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branch wip-gnome3.34 deleted (was 1538791f20)

From: guix-commits
Subject: branch wip-gnome3.34 deleted (was 1538791f20)
Date: Wed, 1 Nov 2023 17:13:54 -0400 (EDT)

apteryx pushed a change to branch wip-gnome3.34
in repository guix.

     was 1538791f20 gnu: libical: Enable introspection and Vala bindings.

This change permanently discards the following revisions:

 discard 1538791f20 gnu: libical: Enable introspection and Vala bindings.
 discard 08c5ffd3c2 gnu: gnome-maps: Update to 3.34.2.
 discard e96f871c36 gnu: cheese: Update to 3.34.0.
 discard f6342be942 gnu: orca: Update to 3.34.1.
 discard c7587d3ef3 gnu: gnome-shell-extensions: Update to 3.34.2.
 discard 097da4b45a gnu: gnome-tweaks: Update to 3.34.0.
 discard 2f7f0be50c gnu: gnome-calendar: Update to 3.34.2.
 discard 0293a06e55 gnu: gnome-clocks: Update to 3.34.0.
 discard d2fce9c85e gnu: gnome-klotski: Update to 3.34.0.
 discard df8dfba27d gnu: devhelp: Update to 3.34.0.
 discard d82cdcd537 gnu: gnome-sudoku: Update to 3.34.1.
 discard 92a7370c01 gnu: gnome-mines: Update to 3.34.0.
 discard df3e812fe4 gnu: seahorse: Update to 3.34.
 discard 4ac325aa9b gnu: gnome-shell: Update to 3.34.2.
 discard be62a1b5a5 gnu: gjs: Update to 1.58.3.
 discard 9049e4d808 gnu: telepathy-glib: Disable failing tests.
 discard b989db762e gnu: gdm: Update to 3.34.1.
 discard b9686aea51 gnu: mutter: Update to 3.34.2.
 discard 513a19c381 gnu: totem: Update to 3.34.1.
 discard ba1d88e83a gnu: nautilus: Update to 3.34.2.
 discard c09d94546b gnu: gnome-terminal: Update to 3.34.2.
 discard e822ab3c7b gnu: gnome-screenshot: Update to 3.34.0.
 discard 44f210ab90 gnu: gnome-keyring: Update to 3.34.0.
 discard 586eb32f09 gnu: gnome-disk-utility: Update to 3.34.0.
 discard 093ab99e4f gnu: gnome-control-center: Update to 3.34.2.
 discard 048875f365 gnu: gnome-settings-daemon: Update to 3.34.1.
 discard 12a8807013 gnu: gnome-session: Update to 3.34.2.
 discard c8be9392f0 gnu: gnome-contacts: Update to 3.34.
 discard e4e7160c93 gnu: folks: Update to 0.13.1.
 discard cff7f2f521 gnu: dbus-glib: Update to 0.110.
 discard aace96f488 gnu: evolution: Update to 3.34.2.
 discard 46d713ce69 gnu: gnome-autoar: Update to 0.2.4.
 discard 3febbdc800 gnu: evolution-data-server: Update to 3.34.2.
 discard fea74bf26d gnu: libgweather: Update to 3.34.0.
 discard 9d875e791f gnu: gnome-bluetooth: Update to 3.34.0.
 discard 48d8c3b28f gnu: glib-networking: Update to 2.62.2.
 discard 49c537dab1 gnu: gedit: Update to 3.34.1.
 discard 7c44117013 gnu: epiphany: Update to 3.34.2.
 discard 781da7d80b gnu: libdazzle: Update to 3.34.1.
 discard fdfaefaaf4 gnu: gsettings-desktop-schemas: Update to 3.34.0.
 discard 873082931d gnu: gnome-backgrounds: Update to 3.34.0.
 discard 8ff022afb1 gnu: gnome-desktop: Update to 3.34.2.
 discard 904227e94e gnu: eog: Update to 3.34.1.
 discard 929ad4f3f3 gnu: dconf-editor: Update to 3.34.2.
 discard a720afbc4e gnu: dconf: Update to 3.34.0.
 discard b76506ec9a gnu: baobab: Update to 3.34.0.
 discard e8cccae4e1 gnu: adwaita-icon-theme: Update to 3.34.3.

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