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[h-e-w] Can't install CEDET on EmacsW32 1.52: "Wrong type argument: numb

From: Tim Gilbert
Subject: [h-e-w] Can't install CEDET on EmacsW32 1.52: "Wrong type argument: number-or-marker-p, (768 8 . 46509)"
Date: Mon, 14 Dec 2009 14:09:37 -0800
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I've been having a very frustrating time trying to install CEDET in w32 Emacs 
version 1.52 (with patches).  Here's what I did.

1. Downloaded the latest CEDET build from into 

2. Following the instructions here: I 

   C:\dev\Emacs\emacs\bin\emacs -Q -l cedet-build.el -f cedet-build

3. This seemed to work up until set 6:

Step 1: Byte compile EIEIO...not needed
    Step 2: EDE Autloads...done.
    Step 3: Semantic Autloads...done.
    Step 4: SRecode Autloads...done.
    Step 5: Load common/cedet.el ...done
    Step 6: Turning on EDE ...

4. I got an error message: Wrong type argument: number-or-marker-p, (768 8 . 

The same thing occurs whenever I evaluate (global-ede-mode 1) now.  I'm no 
emacs expert, so I'm not certain how to find where the error is actually 
occurring; I see 18 calls to this predicate in the CEDET source, though.

Can anyone help?  I'll append the text of *Messages* after error occurs.


Making completion list...
Loading c:/dev/Emacs/cedet-1.0pre6/common/inversion.el (source)...done
Loading c:/dev/Emacs/cedet-1.0pre6/eieio/eieio-comp.el (source)...done
Loading c:/dev/Emacs/cedet-1.0pre6/common/cedet-autogen.el (source)...done
Saving file c:/dev/Emacs/cedet-1.0pre6/ede/ede-loaddefs.el...
Updating header...done
Wrote c:/dev/Emacs/cedet-1.0pre6/ede/ede-loaddefs.el
Saving file c:/dev/Emacs/cedet-1.0pre6/semantic/semantic-loaddefs.el...
Updating header...done
Wrote c:/dev/Emacs/cedet-1.0pre6/semantic/semantic-loaddefs.el
Saving file c:/dev/Emacs/cedet-1.0pre6/srecode/srecode-loaddefs.el...
Updating header...done
Wrote c:/dev/Emacs/cedet-1.0pre6/srecode/srecode-loaddefs.el
Loading c:/dev/Emacs/cedet-1.0pre6/common/cedet.el (source)...
Outdated speedbar 1.0 shadowed to meet minimum version 1.0.2
Setting up CEDET packages...
Loading `dframe': old-style backquotes detected!
Setting up CEDET packages...done
Loading c:/dev/Emacs/cedet-1.0pre6/common/cedet.el (source)...done [2 times]
and: Wrong type argument: number-or-marker-p, (768 8 . 46509)
byte-code: End of buffer [18 times]
byte-code: End of buffer

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