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[h-e-w] Re: connection from ntemacs to COM

From: Galen Boyer
Subject: [h-e-w] Re: connection from ntemacs to COM
Date: 09 Dec 2002 09:20:06 -0500
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On 09 Dec 2002, address@hidden wrote:
> Galen Boyer <address@hidden> writes:
>> Just curious.  In what way/s?
>> I have been quite happy with Emacs as my environment, but I'm
>> not a com
>> developer. 
> I do not pretend that I can answer for the original poster. But
> here are my reasons why Emacs should do COM on windows. Emacs
> is heavily geared towards the original *nix component
> technology which is pipes and filters text programs. This works
> great as long as the functionality is exposed in that
> way. Windows has not gone for that strategy so that many of its
> services are not available via text based means (text based
> programs and / or text files). Very many things are instead
> exposed as COM objects, which means that when Emacs can't do
> COM on windows it is easy a less powerful tool for windows
> users than it could have been.
> Now since we have powerful tools like Perl and Python that
> makes it easy to connect to COM and to make text tools, it's a
> matter of bridging the gap, but it's still a gap.

I see.  get-process won't work with COM.
Galen Boyer

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