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[h-e-w] Keytweak, xkeymacs and Emacs w32

From: Ed C.
Subject: [h-e-w] Keytweak, xkeymacs and Emacs w32
Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2011 22:07:34 -0500
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I am running the native windows build of Emacs 23.3 on win2000 and using
xkeymacs 3.47. After changing the security property of the emacs,
/emacs/.emacs.d, and /emacs/.emacs.d/server to an ordinary user rather
than the default Administrator and Administrators in order to get
emacsclientw working, xkeymacs is exhibiting flaky behavior:

under the xkeymacs keyboard layout setup I see two users, the owner of
/emacs and its subdirectories, and Any User. Anyuser shows the the key
reassignments made by Keytweak (red highlighted keys) but the emacs
owner user shows the mod keys and the swapped Capslock and Backslash
keys in the default state. While using Emacs (with xkeymacs disabled) I
get expected behavior for all keys except the backslash (which toggles
caplock on and off in all apps except Emacs). The Caplock key produces
backslash and vertical bar character in all contexts. What would cause
Emacs or xkeymacs to ignore only the the key remapped from backslash to
Capslock? This was done by reassigning characters to scancodes in the
windows registry by Keytweak. Has any one else run into this subtle
misbehavior? It looks like it would be enough to make the keyboard
layout for the emacs user the same as for Any User, but I have no idea
how to accomplish this.



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