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Re: [h-e-w] Want a hybrid of traditional Emacs and EmacsW32

From: Eli Daniel
Subject: Re: [h-e-w] Want a hybrid of traditional Emacs and EmacsW32
Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2008 15:57:31 -0400

Hi Mark.

I think I have exactly the setup you're asking for.  I am using the official emacs 22 binaries for windows from, along with gnuclient/gnuserv.  I recently tried "upgrading" to the built-in emacsclient/emacsserver, and ran into a bunch of issues, so I went back.

I think the version of gnuclient/gnuserv I'm using came from  The configuration is exactly the same as it's been for ages.  No changes for emacs 22, certainly, and probably the same since 19.x, though I don't remember for sure.

Eli Daniel

On Tue, Mar 18, 2008 at 7:32 AM, Mark Ludwig <address@hidden> wrote:
Lennart, et al.,

I am a professional computer programmer, have been using Emacs for
longer than I care to admit, and had Emacs 19 or 20 working well on my
previous Windows Laptop (including the "Edit with Emacs" entry on the
Windows Explorer shortcut menu via a Registry entry I entered manually)
using Emacs client/server technology.  That setup worked, so there was a
single executing instance of Emacs that got started via "Edit with
Emacs" only if necessary.

I can't seem to get Emacs 22 to sit up and perform the same way, and I
don't want all the command switching that I seem to be forced into if I
take EmacsW32.  I just want "Edit with Emacs" and file associations to
work again.  My Emacs 19/20 environment used gnuserv if I recall
correctly (the disk was dying after I got my user data off it).

I can get emacsclient/emacsserver to work for "Edit with Emacs" once
Emacs is running, but can't get it to start the first time.  How do I do
this?  Can EmacsW32 be configured to leave the keyboard alone?  I know
it's confusing -- and even occasionally find myself scrolling forward
when I want to paste -- but I use Emacs on UNIX for work, too, so my
fingers mostly know the original key bindings.

(The solution to starting Emacs the first time using
emacsclient/emacsserver on UNIX leverages the ALTERNATE_EDITOR
environmental variable, a concept that does not exist on Windows, as far
as I know.)


Mark Ludwig

"I didn't care where Hemingway drank
 or Alice B. Toklas had her moustache trimmed."
 -- David Sedaris, touring Paris

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