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branch core-updates updated (657fb6c -> d1a9140)

From: Ricardo Wurmus
Subject: branch core-updates updated (657fb6c -> d1a9140)
Date: Wed, 24 May 2017 06:14:50 -0400 (EDT)

rekado pushed a change to branch core-updates
in repository guix.

      from  657fb6c   gnu: sqlite: Update to 3.19.0.
      adds  568f977   gnu: emacs-elfeed: Enable tests.
      adds  9a49129   gnu: audacity: Update to 2.1.3.
      adds  cd158a2   gnu: python-cython: Update to 0.25.2.
      adds  26bad5d   gnu: nss, nss-certs: Update to 3.30.
      adds  350a308   gnu: python-pexpect: Use address@hidden
      adds  b4dcfce   gnu: Add cifs-utils.
      adds  b98d4ec   gnu: Add python-mando-0.3.1
      adds  3e43166   gexp: 'lower-object' raises an exception when passed an 
invalid object.
      adds  76c4861   packages: Catch invalid input errors for structs.
      adds  f73bb91   tests: Adjust search-paths test following the 
introduction of aarch64.
      adds  4d40c6a   gnu: perl-dbd-pg: Update to 3.5.3.
      adds  2273b75   gnu: perl-dbd-sqlite: Update to 1.54.
      adds  dd0cfb3   gnu: perl-db-file: Update to 1.840.
      adds  84f06e5   gnu: perl-lingua-en-findnumber: Update to 1.32.
      adds  3581c35   gnu: perl-lingua-en-inflect: Update to 1.901.
      adds  e2fb341   gnu: perl-lingua-en-inflect-number: Update to 1.12.
      adds  5b5b4ed   gnu: perl-lingua-en-number-isordinal: Update to 0.05.
      adds  153ea99   gnu: perl-lingua-en-tagger: Update to 0.28.
      adds  e26f2c6   gnu: perl-email-mime: Update to 1.940.
      adds  f751b75   gnu: perl-email-simple: Update to 2.213.
      adds  f49ced6   gnu: youtube-dl: Update to 2017.04.03.
      adds  6c17422   utils: Fix handling of shell arguments for xz compression.
      adds  b7506f7   gnu: glog: Fix name demangling for GCC 5.
      adds  0d78e37   gnu: Add qjackctl.
      adds  6beaa5a   gnu: moc: Add Ogg Vorbis support.
      adds  a3dea99   gnu: python2-cython: Fix build on 32-bit platforms.
      adds  4dc1241   gnu: gnupg: Update to 2.1.20.
      adds  dcc9b6a   gnu: python-django: Update to 1.10.7 [fixes CVE-2017-7233 
and CVE-2017-7234].
      adds  33b2520   gnu: python-django: Specify CPE name.
      adds  cca9067   gnu: icecat: Re-enable parallel build.
      adds  8db9471   gnu: icecat: Use bundled ICU to avoid crashes.
      adds  1c6b2d3   build: Export register-root procedure.
      adds  f84011d   services: cuirass: Wait for networking.
      adds  01fe019   gnu: openexr: Add IlmBase include sub-directory to 
      adds  5894b60   gnu: algebra: Re-order imports.
      adds  f0bacad   gnu: bc: Actually use readline.
      adds  dfee7da   gnu: bc: Update to 1.07.
      adds  52b2d66   gnu: kdevelop: Update to 5.1.0.
      adds  b23c1a7   download: Update the GnuPG mirror list.
      adds  fc5b128   gnu: diamond: Update to 0.8.37.
      adds  beebe43   gnu: sra-tools: Use "modify-phases" syntax.
      adds  1108a92   gnu: sra-tools: Fix glibc naming conflict.
      adds  5ae6336   import cran: Distinguish Bioconductor data packages.
      adds  cd381c3   gnu: Move audacity to audio.scm.
      adds  b28187c   Revert "gnu: bc: Update to 1.07."
      adds  79f912c   Revert "gnu: openexr: Add IlmBase include sub-directory 
to 'OpenEXR.pc'."
      adds  f37f2b8   packages: Add 'package-mapping' and base 
'package-input-rewriting' on it.
      adds  1618006   build-system/python: 'package-with-explicit-python' uses 
      adds  a0b87ef   profiles: Generate database file for man pages.
      adds  31f1f59   doc: Add "Documentation" section.
      adds  50f4ea1   environment: Deal with single-entry search paths.
      adds  a09b45d   build: Add and export procedure 'register-root*'.
      adds  5ea69d9   system: Support the --root option in 'guix system'.
      adds  234ea3d   gnu: guile-aspell: Update to 0.4.
      adds  7295087   gnu: guile-aspell: Remove hard-coded "site/2.0" from 
      adds  cb5be6d   gnu: guile-aspell: Switch to Guile 2.2.
      adds  538bce2   gnu: ldc-bootstrap: Delete failing test.
      adds  aad7808   gnu: r-jsonlite: Update to 1.3.
      adds  33eb555   gnu: r-tibble: Update to 1.3.0.
      adds  67deeea   gnu: r-readr: Update to 1.1.0.
      adds  1cbb07a   gnu: Add r-desc.
      adds  bf6dcf5   gnu: Add r-commonmark.
      adds  1db2937   gnu: r-roxygen2: Update to 6.0.1.
      adds  d51f05f   gnu: r-tidyr: Update to 0.6.1.
      adds  da250f7   gnu: r-bioccheck: Update to 1.10.1.
      adds  acbeb2d   gnu: r-xvector: Update to 0.14.1.
      adds  4cd07e4   gnu: r-genomeinfodb: Update to 1.10.3.
      adds  d3812fb   gnu: r-curl: Update to 2.4.
      adds  e15f962   gnu: r-htmltable: Update to 1.9.
      adds  7ceb26e   gnu: r-rprojroot: Update to 1.2.
      adds  9aea2cd   gnu: r-lattice: Update to 0.20-35.
      adds  9704bda   gnu: r-matrix: Update to 1.2-8.
      adds  a6dcc78   gnu: r-mgcv: Update to 1.8-17.
      adds  344e474   gnu: r-survival: Update to 2.41-3.
      adds  9948b8e   gnu: r-digest: Update to 0.6.12.
      adds  69a8ed6   gnu: r-rcpp: Update to 0.12.10.
      adds  5beda28   gnu: r-stringi: Update to 1.1.3.
      adds  7267f35   gnu: r-stringr: Update to 1.2.0.
      adds  5e0fa20   gnu: r-gdtools: Update to 0.1.4.
      adds  e8988ff   gnu: r-dbi: Update to 0.6-1.
      adds  b8acb5a   gnu: r-cluster: Update to 2.0.6.
      adds  9e8fac0   gnu: r-chron: Update to 2.3-50.
      adds  10ffdb9   gnu: r-data-table: Update to 1.10.4.
      adds  c6e40db   gnu: r-ade4: Update to 1.7-6.
      adds  0fbae8e   gnu: r-xml2: Update to 1.1.1.
      adds  d05e45f   gnu: r-multitaper: Update to 1.0-13.
      adds  f1870ae   gnu: r-backports: Update to 1.0.5.
      adds  ac5e810   gnu: r-bbmisc: Update to 1.11.
      adds  0def707   gnu: r-rmarkdown: Update to 1.4.
      adds  1c27bb8   gnu: r-rsqlite: Update to 1.1-2.
      adds  fb708a1   gnu: r-xml: Update to 3.98-1.6.
      adds  1d1fbb7   gnu: r-sparsem: Update to 1.76.
      adds  82b281f   gnu: r-e1071: Update to 1.6-8.
      adds  af7a4cc   gnu: r-mvtnorm: Update to 1.0-6.
      adds  cdadca5   gnu: r-matrixstats: Update to 0.52.1.
      adds  b5d5344   gnu: r-viridislite: Update to 0.2.0.
      adds  7a8efc8   gnu: r-viridis: Update to 0.4.0.
      adds  2f44ef9   gnu: r-mixtools: Update to 1.1.0.
      adds  2fe41e0   gnu: r-pracma: Update to 2.0.4.
      adds  4c7ab03   gnu: r-vipor: Update to 0.4.5.
      adds  47f37fd   gnu: r-statmod: Update to 1.4.29.
      adds  0007e64   gnu: r-ggthemes: Update to 3.4.0.
      adds  a977576   gnu: r-mclust: Update to 5.2.3.
      adds  4328bad   gnu: r-rcppeigen: Update to
      adds  da2260f   gnu: r-pbkrtest: Update to 0.4-7.
      adds  20e9775   gnu: r-ranger: Update to 0.7.0.
      adds  e8bec95   gnu: r-maldiquant: Update to 1.16.2.
      adds  57ac1d2   gnu: r-seqminer: Update to 5.7.
      adds  9ce6cb0   gnu: r-genomicfeatures: Update to 1.26.4.
      adds  25d8854   gnu: r-rtracklayer: Update to 1.34.2.
      adds  5cc3b7a   gnu: r-genomicalignments: Update to 1.10.1.
      adds  69b356e   gnu: r-annotationdbi: Update to 1.36.2.
      adds  4cd4721   gnu: r-genomicranges: Update to 1.26.4.
      adds  3506a62   gnu: r-limma: Update to 3.30.13.
      adds  e89cf15   gnu: r-variantannotation: Update to 1.20.3.
      adds  7d05eb2   gnu: r-iranges: Update to 2.8.2.
      adds  2cea968   gnu: r-s4vectors: Update to 0.12.2.
      adds  e0d7b31   gnu: r-shortread: Update to 1.32.1.
      adds  a3656b1   gnu: r-annotationforge: Update to 1.16.1.
      adds  133cba8   gnu: armadillo: Update to 7.800.2.
      adds  0685fe3   gnu: r-rcpparmadillo: Update to 0.7.700.0.0.
      adds  498d255   gnu: Remove armadillo-for-rcpparmadillo.
      adds  e18c731   gnu: r-seqinr: Update to 3.3-6.
      adds  c9dccf7   gnu: r-sourcetools: Update to 0.1.6.
      adds  05b6626   gnu: libmtp: Update to 1.1.13 [security fixes].
      adds  2c273a8   gnu: libusb: Update to 1.0.21.
      adds  fdcc916   gnu: feh: Update to 2.18.3.
      adds  2aa78c8   gnu: re2: Update to 2017-04-01.
      adds  fe418cc   gnu: armadillo: Change license to ASL 2.0.
      adds  3be4373   gnu: webkitgtk: Update to 2.16.1.
      adds  6b6aca9   gnu: flann: Move .mex file to a separate "octave" output.
      adds  9a3762a   size: Avoid '_' as a pattern variable in 'match'.
      adds  c923f83   size: Add test to multiple 'store-profile' arguments.
      adds  0715c0e   gnu: surf: Update to 2.0.
      adds  fbd6fb1   gnu: qemu: Update to 2.8.1 [security fixes].
      adds  3798269   gnu: vsearch: Update to 2.4.3.
      adds  ecc39b3   gnu: gnubik: Update to 2.4.3.
      adds  d46e9fc   gnu: myrepos: Update to 1.20170129.
      adds  d5a3e8f   gnu: myrepos: Use 'modify-phases' syntax.
      adds  6cfb860   gnu: guitarix: Disable webkit features.
      adds  f214d47   gnu: ratpoison: Update to 1.4.9.
      adds  b25d3bd   gnu: perf: Add support for C++ symbol demangling.
      adds  b0dd343   gnu: emacs-debbugs: Update to 0.14.
      adds  350cfcc   gnu: Add emacs-adaptive-wrap.
      adds  d71b758   gnu: emacs-symon: Update to 20160630.
      adds  d10fa5c   gnu: Add intel-gpu-tools.
      adds  83cfa02   pack: Add '--expression'.
      adds  5537f2d   profiles: Slightly improve the instructions in 
      adds  1165b08   build: Include 'glibc-utf8-locales' in the binary tarball.
      adds  cf47a8a   gnu: dovecot-trees: Update to 2.1.0.
      adds  f91fcd9   syscalls: Allow mount and umount use from static Guile.
      adds  abf0880   vm: Add missing module.
      adds  4653341   gnu: khal: Update to 0.9.5.
      adds  1c8ee3f   gnu: r-stringi: Update to 1.1.5.
      adds  1d65b53   gnu: r-vegan: Update to 2.4-3.
      adds  d922c8e   monads: Use intent-revealing parameter names.
      adds  60a9fcb   monads, doc: Improve mwhen and munless documentation.
      adds  8bc2183   monads: Improve mlet, mlet*, and mbegin documentation.
      adds  725d8d2   gnu: Add gl2ps.
      adds  181170c   gnu: octave: Build with gl2ps support.
      adds  72fa666   gnu: Add you-get.
      adds  d2b51c0   gnu: Add python-defusedxml.
      adds  ccda568   gnu: Add python-openid.
      adds  e1f06e1   gnu: Add python-django-allauth.
      adds  14d8f65   gnu: Add python-django-gravatar2.
      adds  8a3741e   gnu: Add python-django-mailman3.
      adds  d99a2ad   gnu: Add postorius.
      adds  99a8c8b   gnu: python-django-mailman3: Balance parentheses for 
      adds  f0e9fda   gnu: certbot, python-acme: Update to 0.13.0.
      adds  f26d6e4   gnu: certbot: Share python-acme's arguments.
      adds  b0eb2af   gnu: Add alpine.
      adds  b496bfe   gnu: lz4: Update to 1.7.5.
      adds  ea240de   screen: Fix info page build failure.
      adds  0bf1164   gnu: Add leafpad.
      adds  dde5831   gnu: leafpad: Fix home-page URL.
      adds  a3c5769   gnu: qjackctl: Build with modular Qt.
      adds  f3cf25c   gnu: torsocks: Patch references to 'getcap' and 'which'.
      adds  482cd36   Revert "gnu: Add python-openid."
      adds  3ca1c5e   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.4.60.
      adds  0ab8ff1   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.9.21.
      adds  c8ce351   gnu: linux-libre: Update to 4.10.9.
      adds  3420ed3   gnu: r-jsonlite: Update to 1.4.
      adds  dc8ebe4   gnu: r-biocparallel: Update to 1.8.2.
      adds  6acdff5   gnu: r-rsamtools: Update to 1.26.2.
      adds  e9e0fab   gnu: raxml: Update to 8.2.10.
      adds  6bb9c85   gnu: Add freegish.
      adds  6461c44   gnu: emacs-projectile: Update to 0.14.0.
      adds  96e98d5   gnu: nss, nss-certs: Update to 3.30.1.
      adds  5c7815f   gnu: gcl: Build with address@hidden
      adds  47fb74a   gnu: gcl: Clean up inputs.
      adds  1803f24   gnu: gcl: Use 'modify-phases' syntax.
      adds  ae792db   gnu: Add tango-icon-theme.
      adds  9ea0cda   gnu: rustc: Update to 1.16.0. gnu: cargo: Update to 
      adds  8b1e572   gnu: lxde: Add leafpad.
      adds  31b7af7   gnu: jack-1: Update to 0.125.0.
      adds  c66529d   gnu: yoshimi: Update to
      adds  f0c5856   gnu: ams-lv2: Update to 1.2.1.
      adds  3999b66   gnu: pianobar: Update to 2016.06.02.
      adds  82bf45c   gnu: mod-host: Update to 0.10.6-2-299a39774.
      adds  35f909d   gnu: gx-guvnor-lv2: Update to 0.1.
      adds  f959991   gnu: gx-suppa-tone-bender-lv2: Update to 0.1.
      adds  4396e9b   gnu: gx-hyperion-lv2: Update to 0.1.
      adds  ad67ca3   gnu: Fix build for packages inheriting from gx-guvnor-lv2.
      adds  cf44ebe   gnu: gx-voodoo-fuzz-lv2: Update to 0.1.
      adds  34a3ecf   gnu: gx-super-fuzz-lv2: Update to 0.1.
      adds  a6f39d7   gnu: gx-super-fuzz-lv2: Fix description.
      adds  3805092   gnu: gx-vintage-fuzz-master-lv2: Update to 0.1.
      adds  7421467   gnu: serd: Update to 0.26.0.
      adds  a1d419c   gnu: sord: Update to 0.16.0.
      adds  7181981   gnu: sratom: Update to 0.6.0.
      adds  b1d3bb7   gnu: suil: Update to 0.8.4.
      adds  d4d3df8   gnu: lilv: Update to 0.24.2.
      adds  f1d8156   gnu: jalv: Update to 1.6.0.
      adds  0201c5d   gnu: Add emacs-diminish.
      adds  b247fb8   gnu: Add emacs-use-package.
      adds  64463bd   gnu: gnucash: Update to 2.6.16.
      adds  d81f131   gnu: Add darcs.
      adds  0ef83ec   gnu: Add tclx.
      adds  958d357   gnu: guile-ncurses: Update to 2.2.
      adds  81eaa3f   gnu: guile-ncurses: Switch to Guile 2.2.
      adds  18d0cec   gnu: pcre2: Patch CVE-2017-7186.
      adds  a97f0ee   gnu: pcre: Patch CVE-2017-7186.
      adds  ed3a9ec   gnu: Add gpicview.
      adds  0c3953e   gnu: Move dillo to web-browsers.scm.
      adds  cd12f92   gnu: dub: Update to 1.3.0.
      adds  f0f7bf9   gnu: Add cdogs-sdl.
      adds  99bcae9   gnu: Add python-poppler-qt5.
      adds  e40335b   gnu: frescobaldi: Update to 3.0.0.
      adds  8336df0   syscalls: Add reboot.
      adds  7df4d34   syscalls: Use define-as-needed for mount and umount.
      adds  c5cd4fa   syscalls: Use define-as-needed for network-interface 
      adds  23e525e   syscalls: Add load-linux-module.
      adds  a5e13c3   build: Fix compilation warnings.
      adds  acf7d4a   gnu: Add emacspeak.
      adds  e79bfa1   gnu: Add Luminance HDR.
      adds  e234555   gnu: Add emacs-default-encrypt.
      adds  c1aba1a   gnu: python-paramiko: Update to 1.17.4.
      adds  b611f9c   gnu: Add Fabric.
      adds  fb4d6f6   doc: Update Python Modules subtitle to refer to Monty 
      adds  d4bcbbb   gnu: knot: Update to 2.4.3.
      adds  8ad5a20   gnu: Add emacs-strace-mode.
      adds  25e810b   gnu: Add emacs-htmlize.
      adds  efbca08   gnu: youtube-dl: Update to 2017.04.11.
      adds  69121e9   gnu: libressl: Update to 2.5.3.
      adds  0adb47b   gnu: dovecot: Update to 2.2.29 [fixes CVE-2017-2669].
      adds  0eb0fe2   gnu: jasper: Fixx CVE-2017-6850.
      adds  d04687d   gnu: Update networkmanager to version 1.6.2.
      adds  446809f   gnu: Update phonon to 4.9.1
      adds  4467c2d   gnu: Update kde-frameworks to 5.32.0
      adds  1aab5e8   gnu: kde-frameworks: No longer setenv 
      adds  a97f6da   gnu: emacs-default-encrypt: Update source URI.
      adds  4d6ce83   gnu: dovecot: Update to
      adds  a7a4345   gnu: darkhttpd: Update source URI.
      adds  0ee59b8   gnu: Add emacs-xmlgen.
      adds  eea2f45   doc: Use OpenSSH instead of lsh in bare-bones template.
      adds  1fc8476   gnu: certbot, python-acme: Build documentation in 
separate phase.
      adds  4e5dbf9   gnu: nginx: Update to 1.12.0.
      adds  fc901d1   gnu: nano: Update to 2.8.1.
      adds  352074d   gnu: emacs-ivy: Update to 0.9.1.
      adds  99517d9   gnu: emacs-ag: Build and install info.
      adds  57fe07d   gnu: python-acme: Remove unused dependencies.
      adds  0128630   gnu: certbot: Remove unused dependency.
      adds  6ddf4fc   services: Define '%linux-bare-metal-service' using 
      adds  bb5cad4   file-systems: Allow for bind-mounts of named sockets.
      adds  ee29534   services: tor: Run in a container.
      adds  61b64ac   gnu: bind: Update to 9.10.4-P8 [fixes 
      adds  d24b989   gnu: icecat: Add more fixes from mozilla-esr45.
      adds  098bb00   gnu: isc-dhcp: Update bundled bind to 9.9.9-P8 [security 
      adds  efc95e7   gnu: libsamplerate: Update to 0.1.9 [fixes CVE-2017-7697].
      adds  2e37447   gnu: libsndfile: Update to 1.0.28 [fixes 
      adds  9dae0a7   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.4.61.
      adds  c8d6d51   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.9.22.
      adds  44fd838   gnu: linux-libre: Update to 4.10.10.
      adds  0da0f43   gnu: Add freeglut-2.8.
      adds  bd71525   gnu: Add kiki.
      adds  ca8f3f9   gnu: Add libxls.
      adds  1262a2a   gnu: emacs-company: Update to 0.9.3.
      adds  f8d69be   gnu: emacs-clojure-mode: Update to 5.4.0.
      adds  50edf7f   gnu: emacs-flycheck: Update to 30.
      adds  07716c6   gnu: emacs-zenburn-theme: Update to 2.5.
      adds  b9d38ad   gnu: postgresql: Update to 9.6.2.
      adds  83f9aa5   gnu: php: Update to 7.1.4.
      adds  4264db2   gnu: password-store: Update to 1.7.1.
      adds  33f79a7   gnu: Add bam.
      adds  b77e3a1   gnu: Add teeworlds.
      adds  e02f166   gnu: Add fillets-ng.
      adds  88eb119   gnu: mafft: Update to 7.310.
      adds  8d50a99   gnu: Add emacs-cdlatex.
      adds  116b29b   gnu: julia: Update to 0.5.1.
      adds  f252d6d   gnu: Add guile-syntax-highlight.
      adds  11e2087   build: Remove build-aux/hydra/demo-os.scm from EXTRA_DIST.
      adds  e60ee79   build-system/cargo: Remove store reference.
      adds  960887b   build: Stop building gnu/build/svg.scm.
      adds  4e644ab   gnu: emacs-company: Enable tests.
      adds  b31b015   build: Download aarch64 bootstrap binaries from
      adds  27a5c60   gnu: dub: Flesh out synopsis & description.
      adds  2ff7703   gnu: youtube-dl: Update to 2017.04.14.
      adds  ab71ea9   gnu: mysql: Update to 5.7.18.
      adds  ed8a6c1   gnu: libmpdclient: Update to 2.11.
      adds  2f64f44   gnu: ncmpc: Update to 0.27.
      adds  8439c9c   gnu: gpgme: Update to 1.9.0.
      adds  7736bae   gnu: mutt: Update to 1.8.1.
      adds  9866cf1   gnu: samba: Update to 4.5.8.
      adds  904f8a3   gnu: speech-dispatcher: Add more inputs.
      adds  3e00ac4   gnu: Add python-pyatspi.
      adds  53201c0   gnu: Add orca.
      adds  a41134b   scripts: system: Move save-load-path-excursion and 
save-environment-excursion macros to the top.
      adds  c2e9942   system: Rename kernel->grub-label to kernel->boot-label.
      adds  475e2ce   scripts: system: Move save-load-path-excursion and 
save-environment-excursion macros to the top.
      adds  32380cd   gnu: wireshark: Update to 2.2.6.
      adds  03daeaa   scripts: system: Back out operating-system-bootcfg change.
      adds  c76b304   system: Rename operating-system-grub.cfg to 
      adds  07f812c   vm: Reword grub.cfg to bootcfg.
      adds  7085ca9   system: Rename (internal) grub-device to fs->boot-device.
      adds  e61519a   scripts: system: Rename grub? and  install-grub? to 
bootloader? and install-bootloader?.
      adds  99828fe   tests: Remove unused import (gnu system grub).
      adds  0ab1e8a   system: grub: Use (first all-entries) instead of (first 
      adds  2e58e05   system: Pass boot-parameters to (gnu system grub).
      adds  4ec1f82   gnu: kodi: Update to 18.0_alpha-2-478d306.
      adds  f46eb98   gnu: xf86-video-intel: Update to 2.99.917-5-b57abe2.
      adds  e5da4d8   gnu: mupdf: Update to 1.11.
      adds  f71f29c   gnu: bc: Update to 1.07.1.
      adds  bf14479   gnu: rocksdb: Disable failing test.
      adds  f91c677   gnu: rocksdb: Don't build static library.
      adds  8c326cf   gnu: ceph: Disable failing test.
      adds  abae042   scripts: system: Introduce profile-boot-parameters.
      adds  3cd501c   gnu: speedtest-cli: Update to 1.0.3.
      adds  b74f224   gnu: idris: Update to 1.0.
      adds  178670c   gnu: idris: Fix idris-default-arguments.
      adds  891f3dc   gnu: asymptote: Update to 2.41
      adds  2f36d90   gnu: giac-xcas: Update to 1.2.3-37.
      adds  958a1fd   system: Make grub use <menu-entry> instead of 
<boot-parameters> again.
      adds  af3f644   gnu: racket: Update to 6.8.
      adds  efe7d19   services: 'service-parameters' becomes 'service-value'.
      adds  f816dba   ui: Gracefully report '&message' conditions.
      adds  1bb895e   services: Service types can now specify a default value 
for instances.
      adds  3d3c565   services: Add a default value to various service types.
      adds  cbe0af1   tests: dicod: Bail out if we cannot connect within 20 
      adds  37e726c   gnu: vim: Update to 8.0.0566.
      adds  f06c154   gnu: youtube-dl: Update to 2017.04.16.
      adds  34529f8   gnu: offlineimap: Update to 7.1.0.
      adds  f12fc52   gnu: thefuck: Update to 3.16.
      adds  167f0e8   gnu: game-development: Use HTTPS where possible.
      adds  fd22791   gnu: bullet: Update to 2.86.1.
      adds  61af267   gnu: Add graphene.
      adds  5245399   gnu: guile-daemon: Update to 0.1.2.
      adds  c6726a5   gnu: guile-xosd, guile-daemon: Switch to Guile 2.2.
      adds  3689043   gnu: Add emacs-calfw.
      adds  1730c5b   lint: Avoid non-literal format strings.
      adds  a7ccfef   gnu: diffoscope: Update to 81.
      adds  a790f26   gnu: nss: Increase test timeouts.
      adds  0d82faf   gnu: fio: Update to 2.19.
      adds  d1e4ad1   gnu: Fix typos in descriptions.
      adds  c9d7cd4   gnu: perl-sys-cpu: Re-write description.
      adds  9b9cc95   gnu: yadifa: Update to 2.2.4.
      adds  3759dea   gnu: node: Update to 7.8.0.
      adds  9505daf   retroarch: Update to 1.5.0.
      adds  e5f0563   gnu: node: Actually set timeout to 1 h.
      adds  a9eadc0   scripts: system: Rename --no-grub option to 
      adds  67ba411   gnu: freedink-data: Update to 1.08.20170401.
      adds  b8a3190   gnu: video: Always use HTTPS on
      adds  4ca077d   gnu: v4l-utils: Update to 1.12.3.
      adds  2f4a58b   gnu: Add libmnl.
      adds  b754c61   gnu: Add libnftnl.
      adds  13223c8   gnu: iptables: Update to 1.6.1.
      adds  c04ef86   gnu: go: Update to 1.8.1.
      adds  a408e75   gnu: icu4c: Fix crashes in programs using system ICU.
      adds  483ab08   gnu: icecat: Use system ICU.
      adds  794223b   gnu: Add youtube-dl-gui.
      adds  3a0cfe6   gnu: capnproto: Update to [security fixes].
      adds  7eaa8cf   gnu: vis: Update to 0.3.
      adds  05bdb5e   gnu: Add ponymix.
      adds  f5c6edd   gnu: sshfs-fuse: Update to 2.9.
      adds  7c7b802   download: Add netfilter mirror.
      adds  f11ae44   gnu: Use netfilter mirror where applicable.
      adds  94df39c   records: Slight simplification.
      adds  e16c823   serialization: Remove Guile < 2.0.9 workaround.
      adds  54fbac3   Revert "gnu: nss: Increase test timeouts."
      adds  8bbd50e   Revert "gnu: nss, nss-certs: Update to 3.30.1."
      adds  f0bc6ca   gnu: you-get: Update to 0.4.715.
      adds  4e85f8d   gnu: mate-themes: Update to 3.22.10.
      adds  deddeb4   gnu: Add emacs-xelb.
      adds  2b3b745   gnu: Add emacs-exwm.
      adds  b5fb943   gnu: multipath-tools: Don't install to /usr sub-folders.
      adds  7f412f3   gnu: multipath-tools: Update to 0.7.1.
      adds  f881836   doc: Replace --no-grub by --no-bootloader.
      adds  16fe516   gnu: Add python-fudge.
      adds  1b5b24c   gnu: fabric: Enable tests.
      adds  73f0e1a   gnu: vte: Update to 0.48.2.
      adds  54412eb   services: nginx: Use mime.types.
      adds  1563d6c   Add (guix workers).
      adds  905ae52   publish: Introduce 'actual-compression'.
      adds  339a79f   publish: Use 'sendfile' when possible.
      adds  00753f7   publish: Add '--cache' and '--workers'.
      adds  2ea2aac   Add (guix cache) and use it in (guix scripts substitute).
      adds  d72b420   publish: Remove expired cache entries when '--ttl' is 
      adds  5315fcf   gnu: Add adb.
      adds  a2d6489   gnu: libressl: Do not use 'getentropy'.
      adds  05afdb7   gnu: guix: Update development snapshot.
      adds  274b7fd   gnu: gnome-terminal: Update to 3.24.1.
      adds  29548d2   gnu: adwaita-icon-theme: Update to 3.24.0.
      adds  9be54b1   gnu: baobab: Update to 3.24.0.
      adds  06d707d   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.4.62.
      adds  f861611   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.9.23.
      adds  acf2863   gnu: linux-libre: Update to 4.10.11.
      adds  7c16151   gnu: Add balsa.
      adds  f2767d3   services: guix-publish: Fix getter names.
      adds  2363bdd   gexp: 'gexp-modules' accepts plain Scheme objects.
      adds  a35136c   services: guix-publish: Add 'cache', 'workers', and 'ttl' 
config knobs.
      adds  11f8e02   gnu: emacs-exwm: Let shell wrapper work with arguments.
      adds  e162050   gnu: Add workaround for `date` regression in 
      adds  8d17cf1   services: Add mail-aliases-service-type.
      adds  b065f78   services: Make exim-service-type use 
      adds  950026a   tests: mail: Add test for exim
      adds  63422bb   doc: Update exim service documentation.
      adds  e1bbc0e   publish: Add a handler for / and /index.html.
      adds  87e3210   gnu: guile: Update to 2.2.1.
      adds  e1444af   gnu: curl: Replace with address@hidden [fixes 
      adds  90d118c   gnu: Delete unused patches.
      adds  ad00ac6   gnu: icecat: Label patches that have since been assigned 
      adds  8067809   gnu: ffmpeg: Update to 3.3.
      adds  95de359   gnu: moreutils: Update to 0.60.
      adds  9a14cd7   mailmap: Update entries for ng0.
      adds  46cb089   gnu: python-nbxmpp: Update to 0.5.5.
      adds  e795a3d   gnu: icu4c: Fix CVE-2017-{7867,7868}.
      adds  eba3cd3   gnu: gnurl: Update to 7.54.0 [fixes CVE-2017-7468]
      adds  162dd29   gnu: Add Meson.
      adds  1f49cd5   gnu: xorg-server: Hide the for-test variant.
      adds  7252964   gnu: tuxpaint: Disable parallel build.
      adds  dfa663c   gnu: qemu: Update to 2.9.0 [security fixes].
      adds  45636d0   gnu: gst-plugins-base: Remove dead comment.
      adds  daaec43   gnu: nss-certs: Update to 3.30.2.
      adds  358b10b   gnu: ceph: Disable SSE3 instructions.
      adds  2dce88d   derivations: Avoid string-to-bytevector conversions.
      adds  f920e79   gnu: hypre: Delete unused patches.
      adds  bab9a8b   gnu: graphite2: Add fixes for CVE-2017-5436 and other 
      adds  1aa9e42   gnu: nss: Update to 3.30.2 [fixes CVE-2017-5461].
      adds  6be43d9   gnu: nss: Disable long b64 tests.
      adds  fe18e25   gnu: Add address@hidden
      adds  002c3e6   gnu: icecat: Update to 52.0.2-gnu1; add fixes from ESR 
      adds  f0eb0a4   gnu: cargo: Simplify unpacking.
      adds  9b323c2   gnu: tmux: Update to 2.4.
      adds  136968f   gnu: cgit: Update to 1.1.
      adds  51eb4df   gnu: neon: Update to 0.30.2.
      adds  35ad6b2   gnu: neon: Use @enumerate mark-up.
      adds  86bc52f   gnu: diffstat: Update to 1.61.
      adds  0aea268   gnu: diffstat: Use @command mark-up.
      adds  79990ce   gnu: git-crypt: Double-space Texinfo mark-up.
      adds  9006f8b   gnu: version-control: Use HTTPS where possible.
      adds  fea8b72   gnu: Use HTTPS on
      adds  ef27b43   gnu: fortify-headers: Use @code mark-up.
      adds  05b1feb   gnu: miniupnpc: Update to 2.0.20170421.
      adds  8a6f168   gnu: miniupnpc: Use @dfn mark-up.
      adds  3719976   gnu: diamond: Update to 0.8.38.
      adds  a7d12a9   gnu: proteinortho: Update to 5.16.
      adds  833df99   gnu: python-pyopenssl: Update to 17.0.0.
      adds  eb3574f   gnu: soxr: Update to 0.1.2.
      adds  80420ac   gnu: portaudio: Update to 190600.20161030.
      adds  b5ceea9   gnu: sdl-gfx: Update to 2.0.26.
      adds  1aa7881   gnu: imlib2: Update to 1.4.10.
      adds  031e608   gnu: guile: Update to 2.2.2.
      adds  1397b42   store: 'GUIX_DAEMON_SOCKET' can now be a URI.
      adds  3b5cd17   store: Add 'system-error-to-connection-error' macro.
      adds  3dff90c   store: Add support for remote connections via 'guix://' 
      adds  ba97e45   offload: Avoid using '_' as a 'match' pattern.
      adds  615c529   ssh: Move 'open-ssh-session' to (guix ssh).
      adds  e537833   ssh: Decompose 'connect-to-remote-daemon'.
      adds  285f63e   store: Support 'ssh://' URIs in 'GUIX_DAEMON_SOCKET'.
      adds  4ee81d3   gnu: Add mcomix.
      adds  6e75740   gnu: icecat: Fix GTK 3 file chooser crash.
      adds  aa20b00   gnu: neomutt: Update to 20170421.
      adds  324faf8   gnu: neomutt: Don't rewrite the source file-name.
      adds  eeaea41   gnu: mutt: Update to 1.8.2.
      adds  9d62551   gnu: Add libbson.
      adds  dd37a54   gnu: Add crawl.
      adds  0a3bed8   gnu: libsodium: Update to 1.0.12.
      adds  9231ef1   derivations: Restore UTF-8 encoding of build scripts.
      adds  904c6c4   tests: Adjust to the addition of a new Coreutils version.
      adds  04b9067   gnu: Remove unused patches.
      adds  31e6193   gnu: libpinyin: Update to 2.0.0.
      adds  49d49b6   gnu: libpinyin: Adjust indentation.
      adds  ba85174   gnu: ibus-libpinyin: Update to 1.9.0.
      adds  f269ad2   gnu: Add libsepol.
      adds  66af08f   gnu: Add checkpolicy.
      adds  4724d72   gnu: Add libselinux.
      adds  32be660   gnu: Add libsemanage.
      adds  c837027   gnu: Add secilc.
      adds  d7e2d27   gnu: Add python-sepolgen.
      adds  42c939a   gnu: Add python-ipy.
      adds  41da8db   gnu: Add python-setools.
      adds  6ef94ec   gnu: Add policycoreutils.
      adds  1fe958d   download: Work around Guile 2.2 bug with 'time-monotonic' 
      adds  befbaeb   gnu: Add guile2.2-ssh.
      adds  bd5424d   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.4.63.
      adds  7b7770f   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.9.24.
      adds  1efcd3d   gnu: linux-libre: Update to 4.10.12.
      adds  fa8a585   gnu: xdg-utils: Update to 1.1.1.
      adds  1f8c4c5   gnu: emacs: Update to 25.2.
      adds  611924e   gnu: xf86-video-nouveau: Update to 1.0.15.
      adds  8a8e2d2   derivations: Adjust builder encoding test.
      adds  25a4929   cache: Work around 'time-monotonic' bug in Guile 2.2.2.
      adds  7d873e0   gnu: gnuplot: Update to 5.0.6.
      adds  a7086b1   gnu: hyperrogue: Update to 9.4g.
      adds  d65db1d   gnu: weechat: Mention ‘IRC’.
      adds  10b91cc   gnu: weechat: Update to 1.7.1.
      adds  af98d25   system: Rename operating-system-kernel-arguments to 
      adds  71d0420   system: Rename operating-system-parameters-file to 
      adds  b005a37   gnu: hurd: Add hurd-source-url procedure.
      adds  cc4faa3   gnu: Add the Hurd.
      adds  f8fe0e9   gnu: Add nss-pam-ldapd.
      adds  1a84ede   gnu: r-seqminer: Update to 5.9.
      adds  5ece832   gnu: r-curl: Update to 2.5.
      adds  4d76947   gnu: r-boot: Update to 1.3-19.
      adds  b3360e0   gnu: r-mass: Update to 7.3-47.
      adds  2219e69   gnu: r-rpart: Update to 4.1-11.
      adds  958d0ee   gnu: r-assertthat: Update to 0.2.0.
      adds  aa745eb   gnu: r-markdown: Update to 0.8.
      adds  050d41c   gnu: r-memoise: Update to 1.1.0.
      adds  78a237f   gnu: r-rcpparmadillo: Update to 0.7.800.2.0.
      adds  96338a9   gnu: r-rtsne: Update to 0.13.
      adds  c9d200e   gnu: r-r-rsp: Update to 0.41.0.
      adds  1c21e2c   gnu: r-matrixstats: Update to 0.52.2.
      adds  50d0b2c   gnu: r-zoo: Update to 1.8-0.
      adds  f1a313d   gnu: r-compquadform: Update to 1.4.3.
      adds  0d5bc93   gnu: r-quantreg: Update to 5.33.
      adds  96071a6   gnu: r-lme4: Update to 1.1-13.
      adds  3b74b7a   gnu: r-caret: Update to 6.0-76.
      adds  38f10b0   gnu: guix: Update development snapshot.
      adds  ab2419e   gnu: guix: Honor the effective Guile version.
      adds  ed9fb46   gnu: emacs-guix: Adjust to both 2.2 and 2.0.
      adds  946742e   gnu: guile-bytestructures: Update to 91d042e
      adds  b59af0c   gnu: Add aspell-dict-pt-br.
      adds  fd6ec6b   gnu: address@hidden: Do not apply 
      adds  644f951   Increase "TasksMax" in 'guix-daemon.service'.
      adds  769df80   gnu: nss: Further increase test timeouts on armhf.
      adds  f3bd172   gnu: obs: Mark as supported only on Intel systems.
      adds  d28fa5c   gnu: Add font-linuxlibertine.
      adds  a71d769   gnu: r-minimal: Update to 3.4.0.
      adds  6387873   gnu: Add emacs-google-maps.
      adds  43acfcb   libcroco: Fix CVE-2017-{7960,7961}.
      adds  b9af056   gnu: libsmpeg: Set source file-name.
      adds  8df1ee3   gnu: sdl-gfx: Enable building on all architectures.
      adds  0aa872e   gnu: reptyr: Remove aarch64 from supported systems.
      adds  092b7b3   gnu: wiredtiger: Enable building on aarch64-linux.
      adds  2f861ed   gnu: unionfs-fuse: Update to 2.0.
      adds  094f4b5   gnu: unionfs-fuse: Enable tests.
      adds  0611abf   gnu: wmfire: Update source code for new GDK versions.
      adds  f0ef7b4   gnu: libevent: Disable regress tests.
      adds  c136240   gnu: diamond: Enable building on all architectures.
      adds  b2955e2   gnu: python-pysam: Fix tests, again.
      adds  a2a15f6   gnu: speedtest-cli: Update to 1.0.5.
      adds  43ba5dd   gnu: mpv: Update to 0.25.0.
      adds  31c374e   gnu: python-pysam: Disable tests.
      adds  c2bae4a   gnu: cmst: Update to 2017.03.18.
      adds  b5f57f6   Update name on email address for Mathieu Othacehe.
      adds  b8ebbef   gnu: duplicity: Update to 0.7.12.
      adds  623fb4d   gnu: Add freexl.
      adds  d26ae96   gnu: Add guile-sjson.
      adds  cd48a54   gnu: fuse: Patch conflicting headers with the kernel.
      adds  4ad70ad   gnu: qtkeychain: Update to 0.8.0.
      adds  b27aacb   gnu: Add gcompris-qt.
      adds  011b858   gnu: vte-ng: Update to 0.48.2.a.
      adds  ce09f04   gnu: ceph: Update to 12.0.2.
      adds  efba832   gnu: ethtool: Update to 4.10.
      adds  289a898   gnu: nss-pam-ldapd: Look for nslcd.conf in global /etc/ 
      adds  fadae85   gnu: nss-pam-ldapd: Add Kerberos support.
      adds  2766f9e   gnu: Add volk.
      adds  b631060   gnu: Add Xfce Notification Daemon.
      adds  c9ba67a   gnu: synergy: Update to 1.8.8.
      adds  be58ffa   gnu: owncloud-client: Update to 2.3.1.
      adds  52196ae   gnu: tzdata: Update to 2017b.
      adds  3cd959a   gnu: libsndfile: Update to 1.0.28.
      adds  0eb5c4b   gnu: libva: Update to 1.8.0.
      adds  9092633   gnu: libpciaccess: Update to 0.13.5.
      adds  3c81c4f   gnu: libdrm: Update to 2.4.77.
      adds  7c42cc7   gnu: xorg-server: Update to 1.19.3.
      adds  3433413   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 1.19.3.
      adds  e1f68c9   gnu: libsamplerate: Update to 0.1.9.
      adds  79f93e2   gnu: libdrm: Update to 2.4.79.
      adds  f575efa   gnu: libva: Update to 1.8.1.
      adds  c57ce31   Merge branch 'master' into staging
      adds  2ff8dea   gnu: gdk-pixbuf: Update to 2.36.6.
      adds  84080b4   gnu: libdrm: Update to 2.4.80.
      adds  0315b20   gnu: mesa: Update to 17.0.4.
      adds  40522a7   gnu: gtk+: Update to 3.22.12.
      adds  8c4b4b6   Merge branch 'master' into staging
      adds  fbdd352   gnu: libsndfile: Fix build failure on armhf.
      adds  165d455   gnu: mesa: Fix build for 32-bit systems.
      adds  0802f3a   gnu: libsamplerate: Correct license after 0.1.9 update.
      adds  1524851   Merge branch 'master' into staging
      adds  8030679   gnu: address@hidden: Correct hash.
      adds  39d2d9a   Merge branch 'master' into staging
      adds  2018eea   Merge branch 'staging'
      adds  d39a84e   gnu: Add mdbtools.
      adds  baca533   gnu: simple-scan: Update to 3.24.1.
      adds  6373cdd   gnu: tor: Update to
      adds  0d29f5a   gnu: kodi: Update to 18.0_alpha-3-749c61e.
      adds  decb4c2   gnu: serf: Disable expired SSL tests.
      adds  244d4f4   gnu: serf: Update to 1.3.9.
      adds  01c58cb   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.4.64.
      adds  f28851b   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.9.25.
      adds  833361a   gnu: linux-libre: Update to 4.10.13.
      adds  2abfc5b   gnu: Add r-bookdown.
      adds  71e34e6   gnu: Add r-delayedarray.
      adds  ffef27f   gnu: Add r-genomeinfodbdata.
      adds  7c3e466   import: Update Bioconductor release to 3.5.
      adds  dbab99b   gnu: r-annotate: Update to 1.54.0.
      adds  97a50e4   gnu: r-geneplotter: Update to 1.54.0.
      adds  b5bc3a3   gnu: r-genefilter: Update to 1.58.0.
      adds  3ae74e4   gnu: r-deseq2: Update to 1.16.0.
      adds  46972a4   gnu: r-annotationforge: Update to 1.18.0.
      adds  8ab6f24   gnu: r-rbgl: Update to 1.52.0.
      adds  c584a07   gnu: r-gseabase: Update to 1.38.0.
      adds  ca0289a   gnu: r-category: Update to 2.42.0.
      adds  9511773   gnu: r-gostats: Update to 2.42.0.
      adds  34c276f   gnu: r-shortread: Update to 1.34.0.
      adds  026dc7e   gnu: r-systempiper: Update to 1.10.0.
      adds  795a604   gnu: r-grohmm: Update to 1.10.0.
      adds  28a5b3f   gnu: r-biocgenerics: Update to 0.22.0.
      adds  3bef152   gnu: r-biocinstaller: Update to 1.26.0.
      adds  68eac34   gnu: r-biocviews: Update to 1.44.0.
      adds  3bef24c   gnu: r-biocstyle: Update to 2.4.0.
      adds  2e11bee   gnu: r-bioccheck: Update to 1.12.0.
      adds  9b02d49   gnu: r-dnacopy: Update to 1.50.0.
      adds  f1f3801   gnu: r-s4vectors: Update to 0.14.0.
      adds  7d9ab5d   gnu: r-iranges: Update to 2.10.0.
      adds  38b99cc   gnu: r-genomeinfodb: Update to 1.12.0.
      adds  00ffd55   gnu: r-edger: Update to 3.18.0.
      adds  d2d7af9   gnu: r-variantannotation: Update to 1.22.0.
      adds  abf5a14   gnu: r-limma: Update to 3.32.0.
      adds  17a02f5   gnu: r-xvector: Update to 0.16.0.
      adds  1859712   gnu: r-genomicranges: Update to 1.28.0.
      adds  b2fff40   gnu: r-biobase: Update to 2.36.0.
      adds  aafaab2   gnu: r-annotationdbi: Update to 1.38.0.
      adds  78e7a58   gnu: r-biomart: Update to 2.32.0.
      adds  502da6f   gnu: r-biocparallel: Update to 1.10.0.
      adds  3ed41af   gnu: r-biostrings: Update to 2.44.0.
      adds  6bf5543   gnu: r-rsamtools: Update to 1.28.0.
      adds  d006ee3   gnu: r-summarizedexperiment: Update to 1.6.0.
      adds  5f16d1e   gnu: r-genomicalignments: Update to 1.12.0.
      adds  2ea7155   gnu: r-rtracklayer: Update to 1.36.0.
      adds  5d0301a   gnu: r-genomicfeatures: Update to 1.28.0.
      adds  5637377   gnu: r-graph: Update to 1.54.0.
      adds  6e70b6d   gnu: r-topgo: Update to 2.28.0.
      adds  c54a702   gnu: r-bsgenome: Update to 1.44.0.
      adds  5999359   gnu: r-impute: Update to 1.50.0.
      adds  08b9224   gnu: r-seqpattern: Update to 1.8.0.
      adds  3ae82c8   gnu: r-genomation: Update to 1.8.0.
      adds  0fce7d9   gnu: r-seqlogo: Update to 1.42.0.
      adds  a7b90ea   gnu: r-motifrg: Update to 1.20.0.
      adds  8444f60   gnu: r-zlibbioc: Update to 1.22.0.
      adds  37631dd   gnu: r-rhtslib: Update to 1.8.0.
      adds  ccd2aad   gnu: r-bamsignals: Update to 1.8.0.
      adds  cf4ac4e   gnu: r-mutationalpatterns: Update to 1.2.0.
      adds  ff58a1a   gnu: r-tximport: Update to 1.4.0.
      adds  04049a5   gnu: r-rhdf5: Update to 2.20.0.
      adds  7d72f2a   gnu: r-chipseq: Update to 1.26.0.
      adds  d52d2d6   gnu: r-copywriter: Update to 2.8.0.
      adds  1d09d01   gnu: r-sva: Update to 3.24.0.
      adds  5b1337c   gnu: r-protgenerics: Update to 1.8.0.
      adds  e440ad6   gnu: r-mzr: Update to 2.10.0.
      adds  71abcc4   gnu: r-affyio: Update to 1.46.0.
      adds  bd3cc4c   gnu: r-affy: Update to 1.54.0.
      adds  60c08b2   gnu: r-vsn: Update to 3.44.0.
      adds  63bf210   gnu: r-mzid: Update to 1.14.0.
      adds  5bfa6e0   gnu: r-pcamethods: Update to 1.68.0.
      adds  82359c7   gnu: r-msnbase: Update to 2.2.0.
      adds  524bfe2   gnu: r-msnid: Update to 1.10.0.
      adds  4646a79   gnu: r-preprocesscore: Update to 1.38.0.
      adds  52caf4b   gnu: libvirt: Update to 3.2.0.
      adds  c3c0316   gnu: libvirt-glib: Update to 1.0.0.
      adds  9271dfd   gnu: python-libvirt: Update to 3.2.0.
      adds  2817217   gnu: virt-manager: Update to 1.4.1.
      adds  0cb9fba   gnu: awscli: Add python-pyyaml input.
      adds  8832c96   gnu: schismtracker: Update to 20170420.
      adds  d00d6ce   gnu: Add xerces-c.
      adds  162a4a0   gnu: Add enigma.
      adds  73749ae   gnu: youtube-dl: Update to 2017.04.28.
      adds  a01f157   gnu: ghostscript: Fix CVE-2017-8291.
      adds  a7c6151   gnu: radeontop: Update to 1.0.
      adds  45fe973   gnu: ghostscript-with-cups: Avoid inheriting replacement 
      adds  0660d32   gnu: python-openid: Fix package.
      adds  2c6ef0d   gnu: Add ocaml-qcheck.
      adds  e24d527   gnu: ocaml-qtest: Use ocaml-qcheck.
      adds  86f48a8   gnu: freetype: Fix CVE-2017-{8105,8287}.
      adds  90f8309   gnu: r-genomeinfodbdata: Fix source url.
      adds  d5fa9fd   gnu: lsof: Add to mirror list.
      adds  b6ea329   gnu: lsof: Use 'modify-phases' syntax.
      adds  4ae3549   gnu: lsof: Shorten 'install phase.
      adds  e18e17e   gnu: lsof: Update to 4.89.
      adds  b2fd8f6   gnu: glibc/linux: Fix runtime crashes on i686 systems.
      adds  564324f   gnu: xapian: Update to 1.4.4.
      adds  b9ce9ec   python-sphinxcontrib-programoutput: Update to 0.10.
      adds  06be316   gnu: jemalloc: Disable transparent huge pages on 
non-Intel systems.
      adds  300200b   gnu: Add netcdf-fortran.
      adds  dc00f63   gnu: femtolisp: Remove aarch64-linux from 
      adds  c2e4f14   gnu: glibc/linux: Fix build of glibc-intermediate.
      adds  a39ee1a   gnu: Move netsurf to web-browsers.scm.
      adds  fbaf937   Revert "gnu: Move netsurf to web-browsers.scm."
      adds  68f12ea   gnu: radicale: Update to 1.1.2 [fixes CVE-2017-8342].
      adds  436c055   gnu: fuse: Update to 2.9.7.
      adds  4d31d14   gnu: python-llfuse: Update to 1.2.
      adds  b3542d7   gnu: guile-git: Update to revision 2.
      adds  7cf06d6   gnu: Add gcc-vc4.
      adds  dd69ff6   gnu: emacs-mu4e-alert: Update to 1.0.
      adds  9416112   gnu: neomutt: Update to 20170428.
      adds  0f4740f   gnu: services: nginx: Test certificate presence.
      adds  5a10cd4   gnu: services: Create logs directory.
      adds  fa93691   gnu: services: nginx: Fix key verification.
      adds  f432254   gnu: vcftools: Update to 0.1.15.
      adds  6d1a5e5   refresh: Report packages using the "@" syntax.
      adds  e30c2be   packages: Remove support for PACKAGE-VERSION deprecated 
      adds  e937930   gnu: python2-urwid: Disable vterm tests.
      adds  dff3189   publish: Produce a "FileSize" narinfo field when possible.
      adds  cfd2ca8   gnu: linux-libre: Update to 4.11.
      adds  116ac05   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.4.65.
      adds  78df894   gnu: bitcoin-core: Update to 0.14.1.
      adds  3314396   licenses: Add new meta-license fsdg-compatible.
      adds  d5b0912   gnu: font-bitstream-vera: Change license to 
      adds  1c4a500   gnu: libsndfile: Fix CVE-2017-{8361,8362,8363,8365}.
      adds  dd5bb84   Revert "gnu: linux-libre: Update to 4.11."
      adds  e537c91   gnu: Add python-sockjs-tornado.
      adds  6fdeb32   gnu: python-tornado: Update to 4.5.1.
      adds  99aa2dc   gnu: Add tailon.
      adds  840b713   gnu: Add font-cns11643.
      adds  f3744a0   gnu: Add font-cns11643-swjz.
      adds  60c9e80   gnu: linux-libre: Update to 4.11.
      adds  f3f8d15   gnu: Add python-oauth2client.
      adds  6e7302e   gnu: Add python-flask-oidc.
      adds  ee3401d   gnu: icecat: Add more fixes from upstream mozilla-esr52.
      adds  bedba06   Add package/inherit.
      adds  7020a6a   gnu: ghostscript: Fix grafting of ghostscript/x and 
      adds  e723178   publish: Use a larger zlib buffer for compression with 
      adds  20832af   gnu: emacs-emms: Update to 4.3.
      adds  005375f   gnu: acct: Update to 6.6.3.
      adds  ebc4b6e   gnu: less: Update to 487.
      adds  5c6b682   gnu: libiconv: Update to 1.15.
      adds  915d779   gnu: ocrad: Update to 0.26.
      adds  1fd0fc0   gnu: parallel: Update to 20170422.
      adds  49f9d7f   services: nscd: Create /etc/resolv.conf if it does not 
      adds  8a21050   substitute: Validate substitute URLs.
      adds  693f12c   build: 'check-system' now depends on the bootstrap Guile 
      adds  4aabc8e   build: Install gnu/build/svg.scm.
      adds  341ccb0   gnu: obs: Update to 18.0.2.
      adds  1aecfe1   gnu: python-pytest-cov: Update to 2.4.0.
      adds  7e16478   gnu: Add python-mwclient.
      adds  8a1bb37   gnu: hdparm: Update to 9.52.
      adds  beba0c0   gnu: youtube-dl: Update to 2017.05.01.
      adds  756be97   licenses: Add CeCILL and CeCILL-B.
      adds  7b9ac88   download: Continue handshake upon TLS warning alerts.
      adds  dcb95c1   monads: Add a template and specialization mechanism for 
monadic procedures.
      adds  2f3108a   gnu: Avoid circular dependencies by Perl license.
      adds  0611055   gnu: build: file-systems: Add ISO-9660.
      adds  14dbab4   gnu: imagemagick: Update to 6.9.8-4.
      adds  4b13e28   gnu: Add address@hidden
      adds  5e03b12   services: herd: Make %shepherd-socket-file a parameter 
and export it.
      adds  723f0ce   gnu: connman: Update to 1.34.
      adds  0c5658d   gnu: Add address@hidden
      adds  1c7a78f   gnu: Add mes.
      adds  69daee2   ui: Rename '_' to 'G_'.
      adds  cef3f14   gnu: tlp: Install all files.
      adds  2ed12d3   gnu: libressl: Update to 2.5.4.
      adds  9002792   gnu: Add address@hidden
      adds  21b99aa   gnu: Add emacs-gnuplot.
      adds  db88b5a   gnu: gitolite: Avoid references to the store in 
      adds  0ea45ef   gnu: Add missing copyright line.
      adds  1dc0a66   gnu: Add fish-guix.
      adds  cd903ef   Add (guix discovery).
      adds  634088a   refresh: Use (guix discovery).
      adds  fc06b15   doc: Add 'Debugging Build Failures' node.
      adds  ecc7aa8   gnu: bind: Update to 9.11.1.
      adds  481a042   gnu: dmenu: Update to 4.7.
      adds  e54ae86   gnu: msgpack: Update to 1.4.2.
      adds  b523612   gnu: libmpack: Update to 1.0.5.
      adds  55a7979   gnu: capnproto: Update to 0.6.0.
      adds  74067fe   environment: Correct typo.
      adds  f4129cd   gnu: man-pages: Update to 4.11.
      adds  e8e1ace   gnu: guile-bytestructures: Install sld files.
      adds  6ba4eca   gnu: llvm-3.5: Fix build of clang-3.5.
      adds  7ec309a   gnu: lua-libmpack: Update to new upstream source.
      adds  0cdc334   gnu: lua5.2-libmpack: Fix make flags.
      adds  3e961de   gnu: neovim: Update to 0.2.0.
      adds  8eb55df   nls: Mark (guix discovery) as translatable.
      adds  67d84d6   tests: Use 'fold-module-public-variables' for discovery.
      adds  d7ecab7   gnu: Add address@hidden
      adds  4032dd8   gnu: fish-guix: Adjust the home-page.
      adds  cd041b2   store: Add store path computation procedures.
      adds  396d12f   store: Use 'write-bytevector' instead of hand-coded 
      adds  49e6b0d   gnu: qca: Update to 2.1.3.
      adds  8ca0c88   doc: Add references to Emacs-Guix manual.
      adds  9765818   etc: indent-code.el: Define source tree by 
      adds  da99126   dir-locals.el: Add 'modify-phases' keywords.
      adds  1d1ddf2   build: Remove 'sync-descriptions' target.
      adds  e6860b5   build: Use Gnulib's 'git-version-gen'.
      adds  e9491fb   gnu: guix: The variable for the last release is now 
      adds  7d3373a   gnu: openssh: groff is a native-input.
      adds  f9ff014   gnu: Add cool-retro-term.
      adds  a501a66   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.4.66.
      adds  95011cb   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.9.26.
      adds  291a905   gnu: synthv1: Update to 0.8.2.
      adds  1b11601   gnu: drumkv1: Update to 0.8.2.
      adds  ab7ec90   gnu: samplv1: Update to 0.8.2.
      adds  1538bc3   gnu: qjackctl: Update to 0.4.5.
      adds  5ffa7cb   gnu: qjackctl: Build with JACK 1.
      adds  e13fff2   gnu: qsynth: Update to 0.4.4.
      adds  eaace76   gnu: jalv-select: Update to 0.8.
      adds  f5e0ff0   gnu: gxtuner: Update to 2.4.
      adds  ad7f6e5   gnu: jalv-select: Fix regular expression.
      adds  5c97ce1   gnu: abiword: Update to 3.0.2.
      adds  6bd7d16   gnu: zstd: Update to 1.2.0.
      adds  b067ad3   gnu: aide: Update to 0.16.
      adds  3339abf   gnu: ansible: Update to
      adds  40fad1c   system: Factorize operating-system-boot-parameters-file.
      adds  33f0aa8   system: Introduce operating-system-kernel-arguments and 
use it.
      adds  9530e73   system: Introduce read-boot-parameters-file.
      adds  0315abe   scripts: Make boot-parameters label include generation 
number and time.
      adds  83071b0   system: vm: Use operating-system-kernel-arguments.
      adds  370ae08   system: Use operating-system-boot-parameters directly.
      adds  bf8b091   system: grub: Use boot-parameters instead of menu-entry 
where possible.
      adds  7e3f7ac   scripts: Remove profile-grub-entries.
      adds  360874d   system: Clarify that SYSTEM is either a derivation or #f.
      adds  310da3b   gnu: ant: Update to 1.9.9.
      adds  f9082e7   gnu: xf86-input-libinput: Update to 0.25.1.
      adds  d2b18f1   gnu: nano: Update to 2.8.2.
      adds  a70b784   guix: git: Add new module.
      adds  7846185   gnu: emacs-guix: Update to 0.3.1.
      adds  65df7d4   gnu: rpcbind: Update to 0.2.4.
      adds  2beb879   gnu: libtirpc: Update to 1.0.1.
      adds  c39a54f   gnu: rpcbind, libtirpc: Fix CVE-2017-8779.
      adds  cc3bc02   gnu: gnome-shell: Fix CVE-2017-8288.
      adds  6cf8e57   gnu: mariadb: Update to 10.1.23 [security fixes].
      adds  d7dcaf8   gnu: emacs-org: Update to 20170502.
      adds  99c1554   gnu: Add linuxdcpp.
      adds  40d728a   Revert "guix: git: Add new module."
      adds  860f73c   gnu: Add emacs-transpose-frame.
      adds  fe0915c   doc: Document (list package output) syntax in 
      adds  cae491a   gnu: Add lugaru.
      adds  09270a9   gnu: hexchat: Update to 2.12.4.
      adds  4606f3a   gnu: Add lightdm.
      adds  2337067   gnu: augeas: Update to 1.8.0.
      adds  eba9ecd   gnu: minixml: Update to 2.10.
      adds  e981ca3   gnu: pcb: Update to 4.0.0.
      adds  a041d56   gnu: nix: Update to 1.11.9.
      adds  c0326eb   gnu: Add lightdm-gtk-greeter.
      adds  a34242e   gnu: Add emacs-key-chord.
      adds  5c4ea87   gnu: erlang: Update to 19.3.
      adds  28a671e   gnu: fish: Reference 'groff' to fix output of 'fish 
      adds  b468f8e   gnu: limnoria: Update to 20170330.
      adds  7610c3c   gnu: Move qutebrowser to web-browsers.scm.
      adds  a993add   gnu: Add emacs-evil-surround.
      adds  17139ef   gnu: certbot, python-acme: Update to 0.14.0.
      adds  2f0ad2a   Revert "gnu: hexchat: Update to 2.12.4."
      adds  5ed48ce   gnu: cppcheck: Update to 1.78.
      adds  74b8671   gnu: hexchat: Update to 2.12.4.
      adds  950d51c   store: Use 'TCP_NODELAY' when connecting to a daemon over 
      adds  994a149   gnu: guix: Remove the stable-release 'guix' package.
      adds  94fa8d7   maint: Add 'update-guix-package' target.
      adds  7f4da8f   maint: Add 'time-monotonic' bug workaround in 
      adds  33349e9   build: Use 'guix pack -K' for the 'guix-binary*.tar.xz' 
      adds  1a0adad   tests: Corrupt archive import test is robust against 
different store prefixes.
      adds  0d74a8f   gnu: youtube-dl: Update to 2017.05.07.
      adds  2d51ed9   gnu: meson: Update to 0.40.1.
      adds  f930ef5   gnu: speedtest-cli: Update to 1.0.6.
      adds  0fd8e6d   gnu: icecat: Update to 52.1.0-gnu1. Add fixes from 
upstream ESR 52.1.1.
      adds  8e815c5   system: Define <boot-parameters> before first use.
      adds  484f7a8   gnu: libtiff: Add fixes several security flaws.
      adds  7a4a64e   gnu: re2: Add missing '#:modules' imports.
      adds  4da1816   gnu: serf: Add missing '#:modules' imports.
      adds  ba2260d   git-download: Fix 'git-predicate' file membership.
      adds  fddee15   gnu: lchat: Update to 0.0.0-2.25d90f4.
      adds  ce949c1   gnu: Add python-httpbin
      adds  86ab112   gnu: Add python-pytest-httpbin
      adds  37f46a4   gnu: pcre2: Fix CVE-2017-8786.
      adds  af6e238   gnu: pcre2: Fix build configuration for pcre2.
      adds  4b7917f   gnu: guix: Update snapshot.
      adds  151960e   gnu: elixir: Update to 1.4.2.
      adds  3586a3e   gnu: grub: Update to 2.0.2.
      adds  f9f67fc   gnu: Fix attributions for Adriano Peluso.
      adds  087efec   system: Remove circular dependency between (gnu system) 
and (gnu system grub).
      adds  1d248ad   gnu: perl-net-dns-resolver-programmable: Shorten patch 
file name.
      adds  c8ba269   maint: Use 'G_' in build-aux/ scripts.
      adds  ddce2d3   maint: "distcheck" inherits the test root directory.
      adds  c298fb1   services: nscd: Adjust activation snippet for 
/etc/resolv.conf symlinks.
      adds  d9a0bd4   maint: Add signing key.
      adds  8872fc0   maint: 'check-available-binaries' forces use of the 
official servers.
      adds  a7e5944   maint: Check whether binaries cross-built to 
"arm-linux-gnueabihf" are available.
      adds  29f381b   gnu: Add mozjs-38 (Mozilla SpiderMonkey 38).
      adds  bff33e6   gnu: Add 0ad.
      adds  65584b9   build: Add doc/guix.html to .gitignore.
      adds  8bdc36d   gnu: Move links to web-browsers.scm.
      adds  c5196ac   gnu: Move lynx to web-browsers.scm.
      adds  f000828   system: Remove circular dependency between (gnu system) 
and (gnu system grub).
      adds  e586257   system: Allow root to run "su" without password.
      adds  6e75ea4   gnu: Add neofetch.
      adds  4d8fd82   gnu: Add gnustep-make.
      adds  76f429a   system: grub: Use the native Guile-Cairo and Guile-SVG.
      adds  ff39342   gnu: guile2.2-ssh: Update snapshot.
      adds  334dce1   maint: Add 'release' target.
      adds  a472f0d   gnu: nfs-utils: Update to 2.1.1.
      adds  d14b8db   gnu: nfs-utils: Adjust indentation.
      adds  9034dc8   gnu: libarchive: Replace with 3.3.1 [security fixes].
      adds  5989850   gnu: wxwidgets: Fix building on aarch64-linux.
      adds  aa1c3a0   maint: update-guix-package: Protect the checkout from GC.
      adds  2a39626   maint: Tweak the 'release' target.
      adds  a3b1021   gnu: Add libgme.
      adds  3369de9   gnu: zip: Add missing '#:modules' imports.
      adds  1d698a8   gnu: go-1.4: Add missing '#:modules' imports.
      adds  f0b7dc7   gnu: sbcl: Add missing '#:modules' imports.
      adds  4902d3c   pull: Honor the standard build options.
      adds  402e98c   pull: Use 'with-store'.
      adds  75c260b   gnu: guile-ssh: Update to 0.11.0.
      adds  838ba73   pull: Build with the matching Guile major version.
      adds  07a0f68   pull: Build package modules without optimizations on 
Guile 2.2.
      adds  7561881   gnu: guix: Build with Guile 2.2.
      adds  a979eea   gnu: libetpan: Update to 1.8 [fixes CVE-2017-8825].
      adds  1d438b0   gnu: gstreamer: Update to 1.12.0.
      adds  2f8b9c4   gnu: Add pngcrunch.
      adds  4939369   gnu: Add f3.
      adds  975104d   gnu: kodi: Update to 18.0_alpha-4-b8ad238.
      adds  f8ff364   gnu: re2: Update to 2017-05-01.
      adds  83a8953   gnu: dnscrypt-proxy: Update to 1.9.5.
      adds  b4f8edb   gnu: emacs-guix: Use Guile 2.2.
      adds  8775fc1   gnu: lxterminal: Fix CVE-2016-10369.
      adds  c5d2c69   gnu: git: Update to 2.13.0.
      adds  c90c1ba   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.4.67.
      adds  180bd4a   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.9.27.
      adds  28a1041   gnu: Add guile-miniadapton.
      adds  ded5966   gnu: Add cdrtools.
      adds  76e9845   gnu: Add dvd+rw-tools.
      adds  ce426de   gnu: brasero: Embed growisofs store item.
      adds  b5b20bd   gnu: Add dvdauthor.
      adds  1d5b3f4   gnu: Add wxwidgets-3.1.
      adds  a689185   gnu: Add wxsvg.
      adds  52cb22c   gnu: Add dvdstyler.
      adds  39a0161   gnu: efl: Update to 1.18.5.
      adds  5e569af   gnu: enlightenment: Update to 0.21.7.
      adds  f66f7b9   gnu: webkitgtk: Update to 2.16.2.
      adds  2406766   gnu: Add emacs-evil-commentary.
      adds  584da12   gnu: Add LLVM, CLANG 3.9.1.
      adds  a62a16a   gnu: guile-sjson: Update to 0.2.1.
      adds  62ec02b   gnu: lvm2: Update to 2.02.171.
      adds  55acb37   gnu: e2fsprogs: Use 'modify-phases' syntax.
      adds  b047a86   gnu: e2fsprogs: Update to 1.43.4.
      adds  75f796b   gnu: e2fsprogs: Enable tests.
      adds  8df64f7   ant-build-system: Allow specifying source directory.
      adds  52a791f   ant-build-system: Add default "check" target.
      adds  59135f0   guix: Add java-utils.
      adds  9fb20d0   gnu: Add java-plexus-utils.
      adds  1e55556   gnu: Add java-plexus-interpolation.
      adds  8f8ed9a   gnu: Add java-asm.
      adds  607fe24   gnu: Add java-cglib.
      adds  33e34bf   gnu: Add java-objenesis.
      adds  ae58987   gnu: Add java-easymock.
      adds  7aa3702   gnu: Add java-jopt-simple.
      adds  a8d3cb6   gnu: java-hamcrest-core: Install all jars without version 
      adds  840969e   gnu: Add java-commons-math3.
      adds  62c9bfa   gnu: Add java-jmh.
      adds  56ebb4e   gnu: Add java-commons-collections4.
      adds  6af63e6   gnu: Add java-commons-io.
      adds  d631b5f   gnu: Add java-commons-lang.
      adds  82e1886   gnu: Add java-commons-lang3.
      adds  1c188f4   gnu: Add java-commons-cli.
      adds  0a8519b   gnu: Add java-commons-codec.
      adds  7d91c1b   gnu: Add java-commons-daemon.
      adds  f12ad6c   gnu: Add java-jmock-1.
      adds  fae0b4c   gnu: java-hamcrest-core: Declare test target.
      adds  91a9c65   gnu: Add darktable.
      adds  439c59d   gnu: Add java-hamcrest-all.
      adds  0d4a0d6   gnu: Add java-jsr305.
      adds  4f3e47e   gnu: Add java-guava.
      adds  af8f828   gnu: Add java-commons-logging-minimal.
      adds  30d2397   ui: 'string->duration' correctly handles hours.
      adds  7fd952e   scripts: Warn about old distro.
      adds  99bde93   gnu: guile-sqlite3: Switch to Guile 2.2.
      adds  0d43b12   gnu: cuirass: Update snapshot; switch to Guile 2.2.
      adds  ec43671   gnu: Add ocaml-4.01.
      adds  fa01cb5   gnu: Add ocaml4.01-findlib.
      adds  c6cfec4   build-system: Add package-with-ocaml4.01.
      adds  1345231   gnu: Add ocaml4.01-bisect.
      adds  17bd460   gnu: Add ocaml4.01-sqlite3.
      adds  3dc671e   gnu: Add ocaml4.01-csv.
      adds  7adaab9   gnu: Add ocaml4.01-gsl.
      adds  b32208e   gnu: Add ocaml4.01-mcl.
      adds  6824387   gnu: Add ocaml4.01-camlzip.
      adds  0274521   gnu: Add ocaml4.01-qtest.
      adds  abd593c   gnu: Add ocaml4.01-ounit.
      adds  9bf9b3c   gnu: Add ocaml4.01-xmlm.
      adds  de59e24   gnu: Add ocaml4.01-batteries.
      adds  ad0ae29   gnu: Add taxtastic.
      adds  c033f5d   gnu: Add pplacer.
      adds  bc0e6c9   scripts: Fix singular/plural message mismatch.
      adds  45f8e7f   gnu: Add python-sge-pygame.
      adds  1b775fd   gnu: Add python-tmx.
      adds  68ab3e6   gnu: python-icalendar: Update to 3.11.4.
      adds  c18594d   gnu: libpwquality: Update source and home-page URLs.
      adds  779669a   gnu: font-liberation: Update source and homepage URLs.
      adds  4929a06   gnu: libaio: Remove dead source URL.
      adds  5ee684f   gnu: python2-dogtail: Update home-page URL.
      adds  cb54283   gnu: python-kitchen: Update home-page URL.
      adds  86db448   gnu: Add vim-syntastic.
      adds  bc84735   gnu: Add neovim-syntastic.
      adds  c0ad280   gnu: elfutils: Update to 0.169.
      adds  fed5502   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 2.10.3 [fixes 
      adds  70cb761   gnu: libffcall: Update to 1.12.
      adds  5899faf   graph: Add Cypher backend.
      adds  24b2172   publish: Advertise a short TTL for "baking" 404s.
      adds  5db5dff   substitute: Honor 'Cache-Control' on 404 responses.
      adds  77abe3f   gnu: hwloc: Update to 1.11.7.
      adds  62b28c0   gnu: Add PRoot.
      adds  e0d4331   gnu: emacs-smartparens: Update to 1.10.1.
      adds  2d4deb5   gnu: lvm2: Fix static build after 62ec02bf21.
      adds  047160f   gnu: python-pytest-runner: Update to 2.11.1.
      adds  59a9728   gnu: Add python-pytest-warnings.
      adds  2d6e56b   gnu: Add python-pytest-catchlog.
      adds  7580544   gnu: Add python-utils.
      adds  709a5a9   gnu: Add python-webassets.
      adds  4c066b7   gnu: Add python-sphinx-me.
      adds  eed206c   gnu: python-rq: Update to 0.7.1.
      adds  03ded2f   gnu: Add python-cssmin.
      adds  186d4f8   gnu: Add python-diff-match-patch.
      adds  d15a479   gnu: Add python-dirsync.
      adds  1b16f1e   gnu: Add python-nosexcover.
      adds  afdfbb1   gnu: Add python-elasticsearch.
      adds  e139c7a   gnu: python-dateutil: Update to 2.6.0.
      adds  a17ccbb   gnu: Add python-levenshtein.
      adds  38a370d   gnu: Add python-scandir.
      adds  18c2546   gnu: Add python2-stemming.
      adds  54153b8   gnu: Add python-factory-boy.
      adds  5f25fd6   gnu: Add python-translate-toolkit.
      adds  3b08d1a   gnu: Add python-mysqlclient.
      adds  01c64cb   gnu: Add python-django-assets.
      adds  6c17e96   gnu: Add python-django-jsonfield.
      adds  a326384   gnu: Add python-dj-database-url.
      adds  afbfe56   gnu: Add python-django-bulk-update.
      adds  03a34e8   gnu: Add python-django-contact-form.
      adds  659692c   gnu: Add python-django-contrib-comments.
      adds  9324625   gnu: Add python-django-overextends.
      adds  c009e93   gnu: Add python-hiredis.
      adds  91154d4   gnu: Add python-fakeredis.
      adds  b939953   gnu: Add python-django-redis.
      adds  cb9b609   gnu: Add python-django-rq.
      adds  b0395dd   gnu: Add python-django-sortedm2m.
      adds  9f4a305   gnu: Add python-django-appconf.
      adds  f77d82f   gnu: Add python-django-statici18n.
      adds  919d4ad   gnu: python-pytest-django: Update to 3.1.2.
      adds  f048db5   gnu: Fix python2-django-allauth.
      adds  2601171   gnu: Add pootle.
      adds  9f68e74   gnu: Add antlr2.
      adds  a0f15ef   gnu: Add stringtemplate3.
      adds  4ad8aed   gnu: Add antlr3 and stringtemplate4.
      adds  d5e7d01   gnu: lxde-common: Provide 'startlxde' with the 
'lxsession' file name.
      adds  a3ac1bc   nls: Update 'fr' translation.
      adds  2253477   gnu: cryptsetup-static: Fix FTBFS with address@hidden
      adds  d231fe0   gnu: miniupnpc: Fix CVE-2017-8798.
      adds  8647042   gnu: emacs-ag: Propagate the-silver-searcher.
      adds  602db62   gnu: talloc: Add static variant.
      adds  b9048a1   gnu: proot: Add statically-linked variant.
      adds  aa9c221   gnu: psmisc: Update to 22.21.
      adds  0ed81d0   gnu: kbd: Set home page to
      adds  ae836e5   gnu: cryptsetup: Update to 1.7.5.
      adds  d7b344c   gnu: rocksdb: Disable tests on 32-bit systems.
      adds  ace41d5   gnu: openvpn: Update to 2.4.2 [fixes CVE-2017-7478, 
      adds  ffed9ea   gnu: Add lierolibre.
      adds  9bd42f1   gnu: postgresql: Update to 9.6.3 [fixes 
      adds  2088513   gnu: reptry: Fix build.
      adds  d5094c8   tests: Strengthen GC root test.
      adds  e2f9832   tests: "basic" test loads (guix …) modules from the right 
      adds  0be9b4a   doc: Update "Limitations".
      adds  e06ca95   scripts: Do not create the config directory.
      adds  3312fda   gnu: Add e3.
      adds  a23e0a9   gnu: gimp: Update to 2.8.22 [fixes CVE-2007-3126].
      adds  4e4e018   system: Export 'read-boot-parameters'.
      adds  498abb3   .gitignore: Ignore Emacs auto-save files.
      adds  a5e8f59   gnu: python-termcolor: Fix uri.
      adds  db42760   import: cran: Robustify cran-package?.
      adds  22fc581   import: pypi: Robustify latest-release.
      adds  6669a93   gnu: emacs-goto-chg: Set source file-name.
      adds  8a421dd   gnu: emacs-transpose-frame: Set source file-name.
      adds  a742bec   gnu: emacs-key-chord: Set source file-name.
      adds  4cd1d1c   gnu: php: Remove '--enable-threads' configure option.
      adds  0e40b75   gnu: php: Add '--with-mysqli' configure option.
      adds  c7d1b06   bournish: 'ls' lists directory contents.
      adds  1812205   bournish: 'ls' adjusts the column width depending on the 
      adds  99d406c   gnu: Add emacs-ansi.
      adds  605ecbc   gnu: Add emacs-commander.
      adds  8744901   gnu: Add ert-runner.
      adds  92d9cfe   gnu: emacs-clojure-mode: Enable tests.
      adds  a76ca05   gnu: Add nnn.
      adds  2252f08   gnu: guile-json: Rename "guile2.2-json" to "guile-json".
      adds  4d8806c   gnu: guile-ssh: Rename "guile2.2-ssh" to "guile-ssh".
      adds  916b5eb   doc: Document the branching and rebuild scheduling 
      adds  a88f2c3   gnu: pv: Use HTTPS.
      adds  b6b281a   gnu: weechat: Update to 1.8.
      adds  dfd2486   build: 'assert-no-store-file-names' depends on ChangeLog.
      adds  c65d05b   maint: Do not update PO files upon "make dist".
      adds  4be0141   gnu: Add Nyacc.
      adds  4100698   doc: Suggest a network test command that will definitely 
be available.
      adds  e0b2e93   system: grub: Expose GRUB's interactive interface 
      adds  6344e95   maint: Really build GuixSD for different systems.
      adds  73c791b   maint: 'release' now depends on 'dist', not 'distcheck'.
      adds  5898968   gnu: Add thermald.
      adds  d7fa39c   services: Add 'thermald-service-type'.
      adds  1edbdb0   gnu: par2cmdline: Update to 0.7.0
      adds  d0abaf8   gnu: Add catdoc.
      adds  9eb0f43   gnu: Update kde frameworks to 5.34.0.
      adds  9b22c4d   gnu: ffmpeg: Update to 3.3.1.
      adds  6365733   doc: Document certificate environment variable needed for 
      adds  9fdda0b   gnu: librecad: Use modular Qt.
      adds  504c285   gnu: Add dcmtk.
      adds  751f858   gnu: Add http-parser.
      adds  dbe874d   gnu: Add ding-libs.
      adds  7fe4e55   gnu: Add sssd.
      adds  cdb2a21   gnu: Add mia.
      adds  90e65ab   gnu: Add java-mockito-1.
      adds  4f4d2e4   gnu: Add java-httpcomponents-httpcore.
      adds  3a068b4   gnu: Add java-httpcomponents-httpcore-nio.
      adds  e1dd78f   gnu: Add java-httpcomponents-httpcore-ab.
      adds  14a671d   gnu: Add java-httpcomponents-httpclient.
      adds  cbce5de   gnu: Add java-httpcomponents-httpmime.
      adds  4b34c21   gnu: Add java-commons-net.
      adds  808cb58   gnu: Add java-jsch.
      adds  a624469   gnu: Add java-commons-compress.
      adds  c48a145   system: grub: Actually default to 'gfxterm' for 
displaying the GRUB menu.
      adds  d44bcd7   gnu: Add java-asm.
      adds  b13a7cf   gnu: Add java-commons-net.
      adds  18fe5ef   gnu: Add libusb4java.
      adds  423b684   gnu: Add java-usb4java.
      adds  ff3f676   gnu: Add java-rsyntaxtextarea.
      adds  77d7b57   gnu: Add java-simple-xml.
      adds  6ee6d0b   gnu: Add java-osgi-annotation.
      adds  37e2e5d   gnu: Add java-osgi-core.
      adds  674e93a   gnu: Add java-eclipse-osgi.
      adds  81b55b1   gnu: Add java-eclipse-equinox-common.
      adds  8af92c8   gnu: Add java-osgi-service-event.
      adds  90368ad   gnu: Add java-eclipse-core-jobs.
      adds  fbaf09e   gnu: Add java-eclipse-equinox-registry.
      adds  65214c8   gnu: Add java-eclipse-equinox-app.
      adds  3f97021   gnu: Add java-eclipse-equinox-preferences.
      adds  4ad3d4f   gnu: Add java-eclipse-core-contenttype.
      adds  6a7f7e4   gnu: Add java-eclipse-core-runtime.
      adds  b3806a1   gnu: Add java-eclipse-core-filesystem.
      adds  e96060d   gnu: Add java-eclipse-core-expressions.
      adds  e8d0f7c   gnu: Add java-eclipse-core-variables.
      adds  7c3d479   gnu: Add java-eclipse-ant-core.
      adds  6636f63   gnu: Add java-eclipse-core-resources.
      adds  1d4234d   gnu: Add java-icu4j.
      adds  afb5858   gnu: Add java-eclipse-compare-core.
      adds  1bb191f   gnu: Add java-eclipse-team-core.
      adds  3134252   gnu: Add java-eclipse-core-commands.
      adds  bf96acf   gnu: Add java-eclipse-text.
      adds  c24d11b   gnu: Add java-eclipse-jdt-core.
      adds  0e660c4   gnu: Add java-log4j-api.
      adds  095494e   licenses: Add EDL 1.0.
      adds  a5cdcf6   gnu: Add java-javax-mail.
      adds  46bb58b   gnu: Add non-mixer.
      adds  4511e0d   gnu: Add non-timeline.
      adds  3ad9039   gnu: antlr2: Simplify build phases.
      adds  6d225e8   gnu: antlr2: Minor stylistic changes.
      adds  f411124   utils: 'compressed-file?' matches ".lzma" files.
      adds  b7ebcfe   doc: Mention 'GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH' in "Defining Packages".
      adds  c22c9fa   services: guix: Authorize the key for
      adds  0e2bfa3   doc: Mention 'sync' after 'dd'.
      adds  a068300   gnu: bind: Rename variable to 'isc-bind'.
      adds  4a3495d   gnu: khard: Update to 0.11.4.
      adds  d116695   hydra: Cross-build Guile 2.2.
      adds  5a3429b   gnu: guile-ssh: Fix bug in 'node-guile-version'.
      adds  ce92d26   ui: Disable Guile deprecation warnings by default.
      adds  b09a8da   bootloader: Add extlinux support.
      adds  9121ce5   bootloader: Adapt vm to new bootloader API.
      adds  bcaf67c   bootloader: Add bootloader name to boot-parameters record.
      adds  3042c5d   scripts: system: Adapt "reconfigure" to new bootloader 
      adds  1229d32   scripts: system: Adapt "init" to new bootloader API.
      adds  3241f7f   scripts: system: Adapt "switch-generation" to new 
bootloader API.
      adds  5641dff   scripts: system: Display bootloader name in 
      adds  7ee7ee1   gnu: guix: Update snapshot.
      adds  14afc7b   gnu: cl-slynk: Clarify the description.
      adds  75e8b3a   gnu: cl-slynk: Explain some naming choices.
      adds  bc389c2   build-system/asdf: Rename %install-prefix to 
      adds  6c76ce3   build-system/asdf: Make it possible to use "lib" as the 
build output.
      adds  290bf61   gnu: cl-stumpwm: Build the library in "lib" and the 
program in "bin".
      adds  3518972   build-system/asdf: Use asdf to determine dependencies.
      adds  0e1371b   build-system/asdf: Don't rename inputs.
      adds  26a16d3   build-system/asdf: Keep ecl's generated archive files.
      adds  6de91ba   build-system/asdf: Make #:lisp a package argument.
      adds  b4c9f0c   build-system/asdf: Parameterize the lisp type and 
implementation globally.
      adds  457702b   build-system/asdf: Pass the system name as an argument to 
the builder.
      adds  0186a46   build-system/asdf: Always pre-load the system's 
definition file.
      adds  40f5617   build-system/asdf: Handle unusually-named systems.
      adds  ac25925   gnu: Add cl-unicode.
      adds  b9afcb9   build-system/asdf: Simplify the use of lisp-eval-program.
      adds  4209c31   build-system/asdf: Retain references to source files for 
binary outputs.
      adds  f56da60   gnu: sbcl-slynk-boot0: Give the package an appropriate 
      adds  0383afa   build-system/asdf: Handle tests defined in external 
      adds  8a3814c   doc: Update the documentation for the asdf build systems.
      adds  e44112e   gnu: Rename stringtemplate3 to java-stringtemplate-3.
      adds  129d926   gnu: java-stringtemplate-3: Do not hardcode version 
      adds  2fcda6d   gnu: java-stringtemplate-3: Enable tests.
      adds  b101b4e   gnu: java-stringtemplate-3: Use return value in build 
      adds  407df78   gnu: stringtemplate4: Inherit from java-stringtemplate-3.
      adds  f4aa4cf   gnu: stringtemplate4: Prettify "generate-grammar" phase.
      adds  64b7efc   gnu: Rename stringtemplate4 to java-stringtemplate.
      adds  1345eeb   gnu: Rename stringtemplate4-4.0.6 to 
      adds  6db77c7   gnu: java-stringtemplate: Get closer to fixing tests.
      adds  ca05bc0   gnu: tor: Update to
      adds  7c9fcb0   import cran: Fetch DESCRIPTION files from Github mirror.
      adds  c9ffa91   import cran: Exclude experiment packages in predicate 
      adds  daaa270   import cran: Add predicate for Bioconductor experiment 
      adds  ff8c179   import cran: Export package predicates.
      adds  a0f4320   import cran: Refactor "needs-zlib?".
      adds  17a69cf   import cran: Check if pkg-config is needed.
      adds  231e48d   gnu: emacspeak: Update to 46.0.
      adds  711a0dc   gnu: glibc/hurd: Use modify-phases syntax.
      adds  441e99d   gnu: glibc/hurd: Do not apply i686 patch.
      adds  16dcac5   gnu: php: Update to 7.1.5.
      adds  516bfed   profiles: Add elapsed time to manual-database hook to 
output message.
      adds  e0bb0a8   gnu: mes: Update to 0.6.
      adds  473f34c   gnu: bundler: Update to 1.14.6.
      adds  21aecec   gnu: ruby-concurrent: Update to 1.0.5.
      adds  44a0591   gnu: certbot, python-acme: Update to 0.14.1.
      adds  8d17147   gnu: ruby-rack: Update to 2.0.3.
      adds  e7620b6   gnu: qemu: Fix CVE-2017-7493.
      adds  5afc737   gnu: mes: Don't fail when (%current-target-system) is #f.
      adds  102a0e8   gnu: emacs-org: Update to 20170515.
      adds  be62e22   build: Compile stackage only if 'guile-json' is available.
      adds  6d35b1c   gnu: aspell: 'dict-dir' set to ~/.guix-profile/lib/aspell 
      adds  411ba51   gnu: Add gspell.
      adds  872a6fd   gnu: tailon: Use absolute paths for commands.
      adds  4b236c8   maint: The 'release' target builds a VM image.
      adds  42ba7b6   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.4.68.
      adds  d6a0218   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.9.28.
      adds  05bf7f5   gnu: linux-libre: Update to 4.11.1.
      adds  ec84c78   gnu: gnubg: Update to 1.05.
      adds  32199e9   gnu: fizmo: Update to 0.8.4.
      adds  07bf68e   services: openssh: Don't depend on networking.
      adds  c80cd4d   install: Enable SSH in installation image.
      adds  45433bb   gnu: mc: Add unzip to inputs.
      adds  e28cb7a   gnu: gamine: Update to 1.5.
      adds  6aa095f   gnu: manaplus: Update to
      adds  b193fb2   gnu: shadow: Update to 4.5.
      adds  89c83e8   gnu: npth: Update to 1.4.
      adds  0be20a8   gnu: gnupg: Update to 2.1.21.
      adds  b81b894   gnu: openttd: Update to 1.7.0.
      adds  7c5cf7a   gnu: qtscript: Fix building on aarch64.
      adds  45f5bc0   gnu: qtconnectivity: Fix building on armhf and aarch64.
      adds  04f8dec   gnu: qtbase: Don't use bundled double-conversion.
      adds  4e825e2   gnu: qtbase: Update configure flags.
      adds  a20e00d   gnu: qt: Update to 5.8.0.
      adds  41f76ae   services: user-homes: Do not create home directories 
marked as no-create.
      adds  22ef06b   union: Gracefully handle dangling symlinks in the input.
      adds  8ad37ad   bootloader: extlinux: Remove undefined symbols from 
export list.
      adds  7fb6a9d   bootloader: extlinux: Remove syslinux-bootloader.
      adds  51ef4af   gnu: emacs-async: Update to 1.9.2.
      adds  12e72d2   gnu: emacs-helm: Update to 2.7.0.
      adds  03cc1cf   gnu: Add emacs-helm-swoop.
      adds  f69c29f   gnu: Add emacs-helm-projectile.
      adds  2b18ad0   gnu: Add gemma.
      adds  27c81fc   lint: inputs-should-be-native: Add "cmake".
      adds  8cf6a63   gnu: nano: Update to 2.8.3.
      adds  4d2e1d1   gnu: mcelog: Update to 150.
      adds  acf82a1   gnu: btrfs-progs: Update to 4.11.
      adds  ffa5e0a   publish: Fix narinfo rendering for already-compressed 
      adds  7afc2aa   modules: Add more source-less modules.
      adds  e7fbd49   gnu: guile-ssh: Fix potential double-free/use-after-free 
      adds  01cc84d   vm: Support arbitrary partition flags.
      adds  4d415f0   vm: Support creating FAT partitions.
      adds  ecf5d53   vm: Add UEFI loader to disk images.
      adds  8ea98ee   doc: Update for UEFI systems.
      adds  f6da41b   gnu: python-sip: Update to 4.19.2.
      adds  5ac3a67   gnu: python-pyqt: Update to 5.8.2.
      adds  41fa164   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.12.
      adds  b55dd31   system: Use Guile 2.2 rather than 2.0 in %BASE-PACKAGES.
      adds  cd6171c   gnu: calibre: Update to 2.85.1.
      adds  7010d23   gnu: calibre: Import dont-load-icons patch from debian.
      adds  d94a99e   gnu: calibre: Import unbundle feedparser patch from 
      adds  29ec085   gnu: calibre: Unbundle python2-markdown.
      adds  b3399a0   gnu: calibre: Unbundle liberation fonts.
      adds  eeba7d3   gnu: calibre: Unbundle chardet.
      adds  9b7dcc2   gnu: calibre: Add missing dependencies.
      adds  affaf98   gnu: calibre: Add exhaustive license list.
      adds  1326166   gnu: calibre: Don't create uninstaller.
      adds  70f8242   gnu: dropbear: Update to 2017.75 [fixes 
      adds  cc5a76a   gnu: Add loksh.
      adds  d30ce4a   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 2.6.10 [security fixes].
      adds  d6bf931   pack: Use 'guile2.0-json' when building with Guile 2.0.
      adds  74460d1   gnu: libssh, guile-ssh: Add a "debug" output.
      adds  82ce81b   gnu: guix: Add 'guile2.0-guix'.
      adds  40fd560   download: Prune the ImageMagick mirror list.
      adds  b17bd26   gnu: imagemagick: Update to 6.9.8-6.
      adds  db531f7   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 3.4.0 [security fixes].
      adds  12eecbf   gnu: address@hidden: Add aarch32-drop.
      adds  fefd4c1   gnu: pcsc-lite: Update to 1.8.21.
      adds  10cb88f   gnu: jbig2dec: Fix CVE-2017-{7885,7975,7976}.
      adds  fda33e4   gnu: ghostscript: Add TODO comment about bundled jbig2dec.
      adds  9a1bfe7   vm: Increase default disk size to account for ESP 
      adds  9f8d6eb   gnu: unionfs-fuse-static: Remove 'unionfsctl' executable.
      adds  ec8d69e   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.4.69.
      adds  519fd6c   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.9.29.
      adds  a08691d   gnu: linux-libre: Remove CONFIG_SMC from x86 kernel 
      adds  718448e   gnu: linux-libre: Update to 4.11.2.
      adds  8b1ff6f   gnu: vim-full: Disable failing test.
      adds  18f61e0   gnu: vim: Update to 8.0.0600.
      adds  31044e6   gnu: nano: Update to 2.8.4.
      adds  20d2e1f   gnu: fio: Update to 2.20.
      adds  1d0aa4d   gnu: ccid: Update to 1.4.27.
      adds  c522f57   gnu: python-future: Update to 0.16.0.
      adds  abc08cb   gnu: python-biom-format: Update to 2.1.6.
      adds  88682c9   gnu: fasttree: Update to 2.1.10.
      adds  ef81341   gnu: diamond: Update to 0.9.0.
      adds  ba58886   gnu: libaacs: Update to 0.9.0.
      adds  3bc45ad   gnu: vlc: Update to
      adds  cfa7473   gnu: x265: Update to 2.4.
      adds  f1d1ef7   gnu: v4l-utils: Update to 1.12.5.
      adds  65efb3c   bootloader: extlinux: Add a warning message on top of 
generated conf file.
      adds  b458413   gnu: r-mutationalpatterns: Update to 1.2.1.
      adds  3cbfc14   gnu: taxtastic: Update to 0.6.4.
      adds  7569613   gnu: roary: Update to 3.8.2.
      adds  7429723   gnu: fraggenescan: Update to 1.30.
      adds  f2da7c8   gnu: vte: Update to 0.48.3.
      adds  e6a36cf   gnu: aisleriot: Update to 3.22.2.
      adds  123e816   gnu: dconf-editor: Update to 3.22.3.
      adds  b7c0c75   gnu: gexiv2: Update to 0.10.6.
      adds  52d2a2b   gnu: vte-ng: Update to 0.48.3.a.
      adds  33ec536   gnu: guix: Update snapshot.
      adds  43e5a26   Update NEWS.
      adds  266d281   Update NEWS.
      adds  920803f   maint: Add 'update-NEWS' target.
      adds  ed5e3ab   gnu: tor: Update to
      adds  5d6e38a   gnu: glibc/hurd: Use modify-phases syntax.
      adds  d03b34c   gnu: glibc/hurd: Do not apply i686 patch.
      adds  6d1ae43   profiles: Add elapsed time to manual-database hook to 
output message.
      adds  c90fd55   gnu: qemu: Fix CVE-2017-7493.
      adds  37fd956   build: Compile stackage only if 'guile-json' is available.
      adds  56a0397   gnu: aspell: 'dict-dir' set to ~/.guix-profile/lib/aspell 
      adds  a6c642e   maint: The 'release' target builds a VM image.
      adds  e13b55a   services: openssh: Don't depend on networking.
      adds  f3f8938   install: Enable SSH in installation image.
      adds  51fe9cd   services: user-homes: Do not create home directories 
marked as no-create.
      adds  36c9942   union: Gracefully handle dangling symlinks in the input.
      adds  4a628d5   publish: Fix narinfo rendering for already-compressed 
      adds  4ee6584   modules: Add more source-less modules.
      adds  c383dc5   gnu: guile-ssh: Fix potential double-free/use-after-free 
      adds  fd5a30a   vm: Support arbitrary partition flags.
      adds  03119da   vm: Support creating FAT partitions.
      adds  6520904   vm: Add UEFI loader to disk images.
      adds  429046e   system: Use Guile 2.2 rather than 2.0 in %BASE-PACKAGES.
      adds  6a9defd   gnu: dropbear: Update to 2017.75 [fixes 
      adds  7dccad9   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 2.6.10 [security fixes].
      adds  96afb48   pack: Use 'guile2.0-json' when building with Guile 2.0.
      adds  402f241   Update NEWS.
      adds  a588e34   vm: Increase default disk size to account for ESP 
      adds  3244991   gnu: unionfs-fuse-static: Remove 'unionfsctl' executable.
      adds  092c58e   guix system: Increase image size for 'guix system vm'.
      adds  8a29dc0   guix system: Don't warn about old distros for "guix 
system init".
      adds  9d0c24d   tests: ssh: Use 'guile2.0-ssh'.
      adds  31025ed   Update NEWS.
      adds  df67117   doc: Replace fingerprint of OpenPGP signing key.
      adds  a6d728b   gnu: guix: Update to 0.13.0.
      adds  e9c5335   gnu: guix: Update to a6d728b.
      adds  7c63fff   Update NEWS.
      adds  fd3782d   Merge branch 'version-0.13.0'
      adds  d4b8365   gnu: Add r-aroma-light.
      adds  7b46532   gnu: Add r-deseq.
      adds  296b3c6   gnu: Add r-edaseq.
      adds  e1ae358   gnu: Add jikes.
      adds  2551fee   gnu: Add sablevm-classpath.
      adds  57f6c50   gnu: Add sablevm.
      adds  5783bd7   gnu: Add ant-bootstrap.
      adds  5461721   gnu: Add ecj-bootstrap.
      adds  6a5829d   gnu: Add ecj-javac-wrapper.
      adds  d3551e8   gnu: Add classpath.
      adds  5f4402c   gnu: Add jamvm-bootstrap.
      adds  04d7cae   gnu: Add classpath-jamvm-wrappers.
      adds  7292d69   gnu: Add ecj-javac-on-jamvm-wrapper.
      adds  72885a4   gnu: Add classpath-devel.
      adds  8c6091e   gnu: Add jamvm.
      adds  1bf56c7   gnu: Add ecj-javac-on-jamvm-wrapper-final.
      adds  9841931   gnu: Add icedtea-6.
      adds  e2098e2   gnu: icedtea-7: Use icedtea-6 for bootstrapping.
      adds  5490480   gnu: java-swt: Move below the bootstrap packages.
      adds  fc6e272   gnu: clojure: Move below bootstrap packages.
      adds  fded0c6   gnu: ant: Inherit from ant-bootstrap.
      adds  e7a5d73   gnu: ant: Delete bundled jars.
      adds  5c7952f   gnu: ant: Move after bootstrap packages.
      adds  8bbd040   gnu: Add ant/java8.
      adds  e441fc5   gnu: ant: Implement in terms of ant/java8.
      adds  9117448   gnu: Remove GCJ.
      adds  a6b055d   mailmap: Add an entry for Mathieu Othacehe.
      adds  b608765   gnu: diamond: Update to 0.9.1.
      adds  ad25e99   gnu: lint: Fix typo.
      adds  5ae59eb   guix: lint: Slightly simplify `check-source-file-name'.
      adds  d0a26f3   build: emacs: Fix `store-file->elisp-source-file'.
      adds  0dc4a49   install: Add 'passwd' to installation image.
      adds  d879685   build-system: emacs: Install only a subset of files.
      adds  e8cefe1   gnu: emacs-slime: Add arguments to work with new 
`install' phase.
      adds  b1d32ec   gnu: emacs-auctex: Add arguments to work with new 
`install' phase.
      adds  a7a7186   gnu: Add MuseScore.
      adds  1fdb883   gnu: node: Update to 7.10.0.
      adds  ea58453   gnu: node: Use unbundled dependencies.
      adds  3271dd7   mailmap: Update entries for Adriano Peluso
      adds  db37573   nls: Update 'da' translation.
      adds  59d0f06   packages: Add aarch64-linux to %supported-systems.
      adds  807ba51   guix package: Swallow EPIPE upon 'guix package 
      adds  ae54843   gnu: Add crawl-tiles.
       new  d1a9140   Merge branch 'master' into core-updates

The 1 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 .dir-locals.el                                     |    8 +
 .gitignore                                         |    4 +
 .mailmap                                           |   15 +-                                        |  206 +-
 NEWS                                               |  611 +-                            |    6 +
 build-aux/build-self.scm                           |   88 +-
 build-aux/check-available-binaries.scm             |    9 +-
 build-aux/check-final-inputs-self-contained.scm    |    6 +-
 build-aux/compile-all.scm                          |    5 +-
 build-aux/download.scm                             |   20 +-
 build-aux/git-version-gen                          |  226 +
 build-aux/hydra/evaluate.scm                       |    9 +-
 build-aux/hydra/gnu-system.scm                     |    2 +-
 build-aux/update-NEWS.scm                          |  161 +
 build-aux/update-guix-package.scm                  |  144 +                                       |    6 +-
 doc/contributing.texi                              |   32 +-
 doc/guix.texi                                      |  704 +-
 doc/htmlxref.cnf                                   |    4 +-
 etc/                         |    4 +-
 etc/                              |    4 +-
 gnu.scm                                            |    4 +-
 gnu/bootloader.scm                                 |  127 +
 gnu/bootloader/extlinux.scm                        |  120 +
 gnu/{system => bootloader}/grub.scm                |  206 +-
 gnu/build/activation.scm                           |    9 +-
 gnu/build/file-systems.scm                         |   88 +-
 gnu/build/install.scm                              |   36 +-
 gnu/build/linux-boot.scm                           |    2 +
 gnu/build/linux-modules.scm                        |    2 +
 gnu/build/vm.scm                                   |  133 +-
 gnu/                                       |  146 +-
 gnu/packages.scm                                   |  124 +-
 gnu/packages/abiword.scm                           |   18 +-
 gnu/packages/acct.scm                              |    4 +-
 gnu/packages/admin.scm                             |  269 +-
 gnu/packages/algebra.scm                           |   51 +-
 gnu/packages/android.scm                           |  300 +
 gnu/packages/aspell.scm                            |   27 +-
 gnu/packages/audacity.scm                          |  103 -
 gnu/packages/audio.scm                             |  152 +-
 gnu/packages/augeas.scm                            |    6 +-
 gnu/packages/autotools.scm                         |   31 +-
 .../linux-libre/{4.10-i686.conf => 4.11-i686.conf} |  196 +-
 .../{4.10-x86_64.conf => 4.11-x86_64.conf}         |  193 +-
 gnu/packages/backup.scm                            |   34 +-
 gnu/packages/base.scm                              |  183 +-
 gnu/packages/benchmark.scm                         |    8 +-
 gnu/packages/bioinformatics.scm                    |  863 ++-
 gnu/packages/bootloaders.scm                       |   10 +-
 gnu/packages/bootstrap.scm                         |    1 +
 gnu/packages/build-tools.scm                       |   92 +
 gnu/packages/calendar.scm                          |    4 +-
 gnu/packages/cdrom.scm                             |  175 +-
 gnu/packages/certs.scm                             |    4 +-
 gnu/packages/check.scm                             |    5 +-
 gnu/packages/ci.scm                                |   33 +-
 gnu/packages/commencement.scm                      |   13 +-
 gnu/packages/compression.scm                       |   22 +-
 gnu/packages/connman.scm                           |   10 +-
 gnu/packages/crypto.scm                            |    4 +-
 gnu/packages/cryptsetup.scm                        |    8 +-
 gnu/packages/cups.scm                              |    3 +-
 gnu/packages/curl.scm                              |    4 +-
 gnu/packages/databases.scm                         |  151 +-
 gnu/packages/datastructures.scm                    |    2 +-
 gnu/packages/dav.scm                               |    4 +-
 gnu/packages/dillo.scm                             |   63 -
 gnu/packages/direct-connect.scm                    |   82 +
 gnu/packages/disk.scm                              |   44 +
 gnu/packages/display-managers.scm                  |  110 +
 gnu/packages/django.scm                            |  518 +-
 gnu/packages/dns.scm                               |   27 +-
 gnu/packages/ebook.scm                             |   72 +-
 gnu/packages/education.scm                         |   45 +
 gnu/packages/elf.scm                               |    4 +-
 gnu/packages/elixir.scm                            |   11 +-
 gnu/packages/emacs.scm                             |  895 ++-
 gnu/packages/embedded.scm                          |   24 +
 gnu/packages/engineering.scm                       |   56 +-
 gnu/packages/enlightenment.scm                     |   12 +-
 gnu/packages/erlang.scm                            |   14 +-
 gnu/packages/finance.scm                           |    4 +-
 gnu/packages/fonts.scm                             |  170 +-
 gnu/packages/fontutils.scm                         |    7 +-
 gnu/packages/freedesktop.scm                       |   50 +-
 gnu/packages/game-development.scm                  |   77 +-
 gnu/packages/games.scm                             |  861 ++-
 gnu/packages/gcc.scm                               |  157 +-
 gnu/packages/gd.scm                                |    6 +-
 gnu/packages/ghostscript.scm                       |    6 +-
 gnu/packages/gimp.scm                              |    6 +-
 gnu/packages/gl.scm                                |   74 +-
 gnu/packages/gnome.scm                             |  271 +-
 gnu/packages/gnucash.scm                           |    4 +-
 gnu/packages/gnunet.scm                            |    6 +-
 gnu/packages/gnupg.scm                             |   17 +-
 gnu/packages/gnustep.scm                           |   37 +-
 gnu/packages/gnuzilla.scm                          |  243 +-
 gnu/packages/golang.scm                            |   15 +-
 gnu/packages/gstreamer.scm                         |   32 +-
 gnu/packages/gtk.scm                               |   54 +-
 gnu/packages/guile.scm                             |  209 +-
 gnu/packages/hurd.scm                              |   48 +-
 gnu/packages/ibus.scm                              |   24 +-
 gnu/packages/icu4c.scm                             |   33 +
 gnu/packages/idris.scm                             |   10 +-
 gnu/packages/image-processing.scm                  |  130 +
 gnu/packages/image-viewers.scm                     |  144 +-
 gnu/packages/image.scm                             |   55 +-
 gnu/packages/imagemagick.scm                       |    4 +-
 gnu/packages/irc.scm                               |   24 +-
 gnu/packages/java.scm                              | 4380 +++++++++++--
 gnu/packages/jemalloc.scm                          |   19 +
 gnu/packages/julia.scm                             |    6 +-
 gnu/packages/kde-frameworks.scm                    |  344 +-
 gnu/packages/kde.scm                               |   16 +-
 gnu/packages/kodi.scm                              |   10 +-
 gnu/packages/language.scm                          |   52 +-
 gnu/packages/ldc.scm                               |   25 +-
 gnu/packages/libevent.scm                          |   13 +-
 gnu/packages/libffcall.scm                         |   19 +-
 gnu/packages/libusb.scm                            |  110 +-
 gnu/packages/links.scm                             |   81 -
 gnu/packages/linux.scm                             |  428 +-
 gnu/packages/lisp.scm                              |  214 +-
 gnu/packages/llvm.scm                              |   26 +
 gnu/packages/logging.scm                           |   47 +-
 gnu/packages/lsof.scm                              |   50 +-
 gnu/packages/lxde.scm                              |   23 +-
 gnu/packages/lynx.scm                              |   91 -
 gnu/packages/machine-learning.scm                  |    5 +-
 gnu/packages/mail.scm                              |  339 +-
 gnu/packages/man.scm                               |    5 +-
 gnu/packages/mate.scm                              |    9 +-
 gnu/packages/maths.scm                             |   65 +-
 gnu/packages/mc.scm                                |    8 +-
 gnu/packages/mes.scm                               |  102 +
 gnu/packages/messaging.scm                         |   52 +-
 gnu/packages/moreutils.scm                         |   12 +-
 gnu/packages/mpd.scm                               |    8 +-
 gnu/packages/mpi.scm                               |    6 +-
 gnu/packages/music.scm                             |  504 +-
 gnu/packages/nano.scm                              |    6 +-
 gnu/packages/ncurses.scm                           |    2 +-
 gnu/packages/networking.scm                        |   46 +-
 gnu/packages/nfs.scm                               |   77 +-
 gnu/packages/node.scm                              |   24 +-
 gnu/packages/ocaml.scm                             |  120 +-
 gnu/packages/ocr.scm                               |    4 +-
 gnu/packages/onc-rpc.scm                           |   12 +-
 gnu/packages/openldap.scm                          |   54 +-
 gnu/packages/package-management.scm                |  385 +-
 gnu/packages/parallel.scm                          |    4 +-
 gnu/packages/password-utils.scm                    |   12 +-
 .../abiword-black-drawing-with-gtk322.patch        |   49 +
 .../patches/abiword-explictly-cast-bools.patch     |   14 +-
 gnu/packages/patches/aspell-default-dict-dir.patch |   20 +
 .../patches/audacity-fix-ffmpeg-binding.patch      |   32 -
 .../patches/calibre-dont-load-remote-icons.patch   |   45 +
 gnu/packages/patches/calibre-drop-unrar.patch      |   48 +-
 .../patches/calibre-use-packaged-feedparser.patch  |   51 +
 .../patches/cdrtools-3.01-mkisofs-isoinfo.patch    |  514 ++
 .../patches/ceph-disable-cpu-optimizations.patch   |   27 +-
 .../patches/ceph-disable-unittest-throttle.patch   |   52 +
 .../cool-retro-term-dont-check-uninit-member.patch |   33 +
 .../patches/cool-retro-term-fix-array-size.patch   |   25 +
 .../patches/cool-retro-term-memory-leak-1.patch    |   32 +
 .../cool-retro-term-remove-non-free-fonts.patch    |  205 +
 .../patches/dvd+rw-tools-add-include.patch         |   14 +
 .../patches/elixir-disable-failing-tests.patch     |  145 +-
 gnu/packages/patches/fabric-tests.patch            |   15 +
 .../patches/fuse-overlapping-headers.patch         |   28 +
 .../patches/gcc-libiberty-printf-decl.patch        |   28 -
 gnu/packages/patches/gcj-arm-mode.patch            |   36 -
 .../patches/ghostscript-CVE-2017-8291.patch        |   73 +
 .../patches/glibc-memchr-overflow-i686.patch       |   74 +
 gnu/packages/patches/glog-gcc-5-demangling.patch   |   64 +
 .../patches/gnome-shell-CVE-2017-8288.patch        |   54 +
 .../patches/gnupg-2.1-fix-Y2038-test-failure.patch |   67 -
 gnu/packages/patches/graphite2-CVE-2017-5436.patch |   25 +
 .../patches/graphite2-check-code-point-limit.patch |   50 +
 .../graphite2-fix-32-bit-wrap-arounds.patch        |   93 +
 .../graphite2-non-linear-classes-even-number.patch |   26 +
 gnu/packages/patches/grub-CVE-2015-8370.patch      |   45 -
 gnu/packages/patches/grub-freetype.patch           |   24 -
 gnu/packages/patches/grub-gets-undeclared.patch    |   42 -
 gnu/packages/patches/gspell-dash-test.patch        |   16 +
 gnu/packages/patches/guile-arm-fixes.patch         |  203 -
 gnu/packages/patches/guile-ssh-double-free.patch   |   37 +
 gnu/packages/patches/guile-ssh-rexec-bug.patch     |   16 +
 .../hurd-fix-eth-multiplexer-dependency.patch      |   26 +
 gnu/packages/patches/hypre-doc-tables.patch        |   25 -
 gnu/packages/patches/hypre-ldflags.patch           |    9 -
 .../patches/icecat-avoid-bundled-libraries.patch   |   37 +-
 gnu/packages/patches/icecat-binutils.patch         |   40 -
 gnu/packages/patches/icu4c-CVE-2014-6585.patch     |   21 -
 gnu/packages/patches/icu4c-CVE-2015-1270.patch     |   15 -
 gnu/packages/patches/icu4c-CVE-2015-4760.patch     |  189 -
 .../icu4c-CVE-2017-7867-CVE-2017-7868.patch        |  164 +
 .../icu4c-reset-keyword-list-iterator.patch        |  130 +
 gnu/packages/patches/jasper-CVE-2017-6850.patch    |  284 +
 gnu/packages/patches/jbig2dec-CVE-2017-7885.patch  |   38 +
 gnu/packages/patches/jbig2dec-CVE-2017-7975.patch  |   40 +
 gnu/packages/patches/jbig2dec-CVE-2017-7976.patch  |  122 +
 .../patches/kiki-level-selection-crash.patch       |   19 +
 gnu/packages/patches/kiki-makefile.patch           |   57 +
 gnu/packages/patches/kiki-missing-includes.patch   |   55 +
 gnu/packages/patches/kiki-portability-64bit.patch  |  328 +
 gnu/packages/patches/kio-CVE-2017-6410.patch       |   53 -
 gnu/packages/patches/libbase-fix-includes.patch    |   71 +
 gnu/packages/patches/libbase-use-own-logging.patch |   80 +
 gnu/packages/patches/libcroco-CVE-2017-7960.patch  |   66 +
 gnu/packages/patches/libcroco-CVE-2017-7961.patch  |   50 +
 gnu/packages/patches/libdrm-symbol-check.patch     |   25 +-
 .../libsndfile-CVE-2017-8361-8363-8365.patch       |   77 +
 .../patches/libsndfile-CVE-2017-8362.patch         |   61 +
 .../patches/libsndfile-armhf-type-checks.patch     |   42 +
 gnu/packages/patches/libtiff-CVE-2017-7593.patch   |  113 +
 gnu/packages/patches/libtiff-CVE-2017-7594.patch   |   54 +
 .../patches/libtiff-multiple-UBSAN-crashes.patch   |  449 ++
 gnu/packages/patches/libtirpc-CVE-2017-8779.patch  |  263 +
 .../lierolibre-check-unaligned-access.patch        |   30 +
 .../patches/lierolibre-is-free-software.patch      |   38 +
 .../patches/lierolibre-newer-libconfig.patch       |  190 +
 .../patches/lierolibre-remove-arch-warning.patch   |   30 +
 .../lierolibre-try-building-other-arch.patch       |   56 +
 .../llvm-3.5-fix-clang-build-with-gcc5.patch       |   35 +
 .../patches/luminance-hdr-qt-printer.patch         |   28 +
 gnu/packages/patches/lvm2-static-link.patch        |    4 +-
 .../patches/lxterminal-CVE-2016-10369.patch        |   37 +
 gnu/packages/patches/lz4-fix-test-failures.patch   |  136 +
 .../patches/mesa-fix-32bit-test-failures.patch     |   58 +
 .../patches/mesa-skip-disk-cache-test.patch        |   20 +
 gnu/packages/patches/miniupnpc-CVE-2017-8798.patch |   55 +
 .../patches/mozjs38-pkg-config-version.patch       |   24 +
 gnu/packages/patches/mozjs38-shell-version.patch   |   67 +
 gnu/packages/patches/mozjs38-tracelogger.patch     |  608 ++
 .../patches/mozjs38-version-detection.patch        |  180 +
 gnu/packages/patches/mplayer2-theora-fix.patch     |  286 -
 gnu/packages/patches/mupdf-CVE-2017-5896.patch     |   63 -
 gnu/packages/patches/mupdf-CVE-2017-5991.patch     |  101 -
 .../patches/mupdf-build-with-openjpeg-2.1.patch    |   16 +-
 .../patches/mupdf-mujs-CVE-2016-10132.patch        |  188 -
 .../patches/mupdf-mujs-CVE-2016-10133.patch        |   36 -
 gnu/packages/patches/node-9077.patch               |   25 +-
 .../patches/nss-disable-long-b64-tests.patch       |   34 +
 .../patches/nss-increase-test-timeout.patch        |   10 +-
 .../patches/password-store-gnupg-compat.patch      |   53 -
 gnu/packages/patches/pcre-CVE-2017-7186.patch      |   56 +
 gnu/packages/patches/pcre2-CVE-2017-7186.patch     |   68 +
 gnu/packages/patches/pcre2-CVE-2017-8786.patch     |  155 +
 ...> perl-net-dns-resolver-programmable-fix.patch} |    0
 ...policycoreutils-make-sepolicy-use-python3.patch |  335 +
 .../patches/portaudio-audacity-compat.patch        |   60 +-
 gnu/packages/patches/proot-test-fhs.patch          |   98 +
 .../patches/python-cython-fix-tests-32bit.patch    |   27 +
 .../python-pyopenssl-skip-network-test.patch       |   25 +-
 gnu/packages/patches/qemu-CVE-2016-10155.patch     |   49 -
 gnu/packages/patches/qemu-CVE-2017-2615.patch      |   52 -
 gnu/packages/patches/qemu-CVE-2017-2620.patch      |  134 -
 gnu/packages/patches/qemu-CVE-2017-2630.patch      |   47 -
 gnu/packages/patches/qemu-CVE-2017-5525.patch      |   55 -
 gnu/packages/patches/qemu-CVE-2017-5526.patch      |   58 -
 gnu/packages/patches/qemu-CVE-2017-5552.patch      |   44 -
 gnu/packages/patches/qemu-CVE-2017-5578.patch      |   39 -
 gnu/packages/patches/qemu-CVE-2017-5579.patch      |   44 -
 gnu/packages/patches/qemu-CVE-2017-5667.patch      |   46 -
 gnu/packages/patches/qemu-CVE-2017-5856.patch      |   68 -
 gnu/packages/patches/qemu-CVE-2017-5898.patch      |   44 -
 gnu/packages/patches/qemu-CVE-2017-5931.patch      |   55 -
 gnu/packages/patches/qemu-CVE-2017-7493.patch      |  182 +
 gnu/packages/patches/qtscript-disable-tests.patch  |   64 +
 gnu/packages/patches/reptyr-fix-gcc-7.patch        |   38 +
 gnu/packages/patches/rpcbind-CVE-2017-8779.patch   |   29 +
 .../patches/ruby-concurrent-test-arm.patch         |   26 +-
 .../patches/screen-fix-info-syntax-error.patch     |   47 +
 gnu/packages/patches/serf-comment-style-fix.patch  |   23 -
 .../patches/serf-deflate-buckets-test-fix.patch    |   69 -
 .../patches/shadow-4.4-su-snprintf-fix.patch       |   31 -
 gnu/packages/patches/shadow-CVE-2017-2616.patch    |   72 -
 gnu/packages/patches/soprano-find-clucene.patch    |   15 -
 .../patches/teeworlds-use-latest-wavpack.patch     |   84 +
 .../patches/util-linux-CVE-2017-2616.patch         |   65 -
 .../wmfire-update-for-new-gdk-versions.patch       |  144 +
 .../patches/xf86-video-intel-compat-api.patch      |   13 -
 .../patches/xf86-video-intel-glibc-2.20.patch      |   15 -
 gnu/packages/pcre.scm                              |   13 +-
 gnu/packages/pdf.scm                               |   57 +-
 gnu/packages/perl.scm                              |    8 +-
 gnu/packages/photo.scm                             |   76 +-
 gnu/packages/php.scm                               |   14 +-
 gnu/packages/plotutils.scm                         |    6 +-
 gnu/packages/pulseaudio.scm                        |   51 +-
 gnu/packages/pv.scm                                |    4 +-
 gnu/packages/python.scm                            |  751 ++-
 gnu/packages/qemu.scm                              |   43 +-
 gnu/packages/qt.scm                                |  169 +-
 gnu/packages/ratpoison.scm                         |    7 +-
 gnu/packages/rdf.scm                               |   14 +-
 gnu/packages/regex.scm                             |    4 +-
 gnu/packages/ruby.scm                              |   12 +-
 gnu/packages/rust.scm                              |  126 +-
 gnu/packages/samba.scm                             |   92 +-
 gnu/packages/scheme.scm                            |    4 +-
 gnu/packages/screen.scm                            |   10 +-
 gnu/packages/sdl.scm                               |   21 +-
 gnu/packages/search.scm                            |    4 +-
 gnu/packages/security-token.scm                    |   12 +-
 gnu/packages/selinux.scm                           |  481 ++
 gnu/packages/serialization.scm                     |   77 +-
 gnu/packages/shells.scm                            |   69 +-
 gnu/packages/speech.scm                            |    7 +-
 gnu/packages/ssh.scm                               |   40 +-
 gnu/packages/sssd.scm                              |  173 +
 gnu/packages/statistics.scm                        |  343 +-
 gnu/packages/storage.scm                           |    6 +-
 gnu/packages/suckless.scm                          |   64 +-
 gnu/packages/sync.scm                              |   10 +-
 gnu/packages/synergy.scm                           |    5 +-
 gnu/packages/tcl.scm                               |   35 +-
 gnu/packages/terminals.scm                         |  112 +-
 gnu/packages/tex.scm                               |    2 +-
 gnu/packages/text-editors.scm                      |   74 +-
 gnu/packages/textutils.scm                         |   76 +-
 gnu/packages/tls.scm                               |   79 +-
 gnu/packages/tmux.scm                              |    5 +-
 gnu/packages/tor.scm                               |   22 +-
 gnu/packages/upnp.scm                              |   21 +-
 gnu/packages/version-control.scm                   |  232 +-
 gnu/packages/video.scm                             |  219 +-
 gnu/packages/vim.scm                               |   86 +-
 gnu/packages/vpn.scm                               |    4 +-
 gnu/packages/web-browsers.scm                      |  245 +
 gnu/packages/web.scm                               |  366 +-
 gnu/packages/webkit.scm                            |    4 +-
 gnu/packages/wm.scm                                |    2 +-
 gnu/packages/wxwidgets.scm                         |   64 +-
 gnu/packages/xdisorg.scm                           |    4 +-
 gnu/packages/xfce.scm                              |   32 +
 gnu/packages/xml.scm                               |  198 +-
 gnu/packages/xorg.scm                              |   58 +-
 gnu/packages/zip.scm                               |    2 +-
 gnu/services.scm                                   |  100 +-
 gnu/services/admin.scm                             |    5 +-
 gnu/services/base.scm                              |   68 +-
 gnu/services/cuirass.scm                           |    2 +-
 gnu/services/cups.scm                              |    4 +-
 gnu/services/dict.scm                              |    3 +-
 gnu/services/herd.scm                              |    9 +-
 gnu/services/mail.scm                              |   52 +-
 gnu/services/mcron.scm                             |    5 +-
 gnu/services/networking.scm                        |   53 +-
 gnu/services/pm.scm                                |   44 +-
 gnu/services/shepherd.scm                          |    4 +-
 gnu/services/ssh.scm                               |    7 +-
 gnu/services/web.scm                               |   24 +-
 gnu/system.scm                                     |  332 +-
 gnu/system/examples/bare-bones.tmpl                |    4 +-
 gnu/system/examples/lightweight-desktop.tmpl       |   30 +-
 gnu/system/examples/vm-image.tmpl                  |   53 +
 gnu/system/install.scm                             |   13 +
 gnu/system/linux-initrd.scm                        |    4 +-
 gnu/system/pam.scm                                 |   31 +-
 gnu/system/shadow.scm                              |    4 +-
 gnu/system/vm.scm                                  |   82 +-
 gnu/tests.scm                                      |   22 +-
 gnu/tests/base.scm                                 |   51 +-
 gnu/tests/dict.scm                                 |    9 +-
 gnu/tests/mail.scm                                 |  135 +-
 gnu/tests/nfs.scm                                  |    3 +-
 gnu/tests/ssh.scm                                  |    2 +-
 gnu/tests/web.scm                                  |    1 -
 guix/build-system/ant.scm                          |    8 +-
 guix/build-system/asdf.scm                         |  109 +-
 guix/build-system/emacs.scm                        |    4 +
 guix/build-system/ocaml.scm                        |   76 +-
 guix/build-system/python.scm                       |   85 +-
 guix/build/ant-build-system.scm                    |   44 +-
 guix/build/asdf-build-system.scm                   |  182 +-
 guix/build/bournish.scm                            |   52 +-
 guix/build/cargo-build-system.scm                  |   11 +-
 guix/build/download.scm                            |   23 +-
 guix/build/emacs-build-system.scm                  |   36 +-
 guix/build/java-utils.scm                          |   55 +
 guix/build/lisp-utils.scm                          |  384 +-
 guix/build/profiles.scm                            |    6 +-
 guix/build/pull.scm                                |   75 +-
 guix/build/syscalls.scm                            |  169 +-
 guix/build/union.scm                               |   43 +-
 guix/cache.scm                                     |  113 +
 guix/derivations.scm                               |   87 +-
 guix/discovery.scm                                 |  131 +
 guix/download.scm                                  |   10 +-
 guix/gexp.scm                                      |   58 +-
 guix/git-download.scm                              |   10 +-
 guix/gnupg.scm                                     |    2 +-
 guix/graph.scm                                     |   32 +-
 guix/http-client.scm                               |    4 +-
 guix/import/cpan.scm                               |    2 +-
 guix/import/cran.scm                               |  136 +-
 guix/import/elpa.scm                               |    4 +-
 guix/import/pypi.scm                               |   27 +-
 guix/licenses.scm                                  |   43 +-
 guix/modules.scm                                   |   11 +-
 guix/monads.scm                                    |  236 +-
 guix/nar.scm                                       |    4 +-
 guix/packages.scm                                  |   86 +-
 guix/profiles.scm                                  |   87 +
 guix/records.scm                                   |    9 +-
 guix/scripts.scm                                   |   54 +-
 guix/scripts/archive.scm                           |   46 +-
 guix/scripts/authenticate.scm                      |   12 +-
 guix/scripts/build.scm                             |   91 +-
 guix/scripts/challenge.scm                         |   24 +-
 guix/scripts/container.scm                         |   14 +-
 guix/scripts/container/exec.scm                    |   16 +-
 guix/scripts/copy.scm                              |   57 +-
 guix/scripts/download.scm                          |   24 +-
 guix/scripts/edit.scm                              |   14 +-
 guix/scripts/environment.scm                       |   48 +-
 guix/scripts/gc.scm                                |   44 +-
 guix/scripts/graph.scm                             |   30 +-
 guix/scripts/hash.scm                              |   20 +-
 guix/scripts/import.scm                            |   14 +-
 guix/scripts/import/cpan.scm                       |   14 +-
 guix/scripts/import/cran.scm                       |   16 +-
 guix/scripts/import/crate.scm                      |   14 +-
 guix/scripts/import/elpa.scm                       |   16 +-
 guix/scripts/import/gem.scm                        |   14 +-
 guix/scripts/import/gnu.scm                        |   14 +-
 guix/scripts/import/hackage.scm                    |   24 +-
 guix/scripts/import/nix.scm                        |   10 +-
 guix/scripts/import/pypi.scm                       |   14 +-
 guix/scripts/import/stackage.scm                   |   18 +-
 guix/scripts/lint.scm                              |  186 +-
 guix/scripts/offload.scm                           |   60 +-
 guix/scripts/pack.scm                              |   66 +-
 guix/scripts/package.scm                           |  116 +-
 guix/scripts/perform-download.scm                  |    8 +-
 guix/scripts/publish.scm                           |  332 +-
 guix/scripts/pull.scm                              |  125 +-
 guix/scripts/refresh.scm                           |  138 +-
 guix/scripts/size.scm                              |   30 +-
 guix/scripts/substitute.scm                        |  172 +-
 guix/scripts/system.scm                            |  522 +-
 guix/serialization.scm                             |    5 +-
 guix/ssh.scm                                       |   85 +-
 guix/store.scm                                     |  196 +-
 gnu/artwork.scm => guix/store/ssh.scm              |   33 +-
 guix/tests.scm                                     |    6 +-
 guix/ui.scm                                        |  142 +-
 guix/upstream.scm                                  |    8 +-
 guix/utils.scm                                     |    8 +-
 guix/workers.scm                                   |  123 +
 po/guix/Makevars                                   |    7 +-
 po/guix/                                |    1 +
 po/guix/da.po                                      | 1098 ++--
 po/guix/fr.po                                      | 1063 ++--
 po/packages/Makevars                               |    5 +
 po/packages/da.po                                  | 6703 ++++++++++++--------
 tests/cache.scm                                    |   88 +
 tests/cran.scm                                     |    6 +
 tests/derivations.scm                              |   14 +
 tests/discovery.scm                                |   52 +
 tests/gexp.scm                                     |   11 +
 tests/                                |    9 +-
 tests/packages.scm                                 |   35 +
 tests/profiles.scm                                 |   29 +
 tests/publish.scm                                  |  131 +-
 tests/scripts-build.scm                            |    7 +-
 tests/search-paths.scm                             |    2 +-
 tests/services.scm                                 |   15 +-
 tests/size.scm                                     |   18 +-
 tests/store.scm                                    |   13 +-
 tests/ui.scm                                       |    6 +-
 tests/{sets.scm => workers.scm}                    |   50 +-
 478 files changed, 36978 insertions(+), 12766 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644
 create mode 100755 build-aux/git-version-gen
 create mode 100644 build-aux/update-NEWS.scm
 create mode 100644 build-aux/update-guix-package.scm
 create mode 100644 gnu/bootloader.scm
 create mode 100644 gnu/bootloader/extlinux.scm
 rename gnu/{system => bootloader}/grub.scm (63%)
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/android.scm
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/audacity.scm
 rename gnu/packages/aux-files/linux-libre/{4.10-i686.conf => 4.11-i686.conf} 
 rename gnu/packages/aux-files/linux-libre/{4.10-x86_64.conf => 
4.11-x86_64.conf} (98%)
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/build-tools.scm
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/dillo.scm
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/direct-connect.scm
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/image-processing.scm
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/links.scm
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/lynx.scm
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/mes.scm
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/abiword-black-drawing-with-gtk322.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/aspell-default-dict-dir.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/audacity-fix-ffmpeg-binding.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/calibre-dont-load-remote-icons.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/calibre-use-packaged-feedparser.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/cdrtools-3.01-mkisofs-isoinfo.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/ceph-disable-unittest-throttle.patch
 create mode 100644 
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/cool-retro-term-fix-array-size.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/cool-retro-term-memory-leak-1.patch
 create mode 100644 
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/dvd+rw-tools-add-include.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/fabric-tests.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/fuse-overlapping-headers.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/gcc-libiberty-printf-decl.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/gcj-arm-mode.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/ghostscript-CVE-2017-8291.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/glibc-memchr-overflow-i686.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/glog-gcc-5-demangling.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/gnome-shell-CVE-2017-8288.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/gnupg-2.1-fix-Y2038-test-failure.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/graphite2-CVE-2017-5436.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/graphite2-check-code-point-limit.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/graphite2-fix-32-bit-wrap-arounds.patch
 create mode 100644 
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/grub-CVE-2015-8370.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/grub-freetype.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/grub-gets-undeclared.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/gspell-dash-test.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/guile-arm-fixes.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/guile-ssh-double-free.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/guile-ssh-rexec-bug.patch
 create mode 100644 
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/hypre-doc-tables.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/hypre-ldflags.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/icecat-binutils.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/icu4c-CVE-2014-6585.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/icu4c-CVE-2015-1270.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/icu4c-CVE-2015-4760.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/icu4c-CVE-2017-7867-CVE-2017-7868.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/icu4c-reset-keyword-list-iterator.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/jasper-CVE-2017-6850.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/jbig2dec-CVE-2017-7885.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/jbig2dec-CVE-2017-7975.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/jbig2dec-CVE-2017-7976.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/kiki-level-selection-crash.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/kiki-makefile.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/kiki-missing-includes.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/kiki-portability-64bit.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/kio-CVE-2017-6410.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/libbase-fix-includes.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/libbase-use-own-logging.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/libcroco-CVE-2017-7960.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/libcroco-CVE-2017-7961.patch
 create mode 100644 
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/libsndfile-CVE-2017-8362.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/libsndfile-armhf-type-checks.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/libtiff-CVE-2017-7593.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/libtiff-CVE-2017-7594.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/libtiff-multiple-UBSAN-crashes.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/libtirpc-CVE-2017-8779.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/lierolibre-check-unaligned-access.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/lierolibre-is-free-software.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/lierolibre-newer-libconfig.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/lierolibre-remove-arch-warning.patch
 create mode 100644 
 create mode 100644 
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/luminance-hdr-qt-printer.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/lxterminal-CVE-2016-10369.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/lz4-fix-test-failures.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/mesa-fix-32bit-test-failures.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/mesa-skip-disk-cache-test.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/miniupnpc-CVE-2017-8798.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/mozjs38-pkg-config-version.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/mozjs38-shell-version.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/mozjs38-tracelogger.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/mozjs38-version-detection.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/mplayer2-theora-fix.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/mupdf-CVE-2017-5896.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/mupdf-CVE-2017-5991.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/mupdf-mujs-CVE-2016-10132.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/mupdf-mujs-CVE-2016-10133.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/nss-disable-long-b64-tests.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/password-store-gnupg-compat.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/pcre-CVE-2017-7186.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/pcre2-CVE-2017-7186.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/pcre2-CVE-2017-8786.patch
 => perl-net-dns-resolver-programmable-fix.patch} (100%)
 create mode 100644 
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/proot-test-fhs.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/python-cython-fix-tests-32bit.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/qemu-CVE-2016-10155.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/qemu-CVE-2017-2615.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/qemu-CVE-2017-2620.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/qemu-CVE-2017-2630.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/qemu-CVE-2017-5525.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/qemu-CVE-2017-5526.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/qemu-CVE-2017-5552.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/qemu-CVE-2017-5578.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/qemu-CVE-2017-5579.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/qemu-CVE-2017-5667.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/qemu-CVE-2017-5856.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/qemu-CVE-2017-5898.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/qemu-CVE-2017-5931.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/qemu-CVE-2017-7493.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/qtscript-disable-tests.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/reptyr-fix-gcc-7.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/rpcbind-CVE-2017-8779.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/screen-fix-info-syntax-error.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/serf-comment-style-fix.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/serf-deflate-buckets-test-fix.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/shadow-4.4-su-snprintf-fix.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/shadow-CVE-2017-2616.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/soprano-find-clucene.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/teeworlds-use-latest-wavpack.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/util-linux-CVE-2017-2616.patch
 create mode 100644 
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/xf86-video-intel-compat-api.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/xf86-video-intel-glibc-2.20.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/selinux.scm
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/sssd.scm
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/web-browsers.scm
 create mode 100644 gnu/system/examples/vm-image.tmpl
 create mode 100644 guix/build/java-utils.scm
 create mode 100644 guix/cache.scm
 create mode 100644 guix/discovery.scm
 copy gnu/artwork.scm => guix/store/ssh.scm (54%)
 create mode 100644 guix/workers.scm
 create mode 100644 tests/cache.scm
 create mode 100644 tests/discovery.scm
 copy tests/{sets.scm => workers.scm} (52%)

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