutes, seconds, and time zones."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1667
+msgid "Date and time object for Perl"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1668
+msgid ""
+"DateTime is a class for the representation of date/time\n"
+"combinations.  It represents the Gregorian calendar, extended backwards in\n"
+"time before its creation (in 1582)."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1690
+msgid "Dates in the Julian calendar"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1432
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1691
 msgid ""
-"DateTime is a class for the representation of date/time\n"
-"combinations.  It represents the Gregorian calendar, extended backwards in\n"
-"time before its creation (in 1582)."
+"This package is a companion module to @code{}.\n"
+"It implements the Julian calendar.  It supports everything that\n"
+"@code{} supports and more: about one day per century more, to be\n"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1457
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1717
 msgid "DateTime set objects"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1458
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1718
 msgid ""
 "The DateTime::Set module provides a date/time sets\n"
 "implementation.  It allows, for example, the generation of groups of dates,\n"
@@ -7255,21 +8504,21 @@ msgid ""
 "within a time range."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1481
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1741
 msgid "DateTime rfc2445 recurrences"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1482
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1742
 msgid ""
 "This module provides convenience methods that let you easily\n"
 "create DateTime::Set objects for RFC 2445 style recurrences."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1503
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1763
 msgid "DateTime::Set extension for basic recurrences"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1504
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1764
 msgid ""
 "This module provides convenience methods that let you easily\n"
 "create DateTime::Set objects for various recurrences, such as \"once a 
@@ -7277,11 +8526,11 @@ msgid ""
 "\"every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM\"."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1529
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1789
 msgid "Create DateTime parser classes and objects"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1530
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1790
 msgid ""
 "DateTime::Format::Builder creates DateTime parsers.  Many\n"
 "string formats of dates and times are simple and just require a basic 
@@ -7289,43 +8538,43 @@ msgid ""
 "to do this without writing reams of structural code."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1557
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1817
 msgid "Parse data/time strings"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1558
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1818
 msgid ""
 "DateTime::Format::Flexible attempts to take any string you\n"
 "give it and parse it into a DateTime object."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1584
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1844
 msgid "Parse and format iCal datetime and duration strings"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1585
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1845
 msgid ""
 "This module understands the ICal date/time and duration\n"
 "formats, as defined in RFC 2445.  It can be used to parse these formats in\n"
 "order to create the appropriate objects."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1617
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1877
 msgid "Machine-readable date/time with natural parsing"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1618
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1878
 msgid ""
 "DateTime::Format::Natural takes a string with a human\n"
 "readable date/time and creates a machine readable one by applying natural\n"
 "parsing logic."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1642
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1902
 msgid "Parse and format strp and strf time patterns"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1643
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1903
 msgid ""
 "This module implements most of `strptime(3)`, the POSIX\n"
 "function that is the reverse of `strftime(3)`, for `DateTime`.  While\n"
@@ -7333,21 +8582,21 @@ msgid ""
 "takes a string and a pattern and returns the `DateTime` object associated."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1668
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1928
 msgid "Localization support for"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1669
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1929
 msgid ""
 "The DateTime::Locale modules provide localization data for\n"
 "the class."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1696
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1956
 msgid "Time zone object for Perl"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1697
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1957
 msgid ""
 "This class is the base class for all time zone objects.  A\n"
 "time zone is represented internally as a set of observances, each of which\n"
@@ -7357,81 +8606,103 @@ msgid ""
 "DateTime::TimeZone methods."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1727
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1987
 msgid "Parse date/time strings"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1728
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1988
 msgid ""
 "DateTimeX::Easy uses a variety of DateTime::Format packages\n"
 "to create DateTime objects, with some custom tweaks to smooth out the rough\n"
 "edges (mainly concerning timezone detection and selection)."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1749
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2009
+msgid "Convert between DateTime and RFC2822/822 formats"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2010
+msgid ""
+"RFCs 2822 and 822 specify date formats to be used by email.\n"
+"This module parses and emits such dates."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2032
+msgid "Parse and format W3CDTF datetime strings"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2034
+msgid ""
+"This module understands the W3CDTF date/time format, an ISO 8601 profile,\n"
+"defined at  This format is the native 
+"format of RSS 1.0.  It can be used to parse these formats in order to 
+"the appropriate objects."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2056
 msgid "Meatier version of caller"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1750
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2057
 msgid "Devel::Caller provides meatier version of caller."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1768
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2075
 msgid "Check that a command is available"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1769
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2076
 msgid ""
 "Devel::CheckBin is a perl module that checks whether a\n"
 "particular command is available."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1789
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2096
 msgid "Provides equivalent of ${^GLOBAL_PHASE} eq 'DESTRUCT' for older perls"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1790
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2097
 msgid ""
 "Devel::GlobalDestruction provides a function returning the\n"
 "equivalent of \"address@hidden@} eq 'DESTRUCT'\" for older perls."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1810
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2117
 msgid "Alias lexical variables"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1811
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2118
 msgid ""
 "Devel::LexAlias provides the ability to alias a lexical\n"
 "variable in a subroutines scope to one of your choosing."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1833
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2140
 msgid "Introspect overloaded operators"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1834
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2141
 msgid ""
 "Devel::OverloadInfo returns information about overloaded\n"
 "operators for a given class (or object), including where in the inheritance\n"
 "hierarchy the overloads are declared and where the code implementing it is."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1861
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2168
 msgid "Partial dumping of data structures"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1862
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2169
 msgid ""
 "This module is a data dumper optimized for logging of\n"
 "arbitrary parameters."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1880
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2187
 msgid "Object representing a stack trace"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1881
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2188
 msgid ""
 "The Devel::StackTrace module contains two classes,\n"
 "Devel::StackTrace and Devel::StackTrace::Frame.  These objects encapsulate 
@@ -7439,11 +8710,11 @@ msgid ""
 "providing a simple interface to this data."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1903
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2210
 msgid "Displays stack trace in HTML"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1904
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2211
 msgid ""
 "Devel::StackTrace::AsHTML adds as_html method to\n"
 "Devel::StackTrace which displays the stack trace in beautiful HTML, with 
@@ -7452,49 +8723,117 @@ msgid ""
 "each stack frame."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1925
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2232
 msgid "Dump symbol names or the symbol table"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1926
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2233
 msgid "Devel::Symdump provides access to the perl symbol table."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1943
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2250
 msgid "Keyed-Hashing for Message Authentication"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1944
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2251
 msgid ""
 "The Digest::HMAC module follows the common Digest::\n"
 "interface for the RFC 2104 HMAC mechanism."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1960
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2276
+msgid "Perl interface to the MD-5 algorithm"
+msgstr "Perlgrænseflade til MD-5-algoritmen"
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2278
+msgid ""
+"The @code{Digest::MD5} module allows you to use the MD5 Message Digest\n"
+"algorithm from within Perl programs.  The algorithm takes as\n"
+"input a message of arbitrary length and produces as output a\n"
+"128-bit \"fingerprint\" or \"message digest\" of the input."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2296
 msgid "Perl implementation of the SHA-1 message digest algorithm"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1962
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2298
 msgid ""
 "This package provides 'Digest::SHA1', an implementation of the NIST\n"
 "SHA-1 message digest algorithm for use by Perl programs."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1984
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2320
 msgid "Declare version conflicts for your dist"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:1985
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2321
 msgid ""
 "This module allows you to specify conflicting versions of\n"
 "modules separately and deal with them after the module is done installing."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2003
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2341
+msgid "Detect the encoding of data"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2342
+msgid ""
+"This package provides a class @code{Encode::Detect} to detect\n"
+"the encoding of data."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2360
+msgid "ASCII mapping for eucJP encoding"
+msgstr "ASCII-oversættelse for eucJP-kodning"
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2361
+msgid ""
+"This package provides an ASCII mapping for the eucJP\n"
+msgstr ""
+"Denne pakke tilbyder en ASCII-oversættelse for eucJP-\n"
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2379
+msgid "JIS X 0212 (aka JIS 2000) encodings"
+msgstr "JIS X 0212-kodninger (aka JIS 2000)"
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2380
+msgid ""
+"This package provides encodings for JIS X 0212, which is\n"
+"also known as JIS 2000."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2398
+msgid "Additional Chinese encodings"
+msgstr "Yderligere kinesiske kodninger"
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2399
+msgid ""
+"This Perl module provides Chinese encodings that are not\n"
+"part of Perl by default, including \"BIG5-1984\", \"BIG5-2003\", 
+"\"BIG5EXT\", \"CCCII\", \"EUC-TW\", \"CNS11643-*\", \"GB18030\", and\n"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2421
+msgid "Advanced operations on path variables"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2422
+msgid ""
+"@code{Env::Path} presents an object-oriented interface to\n"
+"path variables, defined as that subclass of environment variables which 
+"an ordered list of file system elements separated by a platform-standard\n"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2442
 msgid "OO-ish Error/Exception handling for Perl"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2004
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2443
 msgid ""
 "The Error package provides two interfaces.  Firstly Error\n"
 "provides a procedural interface to exception handling.  Secondly Error is a\n"
@@ -7502,11 +8841,11 @@ msgid ""
 "catch, or can simply be recorded."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2029
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2468
 msgid "Safely and cleanly create closures via string eval"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2030
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2469
 msgid ""
 "String eval is often used for dynamic code generation.  For\n"
 "instance, Moose uses it heavily, to generate inlined versions of accessors 
@@ -7520,32 +8859,32 @@ msgid ""
 "errors are rethrown automatically."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2059
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2498
 msgid "Allows you to declare real exception classes in Perl"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2060
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2499
 msgid ""
 "Exception::Class allows you to declare exception hierarchies\n"
 "in your modules in a \"Java-esque\" manner."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2076
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2515
 msgid "Lightweight exporting of functions and variables"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2078
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2517
 msgid ""
 "Exporter::Lite is an alternative to Exporter, intended to provide a\n"
 "lightweight subset of the most commonly-used functionality.  It supports\n"
 "import(), @@EXPORT and @@EXPORT_OK and not a whole lot else."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2098
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2537
 msgid "Exporter with the features of Sub::Exporter but only core dependencies"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2099
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2538
 msgid ""
 "Exporter::Tiny supports many of Sub::Exporter's\n"
 "external-facing features including renaming imported functions with the 
@@ -7554,85 +8893,109 @@ msgid ""
 "only about 40% as many lines of code and with zero non-core dependencies."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2122
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2561
 msgid "Build.PL install path logic made easy"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2123
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2562
 msgid ""
 "This module tries to make install path resolution as easy as\n"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2141
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2580
 msgid "Wrapper for perl's configuration"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2142
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2581
 msgid ""
 "ExtUtils::Config is an abstraction around the %Config hash.\n"
 "By itself it is not a particularly interesting module by any measure, 
 "it ties together a family of modern toolchain modules."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2161
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2600
 msgid "Various portability utilities for module builders"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2162
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2601
 msgid ""
 "This module provides various portable helper functions for\n"
 "module building modules."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2192
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2621
+msgid "Tool to build C libraries"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2622
+msgid ""
+"Some Perl modules need to ship C libraries together with\n"
+"their Perl code.  Although there are mechanisms to compile and link (or 
+"C code in your Perl programs, there isn't a clear method to compile 
+"self-contained C libraries.  This module main goal is to help in that task."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2654
 msgid "Watch for changes to files"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2193
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2655
 msgid ""
 "This module provides a class to monitor a directory for\n"
 "changes made to any file."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2211
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2673
 msgid "Recursively copy files and directories"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2212
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2674
 msgid ""
 "This module has 3 functions: one to copy files only, one to\n"
 "copy directories only, and one to do either depending on the argument's\n"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2234
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2696
 msgid "Alternative interface to File::Find"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2235
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2697
 msgid ""
 "File::Find::Rule is a friendlier interface to File::Find.\n"
 "It allows you to build rules which specify the desired files and\n"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2258
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2720
 msgid "Common rules for searching for Perl things"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2259
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2721
 msgid ""
 "File::Find::Rule::Perl provides methods for finding various\n"
 "types Perl-related files, or replicating search queries run on a 
 "in various parts of the CPAN ecosystem."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2282
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2742
+msgid "Matches patterns in a series of files"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2743
+msgid ""
+"@code{File::Grep} provides similar functionality as perl's\n"
+"builtin @code{grep}, @code{map}, and @code{foreach} commands, but iterating\n"
+"over a passed filelist instead of arrays.  While trivial, this module can\n"
+"provide a quick dropin when such functionality is needed."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2767
 msgid "Find your home and other directories on any platform"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2283
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2768
 msgid ""
 "File::HomeDir is a module for locating the directories that\n"
 "are \"owned\" by a user (typically your user) and to solve the various 
@@ -7640,24 +9003,35 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2310
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2790
+msgid "Create or remove directory trees"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2791
+msgid ""
+"This module provide a convenient way to create directories\n"
+"of arbitrary depth and to delete an entire directory subtree from the\n"
+"file system."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2817
 msgid ""
 "Perl extension for crawling directory trees and compiling\n"
 "lists of files"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2313
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2820
 msgid ""
 "The File::List module crawls the directory tree starting at the\n"
 "provided base directory and can return files (and/or directories if 
 "matching a regular expression."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2332
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2839
 msgid "Remove files and directories in Perl"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2333
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2840
 msgid ""
 "File::Remove::remove removes files and directories.  It acts\n"
 "like /bin/rm, for the most part.  Although \"unlink\" can be given a list 
@@ -7665,11 +9039,11 @@ msgid ""
 "accepts wildcards, * and ?, as arguments for file names."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2357
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2864
 msgid "Locate per-dist and per-module shared files"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2358
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2865
 msgid ""
 "The intent of File::ShareDir is to provide a companion to\n"
 "Class::Inspector and File::HomeDir.  Quite often you want or need your Perl\n"
@@ -7679,73 +9053,101 @@ msgid ""
 "the installation."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2380
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2887
 msgid "Install shared files"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2381
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2888
 msgid ""
 "File::ShareDir::Install allows you to install read-only data\n"
 "files from a distribution.  It is a companion module to File::ShareDir, 
 "allows you to locate these files after installation."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2400
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2907
 msgid "Reading/Writing/Modifying of complete files"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2401
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2908
 msgid ""
 "File::Slurp provides subroutines to read or write entire\n"
 "files with a simple call.  It also has a subroutine for reading the list of\n"
 "file names in a directory."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2419
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2931
+msgid "Simple, sane and efficient module to slurp a file"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2932
+msgid ""
+"This module provides functions for fast and correct file\n"
+"slurping and spewing.  All functions are optionally exported."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2949
 msgid "Simple file reader and writer"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2421
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2951
 msgid "This module provides functions for fast reading and writing of files."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2440
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2970
 msgid "Return name and handle of a temporary file safely"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2441
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2971
 msgid ""
 "File::Temp can be used to create and open temporary files in\n"
 "a safe way."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2458
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2988
 msgid "Portable implementation of the `which' utility"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2460
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2990
 msgid ""
 "File::Which was created to be able to get the paths to executable\n"
 "programs on systems under which the `which' program wasn't implemented in 
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2481
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3011
 msgid "Extended Unix style glob functionality"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2482
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3012
 msgid ""
 "@code{File::Zglob} provides a traditional Unix @code{glob}\n"
 "functionality; it returns a list of file names that match the given 
 "For instance, it supports the @code{**/*.pm} form."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2507
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3031
+msgid "Module to handle parsing command line options"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3032
+msgid ""
+"The @code{Getopt::Long} module implements an extended getopt\n"
+"function called @code{GetOptions()}.  It parses the command line from\n"
+"@code{ARGV}, recognizing and removing specified options and their possible\n"
+"This function adheres to the POSIX syntax for command line options, with 
+"extensions.  In general, this means that options have long names instead of\n"
+"single letters, and are introduced with a double dash \"--\".  Support for\n"
+"bundling of command line options, as was the case with the more traditional\n"
+"single-letter approach, is provided but not enabled by default."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3065
 msgid "Getopt::Long, but simpler and more powerful"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2508
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3066
 msgid ""
 "Getopt::Long::Descriptive is yet another Getopt library.\n"
 "It's built atop Getopt::Long, and gets a lot of its features, but tries to\n"
@@ -7753,21 +9155,31 @@ msgid ""
 "usage (help) messages, data validation, and a few other useful features."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2526
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3084
 msgid "Table-driven argument parsing for Perl"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2528
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3086
 msgid ""
 "Getopt::Tabular is a Perl 5 module for table-driven argument parsing,\n"
 "vaguely inspired by John Ousterhout's Tk_ParseArgv."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2547
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3108
+msgid "Graph data structures and algorithms"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3109
+msgid ""
+"This is @code{Graph}, a Perl module for dealing with graphs,\n"
+"the abstract data structures."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3126
 msgid "Safe cleanup blocks implemented as guards"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2548
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3127
 msgid ""
 "@code{Guard} implements so-called @dfn{guards}.  A guard is\n"
 "something (usually an object) that \"guards\" a resource, ensuring that it 
@@ -7778,11 +9190,11 @@ msgid ""
 "which are tied to the scope exit."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2571
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3150
 msgid "Merge arbitrarily deep hashes into a single hash"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2572
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3151
 msgid ""
 "Hash::Merge merges two arbitrarily deep hashes into a single\n"
 "hash.  That is, at any level, it will add non-conflicting key-value pairs 
@@ -7792,21 +9204,21 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2594
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3173
 msgid "Store multiple values per key"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2595
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3174
 msgid ""
 "Hash::MultiValue is an object (and a plain hash reference)\n"
 "that may contain multiple values per key, inspired by MultiDict of WebOb."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2615
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3194
 msgid "Import packages into other packages"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2616
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3195
 msgid ""
 "Writing exporters is a pain.  Some use Exporter, some use\n"
 "Sub::Exporter, some use Moose::Exporter, some use Exporter::Declare ... and\n"
@@ -7816,22 +9228,22 @@ msgid ""
 "compilation.  Import::Into provides global methods to make this painless."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2638
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3217
 msgid "Use modules in inc/ if newer than installed"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2639
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3218
 msgid ""
 "The inc::latest module helps bootstrap configure-time\n"
 "dependencies for CPAN distributions.  These dependencies get bundled into 
 "inc directory within a distribution and are used by Makefile.PL or Build.PL."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2660
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3239
 msgid "Capture STDOUT and STDERR from Perl code, subprocesses or XS"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2661
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3240
 msgid ""
 "@code{IO::CaptureOutput} provides routines for capturing\n"
 "@code{STDOUT} and @code{STDERR} from perl subroutines, forked system\n"
@@ -7841,53 +9253,64 @@ msgid ""
 "try @code{Capture::Tiny} instead."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2683
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3262
 msgid "Utilities for interactive I/O"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2684
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3263
 msgid ""
 "This module provides three utility subroutines that make it\n"
 "easier to develop interactive applications: is_interactive(), 
 "and busy()."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2703
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3282
 msgid "Emulate file interface for in-core strings"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2704
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3283
 msgid ""
 "IO::String is an IO::File (and IO::Handle) compatible class\n"
 "that reads or writes data from in-core strings."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2722
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3301
 msgid "IO:: interface for reading/writing an array of lines"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2723
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3302
 msgid ""
 "This toolkit primarily provides modules for performing both\n"
 "traditional and object-oriented i/o) on things *other* than normal\n"
 "filehandles; in particular, IO::Scalar, IO::ScalarArray, and IO::Lines."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2741
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3320
 msgid "Perl interface to pseudo ttys"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2743
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3322
 msgid ""
 "This package provides the 'IO::Pty' and 'IO::Tty' Perl interfaces to\n"
 "pseudo ttys."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2771
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3340
+msgid "Run interactive command-line programs"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3341
+msgid ""
+"@code{IPC::Cmd} allows for the searching and execution of\n"
+"any binary on your system.  It adheres to verbosity settings and is able to\n"
+"run interactively.  It also has an option to capture output/error buffers."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3370
 msgid "Run system() and background procs w/ piping, redirs, ptys"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2772
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3371
 msgid ""
 "IPC::Run allows you run and interact with child processes\n"
 "using files, pipes, and pseudo-ttys.  Both system()-style and scripted 
@@ -7895,11 +9318,11 @@ msgid ""
 "both supported and may be mixed."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2790
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3389
 msgid "Run a subprocess with input/output redirection"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2792
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3391
 msgid ""
 "The IPC::Run3 module allows you to run a subprocess and redirect stdin,\n"
 "stdout, and/or stderr to files and perl data structures.  It aims to 
@@ -7907,21 +9330,21 @@ msgid ""
 "Perlish API and none of the bloat and rarely used features of IPC::Run."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2816
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3415
 msgid "Lightweight interface to shared memory"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2817
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3416
 msgid ""
 "IPC::ShareLite provides a simple interface to shared memory,\n"
 "allowing data to be efficiently communicated between processes."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2835
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3434
 msgid "Run commands simply, with detailed diagnostics"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2836
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3435
 msgid ""
 "Calling Perl's in-built @code{system} function is easy,\n"
 "determining if it was successful is hard.  Let's face it, @code{$?} isn't 
@@ -7932,21 +9355,21 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2861
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3460
 msgid "JSON encoder/decoder for Perl"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2862
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3461
 msgid ""
 "This module converts Perl data structures to JSON and vice\n"
 "versa using either JSON::XS or JSON::PP."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2887
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3486
 msgid "Wrapper for Perl JSON classes"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2889
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3488
 msgid ""
 "This module tries to provide a coherent API to bring together the\n"
 "various JSON modules currently on CPAN.  This module will allow you to code 
@@ -7954,11 +9377,11 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2913
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3512
 msgid "Cpanel::JSON::XS with fallback"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2914
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3513
 msgid ""
 "This module first checks to see if either Cpanel::JSON::XS\n"
 "or JSON::XS is already loaded, in which case it uses that module.  
@@ -7966,15 +9389,58 @@ msgid ""
 "either uses the first module it finds or throws an error."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2937
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3536
 msgid "JSON serialising/deserialising for Perl"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2957
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3555
+msgid "Bringing loggers and listeners together"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3556
+msgid ""
+"@code{Log::Any} provides a standard log production API for\n"
+"modules.  @code{Log::Any::Adapter} allows applications to choose the 
+"for log consumption, whether screen, file or another logging mechanism like\n"
+"@code{Log::Dispatch} or @code{Log::Log4perl}.\n"
+"A CPAN module uses @code{Log::Any} to get a log producer object.  An\n"
+"application, in turn, may choose one or more logging mechanisms via\n"
+"@code{Log::Any::Adapter}, or none at all.\n"
+"@code{Log::Any} has a very tiny footprint and no dependencies beyond Perl\n"
+"itself, which makes it appropriate for even small CPAN modules to use.  It\n"
+"defaults to 'null' logging activity, so a module can safely log without\n"
+"worrying about whether the application has chosen (or will ever choose) a\n"
+"logging mechanism."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3592
+msgid "Log::Any adapter for Log::Log4perl"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3593
+msgid ""
+"@code{Log::Any::Adapter::Log4perl} provides a\n"
+"@code{Log::Any} adapter using @code{Log::Log4perl} for logging."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3614
+msgid "Log4j implementation for Perl"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3615
+msgid ""
+"@code{Log::Log4perl} lets you remote-control and fine-tune\n"
+"the logging behaviour of your system from the outside.  It implements the\n"
+"widely popular (Java-based) Log4j logging package in pure Perl."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3635
 msgid "Log::Report in the lightest form"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2959
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3637
 msgid ""
 "This module allows libraries to have a dependency to a small module\n"
 "instead of the full Log-Report distribution.  The full power of\n"
@@ -7984,48 +9450,59 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2984
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3662
 msgid "Get messages to users and logs"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:2986
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3664
 msgid ""
 "@code{Log::Report} combines three tasks which are closely related in\n"
 "one: logging, exceptions, and translations."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3009
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3682
+msgid "Transliterate text between writing systems"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3683
+msgid ""
+"@code{Lingua::Translit} can be used to convert text from one\n"
+"writing system to another, based on national or international 
+"tables.  Where possible a reverse transliteration is supported."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3707
 msgid "Combination of List::Util and List::MoreUtils"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3010
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3708
 msgid ""
 "This module exports all of the functions that either\n"
 "List::Util or List::MoreUtils defines, with preference to List::Util."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3032
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3730
 msgid "Compare elements of two or more lists"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3033
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3731
 msgid ""
 "@code{List::Compare} provides a module to perform\n"
 "comparative operations on two or more lists.  Provided operations include\n"
 "intersections, unions, unique elements, complements and many more."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3058 gnu/packages/perl.scm:3085
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3756 gnu/packages/perl.scm:3783
 msgid "Provide the stuff missing in List::Util"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3059
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3757
 msgid ""
 "List::MoreUtils provides some trivial but commonly needed\n"
 "functionality on lists which is not going to go into List::Util."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3086
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3784
 msgid ""
 "@code{List::SomeUtils} provides some trivial but commonly\n"
 "needed functionality on lists which is not going to go into 
@@ -8037,43 +9514,43 @@ msgid ""
 "portions of this module couldn't be compiled on this machine."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3110
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3808
 msgid "Expiry plug-in for Memoize that adds LRU cache expiration"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3111
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3809
 msgid ""
 "This module implements an expiry policy for Memoize that\n"
 "follows LRU semantics, that is, the last n results, where n is specified as\n"
 "the argument to the CACHESIZE parameter, will be cached."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3129
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3827
 msgid "Charset information for MIME messages"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3131
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3829
 msgid ""
 "@code{MIME::Charset} provides information about character sets used for\n"
 "MIME messages on Internet."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3149
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3847
 msgid "Definition of MIME types"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3150
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3848
 msgid ""
 "This module provides a list of known mime-types, combined\n"
 "from various sources.  For instance, it contains all IANA types and the\n"
 "knowledge of Apache."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3172
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3870
 msgid "Write your linewise code for handles; this does the rest"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3173
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3871
 msgid ""
 "It's boring to deal with opening files for IO, converting\n"
 "strings to handle-like objects, and all that.  With\n"
@@ -8082,11 +9559,21 @@ msgid ""
 "file names are added for you."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3204
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3898
+msgid "Enable all of the features of Modern Perl with one import"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3899
+msgid ""
+"@code{Modern::Perl} provides a simple way to enable\n"
+"multiple, by now, standard libraries in a Perl program."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3927
 msgid "Tiny replacement for Module::Build"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3205
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3928
 msgid ""
 "Many Perl distributions use a Build.PL file instead of a\n"
 "Makefile.PL file to drive distribution configuration, build, test and\n"
@@ -8096,11 +9583,11 @@ msgid ""
 "has less than 120, yet supports the features needed by most distributions."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3227
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3950
 msgid "Find and use installed modules in a (sub)category"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3228
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3951
 msgid ""
 "Module::Find lets you find and use modules in categories.\n"
 "This can be useful for auto-detecting driver or plugin modules.  You can\n"
@@ -8108,11 +9595,11 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3254
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3977
 msgid "Loads alternate underlying implementations for a module"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3255
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3978
 msgid ""
 "This module abstracts out the process of choosing one of\n"
 "several underlying implementations for a module.  This can be used to 
@@ -8121,11 +9608,11 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3293
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4016
 msgid "Standalone, extensible Perl module installer"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3294
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4017
 msgid ""
 "Module::Install is a package for writing installers for\n"
 "CPAN (or CPAN-like) distributions that are clean, simple, minimalist, act in 
@@ -8133,52 +9620,52 @@ msgid ""
 "installation version 5.005 or newer."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3315
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4038
 msgid "Give your Perl module the ability to have plugins"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3316
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4039
 msgid ""
 "This module provides a simple but extensible way of having\n"
 "'plugins' for your Perl module."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3335
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4058
 msgid "Perl runtime module handling"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3336
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4059
 msgid ""
 "The functions exported by this module deal with runtime\n"
 "handling of Perl modules, which are normally handled at compile time."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3359
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4082
 msgid "Provide information on conflicts for Module::Runtime"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3360
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4083
 msgid ""
 "This module provides conflicts checking for Module::Runtime,\n"
 "which had a recent release that broke some versions of Moose.  It is called\n"
 "from Moose::Conflicts and moose-outdated."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3381
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4104
 msgid "Recursively scan Perl code for dependencies"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3382
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4105
 msgid ""
 "Module::ScanDeps is a module to recursively scan Perl\n"
 "programs for dependencies."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3402
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4125
 msgid "Module name tools and transformations"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3403
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4126
 msgid ""
 "This module provides a few useful functions for manipulating\n"
 "module names.  Its main aim is to centralise some of the functions commonly\n"
@@ -8186,11 +9673,11 @@ msgid ""
 "module names to relative paths."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3433
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4156
 msgid "Minimalist Object Orientation (with Moose compatibility)"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3434
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4157
 msgid ""
 "Moo is an extremely light-weight Object Orientation system.\n"
 "It allows one to concisely define objects and roles with a convenient 
@@ -8198,11 +9685,11 @@ msgid ""
 "Moose and is optimised for rapid startup."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3510
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4233
 msgid "Postmodern object system for Perl 5"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3512
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4235
 msgid ""
 "Moose is a complete object system for Perl 5.  It provides keywords for\n"
 "attribute declaration, object construction, inheritance, and maybe more.  
@@ -8213,11 +9700,11 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3540
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4263
 msgid "Emulate Class::Accessor::Fast behavior using Moose attributes"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3541
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4264
 msgid ""
 "This module attempts to emulate the behavior of\n"
 "Class::Accessor::Fast as accurately as possible using the Moose attribute\n"
@@ -8225,21 +9712,21 @@ msgid ""
 "private methods are not."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3573
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4296
 msgid "Moose role for processing command line options"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3574
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4297
 msgid ""
 "This is a Moose role which provides an alternate constructor\n"
 "for creating objects using parameters passed in from the command line."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3595
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4318
 msgid "Mark overload code symbols as methods"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3596
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4319
 msgid ""
 "MooseX::MarkAsMethods allows one to easily mark certain\n"
 "functions as Moose methods.  This will allow other packages such as\n"
@@ -8249,21 +9736,21 @@ msgid ""
 "overloads will \"just work\"."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3626
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4349
 msgid "Code attribute introspection"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3627
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4350
 msgid ""
 "This module allows code attributes of methods to be\n"
 "introspected using Moose meta method objects."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3653
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4376
 msgid "Subclassing of non-Moose classes"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3654
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4377
 msgid ""
 "MooseX::NonMoose allows for easily subclassing non-Moose\n"
 "classes with Moose, taking care of the details connected with doing this, 
@@ -8272,31 +9759,31 @@ msgid ""
 "BUILD methods are called.  It tries to be as non-intrusive as possible."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3683
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4406
 msgid "Extension of Params::Validate using Moose's types"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3684
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4407
 msgid ""
 "This module fills a gap in Moose by adding method parameter\n"
 "validation to Moose."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3705
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4428
 msgid "Apply roles to a related Perl class"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3706
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4429
 msgid ""
 "This module applies roles to make a subclass instead of\n"
 "manually setting up a subclass."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3733
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4456
 msgid "Moose roles with composition parameters"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3734
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4457
 msgid ""
 "Because Moose roles serve many different masters, they\n"
 "usually provide only the least common denominator of functionality.  To\n"
@@ -8306,11 +9793,11 @@ msgid ""
 "Parameterized roles offer a solution to these (and other) kinds of problems."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3760
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4483
 msgid "Roles which support overloading"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3761
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4484
 msgid ""
 "MooseX::Role::WithOverloading allows you to write a\n"
 "Moose::Role which defines overloaded operators and allows those overload\n"
@@ -8318,11 +9805,11 @@ msgid ""
 "where plain Moose::Roles would lose the overloading."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3783
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4506
 msgid "Name your accessors foo() and set_foo()"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3784
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4507
 msgid ""
 "This module does not provide any methods.  Simply loading it\n"
 "changes the default naming policy for the loading class so that accessors 
@@ -8330,85 +9817,96 @@ msgid ""
 "accessor, while set methods are prefixed with \"_set_\"."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3810
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4533
 msgid "Strict object constructors for Moose"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3811
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4534
 msgid ""
 "Simply loading this module makes your constructors\n"
 "\"strict\".  If your constructor is called with an attribute init argument\n"
 "that your class does not declare, then it calls Moose->throw_error()."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3839
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4562
 msgid "Trait loading and resolution for Moose"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3840
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4563
 msgid ""
 "Adds support on top of MooseX::Traits for class precedence\n"
 "search for traits and some extra attributes."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3866
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4589
 msgid "Organise your Moose types in libraries"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3867
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4590
 msgid ""
 "This package lets you declare types using short names, but\n"
 "behind the scenes it namespaces all your type declarations, effectively\n"
 "prevent name clashes between packages."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3898
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4621
 msgid "DateTime related constraints and coercions for Moose"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3899
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4622
 msgid ""
 "This module packages several Moose::Util::TypeConstraints\n"
 "with coercions, designed to work with the DateTime suite of objects."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3931
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4654
 msgid "Extensions to MooseX::Types::DateTime"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3932
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4655
 msgid ""
 "This module builds on MooseX::Types::DateTime to add\n"
 "additional custom types and coercions.  Since it builds on an existing 
 "all coercions and constraints are inherited."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3961
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4684
 msgid "ClassName type constraints for Moose"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3962
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4685
 msgid ""
 "MooseX::Types::LoadableClass provides a ClassName type\n"
 "constraint with coercion to load the class."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3986
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4709
 msgid "Moosish types and type builder"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:3987
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4710
 msgid ""
 "MooX::Types::MooseLike provides a possibility to build your\n"
 "own set of Moose-like types.  These custom types can then be used to 
 "fields in Moo-based classes."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4006
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4729
+msgid "Mozilla's CA cert bundle in PEM format"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4730
+msgid ""
+"@code{Mozilla::CA} provides a copy of Mozilla's bundle of\n"
+"Certificate Authority certificates in a form that can be consumed by 
+"and libraries based on OpenSSL."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4749
 msgid "MRO interface compatibility for Perls < 5.9.5"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4007
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4750
 msgid ""
 "The \"mro\" namespace provides several utilities for dealing\n"
 "with method resolution order and method caching in general in Perl 5.9.5 
@@ -8416,11 +9914,11 @@ msgid ""
 "Perl (back to 5.6.0)."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4034
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4777
 msgid "Keep imports out of your namespace"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4035
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4778
 msgid ""
 "The namespace::autoclean pragma will remove all imported\n"
 "symbols at the end of the current package's compile cycle.  Functions 
@@ -8431,11 +9929,11 @@ msgid ""
 "anything that looks like a method."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4061
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4804
 msgid "Keep imports and functions out of your namespace"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4062
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4805
 msgid ""
 "The namespace::clean pragma will remove all previously\n"
 "declared or imported symbols at the end of the current package's compile\n"
@@ -8443,64 +9941,76 @@ msgid ""
 "name, but they won't show up as methods on your class or instances."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4082
-msgid "Numeric comparisons"
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4828
+msgid "Perl client for Etsy's statsd daemon"
+msgstr "Perlklient for Etsy's statsd-dæmonen"
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4829
+msgid ""
+"This module implement a UDP client for the statsd statistics\n"
+"collector daemon in use at"
 msgstr ""
+"Dette modul implementerer en UDP-klient for statsd-statistik\n"
+"indsamlingsdæmonen i brug på"
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4083
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4847
+msgid "Numeric comparisons"
+msgstr "Numeriske sammenligninger"
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4848
 msgid ""
 "Number::Compare compiles a simple comparison to an anonymous\n"
 "subroutine, which you can call with a value to be tested against."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4101
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4866
 msgid "Generate cryptographic signatures for objects"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Opret kryptografiske underskrifter for objekter"
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4102
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4867
 msgid ""
 "Object::Signature is an abstract base class that you can\n"
 "inherit from in order to allow your objects to generate unique 
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4124
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4889
 msgid "Anonymous packages"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Anonyme pakker"
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4125
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4890
 msgid ""
 "This module allows for anonymous packages that are\n"
 "independent of the main namespace and only available through an object\n"
 "instance, not by name."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4153
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4918
 msgid "Manage deprecation warnings for your distribution"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Håndter forældelsesadvarseler for din distribution"
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4154
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4919
 msgid ""
 "This module allows you to manage a set of deprecations for\n"
 "one or more modules."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4181
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4946
 msgid "Routines for manipulating stashes"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4182
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4947
 msgid ""
 "Manipulating stashes (Perl's symbol tables) is occasionally\n"
 "necessary, but incredibly messy, and easy to get wrong.  This module hides 
 "of that behind a simple API."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4205
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4970
 msgid "Faster implementation of the Package::Stash API"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4206
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4971
 msgid ""
 "This is a backend for Package::Stash, which provides the\n"
 "functionality in a way that's less buggy and much faster.  It will be used 
@@ -8508,11 +10018,11 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4226
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4991
 msgid "Play with other peoples' lexical variables"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4227
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4992
 msgid ""
 "PadWalker is a module which allows you to inspect (and even\n"
 "change) lexical variables in any subroutine which called you.  It will only\n"
@@ -8520,89 +10030,101 @@ msgid ""
 "is particularly useful for debugging."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4248
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5013
 msgid "Simple, compact and correct param-checking functions"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4250
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5015
 msgid ""
 "Params::Util provides a basic set of importable functions that makes\n"
 "checking parameters easier."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4274
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5039
 msgid "Validate method/function parameters"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4275
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5040
 msgid ""
 "The Params::Validate module allows you to validate method or\n"
 "function call parameters to an arbitrary level of specificity."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4293
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5058
 msgid "Create and manipulate PAR distributions"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Opret og manipuler PAR-distributioner"
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4294
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5059
 msgid ""
 "PAR::Dist is a toolkit to create and manipulate PAR\n"
 msgstr ""
+"PAR::Dist er et værktøjssæt til at oprette og manipulere PAR-\n"
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4313
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5078
 msgid ""
 "Allows you to both load one or more modules, while setting\n"
 "up inheritance from those modules at the same time."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4332
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5097
 msgid "Path specification manipulation"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4333
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5098
 msgid ""
 "Path::Class is a module for manipulation of file and\n"
 "directory specifications in a cross-platform manner."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4354
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5122
+msgid "File path utility"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5123
+msgid ""
+"This module provides a small, fast utility for working\n"
+"with file paths."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5144
 msgid "Fast and correct UTF-8 IO"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4355
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5145
 msgid ""
 "@code{PerlIO::utf8_strict} provides a fast and correct UTF-8\n"
 "PerlIO layer.  Unlike Perl's default @code{:utf8} layer it checks the input\n"
 "for correctness."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4376
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5166
 msgid "Check for comprehensive documentation of a module"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4377
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5167
 msgid ""
 "This module provides a mechanism for determining if the pod\n"
 "for a given module is comprehensive."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4394
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5184
 msgid "Parsing library for text in Pod format"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4395
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5185
 msgid ""
 "Pod::Simple is a Perl library for parsing text in\n"
 "the Pod (plain old documentation) markup language that is typically\n"
 "used for writing documentation for Perl and for Perl modules."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4416
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5206
 msgid "GNU C library compatible strftime for loggers and servers"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4417
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5207
 msgid ""
 "POSIX::strftime::Compiler provides GNU C library compatible\n"
 "strftime(3).  But this module is not affected by the system locale.  This\n"
@@ -8610,22 +10132,22 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4435
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5225
 msgid "Information about the currently running perl"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4437
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5227
 msgid ""
 "Probe::Perl provides methods for obtaining information about the\n"
 "currently running perl interpreter.  It originally began life as code in 
 "Module::Build project, but has been externalized here for general use."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4459
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5249
 msgid "Create read-only scalars, arrays, hashes"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4460
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5250
 msgid ""
 "This module provides a facility for creating non-modifiable\n"
 "variables in Perl.  This is useful for configuration files, headers, etc.  
@@ -8633,11 +10155,11 @@ msgid ""
 "variables that should not be changed."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4478
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5268
 msgid "Provide commonly requested regular expressions"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4480
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5270
 msgid ""
 "This module exports a single hash (`%RE') that stores or generates\n"
 "commonly needed regular expressions.  Patterns currently provided include:\n"
@@ -8647,29 +10169,29 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4510
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5300
 msgid "Roles, as a slice of Moose"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4511
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5301
 msgid "Role::Tiny is a minimalist role composition tool."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4528
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5318
 msgid "Call isa, can, does, and DOES safely"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4529
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5319
 msgid ""
 "This module allows you to call isa, can, does, and DOES\n"
 "safely on things that may not be objects."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4547
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5337
 msgid "Lexically-scoped resource management"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4548
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5338
 msgid ""
 "This module provides a convenient way to perform cleanup or\n"
 "other forms of resource management at the end of a scope.  It is 
@@ -8680,29 +10202,29 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4571
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5361
 msgid "Infinite sets"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4572
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5362
 msgid "Set::Infinite is a set theory module for infinite sets."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4592
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5382
 msgid "Unordered collections of Perl Objects"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4593
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5383
 msgid ""
 "Set::Object provides efficient sets, unordered collections\n"
 "of Perl objects without duplicates for scalars and references."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4611
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5401
 msgid "Set operations for Perl"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4612
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5402
 msgid ""
 "The first priority of Set::Scalar is to be a convenient\n"
 "interface to sets (as in: unordered collections of Perl scalars).  While 
@@ -8710,11 +10232,21 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4632
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5422
+msgid "Sort arrays by one or multiple calculated keys"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5423
+msgid ""
+"This Perl module provides various functions to quickly sort\n"
+"arrays by one or multiple calculated keys."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5441
 msgid "Spiffy Perl Interface Framework For You"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4633
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5442
 msgid ""
 "Spiffy is a framework and methodology for doing object\n"
 "oriented (OO) programming in Perl.  Spiffy combines the best parts of\n"
@@ -8724,11 +10256,11 @@ msgid ""
 "other OO languages like Python, Ruby, Java and Perl 6."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4655
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5464
 msgid "Temporary buffer to save bytes"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4656
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5465
 msgid ""
 "Stream::Buffered is a buffer class to store arbitrary length\n"
 "of byte strings and then get a seekable filehandle once everything is\n"
@@ -8736,62 +10268,62 @@ msgid ""
 "on the length of the size."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4676
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5485
 msgid "Turn on strict and make all warnings fatal"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4677
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5486
 msgid ""
 "Strictures turns on strict and make all warnings fatal when\n"
 "run from within a source-controlled directory."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4695
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5504
 msgid "Camelcase and de-camelcase"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4696
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5505
 msgid ""
 "This module may be used to convert from under_score text to\n"
 "CamelCase and back again."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4716
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5525
 msgid "Rewrite strings based on a set of known prefixes"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4717
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5526
 msgid ""
 "This module allows you to rewrite strings based on a set of\n"
 "known prefixes."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4736
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5545
 msgid "String printing alternatives to printf"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4738
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5547
 msgid ""
 "This module inserts values into (translated) strings.  It provides\n"
 "@code{printf} and @code{sprintf} alternatives via both an object-oriented 
 "a functional interface."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4761
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5570
 msgid "Sophisticated exporter for custom-built routines"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4763
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5572
 msgid ""
 "Sub::Exporter provides a sophisticated alternative to for\n"
 "custom-built routines."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4782
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5591
 msgid "Only use Sub::Exporter if you need it"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4783
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5592
 msgid ""
 "Sub::Exporter is an incredibly powerful module, but with\n"
 "that power comes great responsibility, as well as some runtime penalties.\n"
@@ -8801,54 +10333,54 @@ msgid ""
 "renaming exports, if they try to use them."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4805
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5614
 msgid "Retrieve names of code references"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4806
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5615
 msgid ""
 "Sub::Identify allows you to retrieve the real name of code\n"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4825
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5634
 msgid "Install subroutines into packages easily"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4827
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5636
 msgid ""
 "Sub::Install makes it easy to install subroutines into packages without\n"
 "the unsightly mess of C<no strict> or typeglobs lying about where just 
 "can see them."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4848
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5657
 msgid "(Re)name a sub"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4849
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5658
 msgid ""
 "Assigns a new name to referenced sub.  If package\n"
 "specification is omitted in the name, then the current package is used.  
 "return value is the sub."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4868
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5677
 msgid "Apparently run a function in a higher stack frame"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4869
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5678
 msgid ""
 "Like Tcl's uplevel() function, but not quite so dangerous.\n"
 "The idea is just to fool caller().  All the really naughty bits of Tcl's\n"
 "uplevel() are avoided."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4888
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5697
 msgid "Perl extension for generating SVG documents"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4889
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5698
 msgid ""
 "SVG is a Perl module which generates a nested data structure\n"
 "containing the DOM representation of an SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) 
@@ -8857,32 +10389,32 @@ msgid ""
 "animation content."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4908
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5717
 msgid "Perl extension for getting CPU information"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4910
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5719
 msgid ""
 "In responce to a post on, a module for counting the number\n"
 "of CPU's on a system.  Support has now also been added for type of CPU and\n"
 "clock speed."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4932
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5741
 msgid "Get full hostname in Perl"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4933
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5742
 msgid ""
 "Sys::Hostname::Long tries very hard to get the full hostname\n"
 "of a system."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4951
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5760
 msgid "Ensure that a platform has weaken support"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4952
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5761
 msgid ""
 "One recurring problem in modules that use Scalar::Util's\n"
 "weaken function is that it is not present in the pure-perl variant.  If\n"
@@ -8892,11 +10424,11 @@ msgid ""
 "error encouraging the user to seek support."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4977
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5786
 msgid "Template processing system for Perl"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:4978
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5787
 msgid ""
 "The Template Toolkit is a collection of modules which\n"
 "implement an extensible template processing system.  It was originally\n"
@@ -8905,42 +10437,42 @@ msgid ""
 "documents: HTML, XML, POD, PostScript, LaTeX, and so on."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5001
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5810
 msgid "Profiling for Template Toolkit"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5002
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5811
 msgid ""
 "Template::Timer provides inline profiling of the template\n"
 "processing in Perl code."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5020
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5829
 msgid "Detect encoding of the current terminal"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5021
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5830
 msgid ""
 "Term::Encoding is a simple module to detect the encoding of\n"
 "the current terminal expects in various ways."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5045
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5854
 msgid "Progress meter on a standard terminal"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5046
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5855
 msgid ""
 "Term::ProgressBar provides a simple progress bar on the\n"
 "terminal, to let the user know that something is happening, roughly how 
 "stuff has been done, and maybe an estimate at how long remains."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5069
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5878
 msgid "Progress meter if run interactively"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5070
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5879
 msgid ""
 "Term::ProgressBar is a wonderful module for showing progress\n"
 "bars on the terminal.  This module acts very much like that module when it 
@@ -8948,21 +10480,21 @@ msgid ""
 "a cron job) then it does not show the progress bar."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5092
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5901
 msgid "Simple progress bars"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5093
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5902
 msgid ""
 "Term::ProgressBar::Simple tells you how much work has been\n"
 "done, how much is left to do, and estimate how long it will take."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5111
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5920
 msgid "Simple terminal control"
 msgstr "Simpel terminalkontrol"
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5112
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5921
 msgid ""
 "This module, ReadKey, provides ioctl control for terminals\n"
 "so the input modes can be changed (thus allowing reads of a single 
@@ -8971,22 +10503,22 @@ msgid ""
 "screen size, and retrieval/modification of the control characters."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5139
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5948
 msgid "Data-driven testing framework for Perl"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5140
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5949
 msgid ""
 "Test::Base gives a way to trivially write your own test\n"
 "framework base class.  It concentrates on offering reusable data driven\n"
 "patterns, so that you can write tests with a minimum of code."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5167
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5976
 msgid "Easily create test classes in an xUnit/JUnit style"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5168
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5977
 msgid ""
 "@code{Test::Class} provides a simple way of creating classes\n"
 "and objects to test your code in an xUnit style.\n"
@@ -8996,21 +10528,21 @@ msgid ""
 "@code{Test::Differences}, @code{Test::Exception}, etc.)."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5200
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6009
 msgid "Test classes the easy way"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5201
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6010
 msgid ""
 "@code{Test::Class::Most} provides some more convenience when\n"
 "using @code{Test::Class}."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5231
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6040
 msgid "Check for uncleaned imports"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5232
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6041
 msgid ""
 "This module lets you check your module's namespaces for\n"
 "imported functions you might have forgotten to remove with\n"
@@ -9018,11 +10550,11 @@ msgid ""
 "called as methods, which usually isn't want you want."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5252
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6061
 msgid "Flexible deep comparison for the Test::Builder framework"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5254
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6063
 msgid ""
 "Test::Deep compares two structures by going through each level, ensuring\n"
 "that the values match, that arrays and hashes have the same elements and 
@@ -9030,21 +10562,21 @@ msgid ""
 "structures without getting caught in an infinite loop."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5280
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6089
 msgid "Test strings and data structures and show differences"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5281
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6090
 msgid ""
 "This module exports three test functions and four diff-style\n"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5302
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6111
 msgid "Perl extension for maintaining test directories"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5303
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6112
 msgid ""
 "Testing code can involve making sure that files are created\n"
 "and deleted as expected.  Doing this manually can be error prone, as it's 
@@ -9054,76 +10586,99 @@ msgid ""
 "files, as well as to verify that there are no missing or unknown files."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5329
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6138
 msgid "Test exception based code"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5330
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6139
 msgid ""
 "This module provides a few convenience methods for testing\n"
 "exception based code.  It is built with Test::Builder and plays happily 
 "Test::More and friends."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5350
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6159
 msgid "Simple helpers for testing code with exceptions"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5351
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6160
 msgid ""
 "Test::Fatal is an alternative to the popular\n"
 "Test::Exception.  It does much less, but should allow greater flexibility 
 "testing exception-throwing code with about the same amount of typing."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5381
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6184
+msgid "Ease software testing with files and directories"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6185
+msgid ""
+"This library provides functions to enable testing of files\n"
+"and directories.  For instance, the @code{file_ok} helper can test whether 
+"contents of a file is equal to a particular string."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6215
 msgid "Run Perl standard test scripts with statistics"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5382
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6216
 msgid ""
 "Simple test harness which allows tests to be run and results\n"
 "automatically aggregated and output to STDOUT."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5400
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6234
 msgid "Traces memory leaks in Perl"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5401
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6235
 msgid ""
 "Test::LeakTrace provides several functions that trace memory\n"
 "leaks.  This module scans arenas, the memory allocation system, so it can\n"
 "detect any leaked SVs in given blocks."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5420
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6254
 msgid "Tests strings for equality, with more helpful failures"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5421
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6255
 msgid ""
 "This module provides some drop-in replacements for the\n"
 "string comparison functions of Test::More, but which are more suitable when\n"
 "you test against long strings."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5449
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6276
+msgid "Interact with a t/test_manifest file"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6277
+msgid ""
+"@code{Test::Manifest} overrides the default test file order.  Instead of\n"
+"running all of the t/*.t files in ASCII-betical order, it looks in the 
+"file to find out which tests you want to run and the order in which you want 
to run them.\n"
+"It constructs the right value for the build system to do the right thing."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6306
 msgid "Emulate troublesome interfaces in Perl"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5450
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6307
 msgid ""
 "Test::MockObject allows you to create objects that conform\n"
 "to particular interfaces with very little code.  You don't have to 
 "the behavior, just the input and the output."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5469
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6326
 msgid "Replaces actual time with simulated time"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5470
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6327
 msgid ""
 "This module was created to enable test suites to test code\n"
 "at specific points in time.  Specifically it overrides localtime, gmtime 
@@ -9132,22 +10687,22 @@ msgid ""
 "to gmtime,time or localtime."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5497
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6354
 msgid "Most commonly needed test functions and features"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5498
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6355
 msgid ""
 "This module provides the most commonly used testing\n"
 "functions, along with automatically turning on strict and warning and gives 
 "bit more fine-grained control over test suites."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5516
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6373
 msgid "Ensure no warnings are produced while testing"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5518
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6375
 msgid ""
 "This modules causes any warnings during testing to be captured and\n"
 "stored.  It automatically adds an extra test that will run when your script\n"
@@ -9156,91 +10711,91 @@ msgid ""
 "including a stack trace of what was going on when it occurred."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5543
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6400
 msgid "Utilities to test STDOUT and STDERR messages"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5545
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6402
 msgid ""
 "Test::Output provides a simple interface for testing output sent to\n"
 "STDOUT or STDERR.  A number of different utilities are included to try and 
 "as flexible as possible to the tester."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5567
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6424
 msgid "Check for POD errors in files"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5568
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6425
 msgid ""
 "Check POD files for errors or warnings in a test file, using\n"
 "Pod::Simple to do the heavy lifting."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5588
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6445
 msgid "Check for pod coverage"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5589
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6446
 msgid ""
 "This module adds a test to your Perl distribution which\n"
 "checks for pod coverage of all appropriate files."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5607
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6464
 msgid "Checks to see if the module can be loaded"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5608
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6465
 msgid ""
 "Test::Requires checks to see if the module can be loaded.\n"
 "If this fails, then rather than failing tests this skips all tests."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5627
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6484
 msgid "Basic cross-platform tests for scripts"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5629
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6486
 msgid ""
 "The intent of the Test::Script module is to provide a series of basic\n"
 "tests for 80% of the testing you will need to do for scripts in the script 
 "bin as is also commonly used) paths of your Perl distribution."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5652
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6509
 msgid "Fork test in Perl"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5653
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6510
 msgid ""
 "Test::SharedFork is a utility module for Test::Builder.  It\n"
 "makes fork(2) safe to use in test cases."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5669
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6526
 msgid "Basic utilities for writing tests"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5671
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6528
 msgid "Test::Simple contains basic utilities for writing tests."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5688
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6545
 msgid "Simplify running Test::Builder tests"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5690
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6547
 msgid ""
 "Test::Tester allows testing of test modules based on Test::Builder with\n"
 "a minimum of effort."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5716
-msgid "Trap exit codes, exceptions, output, etc."
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6573
+msgid "Trap exit codes, exceptions, output, and so on"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5717
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6574
 msgid ""
 "This module is primarily (but not exclusively) for use in\n"
 "test scripts: A block eval configurable and extensible but by default 
@@ -9248,11 +10803,11 @@ msgid ""
 "from boxed blocks of test code."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5737
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6594
 msgid "UTF-8 testing in Perl"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5738
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6595
 msgid ""
 "This module is a collection of tests useful for dealing with\n"
 "UTF-8 strings in Perl.  This module has two types of tests: The validity 
@@ -9260,21 +10815,21 @@ msgid ""
 "will check that string has a given set of characteristics."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5760
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6617
 msgid "Perl extension to test methods for warnings"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5761
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6618
 msgid ""
 "This module provides a few convenience methods for testing\n"
 "warning based code."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5779
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6636
 msgid "Test for warnings and the lack of them"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5780
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6637
 msgid ""
 "This module is intended to be used as a drop-in replacement\n"
 "for Test::NoWarnings.  It also adds an extra test, but runs this test 
@@ -9283,11 +10838,11 @@ msgid ""
 "plan, or not, and things will still Just Work."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5801
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6658
 msgid "Test fallback behaviour in absence of modules"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5802
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6659
 msgid ""
 "This module allows you to deliberately hide modules from a\n"
 "program even though they are installed.  This is mostly useful for testing\n"
@@ -9295,62 +10850,76 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5829
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6686
 msgid "Dynamic generation of tests"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5830
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6687
 msgid ""
 "The Test::WriteVariants module provides for the dynamic\n"
 "generation of tests in nested combinations of contexts."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5850
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6707
 msgid "Testing module for YAML implementations"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5851
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6708
 msgid ""
 "Test::YAML is a subclass of Test::Base with YAML specific\n"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5870
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6727
 msgid "Align text"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5871
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6728
 msgid ""
 "Text::Aligner exports a single function, align(), which is\n"
 "used to justify strings to various alignment styles."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5889
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6746
 msgid "Extract delimited text sequences from strings"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5890
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6747
 msgid ""
 "The Text::Balanced module can be used to extract delimited\n"
 "text sequences from strings."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5908
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6765
 msgid "Manipulate comma-separated values"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5909
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6766
 msgid ""
 "Text::CSV provides facilities for the composition and\n"
 "decomposition of comma-separated values.  An instance of the Text::CSV 
 "can combine fields into a CSV string and parse a CSV string into fields."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5930
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6785
+msgid "Rountines for manipulating CSV files"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6786
+msgid ""
+"@code{Text::CSV_XS} provides facilities for the composition\n"
+"and decomposition of comma-separated values.  An instance of the\n"
+"@code{Text::CSV_XS} class will combine fields into a CSV string and parse a\n"
+"CSV string into fields.  The module accepts either strings or files as 
+"and support the use of user-specified characters for delimiters, 
+"and escapes."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6810
 msgid "Perform diffs on files and record sets"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5931
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6811
 msgid ""
 "Text::Diff provides a basic set of services akin to the GNU\n"
 "diff utility.  It is not anywhere near as feature complete as GNU diff, but 
@@ -9359,49 +10928,61 @@ msgid ""
 "generally slower on larger files."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5953
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6833
 msgid "Match globbing patterns against text"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5954
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6834
 msgid ""
 "Text::Glob implements glob(3) style matching that can be\n"
-"used to match against text, rather than fetching names from a filesystem.  
+"used to match against text, rather than fetching names from a file system.  
 "you want to do full file globbing use the File::Glob module instead."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5977
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6857
 msgid "Fast, middleweight template engine"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5979
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6859
 msgid ""
 "Text::NeatTemplate provides a simple, middleweight but fast\n"
 "template engine, for when you need speed rather than complex features,\n"
 "yet need more features than simple variable substitution."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5998
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6878
+msgid "Convert between Roman and Arabic algorisms"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6879
+msgid ""
+"This package provides functions to convert between Roman and\n"
+"Arabic algorisms.  It supports both conventional Roman algorisms (which 
+"from 1 to 3999) and Milhar Romans, a variation which uses a bar across the\n"
+"algorism to indicate multiplication by 1000."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6899
 msgid "Simple ASCII tables"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:5999
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6900
 msgid "Text::SimpleTable draws simple ASCII tables."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6020
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6921
 msgid "Organize Data in Tables"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6021
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6922
 msgid "Text::Table renders plaintext tables."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6038
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6939
 msgid "Provide plain ASCII transliterations of Unicode text"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6039
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6940
 msgid ""
 "Text::Unidecode provides a function, unidecode(...) that\n"
 "takes Unicode data and tries to represent it in US-ASCII characters (i.e., 
@@ -9411,21 +10992,21 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6067
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6968
 msgid "Role for classes that can be thrown"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6068
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6969
 msgid ""
 "Throwable is a role for classes that are meant to be thrown\n"
 "as exceptions to standard program flow."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6085
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6986
 msgid "Perl script tidier"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6086
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6987
 msgid ""
 "This package contains a Perl script which indents and\n"
 "reformats Perl scripts to make them easier to read.   The formatting can be\n"
@@ -9433,11 +11014,21 @@ msgid ""
 "approximately follow the suggestions in the Perl Style Guide."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6107
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:7007
+msgid "Cycle through a list of values"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:7008
+msgid ""
+"You use @code{Tie::Cycle} to go through a list over and over\n"
+"again.  Once you get to the end of the list, you go back to the beginning."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:7027
 msgid "Ordered associative arrays for Perl"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6108
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:7028
 msgid ""
 "This Perl module implements Perl hashes that preserve the\n"
 "order in which the hash elements were added.  The order is not affected 
@@ -9446,42 +11037,42 @@ msgid ""
 "operations can also be performed on the IxHash."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6131
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:7051
 msgid "Tie to an existing Perl object"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6132
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:7052
 msgid ""
 "This class provides a tie constructor that returns the\n"
 "object it was given as it's first argument.  This way side effects of 
 "$object->TIEHASH are avoided."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6154
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:7074
 msgid "English expression of durations"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6155
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:7075
 msgid ""
 "This module provides functions for expressing durations in\n"
 "rounded or exact terms."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6177
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:7097
 msgid "Parse time duration strings"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6178
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:7098
 msgid ""
 "Time::Duration::Parse is a module to parse human readable\n"
 "duration strings like \"2 minutes\" and \"3 seconds\" to seconds."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6196
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:7116
 msgid "Efficiently compute time from local and GMT time"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6197
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:7117
 msgid ""
 "This module provides functions that are the inverse of\n"
 "built-in perl functions localtime() and gmtime().  They accept a date as a\n"
@@ -9489,103 +11080,133 @@ msgid ""
 "the system epoch."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6217
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:7137
 msgid "Date parsing/formatting subroutines"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6218
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:7138
 msgid ""
 "This module provides routines for parsing date string into\n"
 "time values and formatting dates into ASCII strings."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6240
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:7160
 msgid "Shift and scale time"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6241
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:7161
 msgid ""
 "This module allows you to speed up your sleep(), alarm(),\n"
 "and time() calls."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6264
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:7184
 msgid "Simple tree object"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6265
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:7185
 msgid ""
 "This module in a fully object-oriented implementation of a\n"
 "simple n-ary tree."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6289
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:7209
 msgid "Factory object for dispensing Visitor objects"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6290
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:7210
 msgid ""
 "This module is a factory for dispensing\n"
 "Tree::Simple::Visitor::* objects."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6308
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:7228
 msgid "Minimal try/catch with proper preservation of $@"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6309
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:7229
 msgid ""
 "This module provides bare bones try/catch/finally statements\n"
 "that are designed to minimize common mistakes with eval blocks, and nothing\n"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6330
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:7250
 msgid "Data types for common serialisation formats"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6331
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:7251
 msgid ""
 "This module provides some extra datatypes that are used by\n"
 "common serialisation formats such as JSON or CBOR."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6350
-msgid "Unicode line breaking algorithm"
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:7269
+msgid "Unicode normalization forms"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:7270
+msgid "This Perl module provides Unicode normalization forms."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:7289
+msgid "Unicode collation algorithm"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:7290
+msgid ""
+"This package provides tools for sorting and comparing\n"
+"Unicode data."
+msgstr ""
+"Denne pakke tilbyder værktøjer for sortering og sammenligning\n"
+"af Uniocodedata."
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:7311
+msgid "Unicode line breaking algorithm"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:7313
+msgid ""
+"@code{Unicode::LineBreak} implements the line breaking algorithm\n"
+"described in Unicode Standard Annex #14.  The @code{East_Asian_Width} 
+"defined by Annex #11 is used to determine breaking positions."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:7336
+msgid "Encoding and decoding of UTF-8 encoding form"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6352
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:7338
 msgid ""
-"@code{Unicode::LineBreak} implements the line breaking algorithm\n"
-"described in Unicode Standard Annex #14.  The @code{East_Asian_Width} 
-"defined by Annex #11 is used to determine breaking positions."
+"This module provides functions to encode and decode UTF-8 encoding form\n"
+"as specified by Unicode and ISO/IEC 10646:2011."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6371
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:7356
 msgid "UNIVERSAL::can() reimplementation"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6372
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:7357
 msgid ""
 "This module attempts to work around people calling\n"
 "UNIVERSAL::can() as a function, which it is not."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6392
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:7377
 msgid "UNIVERSAL::isa() reimplementation"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6393
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:7378
 msgid ""
 "This module attempts to recover from people calling\n"
 "UNIVERSAL::isa as a function."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6411
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:7396
 msgid "Associate user-defined magic to variables from Perl"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6412
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:7397
 msgid ""
 "Magic is Perl's way of enhancing variables.  This mechanism\n"
 "lets the user add extra data to any variable and hook syntactical\n"
@@ -9594,32 +11215,56 @@ msgid ""
 "having to write a single line of XS."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6435
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:7420
+msgid "Easily generate well-formed, namespace-aware XML"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:7421
+msgid ""
+"@code{XML::Writer} is a simple Perl module for writing XML\n"
+"documents: it takes care of constructing markup and escaping data 
+"By default, it also performs a significant amount of well-formedness 
+"on the output to make certain (for example) that start and end tags match,\n"
+"that there is exactly one document element, and that there are not 
+"attribute names."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:7447
 msgid "YAML for Perl"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6436
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:7448
 msgid ""
 "The module implements a YAML Loader and Dumper based\n"
 "on the YAML 1.0 specification."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6459
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:7471
 msgid "Read/Write YAML files"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6460
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:7472
 msgid ""
 "YAML::Tiny is a perl class for reading and writing\n"
 "YAML-style files, written with as little code as possible, reducing load 
 "and memory overhead."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6487
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:7493
+msgid "Generate and use LALR parsers"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:7494
+msgid ""
+"This package compiles yacc-like @dfn{Look Ahead LR} (LALR)\n"
+"grammars to generate Perl object oriented parser modules."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:7520
 msgid "Distribution metadata for a CPAN dist"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6488
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:7521
 msgid ""
 "Software distributions released to the CPAN include a\n"
 "META.json or, for older distributions, META.yml, which describes the\n"
@@ -9630,11 +11275,11 @@ msgid ""
 "methods for interrogating that data."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6511
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:7544
 msgid "Set of version requirements for a CPAN dist"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6512
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:7545
 msgid ""
 "A CPAN::Meta::Requirements object models a set of version\n"
 "constraints like those specified in the META.yml or META.json files in CPAN\n"
@@ -9643,22 +11288,22 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6535
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:7568
 msgid "Read and write a subset of YAML for CPAN Meta files"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6536
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:7569
 msgid ""
 "This module implements a subset of the YAML specification\n"
 "for use in reading and writing CPAN metadata files like META.yml and\n"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6557
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:7590
 msgid "Build and install Perl modules"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6558
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:7591
 msgid ""
 "@code{Module::Build} is a system for building, testing, and\n"
 "installing Perl modules; it used to be part of Perl itself until version 
@@ -9669,21 +11314,21 @@ msgid ""
 "system---most of the @code{Module::Build} code is pure-Perl."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6583
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:7616
 msgid "Parse META.yml and META.json CPAN metadata files"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6584
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:7617
 msgid ""
 "Parse::CPAN::Meta is a parser for META.json and META.yml\n"
 "files, using JSON::PP and/or CPAN::Meta::YAML."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6602
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:7635
 msgid "Common Scalar and List utility subroutines"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6603
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:7636
 msgid ""
 "This package contains a selection of subroutines that people\n"
 "have expressed would be nice to have in the perl core, but the usage would 
@@ -9691,14 +11336,44 @@ msgid ""
 "such that being individual extensions would be wasteful."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6627
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:7660
 msgid "Cross-platform functions emulating common shell commands"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:6629
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:7662
 msgid "Shell::Command is a thin wrapper around ExtUtils::Command."
 msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:7689
+msgid "Object-oriented File::Find replacement in Perl"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:7690
+msgid ""
+"File::Find::Object is an object-oriented\n"
+"File::Find replacement in Perl."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:7719
+msgid "Alternative interface to File::Find::Object"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:7720
+msgid ""
+"File::Find::Object::Rule is an alternative Perl\n"
+"interface to File::Find::Object."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:7750
+msgid "Test for trailing space in Perl source files"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/perl.scm:7751
+msgid ""
+"Test::TrailingSpace tests for trailing spaces\n"
+"in Perl source files."
+msgstr ""
 #: gnu/packages/photo.scm:64
 msgid "Raw image decoder"
 msgstr ""
@@ -9719,65 +11394,65 @@ msgid ""
 "data as produced by digital cameras."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/photo.scm:110
+#: gnu/packages/photo.scm:111
 msgid "Accessing digital cameras"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/photo.scm:112
+#: gnu/packages/photo.scm:113
 msgid ""
 "This is the library backend for gphoto2.  It contains the code for PTP,\n"
 "MTP, and other vendor specific protocols for controlling and transferring 
 "from digital cameras."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/photo.scm:153
+#: gnu/packages/photo.scm:154
 msgid "Command-line tools to access digital cameras"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/photo.scm:155
+#: gnu/packages/photo.scm:156
 msgid ""
 "Gphoto2 is a set of command line utilities for manipulating a large\n"
 "number of different digital cameras.  Through libgphoto2, it supports PTP,\n"
 "MTP, and much more."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/photo.scm:188
+#: gnu/packages/photo.scm:189
 msgid "Program and Perl library to manipulate EXIF tags"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/photo.scm:190
+#: gnu/packages/photo.scm:191
 msgid ""
 "This package provides the 'exiftool' command and the 'Image::ExifTool'\n"
 "Perl library to manipulate EXIF tags of digital images."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/photo.scm:213
+#: gnu/packages/photo.scm:214
 msgid "Library for panoramic images"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/photo.scm:215
+#: gnu/packages/photo.scm:216
 msgid ""
 "The libpano13 package contains the backend library written by the\n"
 "Panorama Tools project for building panoramic images from a set of\n"
 "overlapping images, as well as some command line tools."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/photo.scm:259
+#: gnu/packages/photo.scm:260
 msgid "Tools for combining and blending images"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/photo.scm:261
+#: gnu/packages/photo.scm:262
 msgid ""
 "Enblend blends away the seams in a panoramic image mosaic using a\n"
 "multi-resolution spline.  Enfuse merges different exposures of the same\n"
 "scene to produce an image that looks much like a tone-mapped image."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/qemu.scm:145
+#: gnu/packages/qemu.scm:162
 msgid "Machine emulator and virtualizer"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/qemu.scm:147
+#: gnu/packages/qemu.scm:164
 msgid ""
 "QEMU is a generic machine emulator and virtualizer.\n"
@@ -9792,10 +11467,77 @@ msgid ""
 "server and embedded PowerPC, and S390 guests."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/qemu.scm:169
+#: gnu/packages/qemu.scm:186
 msgid "Machine emulator and virtualizer (without GUI)"
 msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/qemu.scm:245
+msgid "Operating system information database"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/qemu.scm:246
+msgid ""
+"libosinfo is a GObject based library API for managing\n"
+"information about operating systems, hypervisors and the (virtual) hardware\n"
+"devices they can support.  It includes a database containing device 
+"and provides APIs to match/identify optimal devices for deploying an 
+"system on a hypervisor.  Via GObject Introspection, the API is available in\n"
+"all common programming languages.  Vala bindings are also provided."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/qemu.scm:320
+msgid "Simple API for virtualization"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/qemu.scm:321
+msgid ""
+"Libvirt is a C toolkit to interact with the virtualization\n"
+"capabilities of recent versions of Linux.  The library aims at providing 
+"term stable C API initially for the Xen paravirtualization but should be 
+"to integrate other virtualization mechanisms if needed."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/qemu.scm:362
+msgid "GLib wrapper around libvirt"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/qemu.scm:363
+msgid ""
+"libvirt-glib wraps the libvirt library to provide a\n"
+"high-level object-oriented API better suited for glib-based applications, 
+"three libraries:\n"
+"@item libvirt-glib - GLib main loop integration & misc helper APIs\n"
+"@item libvirt-gconfig - GObjects for manipulating libvirt XML documents\n"
+"@item libvirt-gobject - GObjects for managing libvirt objects\n"
+"@end enumerate\n"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/qemu.scm:404
+msgid "Python bindings to libvirt"
+msgstr "Pythonbindinger for libvirt"
+#: gnu/packages/qemu.scm:405
+msgid ""
+"This package provides Python bindings to the libvirt\n"
+"virtualization library."
+msgstr ""
+"Denne pakke tilbyder Pythonbindinger til virtualiseringsbiblioteket\n"
+#: gnu/packages/qemu.scm:481
+msgid "Manage virtual machines"
+msgstr "HĂĄndter virtuelle maskiner"
+#: gnu/packages/qemu.scm:483
+msgid ""
+"The virt-manager application is a desktop user interface for managing\n"
+"virtual machines through libvirt.  It primarily targets KVM VMs, but also\n"
+"manages Xen and LXC (Linux containers).  It presents a summary view of 
+"domains, their live performance and resource utilization statistics."
+msgstr ""
 #: gnu/packages/ratpoison.scm:85
 msgid "Simple mouse-free tiling window manager"
 msgstr ""
@@ -9816,11 +11558,11 @@ msgid ""
 "cripples Emacs and other quality pieces of software."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/readline.scm:70
+#: gnu/packages/readline.scm:82
 msgid "Edit command lines while typing, with history support"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/readline.scm:72
+#: gnu/packages/readline.scm:84
 msgid ""
 "The GNU readline library allows users to edit command lines as they\n"
 "are typed in.  It can maintain a searchable history of previously entered\n"
@@ -9829,11 +11571,11 @@ msgid ""
 "comfortable for anyone."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/readline.scm:107
+#: gnu/packages/readline.scm:121
 msgid "Wrapper to allow the editing of keyboard commands"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/readline.scm:109
+#: gnu/packages/readline.scm:123
 msgid ""
 "Rlwrap is a 'readline wrapper', a small utility that uses the GNU\n"
 "readline library to allow the editing of keyboard input for any command.  
@@ -9842,11 +11584,23 @@ msgid ""
 "'special effects' using the filter mechanism."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/scanner.scm:70
-msgid "Raster image scanner library and drivers"
+#: gnu/packages/scanner.scm:84
+msgid "Raster image scanner library and drivers, without scanner support"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/scanner.scm:85
+msgid ""
+"SANE stands for \"Scanner Access Now Easy\" and is an API\n"
+"proving access to any raster image scanner hardware (flatbed scanner,\n"
+"hand-held scanner, video- and still-cameras, frame-grabbers, etc.).  The\n"
+"package contains the library, but no drivers."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/scanner.scm:123
+msgid "Raster image scanner library and drivers, with scanner support"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/scanner.scm:71
+#: gnu/packages/scanner.scm:124
 msgid ""
 "SANE stands for \"Scanner Access Now Easy\" and is an API\n"
 "proving access to any raster image scanner hardware (flatbed scanner,\n"
@@ -9854,22 +11608,22 @@ msgid ""
 "package contains the library and drivers."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/scheme.scm:178
+#: gnu/packages/scheme.scm:185
 msgid "A Scheme implementation with integrated editor and debugger"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/scheme.scm:180
+#: gnu/packages/scheme.scm:187
 msgid ""
 "GNU/MIT Scheme is an implementation of the Scheme programming\n"
 "language.  It provides an interpreter, a compiler and a debugger.  It also\n"
 "features an integrated Emacs-like editor and a large runtime library."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/scheme.scm:264
+#: gnu/packages/scheme.scm:270
 msgid "Efficient Scheme compiler"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/scheme.scm:266
+#: gnu/packages/scheme.scm:272
 msgid ""
 "Bigloo is a Scheme implementation devoted to one goal: enabling\n"
 "Scheme based programming style where C(++) is usually\n"
@@ -9881,11 +11635,11 @@ msgid ""
 "Scheme and C programs and between Scheme and Java programs."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/scheme.scm:310
+#: gnu/packages/scheme.scm:314
 msgid "Multi-tier programming language for the Web 2.0"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/scheme.scm:312
+#: gnu/packages/scheme.scm:316
 msgid ""
 "HOP is a multi-tier programming language for the Web 2.0 and the\n"
 "so-called diffuse Web.  It is designed for programming interactive web\n"
@@ -9894,33 +11648,33 @@ msgid ""
 "mashups, office (web agendas, mail clients, ...), etc."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/scheme.scm:366
+#: gnu/packages/scheme.scm:370
 msgid "R5RS Scheme implementation that compiles native code via C"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/scheme.scm:368
+#: gnu/packages/scheme.scm:372
 msgid ""
 "CHICKEN is a compiler for the Scheme programming language.  CHICKEN\n"
 "produces portable and efficient C, supports almost all of the R5RS Scheme\n"
 "language standard, and includes many enhancements and extensions."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/scheme.scm:387
+#: gnu/packages/scheme.scm:391
 msgid "Scheme implementation using a bytecode interpreter"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/scheme.scm:389
+#: gnu/packages/scheme.scm:393
 msgid ""
 "Scheme 48 is an implementation of Scheme based on a byte-code\n"
 "interpreter and is designed to be used as a testbed for experiments in\n"
 "implementation techniques and as an expository tool."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/scheme.scm:502
+#: gnu/packages/scheme.scm:506
 msgid "Implementation of Scheme and related languages"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/scheme.scm:504
+#: gnu/packages/scheme.scm:508
 msgid ""
 "Racket is an implementation of the Scheme programming language (R5RS and\n"
 "R6RS) and related languages, such as Typed Racket.  It features a compiler 
@@ -9928,11 +11682,11 @@ msgid ""
 "of libraries."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/scheme.scm:542
+#: gnu/packages/scheme.scm:546
 msgid "Efficient Scheme interpreter and compiler"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/scheme.scm:544
+#: gnu/packages/scheme.scm:548
 msgid ""
 "Gambit consists of two main programs: gsi, the Gambit Scheme\n"
 "interpreter, and gsc, the Gambit Scheme compiler.  The interpreter contains\n"
@@ -9943,11 +11697,11 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/scheme.scm:581
+#: gnu/packages/scheme.scm:582
 msgid "Small embeddable Scheme implementation"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/scheme.scm:583
+#: gnu/packages/scheme.scm:584
 msgid ""
 "Chibi-Scheme is a very small library with no external dependencies\n"
 "intended for use as an extension and scripting language in C programs.  In\n"
@@ -9956,11 +11710,11 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/scheme.scm:754
+#: gnu/packages/scheme.scm:755
 msgid "Scmutils library for MIT Scheme"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/scheme.scm:755
+#: gnu/packages/scheme.scm:756
 msgid ""
 "The Scmutils system is an integrated library of\n"
 "procedures, embedded in the programming language Scheme, and intended to\n"
@@ -9968,11 +11722,11 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/scheme.scm:803
+#: gnu/packages/scheme.scm:804
 msgid "Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/scheme.scm:804
+#: gnu/packages/scheme.scm:805
 msgid ""
 "Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (SICP) is\n"
 "a textbook aiming to teach the principles of computer programming.\n"
@@ -9982,11 +11736,11 @@ msgid ""
 "metalinguistic abstraction, recursion, interpreters, and modular programming."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/search.scm:52
+#: gnu/packages/search.scm:63
 msgid "Search Engine Library"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/search.scm:54
+#: gnu/packages/search.scm:65
 msgid ""
 "Xapian is a highly adaptable toolkit which allows developers to easily\n"
 "add advanced indexing and search facilities to their own applications.  It\n"
@@ -9994,11 +11748,11 @@ msgid ""
 "rich set of boolean query operators."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/search.scm:97
+#: gnu/packages/search.scm:108
 msgid "Tool for Obsessive Compulsive Classifiers"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/search.scm:99
+#: gnu/packages/search.scm:110
 msgid ""
 "libtocc is the engine of the Tocc project, a tag-based file management\n"
 "system.  The goal of Tocc is to provide a better system for classifying 
@@ -10006,21 +11760,21 @@ msgid ""
 "files and directories."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/search.scm:121
+#: gnu/packages/search.scm:132
 msgid "Command-line interface to libtocc"
 msgstr "Kommandolinjegrænseflade til libtocc"
-#: gnu/packages/search.scm:123
+#: gnu/packages/search.scm:134
 msgid ""
 "Tocc is a tag-based file management system.  This package contains the\n"
 "command line tool for interacting with libtocc."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/search.scm:141
+#: gnu/packages/search.scm:152
 msgid "Finding text and HTML files that match boolean expressions"
 msgstr "Find tekst- og HTML-filer som matcher booleske udtryk"
-#: gnu/packages/search.scm:143
+#: gnu/packages/search.scm:154
 msgid ""
 "GNU Bool is a utility to perform text searches on files using Boolean\n"
 "expressions.  For example, a search for \"hello AND world\" would return a\n"
@@ -10031,6 +11785,31 @@ msgid ""
 "for parsing HTML files."
 msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/search.scm:176
+msgid "Locate files on the file system"
+msgstr "Lokaliser filer pĂĄ filsystemet"
+#: gnu/packages/search.scm:178
+msgid ""
+"mlocate is a locate/updatedb implementation.  The 'm' stands for\n"
+"\"merging\": @code{updatedb} reuses the existing database to avoid 
+"most of the file system, which makes it faster and does not trash the 
+"caches as much.  The locate(1) utility is intended to be completely 
+"with slocate, and attempts to be compatible to GNU locate when it does not\n"
+"conflict with slocate compatibility."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/search.scm:240
+msgid "Web indexing system"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/search.scm:242
+msgid ""
+"Swish-e is Simple Web Indexing System for Humans - Enhanced.  Swish-e\n"
+"can quickly and easily index directories of files or remote web sites and\n"
+"search the generated indexes."
+msgstr ""
 #: gnu/packages/serveez.scm:51
 msgid "Framework for implementing IP-based servers"
 msgstr "Ramme for implementering af IP-baserede servere"
@@ -10046,11 +11825,88 @@ msgid ""
 "server and an IRC server."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/telephony.scm:54
+#: gnu/packages/shells.scm:70
+msgid "POSIX-compliant shell optimised for size"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/shells.scm:72
+msgid ""
+"dash is a POSIX-compliant @command{/bin/sh} implementation that aims to be\n"
+"as small as possible, often without sacrificing speed.  It is faster than 
+"GNU Bourne-Again Shell (@command{bash}) at most scripted tasks.  dash is a\n"
+"direct descendant of NetBSD's Almquist Shell (@command{ash})."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/shells.scm:116
+msgid "The friendly interactive shell"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/shells.scm:118
+msgid ""
+"Fish (friendly interactive shell) is a shell focused on interactive use,\n"
+"discoverability, and friendliness.  Fish has very user-friendly and 
+"tab-completion, including descriptions of every completion, completion of\n"
+"strings with wildcards, and many completions for specific commands.  It 
+"has extensive and discoverable help.  A special help command gives access 
+"all the fish documentation in your web browser.  Other features include 
+"terminal handling based on terminfo, an easy to search history, and syntax\n"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/shells.scm:167
+msgid "Alternative implementation of the rc shell by Byron Rakitzis"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/shells.scm:169
+msgid ""
+"This is a reimplementation by Byron Rakitzis of the Plan 9 shell.  It\n"
+"has a small feature set similar to a traditional Bourne shell."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/shells.scm:226
+msgid "Unix shell based on csh"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/shells.scm:228
+msgid ""
+"Tcsh is an enhanced, but completely compatible version of the Berkeley\n"
+"UNIX C shell (csh).  It is a command language interpreter usable both as an\n"
+"interactive login shell and a shell script command processor.  It includes 
+"command-line editor, programmable word completion, spelling correction, a\n"
+"history mechanism, job control and a C-like syntax."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/shells.scm:286
+msgid "Powerful shell for interactive use and scripting"
+msgstr "Funktionsrig skal for interaktiv brug og skriptopbygning"
+#: gnu/packages/shells.scm:287
+msgid ""
+"The Z shell (zsh) is a Unix shell that can be used\n"
+"as an interactive login shell and as a powerful command interpreter\n"
+"for shell scripting.  Zsh can be thought of as an extended Bourne shell\n"
+"with a large number of improvements, including some features of bash,\n"
+"ksh, and tcsh."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/shells.scm:326
+msgid "Python-ish shell"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/shells.scm:328
+msgid ""
+"Xonsh is a Python-ish, BASHwards-looking shell language and command\n"
+"prompt. The language is a superset of Python 3.4+ with additional shell\n"
+"primitives that you are used to from Bash and IPython. It works on all 
+"systems including Linux, Mac OSX, and Windows. Xonsh is meant for the daily\n"
+"use of experts and novices alike."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/telephony.scm:66
 msgid "(u)Common C++ framework for threaded applications"
 msgstr "(u)Common C++-ramme for trĂĄdede programmer"
-#: gnu/packages/telephony.scm:55
+#: gnu/packages/telephony.scm:67
 msgid ""
 "GNU Common C++ is an portable, optimized class framework for\n"
 "threaded applications, supporting concurrent synchronization, inter-process\n"
@@ -10059,11 +11915,11 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/telephony.scm:75
+#: gnu/packages/telephony.scm:87
 msgid "Common C++ framework for threaded applications"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/telephony.scm:76
+#: gnu/packages/telephony.scm:88
 msgid ""
 "GNU uCommon C++ is meant as a very light-weight C++ library\n"
 "to facilitate using C++ design patterns even for very deeply embedded\n"
@@ -10071,11 +11927,11 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/telephony.scm:98
+#: gnu/packages/telephony.scm:110
 msgid "Implementation of RTP (real-time transport protocol)"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/telephony.scm:99
+#: gnu/packages/telephony.scm:111
 msgid ""
 "GNU ccRTP is an implementation of RTP, the real-time transport\n"
 "protocol from the IETF.  It is suitable both for high capacity servers and\n"
@@ -10084,22 +11940,22 @@ msgid ""
 "packet-manipulation library."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/telephony.scm:119
+#: gnu/packages/telephony.scm:131
 msgid "Library implementing SIP (RFC-3261)"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/telephony.scm:120
+#: gnu/packages/telephony.scm:132
 msgid ""
 "GNU oSIP is an implementation of the SIP protocol.  It is\n"
 "used to provide multimedia and telecom software developers with an 
 "to initiate and control SIP sessions."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/telephony.scm:140
+#: gnu/packages/telephony.scm:151
 msgid "Sip abstraction library"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/telephony.scm:141
+#: gnu/packages/telephony.scm:152
 msgid ""
 "EXosip is a library that hides the complexity of using the\n"
 "SIP protocol for multimedia session establishment.  This protocol is mainly 
@@ -10108,11 +11964,11 @@ msgid ""
 "multiplayer games."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/telephony.scm:184
+#: gnu/packages/telephony.scm:195
 msgid "Secure peer-to-peer VoIP server for the SIP protocol"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/telephony.scm:185
+#: gnu/packages/telephony.scm:196
 msgid ""
 "GNU SIP Witch is a peer-to-peer Voice-over-IP server that\n"
 "uses the SIP protocol.  Calls can be made from behind NAT firewalls and\n"
@@ -10122,32 +11978,55 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/telephony.scm:210
+#: gnu/packages/telephony.scm:240
 msgid "Secure RTP (SRTP) Reference Implementation"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/telephony.scm:211
+#: gnu/packages/telephony.scm:241
 msgid ""
 "This package provides an implementation of the Secure\n"
 "Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP), the Universal Security Transform 
 "and a supporting cryptographic kernel."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/telephony.scm:246
+#: gnu/packages/telephony.scm:276
 msgid "Inter-Asterisk-Protocol library"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/telephony.scm:247
+#: gnu/packages/telephony.scm:277
 msgid ""
 "LibIAX2 implements the Inter-Asterisk-Protocol for relaying\n"
 "Voice-over-IP (VoIP) communications."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/tex.scm:161 gnu/packages/tex.scm:225 gnu/packages/tex.scm:283
+#: gnu/packages/telephony.scm:308
+msgid "Simple VoIP program to create conferences from the terminal"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/telephony.scm:310
+msgid ""
+"Seren is a simple VoIP program based on the Opus codec that allows you\n"
+"to create a voice conference from the terminal, with up to 10 participants,\n"
+"without having to register accounts, exchange emails, or add people to 
+"lists.  All you need to join an existing conference is the host name or IP\n"
+"address of one of the participants."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/telephony.scm:413
+msgid "Low-latency, high quality voice chat software"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/telephony.scm:415
+msgid ""
+"Mumble is an low-latency, high quality voice chat\n"
+"software primarily intended for use while gaming."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/tex.scm:169 gnu/packages/tex.scm:241 gnu/packages/tex.scm:303
 msgid "TeX Live, a package of the TeX typesetting system"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/tex.scm:163
+#: gnu/packages/tex.scm:171
 msgid ""
 "TeX Live provides a comprehensive TeX document production system.\n"
 "It includes all the major TeX-related programs, macro packages, and fonts\n"
@@ -10157,7 +12036,7 @@ msgid ""
 "This package contains the binaries."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/tex.scm:227
+#: gnu/packages/tex.scm:243
 msgid ""
 "TeX Live provides a comprehensive TeX document production system.\n"
 "It includes all the major TeX-related programs, macro packages, and fonts\n"
@@ -10167,7 +12046,7 @@ msgid ""
 "This package contains the complete tree of texmf-dist data."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/tex.scm:285
+#: gnu/packages/tex.scm:305
 msgid ""
 "TeX Live provides a comprehensive TeX document production system.\n"
 "It includes all the major TeX-related programs, macro packages, and fonts\n"
@@ -10177,7 +12056,7 @@ msgid ""
 "This package contains the complete TeX Live distribution."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/tex.scm:339
+#: gnu/packages/tex.scm:360
 msgid ""
 "TeX Live provides a comprehensive TeX document production system.\n"
 "It includes all the major TeX-related programs, macro packages, and fonts\n"
@@ -10187,7 +12066,7 @@ msgid ""
 "This package contains a small subset of the texmf-dist data."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/tex.scm:357
+#: gnu/packages/tex.scm:382
 msgid ""
 "TeX Live provides a comprehensive TeX document production system.\n"
 "It includes all the major TeX-related programs, macro packages, and fonts\n"
@@ -10197,11 +12076,34 @@ msgid ""
 "This package contains a small working part of the TeX Live distribution."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/tex.scm:385
+#: gnu/packages/tex.scm:423
+msgid "Interface to read and parse BibTeX files"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/tex.scm:424
+msgid ""
+"@code{Text::BibTeX} is a Perl library for reading, parsing,\n"
+"and processing BibTeX files.  @code{Text::BibTeX} gives you access to the 
+"at many different levels: you may work with BibTeX entries as simple field 
+"string mappings, or get at the original form of the data as a list of 
+"values (strings, macros, or numbers) pasted together."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/tex.scm:506
+msgid "Backend for the BibLaTeX citation management tool"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/tex.scm:507
+msgid ""
+"Biber is a BibTeX replacement for users of biblatex.  Among\n"
+"other things it comes with full Unicode support."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/tex.scm:558
 msgid "Wrapper for LaTeX and friends"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/tex.scm:387
+#: gnu/packages/tex.scm:560
 msgid ""
 "Rubber is a program whose purpose is to handle all tasks related to the\n"
 "compilation of LaTeX documents.  This includes compiling the document 
@@ -10211,16 +12113,27 @@ msgid ""
 "PDF documents."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/tex.scm:427
+#: gnu/packages/tex.scm:602
 msgid "LaTeX editor"
 msgstr "LaTeX-redigeringsprogram"
-#: gnu/packages/tex.scm:428
+#: gnu/packages/tex.scm:603
 msgid ""
 "Texmaker is a program that integrates many tools needed to\n"
 "develop documents with LaTeX, in a single application."
 msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/tex.scm:642
+msgid "Book on TeX, plain TeX and Eplain"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/tex.scm:643
+msgid ""
+"@i{TeX for the Impatient} is a ~350 page book on TeX,\n"
+"plain TeX, and Eplain, originally written by Paul Abrahams, Kathryn 
+"and Karl Berry."
+msgstr ""
 #: gnu/packages/texinfo.scm:55
 msgid "The GNU documentation format"
 msgstr ""
@@ -10235,15 +12148,15 @@ msgid ""
 "is on expressing the content semantically, avoiding physical markup commands."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/texinfo.scm:137
+#: gnu/packages/texinfo.scm:125
 msgid "Standalone Info documentation reader"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/texinfo.scm:167
+#: gnu/packages/texinfo.scm:155
 msgid "Convert Texinfo to HTML"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/texinfo.scm:169
+#: gnu/packages/texinfo.scm:157
 msgid ""
 "Texi2HTML is a Perl script which converts Texinfo source files to HTML\n"
 "output.  It now supports many advanced features, such as 
@@ -10258,11 +12171,11 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/textutils.scm:67
+#: gnu/packages/textutils.scm:74
 msgid "Text encoding converter"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/textutils.scm:68
+#: gnu/packages/textutils.scm:75
 msgid ""
 "The Recode library converts files between character sets and\n"
 "usages.  It recognises or produces over 200 different character sets (or 
@@ -10272,61 +12185,61 @@ msgid ""
 "handy front-end to the library."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/textutils.scm:96
+#: gnu/packages/textutils.scm:103
 msgid "Text encoding detection tool"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/textutils.scm:97
+#: gnu/packages/textutils.scm:104
 msgid ""
 "Enca (Extremely Naive Charset Analyser) consists of libenca,\n"
 "an encoding detection library, and enca, a command line frontend, 
 "libenca and several charset conversion libraries and tools."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/textutils.scm:124
+#: gnu/packages/textutils.scm:131
 msgid "C library for processing UTF-8 Unicode data"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/textutils.scm:125
+#: gnu/packages/textutils.scm:132
 msgid ""
 "utf8proc is a small C library that provides Unicode\n"
 "normalization, case-folding, and other operations for data in the UTF-8\n"
-"encoding, supporting Unicode version 7.0."
+"encoding, supporting Unicode version 9.0.0."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/textutils.scm:154
+#: gnu/packages/textutils.scm:161
 msgid "Gordon's text utils library"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/textutils.scm:156
+#: gnu/packages/textutils.scm:163
 msgid ""
 "libgtextutils is a text utilities library used by the fastx toolkit from\n"
 "the Hannon Lab."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/textutils.scm:188
+#: gnu/packages/textutils.scm:195
 msgid "C++ hash functions for strings"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/textutils.scm:190
+#: gnu/packages/textutils.scm:197
 msgid ""
 "CityHash provides hash functions for strings.  The functions mix the\n"
 "input bits thoroughly but are not suitable for cryptography."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/textutils.scm:227
+#: gnu/packages/textutils.scm:234
 msgid "String library with very low memory overhead"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/textutils.scm:229
+#: gnu/packages/textutils.scm:236
 msgid "Ustr is a string library for C with very low memory overhead."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/textutils.scm:250
+#: gnu/packages/textutils.scm:257
 msgid "C/C++ configuration file library"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/textutils.scm:252
+#: gnu/packages/textutils.scm:259
 msgid ""
 "Libconfig is a simple library for manipulating structured configuration\n"
 "files.  This file format is more compact and more readable than XML.  And\n"
@@ -10334,11 +12247,11 @@ msgid ""
 "application code."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/textutils.scm:272
+#: gnu/packages/textutils.scm:279
 msgid "Probabilistic fast file fingerprinting tool"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/textutils.scm:274
+#: gnu/packages/textutils.scm:281
 msgid ""
 "pfff is a tool for calculating a compact digital fingerprint of a file\n"
 "by sampling randomly from the file instead of reading it in full.\n"
@@ -10347,22 +12260,22 @@ msgid ""
 "as existing hashing techniques, with provably negligible risk of collisions."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/textutils.scm:295
+#: gnu/packages/textutils.scm:302
 msgid "Regular expression library"
 msgstr "Regulært udtryksbibliotek"
-#: gnu/packages/textutils.scm:296
+#: gnu/packages/textutils.scm:303
 msgid ""
 "Oniguruma is a regular expressions library.  The special\n"
 "characteristic of this library is that different character encoding for 
 "regular expression object can be specified."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/textutils.scm:329
+#: gnu/packages/textutils.scm:336
 msgid "Microsoft Word document reader"
 msgstr "Microsoft Word-dokumentlæser"
-#: gnu/packages/textutils.scm:330
+#: gnu/packages/textutils.scm:337
 msgid ""
 "Antiword is an application for displaying Microsoft Word\n"
 "documents.  It can also convert the document to PostScript or XML.  Only\n"
@@ -10372,16 +12285,36 @@ msgid ""
 "runs Word\"."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/textutils.scm:372
+#: gnu/packages/textutils.scm:379
 msgid "Portable C++ library for handling UTF-8"
 msgstr "Flytbart C++-bibliotek til hĂĄndtering af UTF-8"
-#: gnu/packages/textutils.scm:373
+#: gnu/packages/textutils.scm:380
 msgid ""
 "UTF8-CPP is a C++ library for handling UTF-8 encoded text\n"
 "in a portable way."
 msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/textutils.scm:446
+msgid "Bayesian text and email classifier"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/textutils.scm:448
+msgid ""
+"dbacl is a fast Bayesian text and email classifier.  It builds a variety\n"
+"of language models using maximum entropy (minimum divergence) principles, 
+"these can then be used to categorize input data automatically among 
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/textutils.scm:490
+msgid "Configuration file parser library"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/textutils.scm:492
+msgid "C library for creating and parsing configuration files."
+msgstr ""
 #: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:105
 msgid "Version control system supporting both distributed and centralized 
 msgstr ""
@@ -10393,53 +12326,42 @@ msgid ""
 "as well as the classic centralized workflow."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:269
+#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:306
 msgid "Distributed version control system"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:271
+#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:308
 msgid ""
 "Git is a free distributed version control system designed to handle\n"
 "everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:316
-msgid "Man pages of the Git version control system"
-msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:318
-msgid ""
-"This package provides the man pages of the Git version control system.\n"
-"This is the documentation displayed when using the '--help' option of a 
-msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:357
+#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:362
 msgid "Library providing Git core methods"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:359
+#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:364
 msgid ""
 "Libgit2 is a portable, pure C implementation of the Git core methods\n"
 "provided as a re-entrant linkable library with a solid API, allowing you to\n"
 "write native speed custom Git applications in any language with bindings."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:420
+#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:425
 msgid "Web frontend for git repositories"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:422
+#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:427
 msgid ""
 "CGit is an attempt to create a fast web interface for the Git SCM, using\n"
 "a built-in cache to decrease server I/O pressure."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:459
+#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:464
 msgid "Command-line flags library for shell scripts"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:461
+#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:466
 msgid ""
 "Shell Flags (shFlags) is a library written to greatly simplify the\n"
 "handling of command-line flags in Bourne based Unix shell scripts (bash, 
@@ -10450,11 +12372,11 @@ msgid ""
 "will work."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:504
+#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:509
 msgid "Git extensions for Vincent Driessen's branching model"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:506
+#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:511
 msgid ""
 "Vincent Driessen's branching model is a git branching and release\n"
 "management strategy that helps developers keep track of features, hotfixes,\n"
@@ -10463,43 +12385,43 @@ msgid ""
 "lot easier."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:541
+#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:546
 msgid "Run a command over a sequence of commits"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:543
+#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:548
 msgid ""
 "git-test-sequence is similar to an automated git bisect except it’s\n"
 "linear.  It will test every change between two points in the DAG.  It will\n"
 "also walk each side of a merge and test those changes individually."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:598
+#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:603
 msgid "Git access control layer"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:600
+#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:605
 msgid ""
 "Gitolite is an access control layer on top of Git, providing fine access\n"
 "control to Git repositories."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:624
+#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:629
 msgid "Decentralized version control system"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:626
+#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:631
 msgid ""
 "Mercurial is a free, distributed source control management tool.\n"
 "It efficiently handles projects of any size\n"
 "and offers an easy and intuitive interface."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:660
+#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:665
 msgid "HTTP and WebDAV client library"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:661
+#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:666
 msgid ""
 "Neon is an HTTP and WebDAV client library, with a\n"
 "C interface.  Features:\n"
@@ -10519,11 +12441,11 @@ msgid ""
 "property manipulation."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:737
+#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:743
 msgid "Revision control system"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:739
+#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:745
 msgid ""
 "Subversion exists to be universally recognized and adopted as a\n"
 "centralized version control system characterized by its\n"
@@ -10532,11 +12454,11 @@ msgid ""
 "projects, from individuals to large-scale enterprise operations."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:760
+#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:766
 msgid "Per-file local revision control system"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:762
+#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:768
 msgid ""
 "RCS is the original Revision Control System.  It works on a\n"
 "file-by-file basis, in contrast to subsequent version control systems such 
@@ -10545,11 +12467,11 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:789
+#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:795
 msgid "Historical centralized version control system"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:791
+#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:797
 msgid ""
 "CVS is a version control system, an important component of Source\n"
 "Configuration Management (SCM).  Using it, you can record the history of\n"
@@ -10557,11 +12479,11 @@ msgid ""
 "RCS, PRCS, and Aegis packages."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:824
+#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:830
 msgid "Export an RCS or CVS history as a fast-import stream"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:825
+#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:831
 msgid ""
 "This program analyzes a collection of RCS files in a CVS\n"
 "repository (or outside of one) and, when possible, emits an equivalent 
@@ -10574,11 +12496,11 @@ msgid ""
 "masters from remote CVS hosts."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:852
+#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:858
 msgid "Version-control-agnostic ChangeLog diff and commit tool"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:854
+#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:860
 msgid ""
 "The vc-dwim package contains two tools, \"vc-dwim\" and \"vc-chlog\".\n"
 "vc-dwim is a tool that simplifies the task of maintaining a ChangeLog and\n"
@@ -10588,33 +12510,33 @@ msgid ""
 "standards-compliant ChangeLog entries based on the changes that it detects."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:876
+#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:882
 msgid "Make histograms from the output of 'diff'"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:878
+#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:884
 msgid ""
 "Diffstat reads the output of 'diff' and displays a histogram of the\n"
 "insertions, deletions, and modifications per-file.  It is useful for 
 "large, complex patch files."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:919
+#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:923
 msgid "File-based version control like SCCS"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:920
+#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:924
 msgid ""
 "GNU CSSC provides a replacement for the legacy Unix source\n"
 "code control system SCCS.  This allows old code still under that system to 
 "accessed and migrated on modern systems."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:999
+#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:1003
 msgid "Project change supervisor"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:1000
+#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:1004
 msgid ""
 "Aegis is a project change supervisor, and performs some of\n"
 "the Software Configuration Management needed in a CASE environment.  Aegis\n"
@@ -10625,11 +12547,11 @@ msgid ""
 "any project with more than one developer, is one of Aegis's major functions."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:1049
+#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:1053
 msgid "Edit version-control repository history"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:1050
+#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:1054
 msgid ""
 "Reposurgeon enables risky operations that version-control\n"
 "systems don't want to let you do, such as editing past comments and 
@@ -10640,32 +12562,32 @@ msgid ""
 "from Subversion to any supported Distributed Version Control System (DVCS)."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:1080
+#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:1093
 msgid "Ncurses-based text user interface for Git"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:1082
+#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:1095
 msgid ""
 "Tig is an ncurses text user interface for Git, primarily intended as\n"
 "a history browser.  It can also stage hunks for commit, or colorize the\n"
 "output of the 'git' command."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:1108
+#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:1121
 msgid "Print the modification time of the latest file"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:1110
+#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:1123
 msgid ""
 "Recursively find the newest file in a file tree and print its\n"
 "modification time."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:1135
+#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:1148
 msgid "Multiple repository management tool"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:1137
+#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:1150
 msgid ""
 "Myrepos provides the @code{mr} command, which maps an operation (e.g.,\n"
 "fetching updates) over a collection of version control repositories.  It\n"
@@ -10673,27 +12595,37 @@ msgid ""
 "Mercurial, Bazaar, Darcs, CVS, Fossil, and Veracity."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:1168
+#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:1180
 msgid "Use hubic as a git-annex remote"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:1170
+#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:1182
 msgid ""
 "This package allows you to use your hubic account as a \"special\n"
 "repository\" with git-annex."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:1241
+#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:1232
 msgid "Software configuration management system"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:1243
+#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:1234
 msgid ""
 "Fossil is a distributed source control management system which supports\n"
 "access and administration over HTTP CGI or via a built-in HTTP server.  It 
 "a built-in wiki, built-in file browsing, built-in tickets system, etc."
 msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:1262
+msgid "Static git page generator"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/version-control.scm:1263
+msgid ""
+"Stagit creates static pages for git repositories, the results can\n"
+"be served with a HTTP file server of your choice."
+msgstr ""
 #: gnu/packages/webkit.scm:123
 msgid "Web content engine for GTK+"
 msgstr ""
@@ -10705,11 +12637,11 @@ msgid ""
 "HTML/CSS applications to full-fledged web browsers."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:103
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:114
 msgid "Featureful HTTP server"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:105
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:116
 msgid ""
 "The Apache HTTP Server Project is a collaborative software development\n"
 "effort aimed at creating a robust, commercial-grade, featureful, and\n"
@@ -10719,54 +12651,76 @@ msgid ""
 "and its related documentation."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:183
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:194
 msgid "HTTP and reverse proxy server"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:185
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:196
 msgid ""
 "Nginx (\"engine X\") is a high-performance web and reverse proxy server\n"
 "created by Igor Sysoev.  It can be used both as a standalone web server\n"
 "and as a proxy to reduce the load on back-end HTTP or mail servers."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:221
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:225
+msgid "Language-independent, high-performant extension to CGI"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:226
+msgid ""
+"FastCGI is a language independent, scalable extension to CGI\n"
+"that provides high performance without the limitations of server specific\n"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:262
+msgid "Simple server for running CGI applications over FastCGI"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:263
+msgid ""
+"Fcgiwrap is a simple server for running CGI applications\n"
+"over FastCGI.  It hopes to provide clean CGI support to Nginx (and other 
+"servers that may need it)."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:294
 msgid "PSGI/Plack web server"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:222
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:295
 msgid ""
 "Starman is a PSGI perl web server that has unique features\n"
 "such as high performance, preforking, signal support, superdaemon 
 "and UNIX socket support."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:242
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:314
 msgid "JSON C library"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:244
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:316
 msgid ""
 "Jansson is a C library for encoding, decoding and manipulating JSON\n"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:276
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:348
 msgid "JSON implementation in C"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:278
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:350
 msgid ""
 "JSON-C implements a reference counting object model that allows you to\n"
 "easily construct JSON objects in C, output them as JSON formatted strings 
 "parse JSON formatted strings back into the C representation of JSON objects."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:361
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:433
 msgid "Hierarchical data exploration with zoomable HTML5 pie charts"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:363
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:435
 msgid ""
 "Krona is a flexible tool for exploring the relative proportions of\n"
 "hierarchical data, such as metagenomic classifications, using a radial,\n"
@@ -10775,42 +12729,42 @@ msgid ""
 "current version of any major web browser."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:391
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:463
 msgid "JSON parser/generator for C++ with both SAX/DOM style API"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:393
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:465
 msgid ""
 "RapidJSON is a fast JSON parser/generator for C++ with both SAX/DOM\n"
 "style API."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:411
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:483
 msgid "C library for parsing JSON"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:413
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:485
 msgid ""
 "Yet Another JSON Library (YAJL) is a small event-driven (SAX-style) JSON\n"
 "parser written in ANSI C and a small validating JSON generator."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:443
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:515
 msgid "WebSockets library written in C"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:445
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:517
 msgid ""
 "Libwebsockets is a library that allows C programs to establish client\n"
 "and server WebSockets connections---a protocol layered above HTTP that 
 "for efficient socket-like bidirectional reliable communication channels."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:470
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:542
 msgid "C library for the Publix Suffix List"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:472
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:544
 msgid ""
 "A \"public suffix\" is a domain name under which Internet users can\n"
 "directly register own names.\n"
@@ -10828,21 +12782,21 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:518
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:589
 msgid "HTML validator and tidier"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:519
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:590
 msgid ""
 "HTML Tidy is a command-line tool and C library that can be\n"
 "used to validate and fix HTML data."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:559
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:630
 msgid "Light-weight HTTP/HTTPS proxy daemon"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:560
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:631
 msgid ""
 "Tinyproxy is a light-weight HTTP/HTTPS proxy\n"
 "daemon.  Designed from the ground up to be fast and yet small, it is an 
@@ -10851,52 +12805,52 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:593
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:664
 msgid "Small caching web proxy"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:595
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:666
 msgid ""
 "Polipo is a small caching web proxy (web cache, HTTP proxy, and proxy\n"
 "server).  It was primarily designed to be used by one person or a small 
 "of people."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:616
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:687
 msgid "YAML 1.1 parser and emitter written in C"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:618
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:689
 msgid "LibYAML is a YAML 1.1 parser and emitter written in C."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:635 gnu/packages/web.scm:669 gnu/packages/web.scm:692
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:706 gnu/packages/web.scm:740 gnu/packages/web.scm:763
 msgid "Media stream URL parser"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:636
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:707
 msgid ""
 "This package contains support scripts called by libquvi to\n"
 "parse media stream properties."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:670
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:741
 msgid ""
 "libquvi is a library with a C API for parsing media stream\n"
 "URLs and extracting their actual media files."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:693
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:764
 msgid ""
 "quvi is a command-line-tool suite to extract media files\n"
 "from streaming URLs.  It is a command-line wrapper for the libquvi library."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:756
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:827
 msgid "High-performance asynchronous HTTP client library"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:758
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:829
 msgid ""
 "serf is a C-based HTTP client library built upon the Apache Portable\n"
 "Runtime (APR) library.  It multiplexes connections, running the read/write\n"
@@ -10904,49 +12858,49 @@ msgid ""
 "minimum to provide high performance operation."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:813
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:884
 msgid "CSS pre-processor"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:814
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:885
 msgid ""
 "SassC is a compiler written in C for the CSS pre-processor\n"
 "language known as SASS."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:843
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:914
 msgid "Compile a log format string to perl-code"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:844
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:915
 msgid ""
 "This module provides methods to compile a log format string\n"
 "to perl-code, for faster generation of access_log lines."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:865
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:936
 msgid "SASL authentication framework"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:866
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:937
 msgid "Authen::SASL provides an SASL authentication framework."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:890
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:961
 msgid "Sensible default Catalyst action"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:891
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:962
 msgid ""
 "This Catalyst action implements a sensible default end\n"
 "action, which will forward to the first available view."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:919
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:993
 msgid "Automated REST Method Dispatching"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:920
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:994
 msgid ""
 "This Action handles doing automatic method dispatching for\n"
 "REST requests.  It takes a normal Catalyst action, and changes the dispatch 
@@ -10955,32 +12909,32 @@ msgid ""
 "regular method."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:956
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1030
 msgid "Storage class for Catalyst authentication using DBIx::Class"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:957
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1031
 msgid ""
 "The Catalyst::Authentication::Store::DBIx::Class class\n"
 "provides access to authentication information stored in a database via\n"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:981
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1055
 msgid "Create only one instance of Moose component per context"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:982
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1056
 msgid ""
 "Catalyst::Component::InstancePerContext returns a new\n"
 "instance of a component on each request."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1019
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1093
 msgid "Catalyst Development Tools"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1020
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1094
 msgid ""
 "The Catalyst-Devel distribution includes a variety of\n"
 "modules useful for the development of Catalyst applications, but not 
@@ -10990,11 +12944,11 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1049
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1123
 msgid "Regex DispatchType for Catalyst"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1050
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1124
 msgid ""
 "Dispatch type managing path-matching behaviour using\n"
 "regexes.  Regex dispatch types have been deprecated and removed from 
@@ -11004,32 +12958,32 @@ msgid ""
 "when the dispatch type is first seen in your application."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1098
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1172
 msgid "DBIx::Class::Schema Model Class"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1099
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1173
 msgid ""
 "This is a Catalyst Model for DBIx::Class::Schema-based\n"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1123
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1196
 msgid "Request logging from within Catalyst"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1124
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1197
 msgid ""
 "This Catalyst plugin enables you to create \"access logs\"\n"
 "from within a Catalyst application instead of requiring a webserver to do 
 "for you.  It will work even with Catalyst debug logging turned off."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1156
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1229
 msgid "Infrastructure plugin for the Catalyst authentication framework"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1157
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1230
 msgid ""
 "The authentication plugin provides generic user support for\n"
 "Catalyst apps.  It is the basis for both authentication (checking the user 
@@ -11037,52 +12991,52 @@ msgid ""
 "system authorises them to do)."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1187
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1260
 msgid "Role-based authorization for Catalyst"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1188
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1261
 msgid ""
 "Catalyst::Plugin::Authorization::Roles provides role-based\n"
 "authorization for Catalyst based on Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1211
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1284
 msgid "Captchas for Catalyst"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1212
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1285
 msgid ""
 "This plugin creates and validates Captcha images for\n"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1238
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1311
 msgid "Load config files of various types"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1239
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1312
 msgid ""
 "This module will attempt to load find and load configuration\n"
 "files of various types.  Currently it supports YAML, JSON, XML, INI and 
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1269
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1343
 msgid "Catalyst generic session plugin"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1270
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1344
 msgid ""
 "This plugin links the two pieces required for session\n"
 "management in web applications together: the state, and the store."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1296
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1370
 msgid "Maintain session IDs using cookies"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1297
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1371
 msgid ""
 "In order for Catalyst::Plugin::Session to work, the session\n"
 "ID needs to be stored on the client, and the session data needs to be 
@@ -11090,22 +13044,22 @@ msgid ""
 "cookie mechanism."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1327
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1401
 msgid "FastMmap session storage backend"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1328
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1402
 msgid ""
 "Catalyst::Plugin::Session::Store::FastMmap is a fast session\n"
 "storage plugin for Catalyst that uses an mmap'ed file to act as a shared\n"
 "memory interprocess cache.  It is based on Cache::FastMmap."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1351
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1425
 msgid "Stack trace on the Catalyst debug screen"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1352
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1426
 msgid ""
 "This plugin enhances the standard Catalyst debug screen by\n"
 "including a stack trace of your application up to the point where the error\n"
@@ -11113,11 +13067,11 @@ msgid ""
 "number, file name, and code context surrounding the line number."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1378
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1452
 msgid "Simple serving of static pages"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1379
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1453
 msgid ""
 "The Static::Simple plugin is designed to make serving static\n"
 "content in your application during development quick and easy, without\n"
@@ -11128,11 +13082,11 @@ msgid ""
 "MIME type directly to the browser, without being processed through Catalyst."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1446
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1520
 msgid "The Catalyst Framework Runtime"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1447
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1521
 msgid ""
 "Catalyst is a modern framework for making web applications.\n"
 "It is designed to make it easy to manage the various tasks you need to do 
@@ -11140,11 +13094,11 @@ msgid ""
 "\"plug in\" existing Perl modules that do what you need."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1477
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1551
 msgid "Replace request base with value passed by HTTP proxy"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1478
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1552
 msgid ""
 "This module is a Moose::Role which allows you more\n"
 "flexibility in your application's deployment configurations when deployed\n"
@@ -11152,42 +13106,42 @@ msgid ""
 "replaced with the contents of the X-Request-Base header."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1504
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1578
 msgid "Download data in many formats"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1505
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1579
 msgid ""
 "The purpose of this module is to provide a method for\n"
 "downloading data into many supportable formats.  For example, downloading a\n"
 "table based report in a variety of formats (CSV, HTML, etc.)."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1530
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1604
 msgid "Catalyst JSON view"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1531
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1605
 msgid ""
 "Catalyst::View::JSON is a Catalyst View handler that returns\n"
 "stash data in JSON format."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1556
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1631
 msgid "Template View Class"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1557
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1632
 msgid ""
 "This module is a Catalyst view class for the Template\n"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1586
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1661
 msgid "Trait Loading and Resolution for Catalyst Components"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1587
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1662
 msgid ""
 "Adds a \"COMPONENT\" in Catalyst::Component method to your\n"
 "Catalyst component base class that reads the optional \"traits\" parameter\n"
@@ -11196,31 +13150,31 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1612
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1687
 msgid "Apply roles to Catalyst classes"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1613
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1688
 msgid ""
 "CatalystX::RoleApplicator applies roles to Catalyst\n"
 "application classes."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1639
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1714
 msgid "Catalyst development server with Starman"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1640
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1715
 msgid ""
 "This module provides a Catalyst extension to replace the\n"
 "development server with Starman."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1664
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1739
 msgid "Handle Common Gateway Interface requests and responses"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1665
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1740
 msgid ""
 " is a stable, complete and mature solution for\n"
 "processing and preparing HTTP requests and responses.  Major features 
@@ -11229,52 +13183,52 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1689
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1764
 msgid "CGI interface that is compliant"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1690
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1765
 msgid ""
 "CGI::Simple provides a relatively lightweight drop in\n"
 "replacement for  It shares an identical OO interface to for\n"
 "parameter parsing, file upload, cookie handling and header generation."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1711
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1786
 msgid "Build structures from CGI data"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1712
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1787
 msgid ""
 "This is a module for building structured data from CGI\n"
 "inputs, in a manner reminiscent of how PHP does."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1735
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1810
 msgid "Date conversion routines"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1736
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1811
 msgid ""
 "This module provides functions that deal with the date\n"
 "formats used by the HTTP protocol."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1756
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1831
 msgid "MD5 sums for files and urls"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1757
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1832
 msgid ""
 "Digest::MD5::File is a Perl extension for getting MD5 sums\n"
 "for files and urls."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1775
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1850
 msgid "Perl locale encoding determination"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1777
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1852
 msgid ""
 "The POSIX locale system is used to specify both the language\n"
 "conventions requested by the user and the preferred character set to\n"
@@ -11286,91 +13240,102 @@ msgid ""
 "with Encode::decode(locale => $string)."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1803
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1883
+msgid "Syndication feed auto-discovery"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1884
+msgid ""
+"@code{Feed::Find} implements feed auto-discovery for finding\n"
+"syndication feeds, given a URI.  It will discover the following feed 
+"RSS 0.91, RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0, Atom."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1905
 msgid "Perl directory listing parser"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1805
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1907
 msgid ""
 "The File::Listing module exports a single function called parse_dir(),\n"
 "which can be used to parse directory listings."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1837
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1939
 msgid "Stock and mutual fund quotes"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1839
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1941
 msgid ""
 "Finance::Quote gets stock quotes from various internet sources, including\n"
 "Yahoo! Finance, Fidelity Investments, and the Australian Stock Exchange."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1861
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1963
 msgid "Perl extension providing access to the GSSAPIv2 library"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1862
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1964
 msgid ""
 "This is a Perl extension for using GSSAPI C bindings as\n"
 "described in RFC 2744."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1882
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1984
 msgid "Manipulate tables of HTML::Element"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1884
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1986
 msgid ""
 "HTML::Element::Extended is a Perl extension for manipulating a table\n"
 "composed of HTML::Element style components."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1908
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2010
 msgid "Perl class representing an HTML form element"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1909
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2011
 msgid ""
 "Objects of the HTML::Form class represents a single HTML\n"
 "<form> ... </form> instance."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1931
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2033
 msgid "Check for HTML errors in a string or file"
 msgstr "Kontroller for HTML-fejl i en streng eller fil"
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1932
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2034
 msgid ""
 "HTML::Lint is a pure-Perl HTML parser and checker for\n"
 "syntactic legitmacy."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1953
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2055
 msgid "Extract contents from HTML tables"
 msgstr "Udtræk indhold fra HTML-tabeller"
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1955
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2057
 msgid ""
 "HTML::TableExtract is a Perl module for extracting the content contained\n"
 "in tables within an HTML document, either as text or encoded element trees."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1980
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2082
 msgid "Work with HTML in a DOM-like tree structure"
 msgstr "Arbejd med HTML i en DOM-lignende træstruktur"
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:1981
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2083
 msgid ""
 "This distribution contains a suite of modules for\n"
 "representing, creating, and extracting information from HTML syntax trees."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2001
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2104
 msgid "Perl HTML parser class"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2003
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2106
 msgid ""
 "Objects of the HTML::Parser class will recognize markup and separate\n"
 "it from plain text (alias data content) in HTML documents.  As different\n"
@@ -11378,21 +13343,21 @@ msgid ""
 "are invoked."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2023
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2126
 msgid "Perl data tables useful in parsing HTML"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2025
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2128
 msgid ""
 "The HTML::Tagset module contains several data tables useful in various\n"
 "kinds of HTML parsing operations."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2044
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2147
 msgid "HTML-like templates"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2046
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2149
 msgid ""
 "This module attempts to make using HTML templates simple and natural.\n"
 "It extends standard HTML with a few new HTML-esque tags: @code{<TMPL_VAR>},\n"
@@ -11403,72 +13368,72 @@ msgid ""
 "you to separate design from the data."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2074
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2177
 msgid "HTTP Body Parser"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2075
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2178
 msgid ""
 "HTTP::Body parses chunks of HTTP POST data and supports\n"
 "application/octet-stream, application/json, 
 "and multipart/form-data."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2101
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2205
 msgid "Minimalist HTTP user agent cookie jar"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2102
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2206
 msgid ""
 "This module implements a minimalist HTTP user agent cookie\n"
 "jar in conformance with RFC 6265 <>."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2122
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2226
 msgid "Perl HTTP cookie jars"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2124
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2228
 msgid ""
 "The HTTP::Cookies class is for objects that represent a cookie jar,\n"
 "that is, a database of all the HTTP cookies that a given LWP::UserAgent\n"
 "object knows about."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2146
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2250
 msgid "Perl simple http server class"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2148
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2252
 msgid ""
 "Instances of the HTTP::Daemon class are HTTP/1.1 servers that listen\n"
 "on a socket for incoming requests.  The HTTP::Daemon is a subclass of\n"
 "IO::Socket::INET, so you can perform socket operations directly on it too."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2167
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2271
 msgid "Perl date conversion routines"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2169
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2273
 msgid ""
 "The HTTP::Date module provides functions that deal with date formats\n"
 "used by the HTTP protocol (and then some more)."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2192
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2297
 msgid "Perl HTTP style message"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2194
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2299
 msgid "An HTTP::Message object contains some headers and a content body."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2213
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2318
 msgid "Perl http content negotiation"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2215
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2320
 msgid ""
 "The HTTP::Negotiate module provides a complete implementation of the\n"
 "HTTP content negotiation algorithm specified in\n"
@@ -11478,11 +13443,11 @@ msgid ""
 "fields in the request."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2240
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2345
 msgid "Parse HTTP/1.1 requests"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2241
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2346
 msgid ""
 "This is an HTTP request parser.  It takes chunks of text as\n"
 "received and returns a 'hint' as to what is required, or returns the\n"
@@ -11490,74 +13455,74 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2261
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2366
 msgid "Fast HTTP request parser"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2262
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2367
 msgid ""
 "HTTP::Parser::XS is a fast, primitive HTTP request/response\n"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2283
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2388
 msgid "Set up a CGI environment from an HTTP::Request"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2284
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2389
 msgid ""
 "This module provides a convenient way to set up a CGI\n"
 "environment from an HTTP::Request."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2308
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2413
 msgid "Lightweight HTTP server"
 msgstr "Simpel HTTP-server"
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2309
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2414
 msgid ""
 "HTTP::Server::Simple is a simple standalone HTTP daemon with\n"
 "no non-core module dependencies.  It can be used for building a standalone\n"
 "http-based UI to your existing tools."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2333
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2439
 msgid "HTTP/1.1 client"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2334
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2440
 msgid ""
 "This is a very simple HTTP/1.1 client, designed for doing\n"
 "simple requests without the overhead of a large framework like 
 "It supports proxies and redirection.  It also correctly resumes after EINTR."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2353
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2459
 msgid "Perl module to open an HTML file with automatic charset detection"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2355
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2461
 msgid ""
 "IO::HTML provides an easy way to open a file containing HTML while\n"
 "automatically determining its encoding.  It uses the HTML5 encoding 
 "algorithm specified in section of the draft standard."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2375
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2481
 msgid "Family-neutral IP socket supporting both IPv4 and IPv6"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2376
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2482
 msgid ""
 "This module provides a protocol-independent way to use IPv4\n"
 "and IPv6 sockets, intended as a replacement for IO::Socket::INET."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2398
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2504
 msgid "Nearly transparent SSL encapsulation for IO::Socket::INET"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2400
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2506
 msgid ""
 "IO::Socket::SSL makes using SSL/TLS much easier by wrapping the\n"
 "necessary functionality into the familiar IO::Socket interface and 
@@ -11566,11 +13531,11 @@ msgid ""
 "select or poll."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2431
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2540
 msgid "Perl modules for the WWW"
 msgstr "Perlmoduler for www"
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2433
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2542
 msgid ""
 "The libwww-perl collection is a set of Perl modules which provides a\n"
 "simple and consistent application programming interface to the\n"
@@ -11580,11 +13545,11 @@ msgid ""
 "help you implement simple HTTP servers."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2455
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2564
 msgid "Perl module to guess the media type for a file or a URL"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2457
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2566
 #, scheme-format
 msgid ""
 "The LWP::MediaTypes module provides functions for handling media (also\n"
@@ -11593,21 +13558,21 @@ msgid ""
 "exists it is used instead."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2483
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2592
 msgid "HTTPS support for LWP::UserAgent"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2484
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2593
 msgid ""
 "The LWP::Protocol::https module provides support for using\n"
 "https schemed URLs with LWP."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2504
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2613
 msgid "Virtual browser that retries errors"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2505
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2614
 msgid ""
 "LWP::UserAgent::Determined works just like LWP::UserAgent,\n"
 "except that when you use it to get a web page but run into a\n"
@@ -11615,19 +13580,19 @@ msgid ""
 "and retry a few times."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2550
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2659
 msgid "Perl interface to Amazon S3"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2551
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2660
 msgid "This module provides a Perlish interface to Amazon S3."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2571
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2680
 msgid "Perl low-level HTTP connection (client)"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2573
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2682
 msgid ""
 "The Net::HTTP class is a low-level HTTP client.  An instance of the\n"
 "Net::HTTP class represents a connection to an HTTP server.  The HTTP 
@@ -11635,11 +13600,11 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2593
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2702
 msgid "Extensible Perl server engine"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2594
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2703
 msgid ""
 "Net::Server is an extensible, generic Perl server engine.\n"
 "It attempts to be a generic server as in Net::Daemon and 
@@ -11653,19 +13618,19 @@ msgid ""
 "or to multiple server ports."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2622
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2731
 msgid "SSL support for Net::SMTP"
 msgstr "SSL-understøttelse for Net::SMTP"
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2623
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2732
 msgid "SSL support for Net::SMTP."
 msgstr "SSL-understøttelse for Net::SMTP."
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2657
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2766
 msgid "Perl Superglue for Web frameworks and servers (PSGI toolkit)"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2658
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2767
 msgid ""
 "Plack is a set of tools for using the PSGI stack.  It\n"
 "contains middleware components, a reference server, and utilities for Web\n"
@@ -11673,21 +13638,21 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2684
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2793
 msgid "Plack::Middleware which sets body for redirect response"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2685
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2794
 msgid ""
 "This module sets the body in redirect response, if it's not\n"
 "already set."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2708
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2817
 msgid "Override REST methods to Plack apps via POST"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2709
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2818
 msgid ""
 "This middleware allows for POST requests that pretend to be\n"
 "something else: by adding either a header named X-HTTP-Method-Override to 
@@ -11695,72 +13660,72 @@ msgid ""
 "can say what method it actually meant."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2733
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2842
 msgid "Plack::Middleware which removes body for HTTP response"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2734
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2843
 msgid ""
 "This module removes the body in an HTTP response if it's not\n"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2755
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2864
 msgid "Supports app to run as a reverse proxy backend"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2756
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2865
 msgid ""
 "Plack::Middleware::ReverseProxy resets some HTTP headers,\n"
 "which are changed by reverse-proxy.  You can specify the reverse proxy 
 "and stop fake requests using 'enable_if' directive in your app.psgi."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2777
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2886
 msgid "Run HTTP tests on external live servers"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2778
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2887
 msgid ""
 "This module allows your to run your Plack::Test tests\n"
 "against an external server instead of just against a local application 
 "either mocked HTTP or a locally spawned server."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2800
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2909
 msgid "Testing TCP programs"
 msgstr "Testning af TCP-programmer"
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2801
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2910
 msgid "Test::TCP is test utilities for TCP/IP programs."
 msgstr "Test::TCP er testredskaber for TCP/IP-programmer."
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2829
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2938
 msgid "Testing-specific WWW::Mechanize subclass"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2830
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2939
 msgid ""
 "Test::WWW::Mechanize is a subclass of the Perl module\n"
 "WWW::Mechanize that incorporates features for web application testing."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2863
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2972
 msgid "Test::WWW::Mechanize for Catalyst"
 msgstr "Test::WWW::Mechanize for Catalyst"
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2864
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2973
 msgid ""
 "The Test::WWW::Mechanize::Catalyst module meshes the\n"
 "Test::WWW:Mechanize module and the Catalyst web application framework to 
 "testing of Catalyst applications without needing to start up a web server."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2888
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2997
 msgid "Test PSGI programs using WWW::Mechanize"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2889
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2998
 msgid ""
 "PSGI is a specification to decouple web server environments\n"
 "from web application framework code.  Test::WWW::Mechanize is a subclass of\n"
@@ -11769,22 +13734,33 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2909
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3018
 msgid "Perl Uniform Resource Identifiers (absolute and relative)"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2911
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3020
 msgid ""
 "The URI module implements the URI class.  Objects of this class\n"
 "represent \"Uniform Resource Identifier references\" as specified in RFC 
 "and updated by RFC 2732."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2934
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3044
+msgid "Smart URI fetching/caching"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3045
+msgid ""
+"@code{URI::Fetch} is a smart client for fetching HTTP pages,\n"
+"notably syndication feeds (RSS, Atom, and others), in an intelligent, 
+"and time-saving way."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3068
 msgid "Find URIs in arbitrary text"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2935
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3069
 msgid ""
 "This module finds URIs and URLs (according to what\n"
 "considers a URI) in plain text.  It only finds URIs which include a\n"
@@ -11792,41 +13768,63 @@ msgid ""
 "URI::Find::Schemeless.  For a command-line interface, urifind is provided."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2957
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3091
 msgid "WebSocket support for URI package"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2958
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3092
 msgid ""
 "With this module, the URI package provides the same set of\n"
 "methods for WebSocket URIs as it does for HTTP URIs."
 msgstr ""
+"Med dette modul tilbyder URI-pakken det samme sæt af\n"
+"metoder for WebSocket URI'er som den gør for HTTP URI'er."
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2978
-msgid "Perl extension interface for libcurl"
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3115
+msgid "Object for handling URI templates"
+msgstr "Objekt til hĂĄndtering af URI-skabeloner"
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3116
+msgid ""
+"This perl module provides a wrapper around URI templates as described in\n"
+"RFC 6570."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:2980
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3137
+msgid "Perl extension interface for libcurl"
+msgstr "Perludvidelsesgrænseflade for libcurl"
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3139
 msgid ""
 "This is a Perl extension interface for the libcurl file downloading\n"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3009
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3168
 msgid "Web browsing in a Perl object"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3010
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3169
 msgid ""
 "WWW::Mechanize is a Perl module for stateful programmatic\n"
 "web browsing, used for automating interaction with websites."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3030
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3195
+msgid "Search A9 OpenSearch compatible engines"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3197
+msgid ""
+"@code{WWW::OpenSearch} is a module to search @url{A9's OpenSearch,\n"
+"} compatible search engines."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3217
 msgid "Perl database of robots.txt-derived permissions"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3032
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3219
 msgid ""
 "The WWW::RobotRules module parses /robots.txt files as specified in\n"
 "\"A Standard for Robot Exclusion\", at\n"
@@ -11835,11 +13833,21 @@ msgid ""
 "their web site."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3052
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3242
+msgid "Parse feeds in Python"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3244
+msgid ""
+"Universal feed parser which handles RSS 0.9x, RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0,\n"
+"CDF, Atom 0.3, and Atom 1.0 feeds."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3265
 msgid "HTTP and WebSocket server library for R"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3054
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3267
 msgid ""
 "The httpuv package provides low-level socket and protocol support for\n"
 "handling HTTP and WebSocket requests directly from within R.  It is 
@@ -11847,11 +13855,11 @@ msgid ""
 "particularly easy to create complete web applications using httpuv alone."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3075
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3288
 msgid "Robust, high performance JSON parser and generator for R"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3077
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3290
 msgid ""
 "The jsonlite package provides a fast JSON parser and generator optimized\n"
 "for statistical data and the web.  It offers flexible, robust, high\n"
@@ -11863,41 +13871,56 @@ msgid ""
 "in systems and applications."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3105
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3318
 msgid "Simple HTTP server to serve static files or dynamic documents"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3107
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3320
 msgid ""
 "Servr provides an HTTP server in R to serve static files, or dynamic\n"
 "documents that can be converted to HTML files (e.g., R Markdown) under a 
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3127
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3354
 msgid "R tools for HTML"
 msgstr "R-værktøjer for HTML"
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3129
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3356
 msgid "This package provides tools for HTML generation and output in R."
 msgstr "Denne pakke tilbyder værktøjer for HTML-oprettelse og uddata i R."
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3148
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3375
 msgid "HTML Widgets for R"
 msgstr "HTML-kontroller for R"
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3150
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3377
 msgid ""
 "HTML widgets is a framework for creating HTML widgets that render in\n"
 "various contexts including the R console, R Markdown documents, and Shiny 
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3169
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3400
+msgid "Advanced tables for Markdown/HTML"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3402
+msgid ""
+"This package provides functions to build tables with advanced layout\n"
+"elements such as row spanners, column spanners, table spanners, zebra\n"
+"striping, and more.  While allowing advanced layout, the underlying\n"
+"CSS-structure is simple in order to maximize compatibility with word\n"
+"processors such as LibreOffice.  The package also contains a few text\n"
+"formatting functions that help outputting text compatible with HTML or\n"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3439
 msgid "HTTP client for R"
 msgstr "HTTP-klient for R"
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3171
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3441
 msgid ""
 "The @code{curl()} and @code{curl_download()} functions provide highly\n"
 "configurable drop-in replacements for base @code{url()} and\n"
@@ -11908,11 +13931,31 @@ msgid ""
 "callback or connection interfaces."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3205
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3463
+msgid "Output R objects in HTML format"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3465
+msgid ""
+"This package provides easy-to-use and versatile functions to output R\n"
+"objects in HTML format."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3482
+msgid "JSON library for R"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3484
+msgid ""
+"This package provides functions to convert R objects into JSON objects\n"
+"and vice-versa."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3513
 msgid "HTML5 parsing library"
 msgstr "HTML5-fortolkningsbibliotek"
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3207
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3515
 msgid ""
 "Gumbo is an implementation of the HTML5 parsing algorithm implemented as\n"
 "a pure C99 library."
@@ -11920,22 +13963,22 @@ msgstr ""
 "Gumbo er en implementering af HTML5-fortolkningsalgoritmen implenteret\n"
 "som et rent C99-bibliotek."
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3278
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3586
 msgid "Application container server"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3280
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3588
 msgid ""
 "uWSGI presents a complete stack for networked/clustered web applications,\n"
 "implementing message/object passing, caching, RPC and process management.\n"
 "It uses the uwsgi protocol for all the networking/interprocess 
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3306
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3618
 msgid "Command-line JSON processor"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3307
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3619
 msgid ""
 "jq is like sed for JSON data – you can use it to slice and\n"
 "filter and map and transform structured data with the same ease that sed, 
@@ -11945,35 +13988,93 @@ msgid ""
 "you'd expect."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3346
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3658
 msgid "Library for mocking web service APIs which use HTTP or HTTPS"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3348
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3660
 msgid ""
 "Uhttpmock is a project for mocking web service APIs which use HTTP or\n"
 "HTTPS.  It provides a library, libuhttpmock, which implements recording and\n"
 "playback of HTTP request/response traces."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3383
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3695
 msgid "Single file web server"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3384
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3696
 msgid ""
 "Woof (Web Offer One File) is a small simple web server that\n"
 "can easily be invoked on a single file.  Your partner can access the file 
 "tools they trust (e.g. wget)."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/wordnet.scm:84
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3805
+msgid "Web browser"
+msgstr "Internetbrowser"
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3807
+msgid ""
+"NetSurf is a lightweight web browser that has its own layout and\n"
+"rendering engine entirely written from scratch.  It is small and capable of\n"
+"handling many of the web standards in use today."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3829
+msgid "Unix command line interface to the www"
+msgstr "Unix-kommandolinjegrænseflade til www"
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3830
+msgid ""
+"Surfraw (Shell Users' Revolutionary Front Rage Against the Web)\n"
+"provides a unix command line interface to a variety of popular www search 
+"and similar services."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3866
+msgid "Simple static web server"
+msgstr "Simpel statisk internetserver"
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3867
+msgid ""
+"darkhttpd is a simple static web server.  It is\n"
+"standalone and does not need inetd or ucspi-tcp.  It does not need any\n"
+"config files---you only have to specify the www root."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3897
+msgid "Analyze Web server logs in real time"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3899
+msgid ""
+"GoAccess is a real-time web log analyzer and interactive viewer that\n"
+"runs in a terminal or through your browser.  It provides fast and valuable\n"
+"HTTP statistics for system administrators that require a visual server 
+"on the fly."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3934
+msgid "Tunnel data connections through HTTP requests"
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/web.scm:3935
+msgid ""
+"httptunnel creates a bidirectional virtual data connection\n"
+"tunnelled through HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) requests.  This can be\n"
+"useful for users behind restrictive firewalls.  As long as Web traffic is\n"
+"allowed, even through a HTTP-only proxy, httptunnel can be combined with 
+"tools like SSH (Secure Shell) to reach the outside world."
+msgstr ""
+#: gnu/packages/wordnet.scm:91
 msgid "Lexical database for the English language"
 msgstr "Leksikal database for det engelske sprog"
-#: gnu/packages/wordnet.scm:86
+#: gnu/packages/wordnet.scm:93
 msgid ""
-"WordNet® is a large lexical database of English.  Nouns, verbs,\n"
+"WordNet is a large lexical database of English.  Nouns, verbs,\n"
 "adjectives and adverbs are grouped into sets of cognitive synonyms 
 "each expressing a distinct concept.  Synsets are interlinked by means of\n"
 "conceptual-semantic and lexical relations.  The resulting network of\n"
@@ -12162,11 +14263,11 @@ msgid ""
 "and prevents bad data from getting to the icecast server."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/zip.scm:57
+#: gnu/packages/zip.scm:58
 msgid "Compression and file packing utility"
 msgstr "Komprimerings- og filpakningsredskab"
-#: gnu/packages/zip.scm:59
+#: gnu/packages/zip.scm:60
 msgid ""
 "Zip is a compression and file packaging/archive utility.  Zip is useful\n"
 "for packaging a set of files for distribution, for archiving files, and for\n"
@@ -12181,11 +14282,11 @@ msgid ""
 "Compression ratios of 2:1 to 3:1 are common for text files."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/zip.scm:113
+#: gnu/packages/zip.scm:114
 msgid "Decompression and file extraction utility"
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/zip.scm:115
+#: gnu/packages/zip.scm:116
 msgid ""
 "UnZip is an extraction utility for archives compressed in .zip format,\n"
 "also called \"zipfiles\".\n"
@@ -12196,27 +14297,14 @@ msgid ""
 "recreates the stored directory structure by default."
 msgstr ""
-#: gnu/packages/zip.scm:149
+#: gnu/packages/zip.scm:150
 msgid "Library for accessing zip files"
 msgstr "Bibliotek til at tilgĂĄ zip-filer"
-#: gnu/packages/zip.scm:151
+#: gnu/packages/zip.scm:152
 msgid "ZZipLib is a library based on zlib for accessing zip files."
 msgstr "ZZipLib er et bibliotek baseret pĂĄ zlib for adgang til zip-filer."
-#: gnu/packages/zip.scm:169
+#: gnu/packages/zip.scm:170
 msgid "Provides an interface to ZIP archive files"
 msgstr "Tilbyder en grænseflade til ZIP-arkivfiler"
-#: gnu/packages/zsh.scm:71
-msgid "Powerful shell for interactive use and scripting"
-msgstr "Funktionsrig skal for interaktiv brug og skriptopbygning"
-#: gnu/packages/zsh.scm:72
-msgid ""
-"The Z shell (zsh) is a Unix shell that can be used\n"
-"as an interactive login shell and as a powerful command interpreter\n"
-"for shell scripting.  Zsh can be thought of as an extended Bourne shell\n"
-"with a large number of improvements, including some features of bash,\n"
-"ksh, and tcsh."
-msgstr ""

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