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Fwd: [h-e-w] dired-execute-file

From: Richard M. Heiberger
Subject: Fwd: [h-e-w] dired-execute-file
Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2005 09:13:44 -0500

This is the file containing the functions I use.  I wrote it based on
discussion on this list a few years ago.  The key is w32-shell-execute

C-c C-f in dired now does exactly what double-click in windows explorer does.
The others are ones I use.  Probably the most important special case is C-c C-g
which sends a gzipped postscript file directly to ghostview (ghostview does the 
by itself, so there is never any point to gunzipping a postscript file.  Much 
to store the compressed version which can be 5 to 10 times smaller).

---- Original message ----
>Date: Tue, 08 Feb 2005 11:16:50 +0100
>From: Henrik Andersson <address@hidden>  
>Subject: [h-e-w] dired-execute-file  
>To: address@hidden
>When press 'X' on a file in dired mode it starts the default program for 
>this filetype, which is all very nice, but emacs is waiting patiently 
>until this program is closed until I can do anything further in emacs, 
>this makes it very unhandy as a general file browser.
>Is there a way to get emacs to avoid waiting on the application?
>Henrik Andersson
>Netherlands Institute of Ecology -
>Centre for Estuarine and Marine Ecology
>P.O. Box 140
>4400 AC Yerseke
>Phone: +31 113 577473

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