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[h-e-w] Emacs W32 customization problem

From: Eduardo Duenez
Subject: [h-e-w] Emacs W32 customization problem
Date: Fri, 1 May 2009 22:38:56 -0400


I just installed Emacs-23-CvsP090226-EmacsW32-1.58.exe (from Customization of 
EmacsW32 seems to be broken, as reported here a year ago (by other users):

I get an incomplete (9-line) customization buffer *Customize EmacsW32* 
finishing on the incomplete line:

"Simple buffer switching, default C-tab (ourcomments-ido-ctrl-tab"

and on my *Messages*

format: Symbol's value as variable is void: ourcomments-ido-ctrl-tab

Since others have experienced the problem before I think the problem should be 
reproducible. Note that I declined to customize EmacsW32 during the initial 

If anyone knows a solution I'll be grateful to know.



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