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branch rust-team created (now 6619021d32)

From: guix-commits
Subject: branch rust-team created (now 6619021d32)
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2023 03:37:29 -0500 (EST)

efraim pushed a change to branch rust-team
in repository guix.

      at 6619021d32 gnu: stgit-2: Install info pages, shell completions.

This branch includes the following new commits:

     new 2c6b585f05 gnu: rust: Update to 1.73.0.
     new 4c5e14a9a6 gnu: Add rust-adaptive-barrier-1.
     new 64dec7a672 gnu: rust-anyhow-1: Update to 1.0.75.
     new 0becd9bd5a gnu: rust-atomic-waker-1: Update to 1.1.2.
     new b2508fd410 gnu: rust-base64-0.21: Update to 0.21.4.
     new b3e5dcbf85 gnu: rust-bytesize-1: Update to 1.3.0.
     new 8b1dbe85ac gnu: rust-cargo-platform-0.1: Update to 0.1.4.
     new 6225ee0960 gnu: Add rust-crossterm-0.26.
     new 129455f269 gnu: rust-digest-0.10: Update to 0.10.7.
     new 9fd58590e3 gnu: Add rust-compound-duration-1.
     new 49953e30fb gnu: rust-filetime-0.2: Update to 0.2.22.
     new 2028830f0b gnu: rust-glob-0.3: Update to 0.3.1.
     new 4b406df135 gnu: rust-home-0.5: Update to 0.5.5.
     new 45b4bc68b2 gnu: rust-is-terminal-0.4: Update to 0.4.9.
     new de16cf811a gnu: Add rust-libloading-0.8.
     new ea44597373 gnu: rust-serde-ignored-0.1: Update to 0.1.9.
     new 7090027d41 gnu: Add libgit2-1.6.
     new ad14b2ac61 gnu: Add rust-xattr-1.
     new 6183c78fc6 gnu: Add rust-winnow-0.5.
     new ec450a6066 gnu: Add rust-windows-interface-0.48.
     new f98d1dfe67 gnu: Add rust-windows-implement-0.48.
     new 0b7b23e8a4 gnu: Add rust-windows-0.48.
     new bc8ddba117 gnu: rust-walkdir-2: Update to 2.4.0.
     new 0aaa207670 gnu: rust-toml-edit-0.19: Update to 0.19.15.
     new 71df621ab8 gnu: rust-toml-datetime-0.6: Update to 0.6.3.
     new f3671b0817 gnu: rust-toml-0.7: Update to 0.7.8.
     new 8ac41da698 gnu: rust-thiserror-impl-1: Update to 1.0.50.
     new 91010abec2 gnu: rust-thiserror-1: Update to 1.0.50.
     new 450ca7d6b6 gnu: rust-termcolor-1: Update to 1.3.0.
     new 19282e5ed9 gnu: rust-tar-0.4: Update to 0.4.40.
     new 76bf3972c7 gnu: rust-sha2-asm-0.6: Update to 0.6.3.
     new c791961e31 gnu: rust-sha2-0.10: Update to 0.10.8.
     new 0d5c6173f6 gnu: rust-semver-1: Update to 1.0.20.
     new 04c9f98d4f gnu: rust-serde-spanned-0.6: Update to 0.6.3.
     new a10231094d gnu: rust-portable-atomic-1: Update to 1.4.3.
     new 783a58b5a5 gnu: rust-polling-2: Update to 2.8.0.
     new 736bc7236d gnu: rust-blocking-1: Update to 1.4.1.
     new 8652320170 gnu: Add rust-piper-0.2.
     new 396f7cde82 gnu: rust-pasetors-0.6: Update to 0.6.7.
     new 16e6cc0411 gnu: rust-os-info-3: Update to 3.7.0.
     new 65283c4fb2 gnu: Add rust-opener-0.6.
     new 6043b5499c gnu: Add rust-miow-0.6.
     new fddc8c1d4e gnu: Add rust-libssh2-sys-0.3.
     new 0c4d43c918 gnu: Add rust-libgit2-sys-0.15.
     new 5320b40d6d gnu: rust-im-rc-15: Update to 15.1.0.
     new b29aaea9aa gnu: rust-cargo-util-0.2: Update to 0.2.6.
     new ea08863fb6 gnu: Add rust-cargo-credential-0.3.
     new 3aaf2e7673 gnu: Add rust-cargo-credential-libsecret-0.3.
     new b1db0cadfd gnu: Add rust-cargo-credential-macos-keychain-0.3.
     new cbcef82fad gnu: Add rust-cargo-credential-wincred-0.3.
     new de9db06b1c gnu: Add rust-git2-0.17.
     new 33b71fd371 gnu: rust-arc-swap-1: Update to 1.6.0.
     new 6876116160 gnu: rust-async-channel-1: Update to 1.9.0.
     new 29056279f4 gnu: rust-crates-io-0.35: Replace with 0.38.
     new 318e866ec9 gnu: rust-cargo-0.69: Replace with 0.74.
     new cf42290daa gnu: rust-cargo-c: Update to 0.9.27.
     new 66124ce406 gnu: Add rust-git2-curl-0.18.
     new ac31a57c31 gnu: Add rust-windows-interface-0.44.
     new bd11015482 gnu: Add rust-windows-implement-0.44.
     new ea8cca7c81 gnu: Add rust-windows-0.44.
     new 897c21211d gnu: Add rust-unicode-bom-2.
     new b7229206df gnu: Add rust-uluru-3.
     new 4ed20f7c54 gnu: Add rust-tui-react-0.20.
     new dc4589c56a gnu: Add rust-symlink-0.1.
     new f6c82403fb gnu: Add rust-rustc-hex-1.
     new 95ec8beb52 gnu: Add rust-ratatui-0.20.
     new d31e8e38da gnu: Add rust-ptyprocess-0.4.
     new de5dae24ae gnu: Add rust-prodash-25.
     new a8ecd91732 gnu: Add rust-portable-atomic-util-0.1.
     new 105363cb3e gnu: Add rust-io-close-0.3.
     new 0bf398a6ee gnu: Add rust-imara-diff-0.1.
     new 91616a5f3d gnu: Add rust-human-format-1.
     new 1de187c9e0 gnu: Add rust-jwalk-0.8.
     new 5e68397fff gnu: Add rust-filedescriptor-0.8.
     new a227d37ca4 gnu: Add rust-faster-hex-0.8.
     new dd8e4e826c gnu: Add rust-expectrl-0.7.
     new e16187436f gnu: Add rust-defer-0.1.
     new 7c0c1983f8 gnu: Add rust-crosstermion-0.11.
     new 5df9acb1cc gnu: Add rust-conpty-0.5.
     new c16bb1e004 gnu: Add rust-clru-0.6.
     new 7f7e4b3081 gnu: Add rust-btoi-0.4.
     new 0409a54069 gnu: Add rust-gix-worktree-0.18.
     new 0b4c57c036 gnu: Add rust-gix-validate-0.7.
     new b120fd33af gnu: Add rust-gix-utils-0.1.
     new 8446600f9f gnu: Add rust-gix-url-0.19.
     new dc615140e0 gnu: Add rust-gix-traverse-0.26.
     new 7b5c567447 gnu: Add rust-gix-transport-0.32.
     new eb5da2a49a gnu: Add rust-gix-trace-0.1.
     new 8c66000618 gnu: Add rust-gix-tempfile-6.
     new bed9e48cb3 gnu: Add rust-gix-sec-0.8.
     new 3f427b7cb4 gnu: Add rust-gix-revwalk-0.1.
     new 6af0e883b5 gnu: Add rust-gix-revision-0.15.
     new b7b6a60f8a gnu: Add rust-gix-refspec-0.11.
     new a54380f9fb gnu: Add rust-gix-ref-0.30.
     new 1f29647501 gnu: Add rust-gix-quote-0.4.
     new fe47abdc38 gnu: Add rust-gix-protocol-0.33.
     new 50e706eab6 gnu: Add rust-gix-prompt-0.5.
     new 0783fabb50 gnu: Add rust-gix-path-0.8.
     new 6681f05765 gnu: Add rust-gix-packetline-0.16.
     new 628c46d13d gnu: Add rust-gix-pack-0.36.
     new c2fe45a79b gnu: Add rust-gix-odb-0.46.
     new 09be708a36 gnu: Add rust-gix-object-0.30.
     new 1ada9f712b gnu: Add rust-gix-negotiate-0.2.
     new 225af9b91f gnu: Add rust-gix-mailmap-0.13.
     new d180ec85e6 gnu: Add rust-gix-lock-6.
     new 487a57466e gnu: Add rust-gix-index-0.17.
     new d0d97f4b8e gnu: Add rust-gix-ignore-0.3.
     new c0a00cd71c gnu: Add rust-gix-hashtable-0.2.
     new a8fea81952 gnu: Add rust-gix-hash-0.11.
     new 92fa52b79f gnu: Add rust-gix-glob-0.8.
     new 170fff6d89 gnu: Add rust-gix-fs-0.2.
     new 44e3f83988 gnu: Add rust-gix-features-0.30.
     new 87cca07d5a gnu: Add rust-gix-discover-0.19.
     new f89bee159f gnu: Add rust-gix-diff-0.30.
     new 5db59e9029 gnu: Add rust-gix-date-0.5.
     new 4e3a5c9d2a gnu: Add rust-gix-credentials-0.15.
     new c47a152cc2 gnu: Add rust-gix-config-value-0.12.
     new ea267d4849 gnu: Add rust-gix-config-0.23.
     new 1dd80eeeef gnu: Add rust-gix-commitgraph-0.16.
     new 15e56f1524 gnu: Add rust-gix-command-0.2.
     new 4a8a8e905d gnu: Add rust-gix-chunk-0.4.
     new b5b3311b8a gnu: Add rust-gix-bitmap-0.2.
     new 5875bc1113 gnu: Add rust-gix-attributes-0.13.
     new 0d5eb7591e gnu: Add rust-gix-actor-0.21.
     new 17e388ae4c gnu: Add rust-gix-0.45.
     new 10a9f91c4f gnu: Add rust-regex-automata-0.4.
     new 4329b34b17 gnu: Add rust-regex-syntax-0.8.
     new c0ce78aa97 gnu: rust-regex-1: Update to 1.10.2.
     new 04cd0e99fc gnu: rust-memchr-2: Update to 2.6.4.
     new 94479a46e2 gnu: Add rust-serde-buf-0.1.
     new 1e17cc6e7b gnu: Add rust-sval-derive-2.
     new eb30dfe23b gnu: Add rust-sval-test-2.
     new 34eac90cf8 gnu: Add rust-sval-serde-2.
     new 5139c04942 gnu: Add rust-sval-ref-2.
     new c29759a91c gnu: Add rust-sval-json-2.
     new f5a9170fe0 gnu: Add rust-sval-fmt-2.
     new 9f3a823f77 gnu: Add rust-sval-flatten-2.
     new 2d4c8cb193 gnu: Add rust-sval-dynamic-2.
     new ba9cacec24 gnu: Add rust-sval-derive-macros-2.
     new 687a9d0f1a gnu: Add rust-sval-buffer-2.
     new eafe068478 gnu: Add rust-sval-2.
     new d35827c65c gnu: Add rust-value-bag-sval2-1.
     new ec0de7ff19 gnu: Add rust-value-bag-serde1-1.
     new 470083f23d gnu: rust-value-bag-1: Update to 1.4.2.
     new c12e1fe20f gnu: rust-log-0.4: Update to 0.4.20.
     new c342d3d7da gnu: rust-pretty-assertions-1: Update to 1.4.0.
     new 2a4b776c01 gnu: rust-xml-rs-0.8: Update to 0.8.19.
     new 5139bf4ad9 gnu: rust-serde-with-macros-3: Update to 3.4.0.
     new f221da13d9 gnu: rust-serde-with-3: Update to 3.4.0.
     new dc076c5775 gnu: rust-xremap: Remove older dependencies workaround.
     new 8a047ca66c gnu: rust-base64-0.12: Cleanup package.
     new 5f6e55fe80 gnu: rust-bitflags-1: Update comments.
     new 26c03361ca gnu: rust-cache-padded-1: Update to 1.3.0.
     new 1d6440df24 gnu: rust-nom-5: Update to 5.1.3.
     new 1013877dfe gnu: rust-y4m-0.7: Don't skip build.
     new 4056e98f1b gnu: rust-atomic-polyfill-0.1: Update to 0.1.11.
     new ae84bd853a gnu: rust-heapless-0.7: Update to 0.7.16.
     new 4b29abf218 gnu: rust-rstar-0.9: Update to 0.9.3.
     new ffc41e5065 gnu: rust-uuid-0.5: Only test the library.
     new c68db7829f gnu: rust-objc2-encode-2: Skip test suite.
     new 781251d906 gnu: rust-rustls-native-certs-0.4: Skip tests.
     new ed3f40ba22 gnu: rust-bigdecimal-0.2: Update to 0.2.2.
     new c63cc14c41 gnu: rust-num-bigint-0.3: Update to 0.3.3.
     new dc507fddf9 gnu: rust-num-bigint-0.4: Update to 0.4.4.
     new 4216f86b7b gnu: rust-num-traits-0.2: Update to 0.2.17.
     new 9d5abdc8b7 gnu: Add rust-actix-macros-0.2.
     new 446c232fdf gnu: Add rust-actix-rt-2.
     new 3b48456c9f gnu: rust-chacha20poly1305-0.9: Update to 0.9.1.
     new bd7f0bf143 gnu: Add rust-iai-macro-0.1.
     new 4279ee82af gnu: Add rust-iai-0.1.
     new 9f5ab70c03 gnu: Add rust-io-uring-0.5.
     new 5b83710671 gnu: Add rust-lru-0.9.
     new 0f14b9c613 gnu: Add rust-open-3.
     new c5723dbb46 gnu: Add rust-rstest-macros-0.13.
     new 11ba039b2e gnu: Add rust-rstest-0.13.
     new 25c0d38838 gnu: Add rust-sc-0.2.
     new 5131a37667 gnu: Add rust-simplelog-0.12.
     new c69e69a781 gnu: Add rust-temporary-0.6.
     new 9b30aa2a50 gnu: Add rust-thread-priority-0.10.
     new a9c006a3cd gnu: rust-tinyfiledialogs-3: Update to 3.9.1.
     new 4950e3e96c gnu: Add rust-tokio-uring-0.4.
     new 2ec6db456b gnu: Add rust-sqlite3-sys-0.15.
     new d362f60d3d gnu: Add rust-sqlite3-src-0.5.
     new 03d55c1395 gnu: Add rust-sqlite-0.30.
     new 787038e908 gnu: alfis: Update to 0.8.4.
     new d0f027073c gnu: rust-tokio-rustls-0.13: Skip tests.
     new 131bb2b791 gnu: rust-proptest-derive-0.1: Skip tests.
     new b22c705da2 gnu: rust-git2-0.9: Update to 0.9.2.
     new 6b9d69247d gnu: rust-try-lock-0.2: Update to 0.2.4.
     new 4f537b05b8 gnu: rust-want-0.3: Update to 0.3.1.
     new 4deda785e2 gnu: rust-tokio-sync-0.1: Update to 0.1.8.
     new 640b81f9a6 gnu: rust-tokio-sync-0.2: Skip tests.
     new 45bc54e3d6 gnu: rust-tokio-signal-0.2: Update to 0.2.9.
     new 08b1d13fa0 gnu: rust-tokio-rustls-0.12: Update to 0.12.3.
     new 627640c6c8 gnu: rust-tokio-openssl-0.6: Update to 0.6.3.
     new 16e2e8bc1d gnu: rust-tokio-native-tls-0.3: Update to 0.3.1.
     new cb180912a4 gnu: rust-tokio-macros-1: Update to 1.8.2.
     new d04096a952 gnu: rust-tokio-macros-0.2: Update to 0.2.6.
     new beea3651e2 gnu: Add rust-android-tzdata-0.1.
     new b2d335c5fc gnu: Add rust-anstream-0.6.
     new 0de898009b gnu: Add rust-anstyle-wincon-3.
     new 74afac9c70 gnu: rust-byteorder-1: Update to 1.5.0.
     new c423243289 gnu: rust-cast-0.2: Skip tests.
     new 93528c44a1 gnu: rust-chrono-0.4: Update to 0.4.31.
     new a716257169 gnu: rust-clap-derive-4: Update to 4.4.7.
     new c1bea340c1 gnu: rust-clap-4: Update to 4.4.7.
     new 6bf16317d2 gnu: rust-clap-builder-4: Update to 4.4.7.
     new 0f6c4cbed2 gnu: Add rust-clap-lex-0.6.
     new 0acc3f1efc gnu: rust-color-print-0.3: Update to 0.3.5.
     new 817bbdfb1c gnu: rust-color-print-proc-macro-0.3: Update to 0.3.5.
     new d0a6c877cd gnu: rust-hdrhistogram-7: Fix build.
     new d26af661b6 gnu: rust-matches-0.1: Update to 0.1.10.
     new 968ed03ccc gnu: rust-nb-connect-1: Update to 1.2.0.
     new 97bbecdd06 gnu: rust-piper-0.2: Fix build.
     new f077c4b335 gnu: rust-proptest-0.9: Fix build.
     new 04b8887159 gnu: Add rust-pure-rust-locales-0.7.
     new 164fcfb260 gnu: rust-pyo3-log-0.8: Update to 0.8.4.
     new abd2efef1f gnu: rust-rcgen-0.8: Fix build.
     new a4fb3f1f54 gnu: rust-rustversion-1: Update to 1.0.14.
     new 24f6a6a20b gnu: rust-ryu-1: Update to 1.0.15.
     new be6c2052d2 gnu: rust-serde-spanned-0.6: Update to 0.6.4.
     new 3a72f299e4 gnu: rust-shlex-1: Update to 1.2.0.
     new 4c6384aa47 gnu: rust-signal-hook-0.1: Update to 0.1.17.
     new 7b9e87a35f gnu: rust-snapbox-macros-0.3: Update to 0.3.6.
     new f97cd54908 gnu: rust-snapbox-0.4: Update to 0.4.14.
     new 7257c5ceaf gnu: rust-string-cache-0.8: Update to 0.8.7.
     new 68f16c4ad8 gnu: Add rust-strip-ansi-escapes-0.2.
     new f2ae2fa931 gnu: rust-system-deps-6: Update to 6.1.2.
     new e8f33fb7b9 gnu: Add rust-terminal-size-0.3.
     new 50abe74767 gnu: Add rust-toml-0.8.
     new f4478ce30f gnu: rust-toml-datetime-0.6: Update to 0.6.5.
     new e9c9578a7d gnu: Add rust-toml-edit-0.20.
     new e16482d1e5 gnu: Add rust-toml-test-1.
     new 3fbe08b197 gnu: rust-toml-test-harness-0.4: Update to 0.4.8.
     new ed1fa525e5 gnu: rust-tower-0.4: Fix build.
     new c338d86955 gnu: rust-trybuild-1: Update to 1.0.85.
     new 4adcb6ac1b gnu: rust-trycmd-0.14: Update to 0.14.19.
     new a3f4f534bc gnu: Add rust-vte-0.11.
     new 6f60930129 gnu: Add rust-windows-bindgen-0.51.
     new bac5cd0ce0 gnu: Add rust-windows-metadata-0.51.
     new 060b37b8b9 gnu: rust-wyz-0.2: Fix build.
     new 21a8b4401e gnu: Add rust-ansi-parser-0.8.
     new d1caa96159 gnu: rust-bindgen-0.51: Fix build.
     new 593d7dc122 gnu: Add rust-color-eyre-0.6.
     new 2550ed8fde gnu: Add rust-deranged-0.3.
     new 47c2fe3e26 gnu: Add rust-color-spantrace-0.2.
     new c1d364ac25 gnu: rust-diff-0.1: Update to 0.1.13.
     new caef66a447 gnu: rust-heapless-0.5: Update to 0.5.6.
     new 0a6f088649 gnu: rust-nalgebra-0.21: Fix build.
     new a4c7403107 gnu: rust-nalgebra-0.19: Fix build.
     new 49fb349aa5 gnu: rust-num-0.4: Update to 0.4.1.
     new 3e6ed9aae7 gnu: rust-num-0.3: Update to 0.3.1.
     new ff5aaf8ebe gnu: rust-num-bigint-dig-0.8: Update to 0.8.4.
     new 008021a8c9 gnu: rust-num-bigint-dig-0.7: Update to 0.7.1.
     new 899b29ac46 gnu: rust-num-complex-0.4: Update to 0.4.4.
     new afca9025d3 gnu: rust-num-complex-0.3: Update to 0.3.1.
     new 384a62a8d4 gnu: rust-num-derive-0.3: Update to 0.3.3.
     new 40ee71aadd gnu: rust-num-enum-0.5: Update to 0.5.11.
     new 5edeb570df gnu: rust-num-enum-derive-0.5: Update to 0.5.11.
     new 443257372e gnu: rust-num-integer-0.1: Update to 0.1.45.
     new 10dc16c412 gnu: rust-num-iter-0.1: Update to 0.1.43.
     new c30fdd4ed8 gnu: rust-num-rational-0.3: Update to 0.3.2.
     new 3a28e14696 gnu: Add rust-powerfmt-0.2.
     new d2d70c501b gnu: rust-relative-path-1: Update to 1.9.0.
     new ad153f1e0b gnu: rust-time-0.3: Update to 0.3.28.
     new 02fa7cfef2 gnu: rust-time-core-0.1: Update to 0.1.1.
     new cfceb8726c gnu: rust-time-macros-0.2: Update to 0.2.14.
     new f7948bf6e3 gnu: Add rust-tracing-error-0.2.
     new a525db14b1 gnu: rust-tracing-tree-0.2: Update to 0.2.5.
     new d120a0cdfa gnu: Add rust-ui-test-0.7.
     new ed41b6db71 gnu: rust-analyzer: Replace with version from rust.
     new 845091073d gnu: Remove rust-src-1.64.
     new 7a0f310311 gnu: Remove rust-quote-1.0.10.
     new 7684f8b60d gnu: Remove rust-either-1.6.0.
     new d8c0b0146e gnu: Remove rust-proc-macro2-1.0.34.
     new b856e842b0 gnu: Remove rust-trybuild-1.0.19.
     new aca7206d7c gnu: rust-serde-path-to-error-0.1: Update to 0.1.14.
     new 9fd0ad9dae gnu: Remove rust-serde-json-1.0.73.
     new 44b06d74ef gnu: Remove rust-cbindgen-0.16.
     new 30a2b39e5f gnu: rust-rustls-ffi-0.8: Build with newer cbindgen.
     new 7ec700753d gnu: rust-tectonic-bridge-core-0.3: Update to 0.3.2.
     new 935b0584a7 gnu: Remove rust-tectonic-bridge-core-0.1.
     new 108bfaa4dd gnu: rust-tectonic-bridge-flate-0.1: Update to 0.1.7.
     new 8000325a23 gnu: rust-tectonic-bridge-freetype2-0.2: Build package.
     new 664c11c5e8 gnu: rust-tectonic-bridge-graphite2-0.2: Update to 0.2.2.
     new 49499fb094 gnu: rust-tectonic-bridge-harfbuzz-0.2: Update to 0.2.8.
     new 74aa2c59a2 gnu: rust-tectonic-bridge-icu-0.2: Build package.
     new 873fced1ef gnu: rust-tectonic-bundles-0.3: Update to 0.3.1.
     new dc23e1afde gnu: rust-tectonic-cfg-support-0.1: Update to 0.1.4.
     new 4f0987d3fd gnu: rust-tectonic-dep-support-0.1: Update to 0.1.1.
     new 4f3ba173fc gnu: rust-tectonic-docmodel-0.2: Update to 0.2.1.
     new 234f5efd21 gnu: rust-tectonic-engine-bibtex-0.1: Update to 0.1.5.
     new 74b81242f9 gnu: rust-tectonic-engine-spx2html-0.1: Build package.
     new a7a920d82c gnu: rust-tectonic-engine-xetex-0.4: Update to 0.4.3.
     new 26ce2f2bb3 gnu: rust-tectonic-engine-xdvipdfmx-0.4: Update to 0.4.1.
     new 9d11a23aee gnu: rust-tectonic-errors-0.2: Update to 0.2.1.
     new d129f4e6a9 gnu: rust-tectonic-geturl-0.3: Update to 0.3.2.
     new 45ed5b2636 gnu: rust-tectonic-io-base-0.4: Update to 0.4.2.
     new d31dc2eeb4 gnu: rust-tectonic-io-base-0.3: Update to 0.3.1.
     new bc1221322a gnu: rust-tectonic-pdf-io-0.4: Update to 0.4.1.
     new 0cd412fa8c gnu: rust-tectonic-status-base-0.2: Update to 0.2.1.
     new 68d528475f gnu: rust-tectonic-xdv-0.2: Update to 0.2.2.
     new caaede2bba gnu: rust-tectonic-xetex-layout-0.2: Update to 0.2.3.
     new 6458868424 gnu: tectonic: Update package.
     new 615aa65e81 gnu: Remove rust-cbindgen-0.19.
     new 2d9d891213 gnu: Remove rust-tectonic-errors-0.1.
     new d64b7f7275 gnu: Remove rust-tectonic-io-base-0.2.
     new bc13c8c87b gnu: Remove rust-tectonic-status-base-0.1.
     new bb108d7efd gnu: rust-analyzer: Move to rust.scm.
     new aed41597ec gnu: zoxide: Remove old rust version workaround.
     new 63ccceb976 build: cargo-build-system: Pack crates reproducibly.
     new 9da92a1a18 gnu: rust-ahash-0.3: Skip tests.
     new b8c45b9798 gnu: rust-assert-fs-1: Update to 1.0.13.
     new a049144fa6 gnu: rust-bindgen-0.48: Fix build.
     new 95d290b139 gnu: rust-blake2-0.8: Skip tests.
     new 0504e935e7 gnu: rust-bytecheck-0.6: Skip tests.
     new af2e2db944 gnu: rust-generator-0.6: Update to 0.6.25.
     new 4084b3331e gnu: rust-get-if-addrs-sys-0.1: Skip tests.
     new 4fbb60b647 gnu: rust-rustc-rayon-0.4: Fix inputs.
     new 330eb02b2e gnu: rust-sha-1-0.8: Fix build.
     new 92c6c1cc66 gnu:rust-statrs-0.12: Fix build.
     new 8a9396e656 gnu: rust-tracing-futures-0.2: Skip tests.
     new 76d354ba62 gnu: rust-xmltree-0.10: Fix build.
     new e181af2d7a gnu: rust-clang-sys-0.26: Skip tests.
     new 4a2ed12065 gnu: rust-needletail-0.4: Fix inputs.
     new 0d0ceae6ee gnu: rust-needletail-0.4: Don't skip tests.
     new 0aa02c3394 gnu: rust-glutin-0.22: Fix tests.
     new c5de9b622c gnu: rust-glutin-0.21: Fix test suite.
     new ccbcb2aa65 gnu: rust-actix-macros-0.1: Fix test suite.
     new 21f248e8e4 gnu: rust-ascii-0.9: Skip tests.
     new 81693e923b gnu: rust-bindgen-0.55: Fix test suite.
     new 841e06e204 gnu: rust-bindgen-0.52: Fix test suite.
     new 22688cbc49 gnu: rust-chrono-tz-0.6: Fix test suite.
     new 41ab3071ea gnu: rust-clap-conf-0.1: Fix test suite.
     new e8ea6c1b0d gnu: rust-combine-4: Add missing inputs.
     new 2214ffcd02 gnu: rust-concolor-0.0.11: Skip tests.
     new c1bdc7d2b1 gnu: rust-crossbeam-epoch-0.9: Update to 0.9.15.
     new 9f27017daa gnu: rust-curl-0.4: Fix inputs.
     new 00e687ceed gnu: rust-derive-builder-core-0.9: Fix tests.
     new 11e4cfb302 gnu: rust-eyre-0.6: Fix tests.
     new 8043631714 gnu: Add rust-cpuid-bool-0.2.
     new 5372ca3a7f gnu: rust-fat-macho-0.4: Skip tests.
     new b259616330 gnu: rust-feature-probe-0.1: Skip tests.
     new 1c5299aa40 gnu: rust-generic-array-0.13: Skip tests.
     new 9f61f47746 gnu: rust-ghash-0.3: Update to 0.3.1.
     new a9565d5c65 gnu: rust-git2-0.9: Fix inputs.
     new 210ee58d02 gnu: rust-glium-0.25: Skip tests.
     new 48f72d1290 gnu: rust-hex-literal-0.1: Skip tests.
     new 672b6f5c44 gnu: rust-hyper-rustls-0.21: Skip tests.
     new 5023986fbb gnu: rust-inotify-sys-0.1: Update to 0.1.5.
     new bfbf28ed21 gnu: rust-ipconfig-0.2: Skip tests.
     new 8104ab2b4e gnu: Add rust-jemalloc-ctl-0.5.
     new a0ef43832c gnu: rust-jemalloc-sys-0.5: Update to 0.5.4.
     new 93aba4eb67 gnu: rust-jemallocator-0.5: Update to 0.5.4.
     new a7a49561ff gnu: rust-lalrpop-0.17: Fix inputs.
     new 3b082d8a08 gnu: rust-libgit2-sys-0.14: Fix inputs.
     new 287448e4f1 gnu: rust-linked-hash-map-0.4: Skip tests.
     new c19bbfba50 gnu: rust-loom-0.5: Add missing input.
     new 3d639f7c8c gnu: rust-lopdf-0.26: Fix build.
     new aea2144dcb gnu: rust-md-5-0.8: Skip tests.
     new f2752d61bd gnu: rust-memchr-1: Fix inputs.
     new 9a3206562b gnu: rust-no-color-0.1: Update to 0.1.26.
     new ad3c174f39 gnu: rust-notify-5-pre.13: Fix build.
     new 57766b9235 gnu: rust-packed-simd-2-0.3: Skip build.
     new 37df5a4410 gnu: rust-parity-scale-codec-derive-2: Skip tests.
     new 4483542c29 gnu: rust-polyval-0.4: Update to 0.4.5.
     new 55fd044806 gnu: rust-propfuzz-macro-0.0.1: Skip tests.
     new c30e8eb658 gnu: rust-quickersort-3: Fix inputs.
     new 5114688b3a gnu: rust-ron-0.5: Fix tests.
     new 9a15cbafa2 gnu: rust-rstar-0.8: Update to 0.8.4.
     new 7f0864fd26 gnu: rust-rustc-rayon-core-0.4: Add missing inputs.
     new 4b5eee35cd gnu: rust-serde-xml-rs-0.6: Fix tests.
     new 35ac34c197 gnu: rust-syntex-pos-0.58: Fix tests.
     new c844791606 gnu: rust-tendril-0.4: Fix tests.
     new ebe82eee07 gnu: rust-time-0.2: Fix tests.
     new af0acca9e8 gnu: rust-tokio-rustls-0.14: Skip tests.
     new 91b743724e gnu: rust-toml-edit-0.19: Skip tests.
     new 52f957b23e gnu: rust-toml-edit-0.18: Skip tests.
     new a4e8aabc84 gnu: rust-uint-0.9: Update to 0.9.5.
     new 7277ead2e5 gnu: rust-mimalloc-0.1: Add missing input.
     new eb2f98ea0a gnu: rust-speedy-derive-0.8: Update to 0.8.6.
     new 705d05271f gnu: rust-speedy-0.8: Update to 0.8.6.
     new 49810367af gnu: rust-ufmt-macros-0.1: Replace with 
     new e64eae64e1 gnu: rust-ufmt-0.1: Update to 0.1.2.
     new edc2be8326 gnu: rust-packed-struct: Update to 0.3.1.
     new bca45f5531 gnu: rust-packed-struct: Rename to rust-packed-struct-0.3.
     new 1ab0495f92 gnu: rust-git2-0.16: Fix inputs.
     new 0ab4fb0c18 gnu: rust-rend-0.3: Skip tests.
     new 4b0fcbd00a gnu: rust-hyper-0.13: Skip tests.
     new 273bd81188 gnu: rust: Allow using custom rust-src for rust-analyzer.
     new d6a49479c1 gnu: rust-hkdf-0.12: Skip tests.
     new c013502e7f gnu: Add rust-indextree-4.
     new bf0f9437b0 gnu: Add rust-memory-units-0.4.
     new 16156340a6 gnu: Add rust-orgize-0.9.
     new 0b744fda53 gnu: Add rust-serde-indextree-0.2.
     new 7717577b0a gnu: Add rust-wee-alloc-0.4.
     new 3500cbf8af gnu: Add rust-slugify-0.1.
     new 1f70791d1e gnu: Add rust-unidecode-0.3.
     new 219d0a4373 gnu: Add rust-emacs-org-link-parser-0.1.
     new 370a1bcaf3 gnu: Add rust-crossterm-0.27.
     new de80f07a45 gnu: rust-signal-hook-0.3: Update to 0.3.17.
     new 9375d61e58 gnu: Add rust-serial-test-derive-0.7.
     new ee7cf6742a gnu: Add rust-serial-test-0.7.
     new fd78fb9aab gnu: rust-signal-hook-0.3: Don't skip build.
     new 51a66a3bd6 gnu: rust-crossterm-winapi-0.9: Update to 0.9.1.
     new 9c2c32854a gnu: rust-crossterm-winapi-0.9: Don't skip build.
     new b6de76b466 gnu: Add rust-alsa-0.8.
     new a58ecbeb70 gnu: Add rust-uzers-0.11.
     new 3c85794db1 gnu: Add rust-uutils-term-grid-0.3.
     new b0dd9ac3a7 gnu: Add rust-isolang-2.
     new 73a7985e50 gnu: Add rust-timeago-0.4.
     new ffadfb0e53 gnu: Add rust-partition-identity-0.3.
     new a55f3f4913 gnu: Add rust-proc-mounts-0.3.
     new efa751b07f gnu: rust-phf-shared-0.11: Update to 0.11.2.
     new 69d58ba640 gnu: rust-phf-macros-0.11: Update to 0.11.2.
     new 319a132481 gnu: rust-phf-0.11: Update to 0.11.2.
     new f8b1c6c018 gnu: rust-num-cpus-1: Update to 1.16.0.
     new f16f82e66d gnu: Add rust-ansiterm-0.12.
     new 6b61670f09 gnu: Add libgit2-1.7.
     new db53e6c846 gnu: Add rust-libgit2-sys-0.16.
     new ae8096acd8 gnu: Add rust-git2-0.18.
     new ce860cdd87 gnu: Add eza.
     new 32aba429d0 gnu: Add kibi.
     new 7b9d920340 gnu: Add rust-librespot-connect-0.4.
     new a03915c6cc gnu: Add rust-daemonize-0.5.
     new 9c4d4851da gnu: rust-gethostname-0.4.
     new ac9b7c7d40 gnu: rust-libdbus-sys-0.2: Update to 0.2.5.
     new 9c6b864be3 gnu: rust-dbus-0.9: Update to 0.9.7.
     new 0550316ac7 gnu: Add rust-dbus-crossroads-0.5.
     new df96da96e2 gnu: Add rust-dbus-tokio-0.7.
     new ecf6ee8cd2 gnu: Add rust-syslog-6.
     new ff9a8377e9 gnu: Add rust-simple-logging-2.
     new 57b26b089e gnu: Add rust-reopen-1.
     new 022c9c6c75 gnu: rust-fern-0.6: Update to 0.6.2.
     new ff7a62698e gnu: rust-sha-1-0.10: Downgrade to 0.10.1
     new 28a1d9e612 gnu: Add spotifyd.
     new 5733493f9b gnu: rust-alga-0.9: Fix tests.
     new 1551328581 gnu: rust-sha2-0.8: Fix tests.
     new 5719c8d1fb gnu: rust-bindgen-0.50: Fix tests.
     new e7a3b46316 gnu: rust-metrics-0.14: Skip tests.
     new 8dec49d611 gnu: rust-want-0.3: Fix inputs.
     new 46c2a4bced gnu: rust-tokio-executor-0.2: Skip tests.
     new c3efbeaca0 gnu: rust-diesel-1: Honor #:tests flag.
     new 8438d18886 gnu: rust-diesel-derives-1: Skip tests.
     new 9fdb2f52ed gnu: rust-indicatif-0.16: Add missing inputs.
     new 3d82e3d146 gnu: rust-serde-xml-rs-0.4: Fix tests.
     new 1ce60f8941 gnu: rust-tokio-core-0.1: Update to 0.1.18.
     new abf8ac6a6b gnu: rust-wyz-0.4: Fix tests.
     new 92851deeb4 gnu: rust-wyz-0.4: Inherit from rust-wyz-0.5.
     new fd2a3864b7 gnu: rust-git2-0.11: Skip tests.
     new dd87064e85 gnu: rust-insta-0.16: Fix tests.
     new 60323a67c7 gnu: rust-reduce-0.1: Skip tests.
     new d304584d9b gnu: rust-syn-0.14: Fix tests.
     new ecebae7f85 gnu: rust-zvariant-3: Skip tests.
     new 5fdb2690b7 gnu: rust-tower-layer-0.3: Fix tests.
     new abafb986cf gnu: Add rust-java-locator-0.1.
     new bd3923e1ef gnu: Add rust-android-logger-0.11.
     new 2d99010a55 gnu: rust-bytemuck-1: Update to 1.14.0.
     new ce02ec1550 gnu: rust-bytemuck-derive-1: Update to 1.5.0.
     new 32a72fe23f gnu: rust-app-dirs2-2: Update to 2.5.5.
     new d3b9067e37 gnu: Add rust-jni-0.21.
     new 511f443061 gnu: Add rust-ndk-glue-0.7.
     new d41ba74a18 gnu: rust-statrs-0.13: Fix tests.
     new 45d1ae239a gnu: rust-security-framework-1: Skip tests.
     new 63b03cbd73 gnu: rust-combine-3: Fix tests.
     new 7826f40ef9 gnu: rust-tokio-0.1: Fix build.
     new 3dfe69804d gnu: rust-linked-hash-map-0.3: Skip tests.
     new 627c41d024 gnu: rust-actix-web-codegen-0.1: Skip tests.
     new 4a971e2d1c gnu: rust-futures-util-preview-0.3: Fix inputs.
     new bb525bad15 gnu: rust-runtime-0.3: Don't skip build.
     new 57ad86df58 gnu: rust-runtime-attributes-0.3: Don't skip build.
     new 8760974a43 gnu: rust-runtime-native-0.3: Don't skip build.
     new 2bad4b666c gnu: rust-runtime-raw-0.3: Don't skip build.
     new 30e8725929 gnu: Add rust-runtime-tokio-0.3.
     new 40499953f2 gnu: rust-paw-1: Skip tests.
     new d93cfb3164 gnu: rust-wasm-bindgen-futures-0.3: Don't skip build.
     new eca58bd164 gnu: rust-syn-0.11: Skip tests.
     new d97b640fe1 gnu: rust-h2-0.2: Update to 0.2.7.
     new cf93fbc8a6 gnu: rust-bitvec-1: Add missing inputs.
     new 3c21209445 gnu: rust-uint-0.9: Fix build.
     new c3f49a63a4 gnu: rust-paw-structopt-1: Skip tests.
     new 6c6514a138 gnu: rust-notify-4: Update to 4.0.17.
     new 89f87f12e4 gnu: rust-nitrokey-test-0.3: Add missing input.
     new 54a49feae0 gnu: rust-nitrokey-sys-3: Add missing input.
     new fb05c43a36 gnu: rust-nitrokey-0.9: Add missing input.
     new bd90c7d462 gnu: stfl: Fix cross-building.
     new 4442aa8780 gnu: newsboat: Prepare for cross-building.
     new 8b8637079c gnu: newsboat: Honor the #:tests? flag.
     new 448e90db80 gnu: alacritty: Prepare for cross-compiling.
     new 0d84d3ff9f gnu: rav1e: Don't build the static library.
     new a4923688e1 gnu: libxscrnsaver: Fix cross-compiling.
     new 008d234666 gnu: just: Prepare for cross-compiling.
     new f66f05e171 gnu: fd: Prepare for cross-compilation.
     new 4624355513 gnu: hyperfine: Prepare for cross-compiling.
     new 48cc479ca1 gnu: maturin: Add missing input.
     new 84ca518b26 gnu: ripgrep: Don't install sources.
     new 6d45f24dee gnu: rust-swc: Prepare for cross-compilation.
     new 9c97342939 gnu: librsvg: Honor the #:tests flag.
     new fc5677a018 gnu: librsvg: Remove htmldir configure flag.
     new a90043cfe8 gnu: librsvg: Enable cross compiling.
     new 3dc6253e87 gnu: at-spi2-core: Skip tests when cross-compiling.
     new 584bd0bb3d gnu: Add make-rust-sysroot.
     new e604972d9c build/cargo-build-system: Enable cross-compiling.
     new f284ca9a1b gnu: rust: Add triplet for the Hurd.
     new 7103f32aee gnu: zoxide: Don't install the sources.
     new 2700ed8ee6 gnu: rust: Add triplets for Windows.
     new d753e826fc gnu: Add rust-gix-hash-0.13.
     new a2c84bfe7c gnu: Add rust-prodash-26.
     new 9a39c7e5f7 gnu: Add rust-gix-features-0.35.
     new 5a1042ae32 gnu: Add rust-byteyarn-0.2.
     new c470c771ed gnu: Add rust-gix-path-0.10.
     new 0a0d5be599 gnu: Add rust-gix-glob-0.13.
     new 1d265260c5 gnu: Add rust-gix-attributes-0.19.
     new 4caea6d42e gnu: Add rust-gix-date-0.8.
     new 6cfab0e14b gnu: Add rust-gix-actor-0.27.
     new e4008a9f9b gnu: Add rust-gix-validate-0.8.
     new 0a023b7ffb gnu: Add rust-gix-object-0.37.
     new 689a7d517c gnu: Add rust-gix-packetline-blocking-0.16.
     new 9ce23cdc14 gnu: Add rust-gix-filter-0.5.
     new a4606d6e94 gnu: Add rust-gix-fs-0.7.
     new 2803b0ea93 gnu: Add rust-gix-tempfile-10.
     new e445adf3d4 gnu: Add rust-gix-lock-10.
     new 9243173433 gnu: Add rust-gix-commitgraph-0.21.
     new 2307a5f16e gnu: Add rust-gix-hashtable-0.4.
     new 375518b3ee gnu: Add rust-gix-revwalk-0.8.
     new 5bbacd1139 gnu: Add rust-gix-traverse-0.33.
     new 2330a9d04d gnu: Add rust-gix-index-0.25.
     new 5d2c2edd2a gnu: Add rust-gix-ignore-0.8.
     new 7cf104f01c gnu: Add rust-gix-worktree-0.26.
     new a16d157589 gnu: Add rust-gix-worktree-state-0.3.
     new d6299eedd1 gnu: Add rust-gix-worktree-stream-0.5.
     new 63c82ed260 gnu: rust-libtest-mimic-0.6: Update to 0.6.1.
     new d3e8adae57 gnu: Add rust-gix-url-0.24
     new 2d18aba52a gnu: Add rust-gix-config-value-0.14.
     new ba1d4200aa gnu: Add rust-gix-prompt-0.7.
     new 0dc9c61d59 gnu: Add rust-gix-sec-0.10.
     new 17d48c4581 gnu: Add rust-gix-credentials-0.20.
     new 9f884b1894 gnu: Add rust-gix-transport-0.37.
     new 1469cc783a gnu: Add rust-gix-pathspec-0.3.
     new 022ac764bc gnu: Add rust-gix-status-0.1.
     new 7679be8e00 gnu: Add rust-gix-revision-0.22.
     new b61c17bb27 gnu: Add rust-gix-refspec-0.18.
     new e047d8912f gnu: Add rust-gix-ref-0.37.
     new c2db1d9af6 gnu: Add rust-gix-protocol-0.40.
     new 4a12a1cdb8 gnu: Add rust-gix-diff-0.36.
     new 25f742ccc1 gnu: Add rust-gix-pack-0.43.
     new 54a5e8b13b gnu: Add rust-gix-odb-0.53.
     new 629fdcccae gnu: Add rust-gix-negotiate-0.8.
     new e9a75ab6f8 gnu: Add rust-gix-mailmap-0.19.
     new 73d220d4c8 gnu: Add rust-gix-macros-0.1.
     new 535da33d84 gnu: Add rust-gix-discover-0.25.
     new 1d32cdf92c gnu: Add rust-gix-config-0.30.
     new db2057904b gnu: rust-zip-0.6: Update to 0.6.6.
     new 752644bf57 gnu: Add rust-gix-archive-0.5.
     new 372d08daa3 gnu: Add rust-gix-submodule-0.4.
     new 9d11982174 gnu: Add rust-gix-0.54.
     new 79a8187d45 gnu: rust-caps-0.5: Update to 0.5.5.
     new 10fdae7c26 gnu: Add rust-nix-0.27.
     new 2b9af04d9b gnu: rust-ctrlc-3: Update to 3.4.1.
     new 699f8275b9 gnu: Add rust-bzip2-rs-0.1.
     new d2df6e4d23 gnu: Add stgit-2.
     new 6619021d32 gnu: stgit-2: Install info pages, shell completions.

The 562 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "add" were already present in the repository and have only
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