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[h-e-w] Missing index.texi for Elisp manual

From: Joe Riel
Subject: [h-e-w] Missing index.texi for Elisp manual
Date: Sat, 28 Sep 2002 10:21:22 -0700

I'm trying to create the info files for the GNU Elisp Manual, 21-2.8, 
downloaded from the GNU site.

$ makeinfo elisp.texi 
elisp.texi:972: @include index.texi: No such file or directory.
./hooks.texi:6: Next reference to nonexistent node `Index'.
./elisp.texi:973: Prev reference to nonexistent node `Index'.
./elisp.texi:170: Menu reference to nonexistent node `Index'.
makeinfo: Removing output file `/cygdrive/c/emacs/emacs-21.1/download/elisp' 
due to errors; use --force to preserve.

The index.texi file is missing. There is an index.texi.lnk file, can I do 
anything with that?
Can I build the index from the sources?

Joe Riel

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