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[h-e-w] Emacs-w32 Bug-Reports for LENNART (patched) [WAS: 23.0

Subject: [h-e-w] Emacs-w32 Bug-Reports for LENNART (patched) [WAS: 23.0.60; yanking raw-text into mini-buffer causes crash]
Date: Fri, 3 Apr 2009 13:40:41 -0400

I recently screwed up a bug report sent to address@hidden:
 "23.0.60; yanking raw-text into mini-buffer causes crash"
by somehow clobbering the operative bug description and details .

In the wake of this report, I have received 2 (two) separate
pejorative emails "informing" about the use of
address@hidden for filing bug reports when using the
Lennart build of GNU-Emacs for w32 (patched). In lieu of these emails
I suspect of having stepped into someone else's dog fight.

_Someone please FORMALLY CLARIFY the correct protocol for following situation_

The w32 binary from a recent vanilla Emacs pretest-build:
Emacs (i386-mingw-nt5.1.2600) of 2009-02-26 on SOFT-MJASON

On this build: Help > Send Bug Report ==>
Generates a bug-report *mail* buffer with a field; TO: address@hidden

However, Emacs build in use per the 'erroneous' bug-report was
(Lennart 23.060 - patched).

On that older Lennart build: Help > Send Bug Report ==>
Generates a bug-report *mail* buffer with a field; TO:

I therefor accepted this as the desired (and presumably previously
agreed upon) protocol.

Indeed, the most current Lennart build (flagged testing) does the same, i.e.:
GNU Emacs (i386-mingw-nt5.1.2600) of 2009-03-31 on LENNART (patched)

On this most current Lennart build: Help > Send Bug Report ==>
Also generates a bug-report *mail* buffer with a field; TO:

Are the aforementioned behaviors of these Lennart builds incorrect?
If so, _I_ am _NOT_ the only person whom needs to be politely informed
of the correct means with which to file a bug report when using
Lennart builds of Emacs-w32.

If aforementioned behaviors on the Lennart builds are correct, I
kindly request that others take notice of the current protocol vis a
vis bug reports for a non-standard build of GNU Emacs intended for use
on non-free OSs...

*** FWIW: The cruxt of _my_ user error involved me kill/pasting from
Emacs' bug-report *mail* buffer into a gmail web-interface and hitting
send without checking that everything was yanked/copied correctly.

Unfortunately, I am not currently using GNUS/Rmail as my primary mail
interface in lieu of the recent EasyPG/GNUPG integration with 23.0.*
builds of GNU-Emacs/Emacs-w32, and my inability to grok a reasonable
multi-platform auth-source configuration to my current mail host's
various transfer protocols.

That said, given the recent Emacs/email/authentication/SMTP security
concerns (only recently brought to light on emacs-devel within the
last 60 days). I believe that my hesitation to adopt EasyPG wholesale
for either GNU-Emacs/Emacs-w32 is not entirely misplaced esp. for
builds marked pre-test/beta/testing and which BTW also introduce new
mechanisms for DBUS, mulit-tty interaction, Tramp, process-control

None-the-less, the default Emacs bug-reporting mechanism is skewed
(albeit correctly) towards generation of email bug-reports from within
Emacs. In the absence of seamless universal Emacs integration with
email clients and the myriad email transfer protocols it seems likely
that erroneous and/or incomplete bug reports (esp. those filed sans
Emacs) will continue to be an issue. This shouldn't necessarily lead
one assume then that it is considered _unreasonable_ for users to
email Emacs related help-requests/bug-reports with other than Emacs
native mail clients, i.e. Rmail/GNUS - or should it? The impression
I'm left with in in lieu of the two recent emails below seem suggest
otherwise. ***

;;; ==============================
> from Drew Adams
> to    MON KEY
> subject Re: 23.0.60; yanking raw-text into mini-buffer causes crash

>> Emacs crashes when yanking into mini-buffer regions with large numbers
>> of the NULL char encoded as raw-text
> Help > Send Bug Report...

;;; ==============================
> from  David Vanderschel
> to    MON KEY
> cc    robd
> subject Re: 23.0.60; yanking raw-text into mini-buffer causes crash

> I am not even sure what you are trying to do.  If you intend this as a bug
> report, then please use the bulit-in bug reporting feature and send the report
> to bug-gnu-emacs:
> You do not have to subscribe to that list.

> If you are seeking help to avoid the problem, please describe your 
> configuration
> (Windows OS, Emacs version, etc.) and give more details.  E.g., how big a 
> number
> does it take?

> For now I am going to delete your comment
;;; ==============================

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