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branch wip-gnome deleted (was 919a0a8e46)

From: guix-commits
Subject: branch wip-gnome deleted (was 919a0a8e46)
Date: Wed, 1 Nov 2023 17:13:42 -0400 (EDT)

apteryx pushed a change to branch wip-gnome
in repository guix.

     was 919a0a8e46 gnu: gobject-introspection: Fix the header of patch files.

This change permanently discards the following revisions:

 discard 919a0a8e46 gnu: gobject-introspection: Fix the header of patch files.
 discard f498b230ac gnu: gobject-introspection: Update to 1.68.0 and adjust 
 discard c33d605e33 gnu: gtksourceviewmm: Enable documentation.
 discard e3bed84f6c gnu: gtksourceviewmm: Update synopsis, description and 
 discard 5aeea57371 gnu: gtksourceviewmm: Update to 3.21.3 and adjust 
 discard 3856817ede gnu: gtksourceview@3: Adjust inherited fields and update to 
 discard da2b1ab030 gnu: gtksourceview: Enable documentation.
 discard 2a2af3ccfa gnu: gtksourceview: Add missing input as per pkg-config 
 discard 3a5df46ef4 gnu: gtksourceview: Update to 4.8.1 and change build-system.
 discard dadb7f7fb2 gnu: Update gtkmm to 4.2.0, add gtkmm@3, and adjust gtkmm@2.
 discard 5b8af1df18 gnu: Add gtk.
 discard 20e65563f0 gnu: glib-networking: Disable openssl support.
 discard 7da89252e6 gnu: zbar: Rename qtbase to qtbase-5.
 discard 7d3325dbf3 gnu: tracker-miners: Enable some features.
 discard fedc23cbf5 gnu: tracker-miners: Update to 3.1.1 and make related 
 discard 96dd0cef5b gnu: tracker: Propagate dependencies as per pkg-config file.
 discard c1921786ed gnu: tracker: Update to 3.1.1 and make related changes.
 discard 9baa020f31 gnu: tracker: Enable documentation.
 discard 360b5583b9 gnu: tracker: Enable some features.
 discard 2af93a941f gnu: libepoxy: Propagate mesa.
 discard 014aaf8dad gnu: libsoup: Disable ssl-test.
 discard 02ab21cf8b gnu: gtkmm@2: Override inheritance of certain changes from 
 discard 0c0fc32681 gnu: gtkmm: Change build-system and adjust arguments 
 discard a06a36401e gnu: python-pygobject: Update to 3.40.1.
 discard 4bd9198abf gnu: python-pycairo: Update to 1.20.0.
 discard 09391c8acb gnu: w3m: Update to 0.5.3+git20210102.
 discard 72e2471820 gnu: gnutls: Enable PKCS#11 support.
 discard cf071a7c6c gnu: glib-networking: Update home-page, synopsis, 
description and license.
 discard 7d34d5c920 gnu: glib-networking: Enable libproxy and openssl support.
 discard 3c268cb0ab gnu: glib-networking: Update to 2.68.0.
 discard a79e977a47 gnu: pango: Use meson-0.55, as required by the project.
 discard 94730c7a6a gnu: docbook-xsl: Update to 1.79.2.
 discard 1d7f2b6d2b gnu: meson-0.55: Update to 0.55.3.
 discard 1c7a95741e gnu: glib: Disable failing test.
 discard 2fc668c519 gnu: cairo: Reintroduce security patches [security fixes].
 discard 7587e0550f gnu: gst-editing-services: Update to 1.18.4.
 discard fcf9d7c299 gnu: gst-plugins-bad: Add missing inputs to enable more 
 discard 54938308ca gnu: gst-plugins-bad: Update to 1.18.4.
 discard e2a3af87e5 gnu: gst-libav: Update to 1.18.4.
 discard 5512cdc5ce gnu: gst-plugins-ugly: Update to 1.18.4.
 discard eca5a30ff5 gnu: gst-plugins-good: Update to 1.18.4.
 discard b9f413121a gnu: gst-plugins-base: Enable more features.
 discard d9eaa6624f gnu: gst-plugins-base: Update to 1.18.4.
 discard b7887b750c gnu: gstreamer: Update to 1.18.4.
 discard cba9138b40 gnu: zbar: Update to 0.23.90.
 discard e7beb2a1d8 gnu: faac: Correct source uri.
 discard 57ee1917f3 gnu: iqa: Correct source uri.
 discard 0ff05109ea gnu: ibus: Remove trailing #t in phases.
 discard 45b4429945 gnu: ibus: Enable tests.
 discard c8b3470e64 gnu: ibus: Enable memconf.
 discard 52351f987d gnu: ibus: Enable documentation.
 discard e1058131d7 gnu: ibus: Update to 1.5.24.
 discard d4c2c293fa gnu: gtkmm-2: Fix build.
 discard 8fd82f5dc9 gnu: gtkmm: Update to 3.24.4.
 discard 158cfc440b gnu: gtk+: Update to 3.24.27.
 discard 05e3410982 gnu: gtk+: Enable cloud-providers support.
 discard 836835566a gnu: gtk+: Add missing inputs.
 discard cbe265d9d0 gnu: gtk+: Enable tests.
 discard 343603cb19 gnu: gtk+-2: Update to 2.24.33.
 discard 31707a5915 gnu: gtk+-2: Add missing inputs and search-path.
 discard d13832a3b9 gnu: gtk+-2: Enable tests.
 discard 3b239aa68e gnu: yelp-xsl: Enable documentation.
 discard ce10d69a67 gnu: wayland-protocols: Update description.
 discard 1715fe1268 gnu: wayland: Update synopsis, description and license.
 discard 1cee4cb52e gnu: wayland: Fix and move documentation.
 discard c119d02d97 gnu: wayland: Update to 1.19.0.
 discard fb098fee43 gnu: json-glib: Update synopsis and description.
 discard 67e5257ad8 gnu: json-glib: Enable documentation and man-pages.
 discard 638f25680a gnu: json-glib: Update to 1.6.2.
 discard 51391a1279 gnu: at-spi2-atk: Update home-page and license.
 discard 129ea8e52f gnu: at-spi2-atk: Update to 2.38.0.
 discard 72e1f71a66 gnu: at-spi2-core: Update home-page and license.
 discard 33a5964380 gnu: at-spi2-core: Fix documentation.
 discard b71f037f1f gnu: at-spi2-core: Update to 2.40.0.
 discard d561546ddb gnu: Add atkmm-2.28.
 discard 25ea0a2c7c gnu: atkmm: Update synopsis, description, home-page and 
 discard ece6fb8576 gnu: atkmm: Enable documentation.
 discard 2fa45f0e21 gnu: atkmm: Update to 2.36.0.
 discard 0856b2a5ec gnu: atk: Update home-page and license.
 discard b5f0c1b35a gnu: atk: Update to 2.36.0.
 discard 26bce22aa4 gnu: atk: Re-arrange inputs in alphabetical order.
 discard b7c0805f93 gnu: libgsf: Update synopsis, description, home-page and 
 discard 67c1bdb6a7 gnu: libgsf: Enable documentation.
 discard 5b6c813c9d gnu: libgsf: Correct inputs.
 discard 245d05f645 gnu: libgsf: Enable missing features.
 discard 2faa56c7c9 gnu: libgsf: Re-arrange inputs in alphabetical order.
 discard 3d45af6164 gnu: libgsf: Make separate output for binaries.
 discard 765538c11f gnu: libgsf: Change build-system.
 discard 31d7321c4d gnu: vala: Update synopsis and description.
 discard 44b0f21771 gnu: vala: Update to 0.52.0.
 discard 7270cc93ef gnu: vala: Fix documentation.
 discard 0c47823a1d gnu: vala: Enable coverage support.
 discard 35f9a8b1d4 gnu: vala: Change build-system.
 discard e164cc624b gnu: gdk-pixbuf+svg: Correct package definition to include 
changes from gdk-pixbuf.
 discard 63904adcbc gnu: gdk-pixbuf: Disable failing tests.
 discard c068727dbb gnu: gdk-pixbuf: Update synopsis, description, home-page 
and license.
 discard c13fb7cb9b gnu: gdk-pixbuf: Update to 2.42.4.
 discard df1fffdc19 gnu: gdk-pixbuf: Fix documentation.
 discard 013cf992ee gnu: gdk-pixbuf: Enable jasper support.
 discard c23ff6007a gnu: gdk-pixbuf: Correct inputs.
 discard caea55d796 gnu: gdk-pixbuf: Add missing arguments.
 discard 0f2e5ba373 gnu: pangomm-2.42: Update to 2.42.2.
 discard 6e6201b7d2 gnu: pangomm: Enable documentation.
 discard d4a9383101 gnu: pangomm: Update to 2.48.0.
 discard 98c6a15f26 gnu: pango: Update synopsis, description and home-page.
 discard 13492f7499 gnu: pango: Update to 1.48.3.
 discard f064023dd5 gnu: pango: Re-arrange inputs in alphabetical order.
 discard f93abae213 gnu: pango: Add missing arguments.
 discard 0ce7436fc8 gnu: cairomm-1.13: Fix build.
 discard a5e8928b5f gnu: cairomm: Enable documentation.
 discard 8e08489f6e gnu: cairomm: Update to 1.16.0.
 discard 8ceef14f85 gnu: cairo: Update synopsis, description and license.
 discard 8c589dc4e3 gnu: cairo: Enable some features.
 discard d7acb550dc gnu: cairo: Move documentation to separate output.
 discard 9ef95f251d gnu: cairo: Change build-system.
 discard c26b1873e6 gnu: cairo: Make some cosmetic changes.
 discard d29b877805 gnu: gobject-introspection: Propagate glib.
 discard ed9b037455 gnu: gtk-doc: Update synopsis, description, home-page and 
 discard 3c0f4d02a6 gnu: gtk-doc: Enable help.
 discard 283aafa9eb gnu: gtk-doc: Update to 1.32.
 discard 37dd9459bc gnu: gtk-doc: Correct inputs.
 discard 8be41d7a73 gnu: gtk-doc: Change build-system.
 discard 1c73bdf146 gnu: glibmm-2.64: Update to 2.64.5.
 discard ddea3721a9 gnu: Add libsigc++-2.
 discard b19e44d05f gnu: glibmm: Enable documentation.
 discard 8fb09076bd gnu: glibmm: Update to 2.68.0.
 discard ecd4b6d7bf gnu: libsigc++: Enable documentation.
 discard b03e5ead9f gnu: libsigc++: Update to 3.0.6.
 discard c13b104707 gnu: Temporarily use glib without documentation.
 discard cf402b7dfc gnu: glib-with-documentation: Fix documentation build.
 discard 8f1d9d8f2d gnu: glib-with-documentation: Make some cosmetic changes.
 discard 06bd1dbab1 gnu: glib: Update synopsis, description and home-page.
 discard c05033087a gnu: glib: Enable man pages.
 discard 8520d257f9 gnu: glib: Update to 2.68.0.
 discard 9b56f6ded3 gnu: glib: Make some cosmetic changes.

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