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[h-e-w] BBDB -> iPAQ (and back again?)

From: Michael R . Wolf
Subject: [h-e-w] BBDB -> iPAQ (and back again?)
Date: Sun, 21 Dec 2003 21:08:36 -0800
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I'd like to get my BBDB entries onto my iPAQ so that I can carry them
around in my pocket.

I can't find an existing migration path, though I've found lots of
links that don't pair-wise connect BBDB to myh iPAQ.

If I can get contacts to Outlook, ActiveSync can get them the rest of
the way. Outlook can import many formats (vCard, csv, ...) format.
Mozilla can import many formats (LDIF, Outlook, csv, ...). Outlook and
Mozilla can import/export each other's format.

Forgetting for the moment that BBDB lacks an "export" function (am I
missing something somewhere?), I still haven't converged on a
reasonable architecture for solving the problem.

Ideas or other links that I should look into?


P.S. Once I've got the 1-way, 1-time migration, I'm gonna' want to
keep BBDB and iPAQ synchronized with updates, so I'll want

 - 2-way synchronization BBDB<->iPAQ (could be reduced to
   BBDB<->Outlook or BBDB<->some-other-intermediate-format)

Pointers for this step would be helpful, too.

Michael R. Wolf
    All mammals learn by playing!

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