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branch hurd-team deleted (was 6c1b8f3585)

From: guix-commits
Subject: branch hurd-team deleted (was 6c1b8f3585)
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2023 12:31:36 -0500 (EST)

janneke pushed a change to branch hurd-team
in repository guix.

     was 6c1b8f3585 Revert "DRAFT daemon: Support chroot builds on GNU/Hurd."

This change permanently discards the following revisions:

 discard 6c1b8f3585 Revert "DRAFT daemon: Support chroot builds on GNU/Hurd."
 discard fd528ba463 DRAFT daemon: Support chroot builds on GNU/Hurd.
 discard b5716ce9de DRAFT system: examples: Add devel-hurd.tmpl.
 discard 1943dfb6b2 DRAFT hurd-boot: Support second boot.
 discard 4b86922338 DRAFT hurd: Support second boot.
 discard 39a7cb2709 system: hurd: Add swap-services to 
 discard f04f69e97d hurd-boot: Support system init: Create essential device 
 discard 38bb8e237e hurd: Support system init in /libexec/runsystem.
 discard fc6c910f79 gnu: curl/fixed: Skip failing test on the Hurd.
 discard f4e8baf380 gnu: nyxt: Update to 3.9.0.
 discard 4c3c2e6109 gnu: Add cl-helambdap.
 discard 2195ebcdef gnu: Add cl-clad.
 discard 1dbc630a33 gnu: Add cl-xhtmlambda.
 discard ef3d3a7f11 gnu: ardour: Use G-expressions.
 discard 7adc5df914 gnu: ardour: Update to 8.0.
 discard 619ff2fa1d gnu: Add teensy-udev-rules.
 discard e09c04809a gnu: teensy-loader-cli: Fix license.
 discard 1b83d4490a gnu: teensy-loader-cli: Use gexps.
 discard df22aec317 gnu: Add ergodox-firmware-workman-p-kinesis-mod.
 discard 78fab841e7 gnu: Add ergodox-firmware-qwerty-kinesis-mod.
 discard 3f54c323a2 gnu: Add ergodox-firmware-dvorak-kinesis-mod.
 discard ef30dc4c36 gnu: Add ergodox-firmware-colemak-symbol-mod.
 discard 9e4008e36e gnu: Add ergodox-firmware-colemak-jc-mod.
 discard f110992686 gnu: Add qmk-firmware-ergodox-ez-dvorak-emacs-software.
 discard 2aa497e23c gnu: Add qmk-firmware-ergodox-ez-dvorak-emacs.
 discard b78aab0739 gnu: Add qmk-firmware-ergodox-ez-dvorak.
 discard 75cb7e1866 gnu: Add qmk-firmware-ergodox-ez-hacker-dvorak.
 discard 8dd6c2dee8 gnu: Add qmk-udev-rules.
 discard 2f0e21e9fa gnu: Add qmk-firmware-ergodox-ez-dvorak-42-key.
 discard 26025fa802 gnu: Add qmk-firmware-ergodox-ez-default.
 discard a1ce7487d3 gnu: embedded: Do not use a prefix on the (gnu packages 
base) module.
 discard 1cb7404fee gnu: Add lufa.
 discard 45be44bf3d gnu: qmk: Add many missing inputs and add more commands to 
 discard 261a1f902a gnu: qmk: Use GCC 8 for the AVR toolchain.
 discard 431d64bae2 gnu: qmk: Avoid propagating inputs.
 discard 077f7bd235 gnu: qmk: Style.
 discard 4af820b9ef gnu: make-avr-toolchain: Add a #:xgcc argument.
 discard 53fd3989d3 gnu: r-deoptimr: Update to 1.1-3.
 discard be130ee39a gnu: r-testthat: Update to 3.2.0.
 discard 02a90c3e05 gnu: r-rsvg: Update to 2.6.0.
 discard 09ad283852 gnu: r-plotroc: Update to 2.3.1.
 discard 973b4aa880 gnu: r-grimport2: Update to 0.3-0.
 discard 48aedf1ed8 gnu: r-word2vec: Update to 0.4.0.
 discard e63b8bfafc gnu: r-glmmtmb: Update to 1.1.8.
 discard 94b7ecb16b gnu: r-fansi: Update to 1.0.5.
 discard 7fdf6d9bef gnu: r-heatmaply: Update to 1.5.0.
 discard d7e7df92f8 gnu: r-fbasics: Update to 4031.95.
 discard 5488c0ac06 gnu: r-ksamples: Update to 1.2-10.
 discard f0e048576f gnu: r-htmltools: Update to
 discard 591ffaede3 gnu: r-abn: Update to 3.0.1.

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