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[h-e-w] emacsw32? frame display update/redraw issue and .desktop file pr

From: Geek4AllSeasons
Subject: [h-e-w] emacsw32? frame display update/redraw issue and .desktop file problem
Date: Thu, 21 May 2009 18:41:06 -0700 (PDT)

Frames are not being redrawn with consistently requiring frequent forced
updates (C-l or (redraw)).

I used a tool named Winspector similar to Spy++ to view emacs frame
interface event messages. WM_PAINT messages are not being processed.

This has been bugging me for a while. Numerous searches using every
combination of term have not found anything. That  seems to point to a
problem/incompatibility in my environment. I have check and rechecked all
options that could be related (eg. update highlighting in unselected

I have been indulging my package addiction (virtually all of Drew Adam's and
a plethora of other libraries). The problem started before any customization
as far as I can remember. I haven't backed off of customizations, thinking
that customization should not interfere with a lower-level facility like
syncing views as a side effect.

The most recent patched version of EmacsW32 is installed on XP SP3 with all
updates applied.

Other config/debugging information has not been included. I want to verify
that I haven't missed something obvious before asking anyone to wade through
a lot of noise.

Suggestions for further checking/investigation on my part would be

Desktop was not loading with any invalid parameter error. The parameter
value in the Backtrace was \316. It turned out to be the desktop file
version number (octal 316 -> dec 206). Apparently the string representation
of desktop-version was evaluated as a character value. I changed
desktop-save to write out 206 as a string.

It's puzzling that no else has reported this. Could this and the frame
update problem be related to encoding?

If it turns out to be a bug in desktop.el. I can post the patch.
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