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Re: [h-e-w] newbie help with byte-compiling

From: Stephen Leake
Subject: Re: [h-e-w] newbie help with byte-compiling
Date: 11 Sep 2002 10:11:06 -0400
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"Harrison Thomas" <address@hidden> writes:

> I recently decided it was time to teach an old dog new tricks, so i began
> learning both emacs and Linux by working my way thru Markus Hoenicka's great
> tutorial on installing psgml. I had been using emacs off-handedly for a few
> months, then had run into a couple packages for Python and Csound that
> required mucking with the _emacs file and byte-compiling .el files , so i
> started surfing around for info, found scant information and an assumption
> that of course everyone already knew this stuff. Anyway, Markus' tutorials
> were a godsend though very daunting ( i do enjoy taking on huge projects
> that periodically leave me screaming " why the hell did you even START this
> crap?!!!"

Yes, learning emacs is hard. But as you may be realizing, it's worth

> So, there's the history and here's the question: (this is a very shortened
> version of days of double checking and correcting my _emacs entries, trouble
> shooting by commenting out sections that were entered after, etc)
>         I byte-recompile-directory my site-lisp/psgml-1.2.5 directory,
> compiles fine, create a test.sgml, and the psgml menus show up .
>         I exit emacs, reenter, load test.sgml, and the menus DON'T showup.
>         I delete the .elc files in the psgml1.2.5 directory, recompile, load
> test.sgml and the menus show up.

Note what the mode line says for the test.sgml buffer; does it have
"sgml" in it? (I don't use sgml, so I'm not sure that's the name of
the mode).

>         I exit emacs, reenter, load the test.sgml, and once again the menus
> don't appear.

Now note this mode line. It probably doesn't have "sgml" in it.

> So. The menus only seem to load in the current session, and I have
> NO idea why. Any help would be appreciated. Oh, i'm a single user on
> a win98se pc.

You may need to add a line to auto-mode-alist in your _emacs. It could
be that something in your byte-compiling session set that, but it
isn't getting set in your second session.

Also do "^h m" (help mode). If the name of the mode is correct, then
you just have a menu problem; I don't know what that might be.

Also note that you can use the file name ".emacs" instead of "_emacs".
No need to give in to Bill Gates completely :).

-- Stephe

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