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branch gnuzilla-updates deleted (was c8c5d6a50c)

From: guix-commits
Subject: branch gnuzilla-updates deleted (was c8c5d6a50c)
Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2023 07:59:54 -0500 (EST)

mhw pushed a change to branch gnuzilla-updates
in repository guix.

     was c8c5d6a50c UNTESTED: gnu: icecat: Update to 102.6.0-guix0-preview1 
[security fixes].

This change permanently discards the following revisions:

 discard c8c5d6a50c UNTESTED: gnu: icecat: Update to 102.6.0-guix0-preview1 
[security fixes].
 discard ca735decfb gnu: mympd: Update to 10.1.6.
 discard 648b1605dd gnu: gauche: Update to 0.9.12
 discard e84042fdd4 gnu: cnvkit: Update to 0.9.9.
 discard 1369b53d49 gnu: seqmagick: Update to 0.8.4.
 discard 9bf2101049 gnu: python-flasgger: Update to 0.9.5.
 discard 8c197f990b gnu: python-pyjwt: Update to 2.6.0.
 discard 99a29b4933 gnu: python-apispec: Update to 6.0.2.
 discard 0fcba8b01c gnu: python-marshmallow: Update to 3.19.0.
 discard 71dc990f22 gnu: python-flask-restful: Update to 0.3.9.
 discard 461dff2651 gnu: python-cgatcore: Update to 0.6.14.
 discard 2f1d8fb129 gnu: python-apsw: Update to
 discard 08b9e29d46 gnu: python-bokeh: Skip failing PIL test.
 discard b72df3bbb3 gnu: python-dna-features-viewer: Update to 3.1.1.
 discard b66b6bdf70 gnu: python-hicexplorer: Update to 3.7.2.
 discard c3e330cf36 gnu: python-pygenometracks: Update to 3.5.
 discard 6e9518e201 gnu: python-hicmatrix: Update to 16.
 discard 5167881a60 gnu: python-biopython: Update to 1.80.
 discard de70f957b2 gnu: python-hyperopt: Update to 0.2.7.
 discard 3d388fe3d0 gnu: python-graphviz: Update to 0.20.1.
 discard 75331dc6e6 gnu: python-anndata: Use pyproject-build-system.
 discard 2c65106cf5 gnu: python-zarr: Update to 2.13.3.
 discard 8b9c9051ba gnu: python-numcodecs: Update to 0.10.2.
 discard c4bcb5db49 gnu: python-typer: Simplify by using pyproject-build-system.
 discard 1d160f41f5 gnu: Add erlang-yamerl.
 discard e4fd04fb92 gnu: Add erlang-jsx.
 discard d5ad3dd59a services: guix-build-coordinator: Fix service startup.
 discard c1695bcadd gnu: re2: Update to 2022-12-01.
 discard 2c1b488d19 tests: Add system tests for each supported kernel version.
 discard 9fc171b62a gnu: f2fs-tools: Remove obsolete phase.
 discard a2c6cc4354 gnu: f2fs-tools: Update to 1.15.0.
 discard e1fc45b3ea gnu: f2fs-tools@1.7: Don't fetch autogenerated git snapshot.
 discard 61f67290b9 gnu: f2fs-tools: Don't fetch autogenerated git snapshot.
 discard 58e33da5f5 gnu: f2fs-tools: Reverse inheritance relationship.
 discard 999783b92d gnu: ungoogled-chromium: Build with ffmpeg@4.
 discard 3640310d69 gnu: Add r-golem.
 discard 79ecb5f35f gnu: Add r-attempt.
 discard 75a9ee5b8e gnu: Add r-anytime.
 discard 61124bc7b0 gnu: Add r-shinycustomloader.
 discard ca7141234d gnu: Add r-logging.
 discard b9014985be gnu: Add r-asics.
 discard 061ce5500a gnu: Add r-pepsnmr.
 discard 1e5c9bb0d2 gnu: Add r-ptw.
 discard c2d25c7b5e gnu: Add r-rcppde.
 discard e0746ee4c4 gnu: Add r-animalcules.
 discard 8f80c99e2b gnu: Add r-plotroc.
 discard b6873a836c gnu: Add r-gridsvg.
 discard 5154e76a2e gnu: Add r-gunifrac.
 discard 48e6e67990 gnu: Add r-dirmult.
 discard e99b3c0d25 gnu: Add r-modeest.
 discard 7ec230fe12 gnu: Add r-fbasics.
 discard 3e6e0696cc gnu: Add r-timeseries.
 discard 9e03e01aae gnu: Add r-gss.
 discard 9c81ab8b39 gnu: Add r-stable.
 discard 977a15d8e8 gnu: Add r-rmutil.
 discard 8d2222fac6 gnu: Add r-statip.
 discard 5fb5af5658 gnu: Add r-amplican.
 discard 84392cd024 gnu: Add r-waffle.
 discard ec2388d6b4 gnu: Add r-clustercrit.
 discard 8363719476 gnu: Add r-harshlight.
 discard 85d5ce4901 gnu: Add r-altcdfenvs.
 discard 97b36ca4d3 gnu: Add r-makecdfenv.
 discard 6bb9424f22 .guix-authorizations: Authorise John Kehayias.
 discard 776632c0be gnu: yajl: Improve description.
 discard 2a779dc9bd gnu: yajl: Remove trailing #t from phases.
 discard 8fe6d3e844 gnu: yajl: Drop custom ‘lib-’ prefix.
 discard b5f3a1b84e gnu: Remove unused module import.
 discard 16f87d883b services: zabbix-server: Increase Shepherd grace period.
 discard 79564bf997 gnu: ffmpeg: Promote version 5 to the default.
 discard bf9d119e32 gnu: Sort module imports in (gnu packages scheme).
 discard 240c823ae1 gnu: pianobar: Update to 2022.04.01.
 discard 1572071b68 gnu: motion: Remove input labels.
 discard dce40ccc47 gnu: motion: Update to 4.5.0.
 discard 3dc667b6f8 gnu: vapoursynth: Remove input labels.
 discard 85ea2dfc4c gnu: vapoursynth: Update to 61.
 discard 6bfde85d36 gnu: wxsvg: Update to 1.5.24.
 discard f9fb8460ce gnu: tracker-miners: Remove obsolete input.
 discard b8b4d63137 gnu: OpenLDAP: Update to 2.6.3.
 discard 302a84a593 Merge branch 'version-1.4.0'
 discard 3677b97030 pki: 'public-keys->acl' deduplicates entries.

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