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branch master updated: doc: Add 2022-02-01 maintainers meeting notes.

From: Maxim Cournoyer
Subject: branch master updated: doc: Add 2022-02-01 maintainers meeting notes.
Date: Tue, 01 Feb 2022 15:10:12 -0500

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+* Maintainers meeting
+** Schedule
+The 1st of February from 14:00 CET to 15:00 CET on Jami.
+** Agenda
+The proposed points to discuss are:
+- Installation of new SSDs (done) and migration of file system (in
+  process).
+- Outreachy sponsorship via Guix Europe
+- Tasks for the release
+** Notes
+Meeting was held on Jami. Efraim, Mathieu and Maxim were present.
+- Berlin has been copying /var/cache for days to the new Btrfs array
+  (a subvolume at /mnt/btrfs-pool/@cache); at this rate it will take
+  many more days before the migration can be completed.
+*Action* Suggested by Efraim: use what we have as the new /var/cache
+ already (shadowing current one); perhaps rebuilding NARs is actually
+ faster than copying them from the old array.  And continue copying
+ stuff with rsync to it without the --delete option.
+*Action* Investigate the impact of not baking gzip or lzip NARs on the
+build farm to reduce the amount of held NARs, which is more than 10
+TiB currently.
+*Action* Review if the nar-herder could be put to use for the build
+- We have the option to move partial sums from the Guix FSF balance to
+  the banking account held by Guix Finance, which should solve the
+  Outreachy impasse.
+- Tasks for the release were discussed; the following action items
+  were noted:
+*Action* Investigate the Cuirass workers crashing on ARM
+*Action* Resolve the guix evaluation problem
+*Action* Find and fix high impact non-x86_64 packages build failures.
+Carried on from last meeting:
+*Action* Check the release machinery status.
+*Action* Draft the list of changes for the NEWS file and the blog
+*Action* Check that every test and system-test is passing. Merge the
+wip-harden-installer branch and call for an installer test.
+Other points discussed:
+- Consider the use of Gitea (Efraim is almost done packaging it) to
+  ease code review/collaboration.

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