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Guix co-maintainers rotation

From: Maxim Cournoyer
Subject: Guix co-maintainers rotation
Date: Wed, 04 Aug 2021 11:06:25 -0400

Dear Guix community,

For some time already, two current Guix co-maintainers have expressed
the wish to withdraw themselves from their current duties: Ludovic
Courtès and Marius Bakke.  This would reduce the current co-maintainers
collective to the following remaining individuals: Tobias
Geerinckx-Rice, Mathieu Othacehe and myself, Maxim Cournoyer.

While this may come as sad news, I like to think that this will free
their hands from the administrative work, and hopefully allow them to
continue delivering neat and clever Guix-related hacks, as they see fit
and as time permits, of course :-).  It will also be an opportunity to
test if the co-maintainers collective that formed back in 2019 [0] has
sufficiently matured to take on the various challenges involved in
keeping the project and the community thriving, independently of
Ludovic, which created and nurtured GNU Guix from its beginning in 2012
and played key roles in various aspects of the project.

As a reminder, the core duties of Guix co-maintainers are:

1. Enforcing GNU and Guix policies, such as the project’s commitment to
be released under a copyleft free software license (GPLv3+) and to
follow the Free System Distribution Guideline (FSDG).

2. Enforcing our code of conduct: maintainers are the contact point for
anyone who wants to report abuse.

3. Making decisions, about code or anything, when consensus cannot be

We'd like to use this opportunity to send a new call for volunteers who
would be interested in becoming co-maintainers and helping out with the
above, and more!  We are looking for people with a time-proven track
record of GNU Guix contributions, with good communication and mediation

Let's all take a moment to share our gratitude to both Marius and
Ludovic, who have done so much to make GNU Guix the enjoyable project
(both as a technical project and community) that it is today.

Thank you!

On behalf of the Guix co-maintainers


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