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[h-e-w] Problem with makedist.bat and tar

From: Stefan Daschek
Subject: [h-e-w] Problem with makedist.bat and tar
Date: Wed, 02 Feb 2005 13:58:53 +0100
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makedist.bat contains the following line for generating a binary

%TAR% --exclude temacs.exe --exclude emacs.mdp --exclude *.pdb \
 --exclude *.opt --exclude *.el --exclude *~ -T #files# -cvf - \
 | gzip -9 > %2-bin-i386.tar.gz

#files# contains a list of directories and the names of some lisp
source files that should be included in the binary distribution (e.g.

The windows port of tar I previously used just works as expected. I
can't remember where I got it from, but "wtar --version" identifies it
as "GNU tar version 1.11.2".

Recently I tried using cygwin tar (identifies itself as "tar (GNU tar)
1.13.25") instead. Everything seemed to work correct, however some
files were missing in the generated tar file (all .el files mentioned
explicitly in #files#).

It seems that for cygwin tar using "--exclude *.el" also excludes
files mentioned in #files# which match this pattern.

I tried following:

  cd ~/tmp/tartest
  touch a.{el,elc}
  echo a.el >filelist
  echo a.elc >>filelist
  tar --exclude '*.el' -T filelist -cvf test1.tar
  wtar --exclude '*.el' -T filelist -cvf test2.tar

test1.tar contains only a.elc, whereas test2.tar contains both a.el
and a.elc.

Is this a bug in (w)tar or in makedist.bat?


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