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[h-e-w] Re: Emacs and JSP

From: Galen Boyer
Subject: [h-e-w] Re: Emacs and JSP
Date: 04 Dec 2002 07:24:05 -0500
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On Wed, 4 Dec 2002, address@hidden wrote:
> Hello all!
> Does anyone know anything about any progress on the subject
> above? As it is right now I´m only using the html-helper-mode
> but it doesn´t quite do the trick.

multi-mode will handle this very nicely.  Install it and then
look at the mmm-samples.el file.  This has the .emacs entries for
making them work together.

The idea will be that html-helper-mode will be the major mode,
but as your cursor moves into the java part, the JDEE will kick

Very slick, and I notice no performance issues with the switching.
Galen Boyer

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