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[h-e-w] fix for an smtpmail hang (that may only be affecting me?)

From: Robert Praetorius
Subject: [h-e-w] fix for an smtpmail hang (that may only be affecting me?)
Date: Fri, 18 Oct 2002 15:05:01 -0400

     N weeks ago, I'm not exactly sure when (maybe when our network
configuration changed?) smtpmail started hanging whenever I tried to
use it to send something.  Was only a minor inconvenience, I had
plenty of other ways to make mail go.

     Anyway, today I had a spot of time to diagnose it, threw windump
( ) at it, noticed that the CRLF wasn't going
out in the first packet with EHLO, made the (tiny) change detailed
below and poof, no more hang.

     So, just for the record, it's here in the archives (which I
googled for a solution before sending this) in case it bites someone

*** /e/emacs-21.2/lisp/mail/smtpmail.el-orig Mon Dec 10 14:52:42 2001
--- /e/emacs-21.2/lisp/mail/smtpmail.el Fri Oct 18 14:53:17 2002
*** 599,606 ****
        (insert "PASS <omitted>\r\n")
      (insert command "\r\n"))
    (setq smtpmail-read-point (point))
!   (process-send-string process command)
!   (process-send-string process "\r\n"))

  (defun smtpmail-send-data-1 (process data)
    (goto-char (point-max))
--- 599,605 ----
        (insert "PASS <omitted>\r\n")
      (insert command "\r\n"))
    (setq smtpmail-read-point (point))
!   (process-send-string process (concat command "\r\n")))

  (defun smtpmail-send-data-1 (process data)
    (goto-char (point-max))

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